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This is Rin's point of view, bishes. c(:

At Dinner!

It's pretty hard to focus on your food when you notice your brother looking at you really intently. He looked angry, his cheeks flushed a little and his face twisted up into a sort of uncomfortable glare.

I had to ask. "Is something wrong, Lennehh?"

He blushed, I knew it was because of the nickname I gave him, he hated it. I felt a smile creeping on to my face.

"NWH WTS NWTHWNG!" He said with a mouth full of food, making me giggle.

He always knows how to make me laugh…

I stood up because I had finished (well…almost finished) my food. I felt my skirt ride up my ass, great. I had to act natural, I did a twirl as I always did when showing off a new outfit and mustered the sweetest voice I could. "How do I look?"

"Slutty, so why are you wearing it?" Ouch. I almost flinched (but made a compromise and frowned instead) at how harsh his words were. He sounded disgusted by me which was exactly the opposite of what I had intended.

"I have a date." I stated simply, hoping for some sort of huge reaction that would make my dreams come true or something. It didn't happen.

"Who is the lucky guy." He asked me, a grimace forming on his face. He was shaking a little, I guess out of anger. Who wants a slutty sister going out in a slutty outfit with perverted boys?

"Hatsune Mikuo…" I began, hoping I didn't sound too off, "…And you don't like my outfit..?"

Well damn. That sounded desperate and dumb. Nice one, Rin.

"I-It looks k-kinda… h-hot on you…" He was stuttering, he found what I said awkward…this was not my day.

No boy in their right mind ever wants to call their twin sister hot. Ever.

I didn't want to dig a deeper hole than I had already. So I had to say something simple a memorable.

"Then I'm off!" I said, unknowing to my own seductive little smirk, "Bye Lennehh!"

I slammed the front door, venting my anger towards it. I was stupid to think that this would work.

You loved it.