The breeze was pleasantly cool. The sun was high in the sky, shining down upon the redhead's back as he bent over a bush blooming with luscious, crimson roses. In one hand, he held a pair of bloody red scissors; in the other, a perfectly-shaped rose gushing perfection. He smiled, his spiked teeth shining in the light and a pale pink blush covering his cheekbones.

"So unconditionally perfect," he grinned, sighing contentedly and setting the flower down gently in the pile next to him. "I hope Sebas-chan likes them."


"Sebastian, what is he doing in my garden?" A young boy stood at the window, glaring at the ginger kneeling in front of his rosebushes. He looked back at his butler, who strode forward and peered through the glass.

"It seems as if the Shinigami is picking your roses," the butler said monotonously. "Shall I dispose of him?"

The boy nodded and sighed, the one royal blue eye that wasn't covered in an eye patch sliding shut. The redhead had always been a problem, his mischievous stunts ranging from a minor annoyance to outragingly aggravating. This would be one of the more minor acts he had pulled of late.

"Just get him away from here," the boy mumbled, sitting in the plush green chair behind an oak desk.

The butler smiled and bowed. "Yes, my lord."

"Do whatever it takes," he said strictly, playing with the ring on his thumb that was much too big. The butler nodded and stood, walking out the door.


The ginger lifted his head when he heard footsteps approaching him. A grin spreading across his face, he quickly threw the roses into a beautifully organized bundle and tied a black ribbon around the emerald stems. Taking them in hand, he stood and whirled around to meet his love.

"Sebas-chan!" he cooed, attempting to look adorable. The butler's face didn't change from the emotionless mask he always wore.

"Grell, why are you vandalizing my master's garden?" he questioned, flipping his shimmering black hair behind his ear. Grell squealed at the motion, almost dropping the roses. He stepped forward, rubbing his cheek up against Sebastian's black-clad shoulder.

"I picked them for you, Sebas-chan," he whined, backing away and holding the flowers out in front of him with his head bowed. "I tried to make them as beautiful as possible."

Sebastian took the flowers, adoring them for a brief moment before tossing them carelessly to the ground behind him. A heartbroken look crossed Grell's face as the butler so nonchalantly disposed of them.

"S-Sebas-chan," he whimpered, slouching a little. The butler stepped forward towards Grell, who backed up continuously until he was pressed against a statue. Sebastian's arms pinned the ginger to the rock as his face moved in closer to the Shinigami's.

"My master has ordered me to make you leave," he whispered. "Under no circumstances shall I fail him."

Grell pouted and looked up at Sebastian with pathetic lost-kitten eyes. "I shall leave then," he mumbled. "But before I do…" His eyes clouded over with lust and he leaned forward, pressing his lips gently against Sebastian's. His lust-filled eyes slipped shut and he tilted his head to the side. He had expected the demon to shove him away. He didn't expect him to kiss him back. The butler pressed Grell closer to the statue, his white-gloved hands coming up and resting on his forearm and the back of his neck. The Shinigami's arms wrapped around Sebastian's shoulders, pulling them closer together…


Ceil watched with amazement at what Grell and Sebastian were doing in the garden. He might've said to do whatever it takes to get him away, but that didn't mean to make out in the garden. In broad daylight.


His maid, Mey-Rin stood at the door with a cart with a tea set in front of her and an ecstatic grin on her face. Despite her arrival, he didn't turn around. So she walked in.

"Master Ceil, what's wrong?" she asked, staring at his face. Her eyes followed his gaze to what he was staring at, widening when she saw what was happening. They looked at each other, Ceil shaking his head as a response to Mey-Rin's mental question.



Sebastian moved his head to the side, leaning his neck wide open for the ginger to attack. Grell's lips kissed their way down to the butler's throat, earning a deep groan from the demon.

"Grell, stop," he whispered gently. "My master is watching."

The Shinigami whined. "But we were having so much fun." He kissed Sebastian's lips again, but he pushed him away, embracing him in a hug instead.

"I know," Sebastian murmured, stroking Grell's crimson hair. He pulled away, regaining his posture and smoothing out his jacket. "Master ordered me to make you leave. I will not fail." He took Grell's arm gently and pointed him in the direction of the gate. "Now go."

The ginger turned and started walking away, looking back every few feet, but Sebastian paid no mind to him. The butler himself turned the opposite direction and strode towards the mansion, but stopped to pick up the bundle of roses. He lifted them to his face and inhaled deeply, adoring the crisp smell of the flowers.


"Sebastian, what was that?" Ceil asked as the butler walked into the room, roses in hand. He bowed.

"You ordered me to get rid of him using any means necessary," he said, a sly smile crossing his face.

The boy put a hand to his forehead. "I didn't mean to make out with him vigorously where everybody could see."

Sebastian's smile vanished from his face. "It was the only way he would leave. I merely took the appropriate actions needed to dispose of him." He walked over to the cart Mey-Rin brought in and picked up a pitcher of water, placing the roses inside and setting them down on the desk in front of Ceil. "He said these were for you."

Ceil frowned and brushed his fingertips against one of the flowers. "Why? Was he feeling bad for all the problems he's caused us?"

"He wanted to show his appreciation to you." The butler poured Ceil his tea and set it down on the desk. "For not killing him." The boy nodded slightly as Sebastian checked his pocket watch. "I must make the preparations for dinner. "He stood straight and bowed. "Please excuse me, my lord."

His hand was on the doorknob when Ceil called out to him. "You looked like you enjoyed it." The chair scraped against the floor and Ceil walked up behind his butler. "A lot."

Sebastian chuckled softly and shook his head. "Not in the way you're thinking of." He opened the door and stepped out into the hallway before closing it behind him and walking towards the kitchen.

Phantom kisses still lingered on his lips. He could still feel Grell's touch on both his arms and neck. A shiver rant though his body as he thought of what he wanted the ginger to do to him.

Just them, alone in an empty house; their bare legs tangling together underneath warm blankets. Grell's fingers gently tracing the muscles on his chest. Sebastian running his hands through the ginger's fiery red hair, sticky with sweat and other unspeakable things; his pointed teeth nipping gently at the butler's neck, leaving indentations in the pale skin. Sebastian's eyes glowing red as Grell sliced his neck. Blood dripping down onto the demon's chest and throat as he leaned up and brushed his tongue along the cut, making the redhead shake with ecstasy and adrenalin…

Sebastian blinked and pulled out of the fantasy, his face not losing any of its stoic composure. The monster hidden inside him stirred, threatening to break free at the thought of something that erotic and-plainly put-delicious. He sighed and closed his eyes, his gloved hands clenching into fists from the amount of concentration it took to tame the beast.

He stopped at a window when something odd caught his eye. A grin stretched across his lips when he saw Grell being dragged roughly across the yard by the demon dog, Pluto. From down the hall, he heard Ceil yelling his name. Maybe he would get his fantasy after all.