Blaine had a habit of calling Kurt adorable. Kurt hated being referred to as adorable.

Adorable, he felt, was for puppies and kittens and little kids, not seventeen year old boys, however effeminate they might be. It was insulting, really, and Kurt hated it.

Cute was different. Cute was marginally less insulting, and Kurt could tolerate cute, though it wasn't one of his favorite compliments.

But he hated being called adorable.

So when Blaine came to McKinley and was really there, every day, Kurt got called adorable more often. Too often.

In this moment, with Blaine covered in red slushie, (Dave and Santana were chasing Azimio down) Kurt was fretting like a mother hen. They were in the bathroom, and Kurt was gently washing an odd mixture of hair gel and red slushie from Blaine's curls.

"That feels good." Blaine practically purred the words.

"You're not going to look quite so dapper without the gel." Kurt warned him.

"It's okay. I can be undapper, just this once." Blaine whined disapprovingly when Kurt took his hands away.

"You're all done." Blaine stood up and shook his head like a big floppy puppy, his thick curls releasing more water than Kurt was aware one head could hold. He opened his eyes and gave Kurt a happy grin, and his boyfriend could almost see the nonexistent tail wagging. He was surprised at what he said next. "Blaine?"


"You're adorable."