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Misadventures In Dating: Epilogue

Mindy walked up the steps to Dave's house (She didn't really feel like dealing with Marcus at the moment) stopping and standing off to the side as Dave unlocked the lock to the front door, pushing it open. Mindy moved past him, walking over to the center of the room.

"So uh..What do you wanna do?" Dave asked, dropping the keys onto a counter nearby.

"Well first I wanna get out of these wet clothes and clean up." Mindy said as she ascended the stairs. She stopped off at Dave's room and retrieved a spare set of clothing she kept in his closet. Dave kept a similar set at her place for times when a patrol ran late…Or, since they'd become a couple when one of them slept over at the other's.

Mindy then headed to the bathroom, stripped off her soaking wet dress, leaving it on a towel on the floor, and got into the shower. Stepping under the hot water, she sighed and stretched out her muscles. Recounting the last several hours, Mindy had to count it as one of the most surreal experiences of her life. She and Dave were not strangers to action or violence, of course. But, as a part of The Mission, they sought it out; for them to have encountered three separate crimes, followed by an accident straight out of a slapstick comedy, while off-duty was definitely strange.

Mindy's reverie was broken by the sound of the bathroom door opening and Dave entered. She saw him hang his robe on the hook and approach the shower door.

"Can I do your back?" He asked over the sound of the water.

"Hmm, let's see…You or the scrub brush? You win." She said with a laugh, opening the shower door to let Dave step in with her.

"What a night." Dave sighed as he reached for his shampoo.

"You fucking said it." Mindy groaned, as the two swiftly washed away the dirt and grime of their night off.

After getting dressed, following the shower, Mindy came back downstairs and saw Dave –who had finished showering before her- watching TV. She sat down on the couch next to him.

"Well…We should do this more often. It's good to relax like that once in a while." Dave said with a smirk. Mindy shot him a baleful look.

"We had a more relaxing time when we caught Doctor Destruction." Mindy said in reference to a successful capture of one their recurring foes, a so-called 'super villain'.

"Well, he made it easy. He started monologuing. I mean, he could've just shot us, but he had to go into his big prepared speech and everything."

"Yeah…Gave us time to get out of his doom trap."

"He should've listened to his henchman and forgotten the big trap and definitely shouldn't have told us how to defuse his bomb."

"I still can't get over how many of these nuts do that when they can just shoot us."

"You said it. So, we've got about thirty minutes now."

"Thirty minutes until what?"

"The Thai food gets here." Dave said with a smile. "I ordered it before I went up to the shower." He said as Mindy broke into a smile.

"You're awesome. You know that?"

"Well, I have to be if I'm with you. Want an appetizer?"

"I'd love one. I'm starving."

"Popcorn, coming up." Dave said as he stood up and trotted to the kitchen.

Mindy sighed and started flipping through the channels randomly on the television, wondering if she'd find anything whatsoever that would catch her attention. On almost every news channel, most of the big incidents that had happened that evening were being mentioned. She just made a face and continued moving on, she didn't want to remember anything from their ruined date night.

A few minutes later, Dave walked over with a big bag of popcorn, setting it down in front of them along with two bottles of soda. It should keep them sated until their Thai food arrived.

"So hungry." He mumbled, stuffing some of the buttery goodness into his mouth. Mindy turned to him and giggled slightly, shaking her head out.

"What?" Dave asked confused, blinking a few times.

"Nothing..I just love you." She said, turning off the tv and turning her full attention towards her boyfriend. She reached over and pulled the popcorn to the side, moving herself into Dave's lap.

Dave stared up at her, placing his hands on her hips ever so lightly. His head tilted to the side as a slow left sided smirk made its way across his lips.

"Oh wow.." He laughed slightly, putting his hand behind her neck to pull her down into a kiss


Clothes were shed, popcorn was spilled all over the floor and moans and groans and the sound of skin smacking against each other were being heard all over the living room.

Mindy and Dave had their foreheads pressed together tightly as they both wrestled against each other. Mindy's hands were holding onto his shoulders as she rode him roughly, his hands wondering up and down her back rapidly as he fought to keep up with her.

Mindy shoved him down onto his back eventually, bouncing herself up and down, up and down. They moaned in unison at the pleasure that ran through their bodies…After the day that they'd been through, this was just what they needed and it was more than earned.

Dave ran his hands up over her breasts, giving them a tight squeeze as she leaned her head way back, her fingernails scratching at his chest. Their movements becoming only faster, harder, rougher.

"M-M-Mindy." Dave struggled to find his voice, as he felt a pressure building up in his groin. He closed his eyes shut and dropped his head back, hitting it against the floorboard.

Mindy shuddered while panting louder than before, taking him as deep into her body as it would allow. She could feel he was close, as she was too. Almost there.

Dave sat up quickly and grabbed her body, flipping them over so that he could take control. He thrust into her just a few more times before euphoria hit them hard…Harder than he had ever experienced.

"Fuck." He sighed, pulling out of her and dropping onto his back next to her, trying to catch his breath.

Mindy turned and smiled at him, moving closer so she could lay her head on his chest. He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair absentmindedly.

"Well who would have known that this turned out to be a good night after all." He said aloud.

Mindy grinned crookedly and sat up, leaning over him.

"Who said it's over?" She whispered, leaning down to kiss her lover.