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Misadventures In Dating

Walking down a cold dark alley, were two certain costumed crime fighters. It had been quite an easy night of patrolling, but nonetheless they had run into some low lives causing a hassle. Dave sighed, cracking his back slightly as they continued walking. It had been an easy night –at least in comparison to their usual patrols. However, there had still been a few good brawls. And, overall, it had been a really rough week or two. Dave wasn't sure how Mindy was feeling at the moment, but HE was feeling tired and dirty.

"Fuck I need a shower." He groaned, causing Mindy to roll her eyes. Despite all their years together as partners in crime-fighting, Dave could still whine like a little girl. Once they made it back to Mindy's house, Mindy grabbed Dave and shoved him up against the wall, planting her lips firmly to his.

"Stop whining bitch." She teased, giggling slightly as she removed her wig and shook her blonde locks out. Dave snickered and watched her for a moment before deciding to take his mask off.

"Come on." Mindy beckoned him, heading upstairs to the bathroom. Dave didn't need to hear another word, as he chased her into the bathroom. He loved Mindy so much he really didn't know what he would do without her in his life. She was his partner. She was his best friend. She was his lover.

A few minutes later, they were both together in the shower; their naked bodies pressing against each other lightly as they rinsed off any blood that remained, not to mention a night's worth of sweat and grime from the mean streets of New York City. Mindy leaned her head back under the water, feeling Dave lean his head down to kiss between her breasts. She moved herself out of the spray of water and grabbed his face, kissing his lips deeply.

When she pulled back for air she let her eyes travel down, noticing how many scars and bruises covered Dave's body. They were souvenirs of their years spent on The Mission. Every scar told a story. One recalled breaking up a heroin ring in Bensonhurst. Another was eradicating a white slavery operation in Little Italy. Knives, bludgeons, bullets (that their Kevlar saved them from the worst of), baseball bats, lead pipes…Dave's body had taken them all over the years. Mindy's own body wasn't marked like that. Her speed generally kept her safe. As well, Dave's tolerance to pain resulted in him usually going in first to draw off the first blows…Then Mindy would come in and all hell generally broke loose.

He also definitely had more muscle now, as well. Years of pumping iron, combined with the truly demanding training Mindy had put him through had turned his scrawny body into one that was well muscled and athletic looking.

"See anything you like?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at her and smirking. Mindy lifted her gaze to his, reaching forward to run her fingers over some contusions. His stomach caved in quickly, his member becoming erect at her touch.

Mindy pulled her hand back quickly, laughing to herself. "Oh Dave..." She shook her head and turned the water off, pulling the shower curtain to the side so that she could step out and wrap a towel around herself.

"Fuck Mindy!" Dave sighed, holding himself as he stepped out and grabbed a towel as well for himself, even though his erection still poked through the towel. Mindy went into her room, already changing into some clean clothes before going to brush her wet hair out.

Dave stood by the doorframe, arms crossed and glaring at his girlfriend. Mindy turned to look at him, still giggling quietly at his arousal. She walked over to him, grabbing onto his towel, teasingly tugging it.

"Don't you dare!" Dave grabbed her wrist, causing her to frown and pout. She was confused by his actions, isn't this what he wanted? She could at least fellate him to get him off.

"You don't want to make it worse." He said, sighing quietly. Mindy sighed and sat down on her bed, pulling her feet up onto it. She grabbed the remote and turned the television on, trying to see if there was anything interesting on.

"Mindy I was thinking." Dave started, pulling on some jeans and a Batman T-Shirt. Mindy turned to look at him, smiling slightly. Some things never change.

"Maybe we can go on a date. Like an official real one." He said, going over to sit next to her. Mindy moved into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Since their romantic relationship had begun, their dates had pretty much been getting take-out after a patrol, watching a DVD….followed by some incredibly wild sex. Dave had no quarrels with the sex part. But, he had been thinking how nice it would be to have a night off for once, and take Mindy out somewhere nice. They could forget –for a night- they were the most feared crime-fighting duo in New York City and just be Dave and Mindy out on a date.

"That sounds like a great idea Dave." She said, giving him a peck on the cheek. A real date as officially boyfriend and girlfriend sounded like a superb idea. She'd had no problem with their ritual of patrol, take-out food and sex. However, she did like the idea of a "real" date. She'd never been out on one ever and she privately wanted to go on one.

"You free tomorrow night?" He asked, nuzzling her neck gently. Mindy leaned her head back, pretending to think about it. He bit at her neck playfully, licking her skin.

"Yes! Okay yes I'm free. I mean, what else do I ever do with my evenings when we're not putting trash into the hospital?" She laughed, pushing him away from her, a small smile/smirk playing on her lips. Dave grinned triumphantly, pressing his lips to hers.

"Alright I'll pick you up tomorrow then, at…Seven? Sound okay to you?" He asked, grabbing his jacket off her nightstand. Mindy nodded, slightly sad to see him leave, but she knew that Marcus probably wouldn't be happy to walk in on them having a make out session. He was aware they'd become more than friends. He was alright with it, but she figured he still wouldn't appreciate coming home from the 3pm-11pm shift to find them groping each other.

After Dave left, Mindy curled up in her bed, hugging her pillow. She couldn't help but smile to herself as she thought of their first real date that would follow tomorrow. She wondered to herself what her dad would have thought of her and Dave becoming a couple. Her father had seemed to like Dave, aka Kick-Ass (or "Ass-Kick", as her dad referred to him), and admired his guts even if he thought his skills were badly lacking. She liked to think that her dad would've approved.

The next day couldn't pass more slowly. Mindy impatiently waited for it to be seven. She was more than eager to get a night off from patrols (Years of fighting hadn't dampened her enthusiasm for The Mission, but she still liked the idea of having a night off for once.), and especially to go out with Dave for the first time as a couple.

Finally when it was getting closer to the time, she decided to go change. She didn't know where Dave was planning on taking her, but she decided to wear a short black dress with her hair down and a pair of black stilettos to go with the dress.

After finishing applying some make up, she realized it was 6:50. Dave would be there any moment. She walked downstairs, grabbing a sweater from the hall closet. Marcus came in from the kitchen with a can of Pringles in his hand.

"Marcus…I thought you had to work tonight." Mindy said, putting her sweater on, flipping her hair out as she heard a knock at the door. She couldn't help but smile, going for the door.

"No I ended up getting the night off…You going out with Dave?" He asked, causing her to pause to turn and look at him. Of course since he was her adoptive father, he had been one of the first people she told that Dave and her were now a couple. She didn't know exactly what Marcus thought of the idea. He didn't seem overly happy about it, but he didn't act like it was the worst thing in the world either. At least he wasn't forbidding them to see each other, so that was a good thing.

"Yup." She simply said, opening the door to Dave. She smiled and stepped out, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning up only a bit to give him a quick kiss.

Dave pulled back from her, giving her a once over, which caused Marcus to clear his throat loudly. Dave smiled nervously at his girlfriend's adoptive father before turning his gaze back to Mindy.

"You look great Mindy." He said, taking her hand in his. "Ready to go?" He asked. She nodded and stepped back inside to give Marcus a quick hug.

"Have a good time and be…Safe." Marcus muttered. Mindy gave him a look and shook her head in bewilderment. "Seriously? Of all people you're telling me to be safe?"

Marcus gave her a look of his own before retreating into the living room. Mindy sighed and walked away, closing the door behind her. She would try to ignore that remark. Tonight was all about her and Dave, and there was nothing that would ruin it. Little did they know that things would go a different way.

Mindy held onto Dave's hand as they walked in hand, down the street to new restaurant that Dave thought Mindy would enjoy. They served all her favorites.

"This really is great Dave…Just having a night off and doing this. It was a fan-fucking-tastic idea." She beamed, nudging him lightly. He laughed and lifted her hand, placing a kiss on her knuckles.

"Give your wallets!" A man said, emerging from a doorway and shakily pointing a gun at both Dave and Mindy. Mindy let out a loud breath, before closing her eyes to try to contain her anger. Fuck it, she thought to herself, the guy clearly had no idea what he was doing with the gun. He was threatening them with it, while still having safety on.

"Dave, hold these." Mindy said as calmly as she could, taking off her heels and handing them off to him. All that could be heard in those few moments was the thug letting out an ear splitting yell before collapsing to the ground, crying like a coward.

Mindy put her shoes back on, brushing her bare feet off as best she could before slipping them back on and dusted her hands off like her job was done. She walked around the thug, who was cursing in pain on the ground and holding his visibly crooked leg and broken nose. Dave didn't say a word to her, but simply pulled out his cell phone and placed an anonymous call to the police, informing them where their would-be mugger could be collected for his trip to the local emergency room prior to being booked. She wore a scowl for the rest of the way to the restaurant.

"For one fucking night, I would just like to not have to do anything!" She shouted, as they were at the table talking.

"Mindy you have to calm down." Dave laughed nervously, as some of the other customers turned to look at them curiously. Usually Mindy was amused by having to 'work' when not in costume. This time, however, she was visibly upset. That wasn't like her.

"I don't give a fucking fuck if people are staring at me! I want to have a fucking night off goddamn it!" She finished with pounding her fist down into the table.

Dave took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He didn't want to end up with a broken limb, but he needed to calm her down in someway or they would throw them out. Not to mention the risk of her inadvertently saying something that might jeopardize their secret identities.

"Just because that happened doesn't mean it's gonna happen again. I promise Mindy, alright this is our night. Look at it this way. That was our glitch for the night. It's out of the way. Smooth sailing from here on in"

Mindy leaned in smiling at him, before tweaking him right across the face. "If you jinx us Dave Lizewski I swear to god-"

She was interrupted by a yellow taxi cab, crashing into the restaurant. Both reacted on instinct and threw themselves aside and to the floor. Mindy fell on top of Dave, hitting her head on the table in the process.

"Fuck my mother!" She shouted in pain, touching her forehead and groaning as she sat up slowly. Hearing people run and scream around her, heading for the nearest exit they could find.

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