A/N: Written for the D/Hr forums round-robin collaboration. Theme: Redemption.

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, any of the other characters or the franchise as a whole. I'm not JKR, after all.

Breathe, Chang.

Just breathe.

:: In. Out. In. Out. ::

Now, I know I've made mistakes in my life,

soso many m i s t a k e s.

But I know I need to pay for them.

Redemption: atonement for guilt.

I feel guilty, all right.

So Goddamn g u i l t y;

~ I can barely stand to see myself in a mirror these days. ~

I'm sorry. There, I said it:


I'm sorry I never told Cedric I loved him.

||I'm sorry I built up a wall that he never got to break down.||

I'm sorry I wasn't faithful to his memory, and more sorry than I can say that I never told him I liked Harry too.

Ced, I'm so sorry you had to die.

I guess I owe you an apology too, Harry.

I'm sorry I acted like such a nutcase when we went out that one time.

I'm sorry I tried to get with you when I only l i k e d you, but still loved Cedric.

I'm sorry I was a jealousbitch, and tried to make you jealous too.

I'm sorry I tried to make you as bad as me.

But I think I need to say sorry to myself, too.

So...I'm sorry.

Sorry I contemplated going out with Roger Davies.

Sorry I was never c l o s e r to my friends.

:: Sorry I never got a chance to be me. ::


I won't to do it again.