Me without You

Without her, he was nothing. She was his everything, and now, he was nothing. She was his first love, his last love. She had gone bravely, she had taken that knife for him, the one that would have killed him, but she had jumped in front of him. It had hit her right in the chest, killing her almost instantly. He had cried, slaying the rest of the army in a rage, but there was nothing he could do. Nico DiAngelo had told him she made it to Elysium, but that didn't stop the sadness that he felt. He pondered the knife in his hand, the same one that had killed her, and decided quickly.

He held the knife high, ready to plunge the dagger into his heart, but his hands were shaking too much. He pondered throwing himself off the cliff in front of him, then realizing that the cliff was over the ocean, banished the idea. He turned, walking into the woods, never to return. He, Percious Jackson, son of Poseidon, was going to join his love, Annabeth Chase.


Yeah, I know this is quite angsty, but I am feeling angsty right now. I would appreciate feedback. Please tell me what you think, whether you hate it, love it, or think it's ok.