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STORY SUMMARY: The Winchesters manage to kill Azaezal (Yellow-Eyed Demon) when Dean is 13 and Sam is 9. John decides that it's time to hang up his guns and start a new life with his sons. But for the Winchesters, nothing ever works out as planned and their new lives come with new complications. John tries to balance being a REAL federal agent with continuing helping out his fellow hunters. Sam has a crush on the daughter of his father's best friend, and Dean finds a girlfriend with secrets and problems of her own.

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(AU crossover w/NCIS)

While at first there had been hasty celebrations after killing the yellow-eyed demon, after a while John Winchester realized that he was suddenly faced with an unexpected problem.

On the one hand, he knew the monsters and evil that was still out there and he knew that it needed to be stopped. But on the other hand, he'd become a hunter solely to find Mary's killer and he'd done that. Surely that meant he could hang up his guns, right?

More than his own conflicts, John was also thinking about his sons. 9-year-old Sammy had just recently learned about what was really out there and Dean—older than Sam by 4 years—was starting to get used to the whole demon hunting thing.

But now, maybe the boys could have a normal life after all.

Sitting alone in the '67 Chevy Impala that he, Sam, and Dean had called home for the past 8 years in the driveway of an abandoned house, John wondered what he should do now. At the very least, he knew had to get the boys settled down somewhere and into school again. That was Priority 1. The rest, he supposed, he'd figure out somewhere down the line.

As John thought about all the contacts and associates he'd found over the years, he wondered if any of them might be able to help. Of course, there was always his old Marine buddy, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs had a daughter about Sam's age and maybe he could help John figure out what to do with himself.

Despite what his father kept saying, Dean Winchester was sure that soon, he, his father, and his little brother, Sam, would be back on the road and out of this town.

Besides, this was Washington, DC, for crying out loud! Monsters and demons would have to be insane to come here.

Going to his assigned locker at his new school, Dean wondered how long he'd be stuck here. There was absolutely nothing worth staying for anyway. After grabbing his books, he turned and promptly bumped into another student. "Sorry," he muttered, grabbing up the books that had fallen and handing what he thought were… Dean looked up and blinked at the girl standing in front of him.

Her light brown—almost blonde—hair was short and curly and her eyes were the color of a clear blue sky. "Are you okay?" she asked, cautiously, as she noticed that Dean was staring.

"Yeah," Dean stammered, wishing he sounded cooler. After a moment he gave the girl a grin and added, "I'm Dean."

The girl smiled in return and replied, "I'm Corey. Nice to meet you, Dean." Without another word, she turned and headed down the hallway towards her class.

Dean grinned as he headed in the opposite direction. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad after all.


As he sat down in English class, Dean suddenly realized that he had the wrong books. Muttering a curse under his breath, he wondered how he could track down that Corey girl and get his stuff back.

As Dean listened to the teacher droning on about grammar and some other nonsense, he thought about the death of the demon that had killed his mother.

It had been a random fluke that they'd been able to track the thing at all and after figuring out where it would pop up next, John had made a slight detour to visit a man named Elkins before going for a final showdown.

Thinking to a few days later when his dad had told him that it was over, Dean found it all a little hard to believe. Was his father really going to abandon hunting and go live some normal life? Truth be told, Dean was a little happy about the whole thing if only for Sammy's sake. Maybe now the kid wouldn't have to worry about what was out there in the dark.

But Dean couldn't adapt to civilian life so easily. He'd been in this since he was 4 years old and the habits his father had engrained in him wouldn't be lost easily. Just that morning on the way to school, he'd asked his dad how long they'd be here this time.

John had replied that they wouldn't be leaving this time. That they were finally going to be able to settle down and be a family. "Just like your mother would have wanted us to be," he'd said before dropping Dean off at Hardy Middle School.

But try as he might, Dean just couldn't see it. He couldn't imagine his father working a normal 9-to-5 job, wearing a suit and sitting in an office. And Dean couldn't see himself actually finishing school, graduating college, and living some normal, apple pie life.

The only one who had any hope of being normal was Sammy. He was young and innocent enough that just maybe he could find a way to be something other than a hunter.

When he finally got back to his locker after science class, Dean found a note taped to his locker door. Opening it, he read, "Mrs. Lansky has your books. Just leave mine with her and I'll get them later. Corey.

P.S.: 202-188-7921"

Dean smiled as he recognized the DC area code. Corey had given him her phone number and they'd barely even talked. Man, was Sammy going to be impressed by this!

Corey Adler wanted to kill her twin sister, Casey.

Well, maybe not kill. Their parents would probably frown on that, but definitely hurt.

"You gave him my phone number?" Corey said as the two girls sat in the back corner of the cafeteria during lunch.

"I thought you said you liked him, Casey asked, wondering what the big deal was.

"I just said he was cute," Corey replied, quietly, as she absently rubbed the top of her left cheek with the side of her index finger.

"It's hardly noticeable today, Cor," Casey assured her twin, knowing that Corey was thinking about the rash across her cheeks and nose.

"It's always noticeable," Corey grumbled, dejectedly.

Casey didn't say anything, knowing that it wouldn't help a lick.

The Impala rumbled quietly as John sat at a red light on the way to Jethro's house. How strange it would be not to have to live out of this car. Maybe he could give it to Dean when the kid turned 16. Besides, Dean had learned how to drive last year and he was pretty good, if not a bit of a speed demon.

When the light turned green, John started forward, slamming on the brakes suddenly as a van careened through the red light and was hit by an oncoming truck. Shutting off the engine, John jumped out quickly and hurried over the van, shocked as he saw a bullet hole in the driver's head. Hearing groans from the backseat and passenger seat, he was horrified to see that the woman was Jethro's wife, Shannon.

"Someone call 911!" John shouted at one of the onlookers before going to the back of the van and wrenching open the door. Climbing inside, he checked on the little girl—Crap, what was her name? Kate? Karen? Kelly! "Kelly," He said, hoping the girl wasn't dead.

"Daddy?" Kelly moaned, barely conscious.

John immediately started checking the kid for injuries. "My name's John," he said, gently. "I'm going to help you, okay?"

"Where's my mommy?" Kelly said, softly, whimpering as John felt her stomach.

"She's right up front," John said, reassuringly, mentally cursing as he detected a broken rib and possible internal bleeding.

His time in the Marines, plus the years spent hunting, had helped him hone the skill of detecting injuries and he knew that Kelly needed a doctor immediately for the internal injuries and probably for the injuries to her right arm as well.

When he carefully felt Kelly's spine, John paused at the girl's lower back. Looking at Kelly, he said in as comforting a voice as he could, "Kelly, I need you to stay as still as you can, okay?"

"It hurts," Kelly cried.

The memory of Dean's first hunt-related injury flashed in John's mind without warning. "It hurts, Dad!" Dean cried, holding his leg, his right ankle already swelling.

"I know it does, honey," John replied. "But you need to stay as still as you can, okay? Don't even move your head. I'm going to check on your mom."

John could hear sirens approaching as he tried to keep Shannon conscious, looking in the back and checking on Kelly as well.

When the paramedics came, John quickly stepped aside, watching as they took care of Shannon and Kelly Gibbs.


John turned, feeling the adrenaline rush start to wear off. He saw a pair of metro cops standing there and said, "Yes?"

"We need you to make a report, sir," the older officer said, pulling out a notebook.

John nodded, giving the police his name and statement. When the cops were satisfied for the moment, he went back to the Impala and headed for the nearest hospital, hoping Jethro's family would make it.

Sam waited for nearly an hour for his dad to come pick him up. He could feel the stares from the teachers, could almost hear the usual questions: Where's your father? Is someone picking you up? Where do you live? Is there a number we can call?

"Hey, Sammy."

Looking up, Sam saw Dean walking up to him, grinning. "Where's Dad?" he asked, looking around. "He was supposed to be here an hour ago."

"That, uh… old friend of his?" Dean said, offering a hand to help his brother up from where he'd been sitting on the curb. "The guy's family was in an accident. Dad's at the hospital with them. He called my school and left a message with the assistant principal that I needed to come get you."

As they started down the street, Sam asked, "Are they going to be okay?" When Dean gave him a puzzled look, he went on. "Dad's friend. Is his family going to be okay?"

"Don't know," Dean answered, honestly, as he and his brother headed down the street.

"Dean?" Sam asked, thinking.

"What's up, Sammy?" Dean asked.

"Can we go to the hospital instead of back to the house?" Sam wanted to know.

Dean thought about that for a moment. Dad had left specific instructions for them to go home. But at the same time, Dean really wanted to know that Dad was okay. "Sure, Sammy. Let's go."

As soon as he saw his sons, John's first inclination was to reprimand the boys for not following orders. But that didn't last long, and he had to admit that he was happy to see his boys, both of whom seemed to have managed to get through their first day at a new school without getting into any fights.

Dean looked a little sheepish when he saw his father's look and was therefore surprised when his dad pulled both Dean and Sam into a hug.

"You okay, Dad?" Dean asked, caught off guard by the sudden display of affection.

"I'm fine, Dean," John assured him. Sitting down so he was facing the boys, he sighed. "I'm sorry about what I did to you boys. Finding the thing that killed your mother was my fight, and I shouldn't have dragged you and Sam along."

"What was the alternative, Dad?" Dean asked, not believing that his father was apologizing.

"I don't know," John admitted. After a moment, he smiled and added, "But that's all behind us, okay? Fresh starts, all around."

"So… no more hunting?" Dean asked, sounding disappointed. "No more monsters?"

John wanted to stress the point to Dean that he could finally have a normal life. But he also knew that his older son was a fighter first. Dean was as good with a gun or a knife as any of the Marines John had served with and was a pretty scrappy fighter. But how could he get Dean to understand that there was a life to be lived that didn't involve monsters?

Digging a few dollars out of his pocket, John handed the money to Sam and told him to hit the vending machines for a snack and a soda.

With his little brother out of earshot, Dean's expression turned grim as he expected a verbal beat-down. What he didn't expect was his father putting a hand on his shoulder and saying, "I'm so sorry, Dean."

"For what?" Dean asked, confused.

"I made you grow up to fast," John replied, feeling tears in his eyes. "Ever since your mom died you seemed to decide that it was your job to take care of Sammy and me. It should have been the other way around." Squeezing his son's shoulder, he said, "It's okay, Dean. I'm proud of you."

Dean had always looked to his father to know how to act. He saw his father be tough and knew that that was how he had to be. And now he saw his dad being human, tears in his eyes, and telling his that it was all going to be okay. Like it was okay to let the walls down sometimes.

John let the tears go as soon as Dean hugged him and wrapped his arms around his son. And for the first time in years, life started to feel good again.

Shannon and Kelly were alive.

As Jethro Gibbs drove from Quantico to the hospital, those words were what he clung to.

It was a month since he'd heard about the accident and although he'd wanted to get home as soon as possible, Gibbs had been needed in Iraq and it would be a few weeks before he could get home.

Georgetown University Hospital was in a rare lull when Gibbs arrived and he went over to the front desk and said, "I'm looking for my wife and daughter. They were brought in about a months ago but I couldn't get here any—"


Gibbs turned and ran over to Shannon, grabbing her around the middle as she threw her arms around his neck. He picked her up and swung her around before gently setting her on her feet and kissing her deeply. After a while, he pulled away, wanting to lock this sight in his mind forever. "Shannon," he said, with a relieved sigh. After a moment though, he asked, "How's Kelly?"

"She's upstairs in Pediatrics," Shannon replied, leading her husband over to the elevators. "And John Winchester's been checking up on us."

"John?" Gibbs repeated, frowning a bit. His old friend had practically dropped off the face of the planet 9 years ago. "What's he doing here?"

"Looking for a job, currently," Shannon replied, shrugging as she and Gibbs headed up to the 3rd floor. "He helped us after the car crash and he's been staying with me and Kelly. NIS Special Agent Mike Franks thinks John might make a good agent."

Gibbs nodded, thoughtfully as the elevator doors opened. He knew Shannon's stall tactics well and he wondered what she was trying to avoid. "So is Kelly going to be okay?" he asked, a sudden sick feeling in his gut.

Shannon suddenly hit the button for the next floor and she flipped the switch to stop the elevator in between the floors. After a moment, she turned to her husband and said, "Kelly's not okay, Jethro."

Gibbs stiffened and he didn't even think as he felt the panic rising up in his chest. "Shannon, what are you talking about?"

Knowing that Jethro was thinking the worst, Shannon replied, calmly, "Kelly had a spinal injury. She's doing better, but her legs are pretty weak. The aren't sure yet if it's anything permanent."

While worry and concern weighed heavily on Gibbs as Shannon watched him, he knew that the important thing was that Kelly was alive. If she was hurt, he and Shannon could deal with that.


Kelly Gibbs had never been shy around anyone. Her mother wanted her to act like a girl and while she did wear skirts and dresses sometimes, she almost always wore shorts underneath with the same pair of worn out tennis shoes.

Kelly was the type to run and play the hardest during recess. She played on a local t-ball little league team, and after homework when her dad was home, she'd go down to the basement and help him build a boat.

It was a surprise, therefore, when Kelly blushed the first time she met Sam Winchester and wouldn't say anything to him other than a mumbled 'hello'.

On the flip side, however, John and Dean were equally surprised when Sam became far more animated than usual as he talked to Kelly.

When Gibbs arrived and sat by his daughter's hospital bed, John shooed Dean and Sam out, a small smile on his face as he saw Sam give Kelly a wave 'good-bye' and Kelly gave him a shy wave in return.

Giving Sam the usual two dollars for the vending machines, Dean waited until Sam was gone before asking his father, "Dad, how do you know if a girl likes you?"

John laughed. Lately, he'd been caught off guard by the most sublime things, like Sam asking for help with homework. Or now as Dean asked him for advice on girls. "Well, there are a lot of ways," John replied, shrugging. "Why? Someone I should know about?"

"There's this girl at school," Dean explained with a shrug as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"She cute?" John asked, thinking how strange it was to be having a normal conversation with his son for once.

"Yeah," Dean said, a little shyly. He did think Corey was cute and the few times they talked, she seemed to like him. But she never wanted to get together and do anything outside of school for some odd reason.

The cell phone in John's pocket rang and he looked at Dean before answering.

"John? It's Bill Harvelle."

Looking at Dean, John said, quickly, "Hey Dean? Why don't you go find Sammy?"

Dean nodded, taking it as an order and not the request that it was, and hurried off down the hall.

Once certain that the kid was out of earshot, John said to Bill, "I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?" Bill asked, derisively. "You've only been out of it for a month. I need you to back me up."

"I've already got Sam and Dean settled down," John argued, even though part of him wanted to drop everything and head out again. But he'd made promises and that NIS agent had already pushed through the paperwork so John could become an agent.

"It's an easy one," Bill insisted, never one to let go of an issue. "Two weeks, tops. Come on, John. I need a second man. If it makes you feel better, I'm missing Jo's school play for this."

"What, so if you can back out of a promise to your kid, I can, too?" John snapped.

But the other hunter sounded tired as he finally said, "Look, John. It's either you or Rufus."

Thinking of Rufus Turner, John sighed, resigned. "Alright, alright. Where do you want me to meet you?"