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Cana ran as fast as she could as the Help Lucy magic card in her hand turned left and right. Only one thought ran through her head. 'I will save my guild. I will save my nakama.' After a mad dash through the forest, equipped with Fairy Glitter, Cana finally found her friends.

The first thing she saw was her friends sprawled on the ground with bruises and scratches all over. Out of anger, she attacked Bluenote with her magic cards. It was easily deflected.

"I won't let you hurt my friends," shouted Cana. "Fairy Gli––,"

"Gravity Magic." Before Cana can finish her chant, Bluenote had activated his Gravity Magic, increasing the gravitational pull by ten folds. Everybody except for the castor was pushed flat on the floor.

"I can't believe someone of you caliber would be able to obtain the most powerful magic. However, I do thank you for saving me the trouble of looking for it. Now I will take that magic from you." Bluenote walked over to Cana

"Only Fairy Tail members would be able to use our Fairy Glitter," she explained.

"All magic originates from the same spell. Those that can attune to the flow of magic can control all types of magic. How can someone like you control Fairy Glitter," he countered in disgust. "Now I will take that magic from you." He hefted Cana up and held her by the throat.

"I won't let you harm my nakama." Using the last of his strength, Natsu charged up all of his magic power. "DRAGON'S ROAR!" Natsu shouted, and casted a beam of roaring fire onto Bluenote.

"Out of my way you piece of trash!" With a wave of his hand, Bluenote sent all the Fairy Tail members flying. Natsu crashed through a couple of trees before stopping. Wendy skidded across the battleground. Lucy held onto a nearby rock and cling onto it for life. Charle and Happy both went tumbling together.

When the dust cleared, Cana saw all her friends on the verge of death. Her vision blurred and tears started to flow down her cheeks. Without thinking, she charged at Bluenote.


Taken by surprise, Bluenote had nowhere to dodge. "Gravity Vortex," he countered. He was surprised that it had no effect on Cana.

The next thing anyone saw was blinding bright light. Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Charle, and Happy were the first to be sucked in by the light. Erza who was in the mist of fighting Grimoire Heart's Azuma, was blinded the the powerful light. Gray who was listening to Ultear's explanation felt a powerful beam fall upon him. Levy and Lisanna turned their back for a second to find that Gajeel has disappeared and left in his place was floating, sparkling lights particles.

Nobody had any idea of what had happened. Nobody knew that in this moment, their lives would be changed forever.

Prince had just completed Kenshin and Sunshine's hidden quest and together with Jing and Yun, they were on their way back to the Central Continent. Just when they were traveling over the oceans on Sunshine's magic carpet, the sky suddenly shot out a bright ray of light. Everyone looked towards the mysterious source of light to find multiple shadows covering it up.

Kenshin unsheathed his sword. Prince got into battle mode. Jing and Yun got ready to cast spells, but nobody could take on what came next.

A series of oofs and ouches came afterward.

"Who the hell is on top of me? Get off me you fucking buffoons!" shouted Gajeel.

"Oi. Who the hell is holding onto my foot?" Natsu screamed.

"AAHH! Who's groping my ass!" said Lucy, squirming and wiggling around. All this did was tangle the group up even more.

"Get your fingers out of my mouth!"

"Get your hair out of my face."

"Natsu! Get off of me before I cut you into a million pieces!" screamed Erza.

"That's not me!"

This shouting battle lasted a few a few minutes.

"Is everyone okay?" Wendy happened to be on top and was lucky enough not to get tangled in the web of arms and legs. Wendy, Charle, and Happy then got down and started untangling their friends.

Everyone laid in the most awkward positions. From the top, Erza's sword hand was somehow squashed under Jing and Yun. Jing's outfit was clogged between Natsu's arm and Gray's legs. After unquiping most of her armor, Wendy was able to wedge her out of the pile of mess.

Next on the pile of mess was Gray and Sunshine. Gray was easy to remove but Sunshine's armor made it difficult to separate him from the rest of the people.

Lucy had the weirdest pose of all. Kenshin's sword kept poking her in the ass and she kept squirming around to avoid it.

"Uhh. Lucy. I can see your strawberry undies," Natsu said.

With godlike speed, Lucy took out one of her hands (from the pile of mess) and slapped him twice then went on to cover up her lower half. "Stop that, you idiot!"

Her cleavage wasn't helping either. Those jiggly tilts almost murdered Kenshin through suffocation. After several attempts, and with Sunshine's and Erza's help, they were able to pry to two apart. When he was getting up, he tripped on one of the dragon slayer's legs, sending him plummeting into Lucy's valleys of heaven once again.

Someone made the comment, "Hey! Your face blends in with your hair!"

For the rest of the trip, Kenshin stood by the corner of the carpet, still as red as a tomato.

Now for the hard part, Natsu and Gajeel. Neither would budge and let the other one go first.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist"

"Iron Dragon's Steel Fist"

The two hit each other in square in the face, but nobody was willing to give in.

They headbutted each other.

"Give up you damn buffoon. You can't win." Gajeel changed his arm into a steel hammer.

"Who saids. Bring it on." Natsu started to charge fire on his fists.

Finally getting annoyed bythe two, Erza decides to step in. "SHUT IT! BOTH OF YOU!" giving the two each a big round bun on the head.

"Yes ma'am," they replied in union, standing up in attention.

And to conclude the mess, they finally got to Prince. He was stuck to the bottom. His eyes were swirling and there was white bubbles coming out from his month. Poor Prince. T.T

Meatbun was squashed into meat cake. It took a combined effort between Jing, Yun, Charle and Happy to return him to his usual white plump self.

Wendy kneeled down next to Prince and started healing all his injuries, which was quite a lot.

"So who are you guys?" Prince asked when he finally gained consciousness.

All the Fairy Tail members looked at each other, not knowing whether or not to trust Prince.

Finally, Erza took charge. "We are all mages of Fairy Tail."

"Fairy Tail? Never heard of it. Is it a new guild?" Everyone stared in shock.

"What do you mean? Fairy Tail is the largest light guild ever?" Natsu blurted in surprise.

"Wait. Weren't we just on Fairy Island? All I remember was seeing Akuma, then…That's it! It has something to do with that ray of light. But why are we the only ones here? Where is Master? Where is Mirajane and Elfman and Juvia? Did they make it here?"

All of these questions ran through our young S-class mage's head.

"Where are we?" Erza asked.

"Right now, we are going to Central Continent," Sunshine answered.

Something was definitely wrong.

Prince looked onto the Fairy Tail member's faces and noticed everyone had a face of uneasiness. "So where do you guys come from?" he tried to break the ice.

"Well, we were on Fairy Tail's sacred island, Fairy Island taking a class to become a S-class mage when we were attacked by Grimore Heart and its Seven Kin of Purgatory. In the mist of heated battle, I was blinded by a bright light and the next thing I saw was fingers, feet, and arms."

Everybody else nodded in agreement.

"We were battling with Bluenote when Cana nee-chan activated Fairy Glitter," Wendy added in. "Oh. I'm Wendy by the way, Wendy Marvell."

They went down the line and introduced themselves.

"Gray Fullbuster." Gray unconsciously stripped his clothes. Everybody else sweatdropped.

"Titania Erza Scarlet"

"Lucy Heartfilia. Just call me Lucy."

"Natsu, the strongest mage in all of Fairy Tail," Natsu said, pointing at himself in pride.

"Gajeel, the Black Steel Dragon Slayer."

"And this is Happy and Charle," Wendy introduced, pointing to the two flying cats.

After the explanations and introduction, Prince and his friends had accepted Fairy Tail as an ally.

"So you said we were going to some Central Continent. How are we going to get there?' Natsu asked, strolling across the carpet.

"Oh! We're flying there with Sunshine's magic carpet." Prince replied.

As soon as Natsu heard the word 'flying', he stared wide-eyed from the edge of the carpet. He looked down to see nothing but water. In an instant, his face turned green and he emptied out his whole stomach. He almost fell off the edge, if Happy didn't hold on to him.

"Urff. Why didn't you say so earlier." Natsu continued to empty stomach. "Erg... Arff... Ewll" Natsu spent the rest of his trip barfing. Not even Wendy's Troia helped.

"Another trip to the drycleaner …sighs. And I just got it washed too."

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