A/N: First Glee fanfic. Please be gentle. D:


Silence. Where could he be? Kurt sighed. "Blaine Anderson, this is not funny!" He called through the dark dorm in which Blaine occupied. Kurt would be staying here for the weekend while his father, step-mother, and Finn went to the Superbowl. "Blaine! Blaine, sweetie?" Kurt closed the door, walking steadily yet slowly over to the couch, taking a seat. His heart was thumping. He had no source of light, seeing as the power in Dalton was out. Stupid storms.

He sighed once more, trembling slightly as thunder boomed throughout the otherwise, and abnormally, silent school. He was terrified of storms, and Blaine knew that. So, where was he?

Lighning lit the sky, lighting up the room somewhat for a mere second or two. Kurt's eyes widened. He sank down, grabbing the nearest pillow, holding tightly to it. He wimpered, tears now rolling down his cheeks.

A door opened, and Kurt let out a blood-curddling scream. He was going to die; he just knew he was. He'd watched enough horror movies to know that when a door opens, only one thing happens. A-


"Blaine? Oh, thank goodness! I thought you were a-"

"Murderer?" he chuckled, the towel he held in his hand attacking his mop of wet hair. He flopped down onto the couch. "Nah," he stated simply, "I was just in the shower when the power went out. I couldn't just come out with a head of soap. That'd feel weird," he crinkled his nose, remembering the last time he'd tried that.

It was silent for a moment, before thunder boomed once again, lightning flooding the room in a blue-ish light. Kurt shrank down into the couch, as though it would protect him, and he clenched his eyes shut. Blaine took notice of this, which Kurt was extremely thankful for, and smiled gently. "C'mere..." he said, patting his lap.

Kurt looked up, his eyes brimming with new-found tears. He crawled over, snuggling into the other boys chest. He sighed, content. He had ditched his pillow; Blaine was much more cuddly, at least to Kurt. Plus, he cuddled back. Pillows couldn't do that.

Blaine kissed Kurt's forehead, wiping the tears away with his thumb. "I've got you, no worries," he mummbled, his arms wrapping around Kurt.

The latter, however, wiggled out of the embrace slightly. He made his way upward, to Blaine's lips. He smiled, "Thanks," he said quietly, before closing the space between the two.

Blaine smiled, breaking the kiss. "Not a problem," he said, his voice bubbly. He allowed Kurt to turn over so he could lie on his back. Kurt's head found the crook of Blaine's neck, Blaine's arms wrapping themselves around Kurt, hands meeting at Kurt's stomach. They both smiled, Kurt entertwining their fingers.

"Love you," Kurt mummered.

"Love you, too."

Perhaps storms aren't so bad after all, Kurt mused. With that, the two boys fell asleep, safe from the storm in each other's embrace.