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Chapter 40 Eden under siege part 1: Infiltration

(Location: Leviathan plaza Eden seat of the Sanctum inner rim Cocoon)

The members of the group NORA were all waiting for the grant event to begin. They were like the rest of the people dying for the Velocycle gran prix to start. It was one of Cocoon's most popular sports and it was going to begin followed by a speech of the new primarch. Now the gang didn't knew much of the Cavalry so none of the members were suspecting the man in power, since they didn't knew much about Cid Rainer other than a being a high rank military officer within the Sanctum. However they had a big reason for coming to the capital and they already knew something bad was going to happen. Eden was going to become into something really big and they were already prepared to face it. The only ones who didn't know the storm that was coming over the city were the innocent people who were eagerly waiting for the address of their new primarch, as well as the gran prix. They were probably among the few who knew about it, their minds were filled with the even later on today.

The group parked their vehicles not too far from here along with their weapons, they had a feeling they were going to need it. Gadot tried to enjoy the big event but he was feeling uneasy after he and the rest of the gang were warned of what was going to take place soon. Maqui was like the rest of the people eagerly waiting for the race to begin Yuj were in thought but was looking forward for the race and Lebreau was the same as the older member trying to calm down and enjoy the upcoming show. The gang hasn't forgotten about their leader and the others it's been months since they have seen them and it was hard to stop thinking about them. Especially when they knew they were in the land of their supposed enemies of Pulse, yet they haven't given up hope that they were still alive and all right. Or that they will return knowing they were l'Cie making them enemies before the people of Cocoon. L'Cie or not they were still their friends.

"Did you place our bets?" asked Gadot to Maqui.

"You bet, you guys bet on number 10 the Sonic Behemoth. But I like taking my chances with number 5 Dynamic Thunder. He was last year's Grand Prix champion I just know he's going to win this year too."

"We'll see about that, Sonic Behemoth was so close to beating him. He only became runner by inches from the finish line another second he would've been the champion" replied the Mohawk gang member.

"But he still got second. He was good but not that good to beat Dynamic Thunder."

"I say we'll both win our nice winnings" said Yuj.

"That's two against one Maqui."

"Whatever man, don't come crying to me when Sonic Behemoth gets second again."

"Don't get too overconfident. The fact he was runner up will make him give a hundred percent and this time he'll take first place before you know it."

"We're already pumped for the race to begin" said the blue haired gang member.

"Hey Lebreau!" Gadot called the female member of the group.

"How about you join the conversation? You've been so quiet for a while."

"I won't bother you guys know I don't like gambling. You're the ones who are maniacs for this kind of sport. I will stick with Chocobo racing."

"You sure that's all?" the Mohawk male looked worried.

"I'm not feeling well…."

"Of course she won't feel fine not after…He called us" said Yuj.

"Sasuke…." Maqui lowered his head.

"He's really back in Cocoon and just like that he calls to your phone telling some crazy things."

"You don't believe a word he said?" Lebreau turned to him in thought.

"Can you really blame Gadot for not believing him? Come on he said Eden was about to turn into a battlefield and monsters from Pulse invading. Then he added that the previous primarch Dysley was behind the attack" said the blue haired teen.

"It sounds crazy but the tone of his voice, he was really serious. The reason he called me it was to warn us about said attack, he also said that we should start evacuating the people as soon as possible" replied the female member.

"Sasuke would never joke about something like that, that's give us enough reasons that he could be telling the truth" said Maqui.

"Not to mention he never jokes" added the blue haired member.

"You all believe him? Well, where' that Pulse invasion huh? I don't see anything, just many people who wants to see to the Eden Cup Grand Prix."

"Gadot not so loud" Lebreau made sure the people present didn't listen.

"Last thing we want is to scare everyone of a possible Pulse invasion" Yuj kept his voice down.

"Ever thought he could be lying and maybe he might want to sink Cocoon? He's an l'Cie."

"Snow and everyone even if they are l'Cie, they would never want to hurt anyone or destroy Cocoon" added the blond teen.

"It's better to stay prepare and be ready than feeling sorry" said the female teen.

"Fine, let's try and enjoy the show while we wait for the worse. We did bring our weapons" said Gadot.

"If Sasuke's back do you think Snow and Naruto are back too?" asked Maqui.

"I hope so…."

"Enough guys let's try and stay calm. I want to see the race" Gadot turned to the large screens waiting for the race to begin.

"I have my doubts about Sasuke's words but is it just me or there are more soldiers than usual, maybe it's true after all" Lebreau too notice of PSICOM soldiers stationed in many areas of the plaza and the streets.

(Scene change)

On the other side of the plaza stood Amodar, Aidan and Janil they were constantly gazing around noticing the many soldiers that stood guarding the many sections of the city. They followed with looking at the large screen where they were going to show the primarch's address and the Grand Prix which it was moments from starting. The trio decided to visit the capital of Cocoon to have some fun and trying to relax because they were still trying to get over the shock of the previous primarch being a Fal'Cie and the fact that he supported the destruction of their world. A Sanctum Fal'Cie supporting the focus of the Pulse l'Cie which it was still unknown to why he would want that in the first place. Ever since the day they saw the recording of Disley's revelation they have kept it a secret between the three, not telling a single soul about it. The people of Cocoon are not ready to find out such a terrible secret it will turn the entire world into panic and fear. It was also unknown of who was the mysterious sender of the video recording.

They remained quiet as they waited for the address of the primarch just like everyone else, and eventually the Eden Cup Grand Prix race. As for their opinion of Raines being promoted as the new primarch, it made them think a lot. The three didn't know what to think of Disley's choice to pick a regular person to take his place when he was stronger and also not even human to begin with the chances were high that the Fal'Cie in disguise was up to something. But whatever he was planning it wasn't good reminding themselves that he wants Cocoon's destruction and he was probably aiding the l'Cie in fulfilling their focus. However they knew very well their former friends weren't going to do that. At least Aidan and Janil knew Naruto and Lightning wouldn't think of destroying their world, they would never do something like that. No matter what they all highly believe that they weren't going to choose to fulfill their focus, even when they were aware what will be the consequences for not fulfilling it?

"Everything sure looks normal" said Aidan.

"Hardly they have really tightened security it's ridiculous" replied Janil.

"Safety measures, being the capital the security in Eden is very strict. Though I agree the number of units is highly above normal. The one in charge of Eden's military security Colonel Rosh must be in a bad mood" said Amodar.

"But is it really necessary for this many troops to be all over the city?"

"I agree with Janil it's only the Grand Prix there's no need to have such a tight security. Either Rosh is feeling paranoid, or maybe…." The young male stood in thought not finishing the sentence.

"What is it?" turned the young female at the two.

"I kind of forgot to place my bet. I'm pretty sure Dynamic Thunder is going to win just like last year."

"Amodar sir that's not what I'm talking about. Aidan you know something, and I think you too…."

"Calm down Mesko, it's really nothing-"

"Sir you look worried or maybe scared. And Aidan, your hands were shaking just now."

"Look Janil it's really nothing to worry about. If Colonel Rosh wants to tighten security then let him."

"What is it you two? What are you hiding from me?"

"Janil…You must have an idea" the former CG soldier gave a sigh.

"We've known Rosh since the academy. We know him enough to figure out what he's thinking. If he has tightened security like his, then it could mean one thing."

The young female seem to have understood as her eyes widened from the realization.

"With so many soldiers gathered, an amount of troops not suited for an event like the Grand Prix. It's like the Colonel expects a war to occur…But that can't be."


"Can it?" she turned to Amodar.

"Mesko all I know is I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen."

They were interrupted by the ring of a phone. The former Guardian Corp lieutenant took his cell phone and noticed the number of the person calling him was unknown. It was strange for him to receive these kinds of calls the times he was called to his phone when it was unknown it was for important military matters. But now that he was no longer part of the Sanctum military he thought he wasn't to have this type of call ever again. Aidan and Janil were staring at him looking concerned their eyes were on the mobile phone.

"Is that it sir?" asked the young man meaning when he said that something bad was going to happen.

"Only if it's my ex-wife" the former lieutenant gave a chuckle.

"You were married Amodar sir" Janil was shocked.

"I'm kidding Mesko."

"That is not funny" pouted the young female.

The older man finally answered the phone looking very curious to know who was calling him.

"Hello whadya want?"

*You, Aidan and Janil know the truth of Disley….*

"…" Amodar was shocked while the two looked curious.

"Who is it Amodar sir?" asked Aidan.

The former lieutenant raised his hand to the two signaling them it was something very serious.

"Who are you? Your voice sounds familiar."

*It doesn't matter. What matters is that you know Disley is a Fal'Cie and he wants to destroy Cocoon. Listen well I will say this only once. Disley is planning to sacrifice every living person in this world for his own crazy ambition.*


"He's planning to do it with the aid of the l'Cie via killing Orphan. The l'Cie have no intention in doing so, they only want to kill Disley who is pulling the strings behind everything. It's important that you three gathered civilians to safety get them as far away from Eden. It won't be long now before all hell breaks lose.*

"What are you talking about?" the older man was still trying to take all the information the stranger has told him.

"Disley is also planning to create fear and chaos among the people using monsters from Pulse. He will unleash them making it look like a Pulse invasion the result will create enough fear among everyone. It's the perfect diversion while his true plan is been unfold."

"All right you got my attention. It was you. You were the one that sent that disc containing the footage. You wanted me to know the truth of the primarch."

*Only because I knew you would do the right thing and save the people from been victims of a fake war.*

"Gather every single citizen of Eden out of here won't be a walk in the park, we're talking about thousands of people."

*Then I suggest you seek help. It will be difficult for the Sanctum military to be focusing on the monsters and gathering civilians at the same time, they won't be any help at all. Find the members of NORA. They're somewhere in this city and I just talked to them warning them of the incoming danger.*

"NORA eh….? You already had everything planned out I'm impressed of your thinking. Just who are you?"

*Never mind me and get to it while you still have time.*

Amodar's eyes widened still holding the phone it was very clear now the voice of the stranger.

"I knew your voice sounded familiar. Uchiha is that you?"

"What? Sasuke…." Janil was shocked he mentioned the former PSICOM soldier.

It was too late as the caller has hanged up while the former lieutenant gave a sigh, this day can't get any worse. He had plenty of reasons to believe everything he just told him. He saw it with his own eyes about Disley's revelation and since he wanted the people to be safe from whatever mayhem was about to occur, then it was enough to believe his words and trust him. A situation like this was worse than anything he has faced during his times he lead the Guardian Corps. This was bigger than any revelation of Pulse l'Cie living in their world or anything about fighting a lose monster in a city. This was a war that will probably lead to the end of Cocoon and the fate of every single citizen of this city was in his hands and the ones who were willing to do something from stopping Disley's plan. He will finally let the information sink in completely as he turned to the former soldiers waiting for an answer about the call.

"Amodar sir what is going on?" asked Aidan.

"Turns out I was right after all, the shit is about to hit the fan and all of it is going to hit us hard in the face."

"Ewww that's gross sir, can you be more specific and less gruesome about it" a vein popped on Janil's forehead.

"It means I was right about something bad happening and if Uchiha is right, then the battle to determine the fate of Cocoon is about to begin."


"What are we going to do?" asked the young male to his former superior.

"Gear up and gather your weapons kids. We have a job to do."


(Scene change)

Sasuke stood on top of a building gazing over the vicinity of the capital city. He has lowered the mobile phone he used after calling Amodar and Lebreau, just in time before the battery runs out. It didn't matter anymore since he had no more use for it the only thing that bothered him, he won't be able to use it to call Rydgea. He knew the commander of the Cacalry has already left after Raines first before going after Orphan, by the time he reaches him it will be too late. The only thing he could do was to carry out the path he set for when he left Oerba with Disley to fulfill his focus and save the group from their cursed fate to become l'Cie. Images of his companions appeared in his mind everything they went through together since their journey started, from the day they were branded till their second encounter with the Fal'Cie Barthandelus. There was no need to feel guilty or ashamed, no need to regret his choice because he made up his mind a long time ago what he was planning to do.

The thought of transforming into Cie'th it angered him and scares him. He felt anger because he won't be human anymore, he won't be able to tell friend from foe and he might end up killing those he considered precious to him. The feeling of fear was because he wasn't ready to leave everyone behind when he has made a great life in this world. People who became close to him in the same level as his family and clansmen, it scared him his time was running short by every minute. Gazing over at his bandaged arm he chose to remove the bandage since he no longer felt the pain, he removed it completely showing his full arm with a new addition. His onyx eyes were all over the symbol of the Yun clan proof he was a full fledge member, at least not official until he marries a certain tall Pulsian. He glared in anger remembering Fang's painful expression when he turned his back on her after finding the perfect woman he leaves and breaks her heart. The worst part, he knew she was never going to forgive him.

(Sasuke….?) Hades called out to his master.


(Are you certain you want to go through with this? Once you made up your mind completely, there is no turning back).

"Even if I don't do it, there no going back for me I'm already damned. I can't go back to them…To Fang."

(You have done an impressive job with keeping the darkness in your heart in check).

"It's strong because I'm fighting for them, isn't that what you were going to tell me?"

(Indeed though your path leads to no return and your drawing to a close. Do not forget I will stay by your side and fight with you until the end).

"Hmm…That doesn't sound like you. The Lord of the Underworld has gotten soft…."

(Oh shut up, I was enjoying the moment until you ruined it).

"I guess it's time. Disley is probably waiting for me at throne of Eden. He's really planning to take me to Orphan. If I'm lucky I might have enough time to kill them both, two birds with one stone…."

(You might be strong enough to take on Barthandelus and even defeat him. But against Orphan, you do not stand a chance against the heart of Cocoon. You will need the power and aid of your companions together to stand a chance).

"I'll decide that once I meet Orphan face to face."

(Waiting for your companions is out of the question is there?)

"It will be too late by the time they arrive at the throne" he gazed over at the sky thinking about them.

"They should be arriving here soon…."

The Uchiha felt on one knee feeling hid body trembling, a small pain that it was starting to grow. He reached for his brand and it feel like it was coming to life. He could feel his conscious slipping away and something horrible inside him was beginning to awake and rise to take over him. The former PSICOM soldier knew what was happening to him he thought that this was beginning process for an l'Cie's transformation to Cie'th. The pain was gone as he gave a sigh of relief that whatever was starting to awake in him has stopped, but it wasn't a good sign for him. Experiencing this could only that his time has run short and the possibilities he won't make it to Orphan were high. He rose back to his feet not looking happy that this has happened.


"Damn it. It started I'm very close to becoming a Cie'th. At this rate I might not even get the chance to fulfill my focus…."

(So it has begun, the first steps towards a Cie'th. The transformation process is quite painful, but it will be quick when your mind and your heart shatters and the only thing left behind is the being with a lust to kill and destroy. A mindless beast whose purpose is to bring terror to others….)

"I can't waste any more time. I have to go to the throne of Eden…."

(Scene change)

Rosh decide to check on his forces personally the Sanctum Colonel stood in thought. He couldn't get Disley's words out of his head of the l'Cie actually planning to come back. Everything was better when they left to Pulse, but if this was true Cocoon was heading towards a bad end. Being in the land of their enemies it's no doubt the l'Cie have embraced the ideal of fulfilling their focus. There could be no explanation if they are planning to return and that's why he was preparing himself while he was still in the calm before the storm. Their enemies posed a real threat especially if they have become even stronger during their time at the world below them. To think he used to look highly to the three members who used to be soldiers of the Sanctum. No longer had he felt any bond or friendship for his former Academy students for the protection of their world he will claim their lives. The Colonel passed a soldier wanting to make his orders clear to prepare for incoming threat of their enemies.

"Send word to all units. I want every member of our best me in every single corner of this city. Eden must be surrounded by our protection nothing must go wrong to interrupt His Eminence address and the Grand Prix. Also contact the Sanctum archangel squad I want them patrolling the streets and another group to be stationed at the throne of Eden. The Inquisitrix squad will act as backup."

"Sir!" he saluted before taking off.

Rosh stood in thought his eyes were in one of the large screens located in many parts of the city. Tonight's main event will be protected at all cost no one will interfered the peace and prosperity they have made when the l'Cie left their world. Yet he ignored any involvement of the previous primarch's actions, aware that he was controlling everything. It didn't matter to him as long as Cocoon stays protected from their enemies he will continue to stand tall, because protecting it was his duty as a soldier of the Sanctum. To him the people will always come first above everything else.

"If the l'Cie returned to Cocoon, there will be no mercy this time."

(Scene change)

Cid Raines stood over his office in deep thought as he watched through the large glass at the capital city. In truth he wanted to yell for help, but he couldn't even do that. His life was completely over the moment Disley revived him because he had no longer a will of his own. He had tried so many times to break free but the former primarch's control over him was too strong, he didn't had a choice but to obey. He was human after all, compared to the power of a Sanctum Fal'Cie he was nothing but a pawn like the rest of the people of Cocoon. Only difference he was aware he was being control, a puppet of the Fal'Cie who couldn't escape his fate worse than being an l'Cie. The only thing he could do is to do what he was told to do as being order by the previous primarch. His dream meant nothing anymore what he wished for the most is for someone to come and claim his life. His thoughts were on the Cavalry, by now they must know he was a traitor in their eyes, either them or the l'Cie they were his salvation out of the prison hold.

"Your Eminence" a servant arrived giving him a salute.

"It's time. The people await your address."

The new primarch only lifted his hand as a sign he will be leaving to attend to his people. The servant gave a nod leaving the office. He took another look at the city he's supposed to protect, though this wasn't the way he wanted to rule for the people without Fal'Cie's rule. This was the opposite being forced by one to pretend been a false ruler while the citizens had no idea of the truth, not knowing anything. Kept hiding from the truth while he has highly believed they have a right to know everything, about Cocoon, about the Fal'Cie and about Disley's plans. Now all he could do is follow his role as a puppet without a will to guide his own actions. Once more time he begged for anyone to set him free from this nightmare so he can return to his eternal rest in the hereafter. His dream didn't matter anymore because he no longer existed without a purpose or a vision of hope.

"And so we greet the new dawn" he turned to leave as the people waited for his speech.

(Time skip)

Everyone has gathered around the suspended luminescence track where the competitors have gotten inside their velocycles ready for the race to begin. It has been planned that they will start their engines on the count of the primarch as he finishes his speech to the people. They cheered loudly happy to be witnessing the Eden Cup Grand Prix like they have done during the many years. Those who weren't present were watching it from the large screen located throughout the city while others watched it from the comfort of their own home. The ones who were fanatics of the motor sport cheered to their favorite racers, some cheered louder when they spotted last year's champion Dynamic Thunder. The Sanctum military stood stationed in their positions watching over the event, ready to act in case any kind of threat comes. Finally the screens lit up showing the face of Raines everyone cheered for the new primarch welcoming his address speech before the race starts.

*People of Cocoon. My fellow citizens. We have survived the twilight now to welcome the dawn on which we decide our fate. Many are the lessons we have learned during our long night of hardship and sacrifice. And now we face choices which must be made as our hearts dictate not abandoned to uncaring chance. Let us forge ahead with unclenching courage and honor the fallen with action. With these hands we shape the future.*

The racers started their engines as the loud noises filled the track and the stands. The crowd went wild waiting for the signal for take of Raines snapped his fingers and that was the sign that meant go. Their light speed made them into fast blurs crossing the track with cunning and agility the vehicles moved safely entering the additional loops in the air. So far it was even between last year's champion and runner up they were forgetting about the rest of the competition because they were probably the best in the race. Just as they reached the first lap their attention was shift towards the sky it opened in a green light taking the shape of a of some sort of bird, they had no idea what it was. The light vanished revealing some kind of air craft a rare model they've never seen before even the army didn't know what kind of ship was. They were shocked to see people jumping off the ship facing the danger of falling from high altitude, seven individuals that never thought they will be returning to Cocoon after taking a long stay in Pulse.



The rest of the l'Cie group summoned their Eidolons using them to land safely while the air ship flew passed one of the racers. He lost control avoiding the large ship he panicked unable to bring his vehicle to a complete stop, screaming he wasn't going to make it. It didn't happen his velocycle was caught by the Shiva sisters saving the driver's life. The camera caught the savior as Snow jumped in triumph facing the cameras and the people watching him when he was expecting the army will be giving them endless hell. He couldn't believe the people were actually cheering for him, not exactly what he was expecting for greeting an l'Cie. This was after all, his first visit to Eden.

"Close call. And the hero saves the day! Oh, no, no, you're too kind. No-no, no thank you! Thank you."

The tall blond raised his hands while the camera caught something on his forehand, focusing on his almost open l'Cie brand. At the sight everyone started panicking and shouting in fear that their enemies were here at the capital. The NORA leader realized they have figure out the truth gazing over his brand no he knew they were going to attack them full force without holding back.

"Probably should have covered that."

"Arthur tried not to hurt the people that aren't with the army" said Naruto holding Flashflare saber.

(Naruto are they filming us?) ask the panicked Eidolon.

"This is no time to be camera shy! The Sanctum is onto us!" the whiskered blond gave a comical expression.

(My knights attack the armed personal! After you destroy the cameras) his comment made the blond sweat dropped.

*Intruders at the race circuit! Confirmed Pulse l'Cie! All units respond with lethal force!*

Soon the military arrived while the l'Cie we're dodging the many racers who were trying to escape with their lives. They were afraid and didn't wanted to be near them. Mechanized units were dispatched from Orion and Viking while Snow was already running from them using his Shivacycle. Hope took the courage to stand in the middle of the race track as the units passed him by, one of the Orion faced him for a second. His Eidolon Alexander arrived smashing the mech to the ground the silver haired teen ordered him to get rid of it and he obeyed throwing it to another Orion, as they exploded together. Lightning ride Odin in gestalt mode they used their tag team as the Eidolon threw her sending her to one of the velocycles. She impaled her gun blade on the vehicle causing it to malfunction she threw the driver not thinking of hurting him since none of the racers are with the Sanctum military. She went back to her Eidolon changing back to gestalt mode galloping on the horse.

Fang smiled at the pink haired soldier she didn't needed help so she focused on the soldiers firing at her, she was riding on Bahamuth's gestalt mode.

"Attack anyone that gets in your way and destroy anything mechanical firing at us."

(What a joyful day!) Bahamuth was beyond content that he was finally doing some destruction as much as he wants.

Snow was still being chased by mechanized units but they failed in catching up to him, his Shivacylce was too much in speed. Vanille had her hands her Eidolon was protecting her with its many arms blocking a barrage of bullets from PSICOM soldiers. One of them fired a rocket launcher and Hecantochier jumped out of the way taking the red head with him, Sazh went to her rescue driving Brynhildr's gestalt mode. As for Naruto the Uzumaki was the one who has defeated many military units than the rest, he summoned his shadow clones to aid the knights attacking together with them. The knights specialize in magic cast their strongest spells firaga, aeroga, blizzaga, thundaga and quake hit the mechanized units in their way. Meteor was cast destroying one of the Sanctum ships while the real blond aided Arthur with a group of Vikings. They were destroyed with a combination of holy and rasengan. Naruto spotted Lightning and he went after her with his Eidolon following him.

The pink haired soldier smashed another unit and took down another soldier that we're flying on a small ship. This was the second one she has taken down with the aid of her trusted Eidolon by her side, once they were done Odin changed back to gestalt mode she rode him heading further into the race track. There were more mechs and soldiers along the way she avoided them and attack them using her double blades. She knew if they weren't l'Cie they would have been dead by the large amounts of military personal present in the area no normal person would be able to survive under such numbers. To think she wanted to come to Eden alone and fight against all of this at the beginning before she opened her eyes to the truth. How truly arrogant she used to be she would have never survive on her own even as a l'Cie. The reason she has made it this far it was because she wasn't alone, she had companions friends she can rely and give her trust.

Suddenly her whiskered boyfriend arrived he was riding behind her he was giving her his usual grin.

"Mind if I hitch a ride with you?"

"Get your own ride" she hide her teasing tone.

"Don't be mean, we need to stick together."

"Fine hold on tight."

"Whatever you say" he gave a perverted grin as he wrapped his arms on her slender waist.

He took a sniff at her hair it's aroma was so intoxicating and the way he was able to feel her body pressing against he's it was an amazing feeling. He remembered the night of intimacy they shared at Oerba and he was trying hard not to get arouse because this wasn't the time to be thinking such things. The moment didn't lasted long as the older Farron was staring at him giving him a serious expression like she has caught him red handed opening the cookie jar.

"Don't get any ideas Uzumaki."

"That's not what you said when we-"


"Ow" he felt the smack his pink haired girlfriend gave him.

"Idiot" she muttered glancing at him from the corner of her eyes with a small smile.

"But he's my idiot, wouldn't want it any other way."

As they rode towards what it seems the end of circuit they suddenly saw sun light arriving at the world of Cocoon. They knew it was Phoenix rising to bring another day of light to the floating world. Lightning spotted a new mechanized unit heading their way it looked like the Manasvin Warmech they fought at the Hanging Edge and Lake Bresha but more advance and different color dark blue with a pink line below the head. It was probably a new and more upgraded version of the previous one. It has definitely had a lock on herself and the people with her it will be attacking them shortly. She made a complete stop as the strong mech was in front of them. Naruto got off the horse casting libra on the mechanized units he checked the information on their opponent.

"Anavatapta Warmech it's vulnerable to lightning element, it can become invulnerable when it's using its barrier unless its stagger. It susceptible to everything except poison…."

"Sounds like an annoying opponent" the pink haired soldier prepared to fight it with her Eidolon in gestalt mode.

(I'm ready whenever you are Lightning)

(Naruto!) Arthur arrived getting next to the Uzumaki.

(I know you want to be close to your princess, but you shouldn't leave me behind like you just did).

"Sorry about that, I have to look after my princess you know."

"I am not your princess" the Farron glared feeling flustered by his comment.

Lightning followed her boyfriend's advice with its elemental weakness she used thunder fall and lightning strike causing critical damage on the mech. Naruto and Arthur dodged it's its spinning blades as they attack together using aerora strike and holy. The blond jinchurikki added rasengan and ruinga. It got bad as the warmech activated its barrier that is until the pink haired soldier staggered from all the lightning attacks she launched on it. This match was already in the bag thanks to the Farron so the Uzumaki sit back and let the former sergeant do her work. Once the warmech looked like it was about to blow up she unleash her final attack on it, using Zantetsuke was the final blow to defeat the mech. Its only weakness against lightning element was the thing that brought the mechanized unit to its defeat. Odin vanished and the whiskered blond called his Eidolon back, the others from the l'Cie group arrived they have also called their Eidolons back.

"What's that sound?" she heard some sort of alarm going off in the city.

"Looks like the fake Pulse invasion has begun" said the blond soldier it was the only explanation that came to his mind.

(Scene change)

Amodar knew to believe the mysterious caller's words, or more precise Sasuke. Now he knew very well there was no regret in believing him because what he was seeing with his very own eyes was truly unreal. Aidan and Janil were in the same boat staring at the streets with wide eyes, or rather in awe. They have managed to gear up with some grenades and their proper weapons, but nothing of their training will prepare them for what was happening right now. They appeared from this mysterious purple color like portals, there tons of them monsters they have never seen before. The fact they didn't recognize any of their origin from being born on Cocoon their only guess that they must be from the lower world of Pulse. It was a full Pulsian invasion at some of the creatures we're gigantic on size like the Adamantoise, along with others more and even flying Cie'th type creatures. They saw one of the Sanctum military soldiers holding his communicator trying not to panic from the sight, he looked very scared.

*Say again patrol. And speak more clearly.*

"The armies of Pulse! They're using the transgate!"

*Transgate? How many coming through?*

"Number unconfirmed. But it's a full scale invasion! Eden's being overrun!"

"This is crazy" said Aidan trying to recover from his shock.

"It's hell on Cocoon that's what it is" followed Amodar.

"Too many civilians are in the way of danger. The military doesn't look like they can focus on both the monsters and them simultaneously" replied Janil worried sick.

"Just like Uchiha said. It will be up to us to gather as many civilians as we can while the Sanctum will focus on the monsters" said the former lieutenant.

"I think it will be better if we split up and gather them in groups."

"But where are we taking them? I think the shelters are too far from here to take the people" said Janil.

"The closest transportation from here is the rail train. If we're lucky it should be still up and running."

"The rail train leaves Eden and into Nautilus. I think they'll be safe there" Aidan replied.

"Then we're taking them to Nautilus?" said the young female.

"Right Mesko, split up and gather as many civilians as possible and to the train station. Time's not to wasting with the situation becoming from bad to worse."

"What about NORA?" asked the young man?

"We can worry about them later. If I know those kids they should be holding their own just fine."

Each separated trying to avoid the monsters while getting to the people panicking from the creatures. The army was doing their best to attack them but monsters like the Admantoise weren't going to go down that easily from a barrage of bullets. Amodar attacked the creatures that will get in his way using his large Gatling gun it was pretty heavy but he got used to its weight not to mention his body could take it just okay, he spotted women and children and got to them before they got into serious harm. Aidan had a rifle aside from his sniper weapon since right now there wasn't any time for any of that, his mission came first. He managed to gather a group of people avoiding the army and the monsters the young soldier signaled his former superior that he had a large amount to take the station. Janil also found another group while taking down some of the Cie'th flying towards her using her gun blade. Even if they were no longer with the Guardian Corps they felt like this was their responsibility to protect the people.

(Scene change)

As soon as they saw the return of their leader, Naruto, Lightning and the rest of the l'Cie group the NORA gang made their move. They have picked up their weapons and follow with the procedure to get the people to safety, they have no idea things were going to become very complicated. They were shocked when the monsters appeared there were too many to open fire when they will be only wasting ammo, so they resumed with their original plan in gathering people to safety. The military was already on it as large numbers of both PSICOM and Eden's Special Forces were already opening fire on the many creatures. They split in two groups Gadot and Maqui lead a group of civilians in one corner while Yuj and Lebreau lead another. It was impossible not to panic or scream in fear watching over Cie'th and giant monsters like the Adamantoise passing through the streets like it was nothing, there were other monster roaming around like the Pulsian mech Juggernaut.

It couldn't be help that eventually the members of the group were cornered by the monsters. Their numbers kept on increasing watching as more transgate appeared releasing more Pulsian creatures. The gang members knew they didn't stand a chance against the big ones they opened fire with the means to slow them down giving them enough time to escape with the innocents they have saved. It eventually turned into an all-out shooting barrage as the group met up with a squad of Sanctum archangel they had their focus on firing on the monsters while other soldiers used their rocket launcher enough to take down the flying Cie'th. NORA'a objective was to get everyone to safety, away from this place and right now they had no idea where that was. For all they knew the entire capital of Cocoon look the same way as this part of the city, filled with Pulse monsters everywhere. They crossed paths with military as the soldiers took a small break because they managed to kill quite the amount of the creatures.

"Halt! Identify yourself you're clearly not with the Cocoon military!"

"We're not but we're trying to do the right thing here pal. We're taking all these people somewhere safe" said Gadot.

"Securing civilians is PSICOM's duty you have no authorization to have a weapon."

"Well I don't see them gathering the people here. Either they're fighting all of these monsters or they probably chicken out" replied Yuj.

"We will confiscate your weapons, civilians don't have a say in this matter" another archangel pointed their rifle at them.

"You got to be kidding me, we're only trying to help here" said Maqui.

"Throw your weapons on the ground and back away slowly. If you don't we will have no choice but to open fire."

"We're all on the same side!" shouted Lebreau.

The archangel didn't have the chance to start a warning countdown as more monsters arrived behind them through a transgate. There were two Adamantoise accompanied by a Humbaba a powerful type Behemoth. The NORA group opened fire while the soldiers were caught off guard they screamed in agony as they were stepped on by the Adamantoise giant feet. They knew they couldn't stay here it was too dangerous and complete suicide to take on so many of them with just an automatic rifle with limited ammo. It was crazier if more Pulsian creatures will appear through those gates making anyone think just how many of them were waiting to emerge here.

"Come on!" said Gadot.

"Everyone this way!" followed Lebreau.

The group kept their eyes on the people while gazing at their surroundings avoiding contact with any kind of monster. If they will encounter any type they will open fire in an attempt to slow them down, they kept their thoughts in leaving this place to a more secure and safe area monster free. The four members of NORA didn't look like it but they were all scared, this was by far the toughest mission they have ever done. Nothing was compared to this, their usual missions consisted in killing a couple of monsters here and there but this was on a whole new level. This was an invasion from Pulse and they were caught up in the middle of something that might have been as the War of Transgression from five hundred years ago. One thing was pretty clear they trusted on each other just as their leader trusts in them, as long as they were together things will be all right. At least that's what they thought, they lead the many innocent people away from the streets and the monsters, still unknown where to go from here.

(Scene change)

Sasuke watched from a corner as the dozens group of monsters were roaming the streets of Eden like they were taking a stroll to think Disley's plan was working perfectly. Throwing the entire population into fear and chaos all for the purpose to prepare the l'Cie to toughen up to face Orphan and eventually claimed the Fal'Cie's life. He knew by now Naruto and the others were already here so he didn't have that much time, literally since his Cie'th was still ticking. The Uchiha kept watching as he spotted PSICOM soldier using his communicator, it was exactly what he needed right now to get in contact with the Cavalry having high hope Rydgea and everyone were still all right from doing their suicide mission. In quick step he knocked the soldier out taking the piece of equipment and started decoding the communication device. He grinned it was a little trick he was taught while serving as Raines's spy. So far he was having a bit trouble tracking the right signal that belongs to the Cavalry because the device he was using was the latest version in communication gadgets.

"Come on work damn it!" he fixed on the controls when he finally heard an incoming transmission, hearing voices.

*So Raines, is this the Cocoon you dreamed of?*

"Rydgea…." He was relief he was able to hack into the Cavalry's communications.

*My dream is but a Fal'Cie's fancy now…End it.*

The Uchiha gasped knowing what he had in mind even as he was controlled as Disley's puppet he has chosen death on his own free will. He would rather die than continue serving as a tool to the former primarch.

"Rydgea do you hear me!? Listen don't kill Raines it's a trap! He's been controlled by Disley-"

His eyes widened hearing the sound of a bullet been fired by an automatic rifle, it was over. The former PSICOM soldier glared not been able to do a thing to prevent Raines's death and stopping the Cavalry from walking into a trap. It was all hopeless, soon he heard heavy weapon fire obviously Sanctum troops arrived to take out the traitors that have assassinated their primarch. What angers him the most that everything was going out as exactly as Disley has planned, every action, every calculation done by him it was all occurring according to his desires. He was truly pulling all the strings in sealing the fate of Cocoon controlling everyone from the military to the position of primarc, to the actions of the Pulse l'Cie and even the history of both worlds he was truly in control. As the heavy fire barrage continued he heard Rydgea yelling in anger.

*Damn idealism! Ya feed it blood, and it howls for more!*

The fire barrage resumed but the Uchiha threw the communicator to the ground thinking he has heard enough. He knew Rydgea wasn't going to make it and the rest of the Cavalry, even if runs towards their location he wasn't going to make it in time. Their fate was sealed the moment they infiltrated the throne of Eden, once more Disley's calculations were accurate. Leading them towards Orphan was never in his intentions, he has always plan from the beginning to kill the heart of Eden's power with the messenger l'Cie. The involvement of the Cavalry in this battle is just like the involvement of every citizen that is screaming in fear for their lives, just another addition to pull the strings of the l'Cie. More motivation so they're resolve is to take out Orphan, his onyx eyes hardened he knew there was only one thing to do to end this madness. Without giving it any thought he runs of and heads to the one place where the former primarch will be waiting for him, where the one who dreams of death sleeps. It was time to fulfill his focus.

(Scene change)

The l'Cie group saw an explosion coming from a building far away from their location. They didn't know what it was all about, but they had a bad feeling about it. It was nothing good with Eden now in full alert of their presence the Sanctum was going to do whatever it takes to bring them down. As if they had enough problems in their hands, if Disley have already unleashed the Pulse monsters from the Ark then things have become worst for them as well as the military and the citizens. They will immediately see it as an attack of the lower world making their fear and hatred grow towards the world of their enemies. The group was heading to a lot of trouble and danger even when they have made up their mind to come here to save Cocoon. While to the people of the city capital saw it as a sign of the end of the world. Naruto was in deep thought thinking of Sasuke, the Uchiha was out there probably having a death wish with wanting to either get rid of Disley or Orphan.

"What's going out there?" asked Snow.

"All hell's breaking loose I guess" replied the Uzumaki.

"Looks like the Cavalry made their move" said Hope.

"There's more to it than that" Sazh picked up an ear communicator on the ground putting it on, his eyes widened hearing the distress call.

"They're saying Eden is crawling with Pulse nasties."

"I hate been right sometimes" the whiskered blond gave a sigh.

"Fresh off the Ark like that fool said" Fang thought bitterly of Sasuke.

"This is out of control. What will happen to Cocoon?" asked the afro haired man.

"It's all-out war" said Lightning.

"Right we know who's behind all of this. We're here to stop Disley and save Cocoon" said the blond jinchurikki.

"Everything Barthandelus has said, it's all coming true" said the silver haired teen.

"Well the future stops here. We're the ones who decide what happens next" said the NORA leader.

"Let's keep moving!" said Vanille.



They walked the end of the circuit track while avoiding a coupled of crashed down velocycles. The area had many small paths along with some unwanted company flying type Cie'th, luckily they weren't that much of a challenge they were easily beaten. As they fight on Naruto stood in deep thought not because of the upcoming battles but thinking about Sasuke. It was bothering him finding out he didn't had much time before his brand opens completely and becomes a Cie'th, it was the reason why he left the group. To face the consequences on his own and face the fate of becoming one without the other been present, that's why it was important to find him before it was too late. If they don't then he would never forgive himself if he loses him without confronting him about his decision. They reached a small platform without any exit, except for the a hundred foot drop leading to the streets of the city. It was very dangerous if they jump without any safety measures, the Uzumaki has made up his mind what to do next.

"Um, okay, I don't know about this" Sazh was unsure and probably scared beyond his mind at how high they were.

"If only we could fly" Vanille gazed down.

"We can jump" Lightning gave the red head a small device as she was the first to take the big fall while the whiskered blond smiled.

"Last one is a rotten Chocobo egg!" he followed the pink haired soldier.

"What are you-"the afro haired pilot was stun that the both jump but sucked it in giving a sigh.

"Nothing to it!"

"See you ground side!" followed Snow.

"Wait for me!" Hope was next.

"You're all crazy!" the red head took a step back bumping into Fang.

"Don't want to get left behind do you?" the Pulsian huntress showed her the same small device she had.

"Just remember don't drop the gizmo" she finally jumped.

"Fang!" she gazed over at the device the Farron gave her.

"This thing?" she took a deep breath before jumping.


The l'Cie group was falling high heading straight into one of the many streets of the capital city. The Sanctum military was already there to give them a very warm welcome as there stood many units from PSICOM they aimed their rifles at them until they were in safe range to open fire. Lightning and Naruto weren't going to give them the chance as both threw the same device at the ground firing their gun blades in gun mode. The device exploded creating an anti-gravity field the same technology as the AMP the military uses for safe landing when jumping from high levels. The soldiers were caught in the explosion as the Farron and the Uzumaki charged at the rest of the soldiers firing their weapons while the others landed safely too activating their AMP device. Finally the combination of both former soldiers was enough to take down all of the enemy units without the help of the others. Though they knew they will be facing many more soldiers ahead in the long run.

"Right" she sheathed her Blazefire saber.

"Guys….?" Naruto caught everyone's attention.

"There's something that I have to talk to you guys."

"What's wrong?" asked Snow.

"Think it's a little late to be getting second thoughts, we're already here" said Sazh.

"No it's not that, I was just…."

"It's Sasuke, you want to find him" the Farron read him like an open book.

"Yeah, I do I'm worried about him. I know we have to stop Disley and save Cocoon but I need to find him. If I don't I'll never be able to live with myself. That's why I want to hear your opinions if you're with me in looking for him while searching for Disley."

"You can count me in. I never turn back on my friends" said the NORA leader.

"Me too I want to find Sasuke too" followed Hope.

"I want to find him too" replied Vanille.

"I'm up for it too, he deserves a second chance if he's clock is ticking" followed the afro haired pilot.

"I want to find him too. But I would like to hear his reasons for what he did, I'm still trying to get over with turning his back on us" said the former sergeant.

"Okay that's fair enough for me…um, Fang?" the whiskered blond turned to the tall woman looking in thought.

"Hmph I want to find him too and he better be all right."

"I know you're worried about him-"

"Oh no I'm not worried I just want to find him so I can put him in his place for what he did when I'm done with him he's going to know who is Fang of the Yun clan from the village of Oerba" she cracked her knuckles.

"She's still angry with him, I wouldn't want to be in Sasuke's shoes right now" the Uzumaki turned pale.

"Maybe it will be better if we find Sasuke without her, we do need him alive" he whispered to his girlfriend while the pink haired soldier gave a nod.

"Sure I can't guarantee if he'll be in good condition when I show him what happens to those who deceive me. But I will try to keep him in one piece" she gave a smile while everyone sweat dropped.

"Okay now she's really scaring me" the blond jinchurikki gulped.

(Scene change)

Sasuke arrived at the one place where is considered sacred and very important to the citizens of Eden. It was the tallest building in the entire city and it was very important since it was the place where the Fal'Cie Eden is and where Orphan was resting, the building known as the throne of Eden. He remembered he has done a couple of jobs when he was with PSICOM patrolling the streets near this building and also guarding the front entrance, but he has never entered the place. It was a miracle with how calm things were looking here but it won't be long before the Pulse monsters arrive here bringing the chaos with them. He didn't thought twice when he knew why he has come here, the reason why he left everyone from the l'Cie group to come on his own. Just as he was getting near the entrance of the large building a squad of PSICOM soldiers who were guarding the area went to him heavy armed. There were also soldiers holding rocket launchers, they were ready to protect this place at all cost.

"Halt! This area is off limits. No one can enter unless authorize by a high ranking officer."

"I'm needed here, call out Disley."

"Wait I know you, you're Sasuke Uchiha one of the l'Cie" he gasped as they aimed their weapons at him.

"That will be all right gentlemen" Disley walked over to the squad and the raven haired l'Cie.

"I have given Sasuke Uchiha authorization to come to the throne of Eden. If any of you have some disagreement with my decision, then perhaps having a word with primarch Raines is more recommended."

"Very well you may pass" the soldier was still feeling hostile for letting an enemy of Cocoon entered such a place as Eden's ground.

"Shall we then?" the elder man turned to the former soldier.

The Uchiha didn't reply he only followed him inside while the PSICOM squad was still staring at him through their helmets. They thought it was crazy he will have access here while he ignored everyone from the military and kept following the disguised Fal'Cie. He didn't paying attention to the interior of the building going further inside, walking a long corridor. The raven haired l'Cie was surprised to see civilians in the building obviously they were seeking shelter from the danger outside of the city. With everything that was happening to them this was the safest place from the supposed Pulsian terror. None said a word it was a pretty much quiet journey while the Uchiha could feel his mind was drifting off again, another sign that his time was drawing to a close. Reaching a pair of large double doors the former primarch opened without using his hand and the former soldier set his eyes at the area they were now in.

The room was obviously different in shape and color, not to mention bigger. Once more Sasuke ignored the many military personal patrolling the halls of the room, among them Sanctum Archangel and high rank female soldiers Inquisitrix. There was something about the place that put his at ease or maybe it was the small crystal shards floating all over the air. The Uchiha was surprised to see the same micro shards he had seen at the Vestige and Oerba not wondering if there was a connection between the places. He resumed following the elder man as the soldiers were staring at him it wasn't every day a l'Cie gets permission such a sacred area if it wasn't for Disley he knew they'll be opening fire without a doubt. Somehow he could feel he was getting closer to fulfilling his focus, now it was time to concentrate on the reason he was here. Soon it will all end and there will be no need for Naruto and everyone to face this burden on their own because they will eventually turn to crystal. He erased the thoughts of his friend and the Pulsian huntress spotting another pair of double doors in the distance.

"What is this place?"

"The deepest parts of Eden Hall, the path to Orphan is near. As the chaos outside engulfs mankind Cocoon will reach a new beginning with the return of the Maker. The time has come Sasuke Uchiha are you ready to slain Orphan and bring salvation to this world?"

"You don't have to ask…."

"Then follow me. We must reach the Narthex throne Eden will guide us through Orphan's cradle."


Disley took a few steps when a chidori spear has pierced him on his chest. The former primarch was in shock feeling the pain from the attack, he was sent crashing on the wall. It was still piercing him as his eyes were on the raven haired l'Cie the Uchiha had his sharingan activated while keeping a cold expression. He kept the spear tightly pierced it was a shame it has missed his heart but he was planning in not missing this time. The Fal'Cie in disguise kept his expression neutral, yet he didn't felt disappointed by his actions it should be expected he would do this. The Uchiha could still feel his conscious was drifting it was now or never to get rid of the man pulling the strings on everything. He formed a chidori on his free hand with the thought of ending this for good.

"So you chose the path of a traitor to the one of salvation…."

"Traitor….? You lied to the people of Cocoon you deceived them for hundreds of years filling their hearts with fear for a world that is deserted you manipulated their very existence for your own gain. You make a mockery of human life by sacrificing all of them for something so trivial like summoning a fictitious being. Who's the real traitor?"

"In truth Disley looking at you makes me sick. You might have been behind everything and you saw how it was all going to be, but did you saw this coming? When your" supposed" loyal l'Cie messenger boy to turn against your request. If you want Orphan dead kill him yourself, because I'm not interested. And if you haven't notice neither the other l'Cie, they would prefer to become Cie'th over sending Cocoon to its own doom."

"It is necessary for humans to be the ones in claiming Orphan's life. They have the essence of the human spirit they are the only potential who can bring forth his demise. Only the Maker can save this twisted world from its undoing."

"It's twisted because you have made it that way! It's time for mankind to start following their, own footsteps and not yours. They will be better off without a Fal'Cie telling them what to do. They will learn they're the ones to control their own fate and not some false God."

"Without Fal'Cie mankind will continue to repeat the same old mistakes from the past. These are primitive creatures that only live in fear and feed off on hatred, their hearts are weak and they can't move without Fal'Cie's aid. They will spread anger, fear, sorrow and the result of such leads to them killing each other in endless war."

"They will decide themselves because a lot of them are different in many ways. You won't have a say in the matter anymore, I saw it all not all of them give in to hatred and fear. They're nothing like me…."

Disley chuckle as he vanished escaping the chidori spear and stood before the raven haired l'Cie, his smile was of amusement.

"And so have I child."


The Uchiha turned to see the entire squad that was patrolling Eden Hall, all the Archangel and Inquisitrix were present for his attempt on their former primarch's life. The elderly man played his part as he showed the soldiers he was wounded by his attack, when in truth he was. There was no need to rely on him anymore since he never intended to kill Orphan in the first place he no longer has any use for the former soldier of PSICOM. Why tug the strings of one l'Cie when he has already tugged the strings of all of them. They were in Eden already and they are currently making their way here and there was no need to keep manipulating their hearts anymore. They will come to him and eventually put an end to Orphan his vision will come true and the Maker will be summon. He was already witnessing the fall of one of the l'Cie right now.

"His previous Eminence has been wounded!" shouted an Archangel.

"My children I have come to offer this lost soul an offering of peace and in return he retaliates. It seems there can't be salvation to an l'Cie."

"More lies" the Uchiha felt disgusted by his act.

"Open fire!"

"I don't have time for this."


He shattered the Eidolith crystal releasing the large Eidolon who blocked his summoner from the heavy fire barrage. Sasuke gave the order to change to gestalt mode, he transformed into Hell's war machine tank. He boarded the vehicle and fired his own barrage at the soldiers not caring if he will kill them all. The raven haired l'Cie fired its machine guns making a complete kill of the Archangel, the Inquisitrix followed since they were only best suit for close range combat. Once he was done with the army he turned the vehicle around facing the former primarch. He was ready to fire it's main canon wanting to finish this for good.

"You're next Disley!"

Sasuke couldn't fire as he felt a sharp pain coming from his opened brand, it was glowing red. Hades tried to call to him but failed he has vanished returning to it's crystal which it vanished too. The pain was worse and his conscious was drifting away even faster, he knew the meaning behind this. It looks like he has reached the end of the line. He felt on his knees while dropping Masamune he could barely think with all the pain his body was going.

"Time has run out pitiful l'Cie."

"Damn it not now…."

"It is a shame it has come to end this way. It seems the fate of saving Cocoon has fallen to the rest of the l'Cie. You by far, were the easiest to manipulate. Your heart was the weakest aside from the rest. That is why I chose you to let you know everything. Why I sent you to the archives and learn of Cocoon's history. You were the exceptional one who will eventually deceive your companions, the perfect l'Cie to become Ragnarok and slain Orpha. But alas, that is no longer possible to achieve. Your end is at hand now succumb to the accursed fate that follows all l'Cie who failed to fulfill their focus. Become a Cie'th and rest in everlasting darkness."

"It can't end like this…."

As his human conscious was drifting as his body was changing, he thought about his family. Lightning, Serah and Naruto, then he followed thinking about the rest of the l'Cie group. He wasn't going to see any of them and what's worse that he will become a heartless monster that might end up fighting them. Because he knew they were heading here eventually and his plan to take himself out along with Disley failed. He has come to regret turning his back on them while he thought of everything he went through with them, the memories he has come to cherish and the bonds he forged with everyone. As he was losing himself to the transformation that was taking place, he clutched to the Yun clan tattoo on his left shoulder. The times he spent with Fang since he first met her all the way to the night they shared together, it tore him apart he wasn't going to see any of them again and it broke his soul he won't see the Pulsian huntress again.

"Everyone…Naruto, Serah, Lightning…."


"I hope you're happy, you've been searching to have a new life in order to find your worth in this world. You want to search for new ambitions I hope you do find what you're looking for. If it's happiness then you have found it with us and…With me. You want to get rid of everything that hurt you and harm your heart and you're in search to find that perfect life you've been yearning since you came to this world. Pick up the pieces until you have formed something new and you don't know what it is until you have formed all those pieces…."

"I'm sorry I was really looking forward to our wedding" tears were falling.

And suddenly for Sasuke, everything fade to black.

To be continued

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