Len was out this morning. I didn't have a clue what he was doing but I was incredibly bored without him. So I went upstairs and decided to hunt around for stuff, I thought I might find an old photo album or something.

I found some much more interesting.

"Woah!" I had exclaimed to no one in particular, "Len's diary!"

It was a typical Thursday morning, you can't blame me.

"…what a girl…" I laughed as I read some girly entries from who-knows-how-many- years ago. Len always had a sort of shota image that stuck with him, even as he tried hard to get rid of it.

I was surprised when I read some more recent ones, especially this one from February;

"I tied myself onto you,
Became just as one.
You were a bullet of hate,
With tons of force.
And I,
Was just your gun.
You're the antidote,
And the disease.
Your lips;
The cure to the Death of Me.
I always say I won't,
That I'll never do it again.
But here I'm begging you,
I just keep giving in!"

I dropped the diary. The recent pages were covered with blood and it hurt my eyes and my brain. I reckon it hurt my soul.

I had to go somewhere away from home, before Len got back. I had a plan; Mikuo's house.

I rang the doorbell and guess what I got? A whole load of Miss happy face herself, in the flesh.

"Oh my gosh!" the teal 'fairy' said, "Rinny-kins?"

That's right – I would slap this weirdo in the face if I wasn't her brother's girlfriend.

"Hi Miku." I said with a blank expression. "Where's your brother?"

"I…dunno." Miku admitted, "He said that he was doing some 'important buisness'."

Miku pouted but then her whole face lit up.

"But you can hang out here and wait if you want to!"

Man, this girl really did start to scare me.

"I'm fine, you should go 'round Luka's or something…"

Miku looked upset, it was a good look on her, "Okay…"

She pranced off into her world of rainbows and unicorns, leaving me to think.

My crappy little orange phone started buzzing, much to my surprise. I damn-well picked it up.

"Hey Lennehh, what's up?" I asked because I realized that it was my wonderful brother.

"Your damn boyfriend is a maniac, he's goddamn trying to kill me! Ah! Fuck!" …damn. I was panicking.

"What? " I screamed into my cell, "Where are you?"

"In the woods, near the café where Megumi-chan works!" He sounded in bad condition already.

"I'm coming right away!" I replied and quickly ended the call.

Then I realized that I had a problem. I couldn't fight Mikuo. I had to do this with tactics.

So…I rang him.

"Hey, honey~?" I asked in that sickly sweet voice that no one can say no to, "Where are you~?"

"Oh, um…" He muttered, "I'll be right there, Rinny!"

Mission accomplished, but I had another problem. How the hell was I going to get Mikuo's mind off of my brother?

I really couldn't help it.

My head was low as I walked home with my puffy eyes hiding beneath my messy bangs.

He was just so good.

Mikuo was a master of his art, he really was. He made my day and then put me down again.

Fuck, sex with him was never something I could truly resist.

I'm impure.


And I'm also single.

That's right, Mikuo Hatsune dumped me straight after sex.


fuck life.