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Title: Book Of Love: Yuuri & Wolfram

Summary: A collection of one-shots. Chapter 1: Yuuri propose to Wolfram for real this time.

Rated: M for mature scenes.

Category: Romance



Yuuri and the Maou had merge in this story. And the characters, might be occ.

Chapter 1: The Proposal

"Yuuri, take this blindfold off me please." Wolfram pleaded as he tried not to trip on his two feet.

"Wolf, just a little bit more." Yuuri replied as he guided his accidental fiancé along the way towards their destination.


"Do you trust me?" Yuuri cut in, when wolfram was about to protest.

"Of course I do, what kind of a question is that." Wolfram stated as he nearly trip, it's a good thing that Yuuri had caught him around his waist. "Thanks." Wolfram added after Yuuri help him steady on his feet.

"No problem, and since I know how irritated you can be when you can't see, I just got the right solution." Yuuri said and before Wolfram knew it, he was being carried bridal style towards their destination.

Wolfram gave a short gasp of shock when Yuuri had lifted him up but he then wrap his arms around Yuuri's neck and laid his head against Yuuri's right shoulder.

Wolfram can't help but marveled on how Yuuri had physically and mentally grown. Three years ago after Yuuri returned from his 2 month long visit to earth, Yuuri had change for the better, he started taking his kingly duty seriously, had studied everything he needed to know to be a good king (Thanks to Gwendal and Gunter's tutoring.) and be able to run his kingdom on his own with the occasional help from Gwendal and Gunter. Thanks to Ulrike and Murata, Yuuri had learned how to control his powers, while Conrad and Wolfram thought him the art of sword.

As for how Yuuri physically had change, it was all thanks to his favorite sport baseball and the merging between him and the Maou. Baseball training for Yuuri's powerful arms and legs that he likes to abuse, since Yuuri would often be seen carrying Wolfram around just because he wanted to, while said blonde learned to accept that fact and stop getting embarrassed. Merging with the Maou had change some of Yuuri's features, Yuuri look like the Maou except for the length of hair since Yuuri decided to keep it short. So when it comes down to it, according to Wolfram, Yuuri had become tall, tanned and very handsome. Compared to him, who is at least a foot and a half shorter than Yuuri, pale, beautiful and feminine. (He tried denying that fact but him having a slim waist, curves on the right places soft and smooth. Can't deny it for long.)

"We're here." Yuuri said cutting through Wolfram's thought. Yuuri gently brought Wolfram back to his feet, then he maneuvered him to face the right direction before taking his stand behind Wolfram. "On the count of three." Yuuri said and began counting.


"Three." Yuuri whispered and he took the blindfolds off Wolfram's eyes and waited for the blonde's eyes to adjust to his surroundings.

"Oh… Shinou…" Wolfram whispered as he looks at his surroundings.

Wolfram is standing on the middle of the lake (A maryoku infuse frozen lake that had an even temperature.), facing a candle lit table for two, on the corner a few feet away from the table, musician stood together with their instruments waiting for the king's signal to start playing. Not far from the orchestra a tent was standing up right and Wolfram could make out the maids inside.

"Yuuri, I…" Wolfram tried to form a sentence to express to Yuuri how he felt, but sadly he was lost for words.

"Did you like it?" Yuuri asked and Wolfram could only manage to nod his head. "Good, shall we." Yuuri added and started to lead Wolfram towards one of the chair facing the table.

Yuuri drew the chair out for Wolfram before sitting himself and then motioning with his hand for the musician to start playing while the maid starts to serve them their dinner.

Both Yuuri and Wolfram ate in silence while they exchange looks once in a while. Once they finish with their meals and dessert, Yuuri glance at the musician who immediately started to play a new song, standing up Yuuri approach Wolfram.

"May I have this dance?" Yuuri asked extending his right hand to Wolfram.

"Yes you may." Wolfram answered laying his hand on top of Yuuri's extended one. He stood up with the help of Yuuri.

Yuuri led Wolfram away from the table, then he faced Wolfram to him. He took both the blonde's hand and place it around his neck while he wrap his arms around Wolfram's lithe waist and both began dancing. Wolfram leaned his head against Yuuri's chest listening to the beat of his heart, after a moment he sighed in contentment.

"Tell me what's on your mind?" Yuuri gently asked as he drew Wolfram even closer to him.

"I know that it had already been two years since you started courting me officially and said you love me, but sometimes I would forget and doubt that, think that this was all a dream and that I'm actually somewhere out there dying." Wolfram said nuzzling his face on Yuuri's chest. "And before you ask, I don't know why I feel this way." Wolfram added looking up at Yuuri.

"Don't worry, I think I know why. For all the times I rejected you and denied you, this is the consequences of my action back then. My punishment for hurting for so long." Yuuri said looking down at the most precious person that had ever grace his life.

"But we already settled it." Wolfram said as he tried to hide his frustration.

"Maybe you needed more proof of my love for you." Yuuri stated matter of fact.

"I don't know Yuuri, I mean, you've taken me out on countless dates, kissed me more than I can remember, courted me in front of the 10 nobles, my family, friends, the soldiers and the maids of the castle even in front of your people, and most of all, you fought for my hand in marriage in front of everyone when that arrogant jerk propose to me, and after doing all those things, it should be reason enough to stop me from doubting you and your intentions." Wolfram said as memories of those times flittered to his mind.

Yuuri watch Wolfram as the blonde got lost from those memories. He can't help but to admire the blonde as his eyes shine brightly and lips smile fondly as those memories that was very dear to him filled his mind's eye. But then Yuuri remembered that he needed the blonde attention, so he decided to kiss Wolfram back to reality.

Pressing his lips to the blonde, Yuuri kiss Wolfram slowly and sensually, trying to coax Wolfram to return to reality and start kissing back. Yuuri slip his tongue inside Wolfram's mouth once he started to kiss back and a war of tongue began, both not wanting to yield.

"Yuuri." Wolfram moaned out when Yuuri started to nibble and suck on his lower lips.

"Is this proof enough for you or do you want more?" Yuuri asked in between nibble.

"More… Ah…" Wolfram screamed out when Yuuri suddenly left his mouth and started sucking on the juncture between his neck and shoulder. "Yuuri, I… we… Hah…" Wolfram said struggling to form a sentence.

"I got something for you Wolfram." Yuuri said after he had admired the hickey he had made just moments ago.

"Wah?" Wolfram answered still a little daze from all the pleasure Yuuri had given him.

Yuuri stop with their dancing and motioned someone from behind wolfram to come. Wolfram saw a maid, who he recognize as Sangria approach them with a bouquet of beautiful wolframs in her hands. Yuuri took it from her before dismissing her. Once Sangria had excused herself, Yuuri handed the bouquet to Wolfram.

"Thank you Yuuri." Wolfram said kissing Yuuri's cheek in appreciation. "I love it." Wolfram added smelling the flowers and smiling softly at it.

"That's not all." Yuuri said and once he had gotten Wolfram's attention away from the flowers, Yuuri took something behind him and held it towards Wolfram.

Wolfram gasp when he saw what was in Yuuri's hand. It was a barely bloomed rose made of ice. Yuuri watch Wolfram as the later examine his work of art without touching it.

"It's beautiful Yuuri." Wolfram whispered breathlessly admiring Yuuri's work of art.

"Thank yopu, now I want you to watch it closely and at any point don't take your eyes off it." Yuuri said as Wolfram nodded and continued to watch the iced rose.

Wolfram let out another gasp when slowly they iced rose started to bloom in front of his eyes and a ring glinted inside. But before Wolfram could comment on that, Yuuri had kneeled on one knee before him, one hand still holding the iced rose while his other one held Wolfram's left hand.

"Yuuri, what are you doing kneeling in front of me. You're a king Yuuri and a king never bows or kneels to anyone, even if said person is their consort." Wolfram scolded trying to pull said king back on his feet.

Instead of listening to Wolfram, Yuuri squeeze the hand that he was holding gently, effectively stopping Wolfram from talking and tugging at him. "Wolfram, we've been lovers for more than a year now and engage for almost 6 years, although we are engage already, no one really believe it because of the way I acted before, so I decided to correct that. And now, here I am kneeling in front of you to ask you this question, Wolfram Von Bielefeld will you make me the happiest man in both earth and Shin Makoku and marry me?"

"Of course I'll marry you, but…" Wolfram's words was cut off when he felt the ring that was inside of the iced rose being slid on his left ring finger.

"I made a decree two weeks ago with the help of Gwendal and Gunter, in it state that when a women or men in our case wears a ring made of precious stones on their left ring finger, that means that, that person is already engage." Yuuri said looking at Wolfram to see if he was able to follow his words. "So with this, I just staked my claim to you." Yuuri said kissing the finger where the ring is located.

"But, where's yours?" Wolfram asked looking at Yuuri's left hand.

"Oh, well I'm the ring giver so I don't have one." Yuuri answered, "Look at it this way, I gave you that ring to show everyone my intention towards you, that I the 27th Maou of Shin Makoku has every intention of marrying you." Yuuri added as a way to explain it for Wolfram to understand.

"Well, now that I get it, what are you doing still kneeling, get up on your feet and kiss me senseless." Wolfram said and before he knew it, Yuuri was on his feet and was indeed kissing him senseless.

"I still have another thing to give you, but it would all depend on your decision," Yuuri said after breaking their passion filled kiss and started to lead Wolfram to another tent that he hadn't notice before. Yuuri stop in front of the tent, looking behind them towards the musician, dismissing them with a simple nod of his head before turning back and entering said tent with Wolfram following.

Once Wolfram entered the tent with Yuuri, he saw a bed on top of the covers Beautiful wolframs petals were scattered. Beside the bed was a small table; on top were two lit scented candles and a basket with different flavored lube.

"Yuuri." Wolfram said looking at Yuuri who was now standing behind him.

"It's your decision Wolfram, you know what I want, but I don't want to force you especially if you're not ready." Yuuri said giving the decision to Wolfram.

Wolfram look at the bed then back at Yuuri. He then slowly wrap his arms around Yuuri's neck, pulling Yuuri's head down towards his and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. "I love you Yuuri, so make love to me." Wolfram whispered looking at Yuuri.

"I love you too, and I promise to be gentle." Yuuri whispered back as he leaned in for another kiss.

The kiss was slow and gentle at first, then turned into a deep passion filled one. Yuuri lift wolfram up in his arms while Wolfram's legs automatically wrap itself around Yuuri's waist. Without breaking their kiss, Yuuri started moving towards the bed, once beside the bed; Yuuri gently laid his precious cargo atop it before joining said precious cargo on top of the bed, positioning himself on top of Wolfram in between Wolfram's open legs.

Yuuri gave one last kiss on Wolfram's mouth before moving to Wolfram's neck and started nipping and sucking at the juncture between Wolfram's neck and shoulder making the blonde moan in pleasure. Wolfram was so lost on the pleasure Yuuri was giving him that it had been a shock when he had realized that somehow Yuuri had manage to strip them both out of their clothes, and that Yuuri was grinding his naked arousal against his, sending even more bolts of pleasure all over his body.

"Yuuri…ah…hmm.." Wolfram said in between moans after a particular hard grind, "I… I… I want…" Wolfram tried saying, wanting to let Yuuri know what he wanted.

"Tell me what you want Wolf." Yuuri whispered, his hot breath fanning one of Wolfram's sensitive nipple.

"I want… hmm… I want to feel you inside me, moving, filling me up… ah… loving me until I can't think anymore… hmm…" Wolfram said in between pant before giving out a loud scream of pure ecstasy due to Yuuri, who's mouth had suddenly latch on his left nipple, sucking him like a baby would to their mothers while at the same time, Yuuri's left hand had started playing with Wolfram's other nipple, tweaking and twisting the already hardened bud. "Yuuri! No… don't… I'm…" Wolfram added in between pleasure, trying to warn Yuuri that he was cumming due to Yuuri's ministration, however. Before he could complete his sentence, a hard thrust from Yuuri's hip against Wolfram combined with a hard suck on his nipple and a tweak on the other nipple had send Wolfram cumming hard, his essence staining both their naked chest and stomach.

"I only played with you nipples and grind myself to you and it had already had you cumming this much." Yuuri said dipping his pointing finger on the scattered essence of Wolfram. Then he brought said finger to his lips and lick said finger tasting Wolfram's essence at the same time making the blonde blush from his action.

"Yuuri… that's…" Wolfram words were cut when Yuuri had kiss him, licking on Wolfram's lips asking for entrance which he was granted access to. Opening his mouth to Yuuri's questioning tongue; Wolfram moaned tasting himself on Yuuri's tongue. As both tongue fought for dominance, Wolfram wasn't aware that Yuuri had started to prepare him using his very own essence as lubricant (the lube being long forgotten.). First with one finger, followed by another then a third. He was so caught up with the kiss that by the time he realize he had already been stretch was when something inside him had been hit and that something had send powerful bolts of pleasure all over his body.

"Yuuri.. hmm… do it again, hit that place again." Wolfram commanded in pure ecstasy tearing his mouth off Yuuri's.

"As you wish love." Yuuri said withdrawing his fingers from Wolfram making Wolfram moan from the lost of Yuuri's finger, but before he could complain, Yuuri thrust himself in, fully sheathing himself inside Wolfram's entrance making said person moan in both pain and pleasure. "You're so tight love, even after the preparation." Yuuri said giving out a deep moan when Wolfram's passage tightens a little more before relaxing.

"It's not that I'm tight… hmm.. you're just huge." Wolfram moaned out trying to relax his passage, involuntarily clenching and unclenching around the hard arousal inside him. "Ah… move Yuuri, I want to feel you moving in and out of me." Wolfram said giving a small sweet kiss to Yuuri's mouth.

Upon hearing those words, Yuuri started moving, slowly and gently finding the rhythm and Wolfram's pleasure spot. He knew that he found the spot when Wolfram cried out his name and his passage had tightened even more around his manhood. And not moving from that angle, Yuuri started to thrust harder, deeper and faster into Wolfram answering Wolfram's silent plea for release.

Wolfram pulled Yuuri's body closer to him, clinging for dear life with his hands around Yuuri's neck and legs wrap snuggly around Yuuri's waist, at the same time Wolfram would raise his hips to meet Yuuri's thrust.

"Yuuri… I'm… I'm cumming…" Wolfram moaned out in pleasure, he can feel his passage tighten around Yuuri's manhood making it hard for Yuuri to thrust in and out of him.

"Then cum for me love." Yuuri answered as he reach for Wolframs neglected manhood and pump it in time with his thrust.

"Yuuri!" Wolfram screamed for everyone to hear, his body spasm from the force of his orgasm. He gave a gasp when he felt the warm essence of Yuuri's staining his inside while some of it leak out from him.

Yuuri moaned in completion as Wolfram's passage continue to milk him dry. Yuuri move them both tiredly, him laying on his back and Wolfram on top of him, Yuuri's member still nestled inside of him.

"So, how do you like your first time?" Yuuri asked once both had gotten their breath back.

"Shin Makoku shattering." Wolfram whispered tiredly.

Yuuri gave out a chuckle before saying "Love you, love."

"Love you too, Yuuri." Wolfram answered as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Both boys drifted off to sleep, Yuuri still laying on his back with Wolfram on top of him and his member still inside Wolfram. Before Yuuri drifted off to sleep, he had used his maryoku to clean them up and cover their sated body with the sheet, leaving a small kiss on Wolfram's forehead, the king followed his prince consort action and both dreamt of their future together.

The End

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