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Title: Developing habit

Summary: Yuuri develop some habit throughout his married life with Wolfram.

Category: Romance

Rated: T



After marrying Wolfram, Yuuri would find himself daydreaming about Wolfram once in a while; it doesn't matter if he was busy signing papers, studying or even on a meeting with the ten nobles. Yuuri realize that daydreaming about his spouse had become a habit, one among others.


He was never a jealous person but as time pass he realize that when it comes to his husband Wolfram, he can be a jealous person, hence leading him to a new habit, making out with Wolfram in public for all to see.


Yuuri had a habit or you can call it a ritual (if you want) before bedtime. He would kiss, nip and suck one part of Wolfram's neck, the one between his neck and shoulder marking him with a huge hickey for the whole kingdom to see. When Wolfram ask him why he keeps on doing that every night not even letting the old one heal before marking him again. Yuuri simple answered, "Because someone like you needs a bug repellent."


Wolfram always had problems in waking up early in the morning. Thankfully

Yuuri found a way to wake his sleeping prince and that is by giving him one intense morning kiss.


Morning ride had become a habit for the couple. Yuuri love morning ride with wolfram. He loves watching his husband ride him expertly as said husband moan a top him when his action lead his prostrate being hit dead on by Yuuri's manhood. (This was the consequence of the intense morning kisses they share every morning.)


Yuuri learned via Wolfram that he had a strange habit. Yuuri according to Wolfram likes to play with his nipple whether he was dress in his nightgown or naked, Yuuri's hand can't be stop.

Every night, Yuuri would spoon his husband from behind before sleeping; his hand would reach for Wolfram's nipple and would caress it with his thumb and even in his sleep he would do that unconsciously.


Yuuri had a habit of laying his head on Wolfram's lap while the blond play with his hair. This simple moment could help them both relax and just enjoy their love and each others company. A moment Yuuri wouldn't give up for anything in the world.


Yuuri would never let a day pass without letting Wolfram know hoe he feel. He would always tell the blonde 'I love you' making sure to do that at least twice in a day, in the mornings when he wake up and at night before he fell asleep. However once Wolfram had told him he was pregnant, the twice in a day had become every hour of the day. it sometimes drive the blond crazy being stop by soldiers, maids and even cooks just to relay a message to him from their king, they would sometimes hand the blond a stem of roses that he had pick and a piece of paper attach to eat written in it is the words 'I love you', sometimes snacks like letter cookies that read 'I love you', a slice of cakes with 'I love you' written in icing. It all depends on the idea that would come to Yuuri.

Even though his action drive the blonde crazy, at the end of the day when they lay in breath breathing heavily and sated, Wolfram would always whisper these simple words that tells Yuuri that he had appreciated his action. A simple 'Thank you and I love you too, forever and ever.'


Ever since he found out about Wolfram's pregnancy, Yuuri had become a worry wart, a habit he had develop when Wolfram almost slip down the stairs two weeks in his pregnancy. Thanks to Conrad who was near Wolfram, was able to grab his baby brother and stop him from slipping.

Said incident had brought Wolfram and Conrad closer again, something Yuuri was very happy with, and they would be seen together very often catching up on lost times. Knowing that Wolfram and Conrad are together however didn't lessen the worry Yuuri felt when he wasn't with Wolfram.


After the almost slip down the stairs of one, Wolfram Von Bielefield Shibuya, Yuuri had develop a habit of carrying Wolfram around, to the embarrassment of said blonde. Yuuri would carry his husband bridal style anywhere he wanted to go. A habit everyone in the castle think would be a habit of 'His Majesty' that would take time to break.


According to the baby books Yuuri had read, talking to their unborn child while it's still in his mother's body would help their baby develop well, that's why Yuuri had developed a habit of talking to their baby. He would kneel in front of Wolfram's tummy twice in a day and talk to their baby about how his parents love him and how they can't wait for him to be born, on some occasions Yuuri would tell their baby about his paper work.

There's once an incident Wolfram can't forget. He was sitting on a couch inside Yuuri's office reading a book while his husband works on his paper work. The silence between them was broken when Yuuri suddenly talk.

"What do you think baby, should daddy approve the proposal your Uncle Yozak is asking, he wants more budget for his dresses during his missions." Yuuri said looking at Wolfram's tummy intently for a minute or two before adding. "You're right; daddy should, since it would help your Uncle a lot." Yuuri would say before signing the paper with his name. "That's my baby, a very wise decision. If ever I had more difficult decision to make, I'll make sure to ask for your help. Oh, and I'll tell Yozak help me with his proposal, so that he could thank you." Yuuri would add going back to work while Wolfram would just smile at his antics, now use to Yuuri's antics. Beside he would do the same sometimes, asking their baby for his opinion on how he should train his soldiers.


Yuuri when in need to cool off, relax or simply can not sleep had develop a new habit, he would lay his ear against Wolfram's tummy and listen to their baby's heartbeat and their baby's heartbeat would lull him to relax and sleep.


Yuuri according to Wolfram had developed a new habit. He no longer just caress Wolfram's nipple in his sleep but now, he also started caressing Wolfram's now obvious baby bump, a way to soothe their baby to sleep.


Seeing Wolfram pregnant with their unborn child makes Yuuri crave for something. At 7 month into Wolfram's pregnancy, sex between them had halted (Doctor's order) and he craves to have his cock buried inside Wolfram.

Then a habit is develop, Yuuri at bedtime would spoon Wolfram from behind, slipping his cock inside Wolfram and promptly fall asleep his hand caressing Wolfram's nipple and tummy.

It was far from having sex but it was enough to quench his horniness until Wolfram is ready again.


With his kingly duty and taking care of his pregnant husband, Yuuri was often seen taking a nap in his office table, however, since their baby started kicking everyone would often find their king taking a nap in his room or in the garden after a picnic with Wolfram, his head laying a top Wolfram's now bulging tummy snoring away while Wolfram sat with his back against piles of pillow his fingers runnig through his husband's hair staring lovingly to the man he had married.

Wolfram wondered what new habit Yuuri would develop once the baby is born.

The End

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