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Chapter 1

Green: everything around me was green. Tree trunks were covered in weeds, climbers and creepers. Thick bushes and grass grew everywhere; it was impossible to see the soil that graced the earth. Rainy, cloudy and, most of all, green, Forks was an incredibly small town. Everyone knew everyone. News travelled ridiculously quickly, like a raging forest fire. This is why I was sure everyone knew there was a new girl in town. Tomorrow (well today now) when I go to school, everyone will be looking for the new girl. All eyes would be on me; the thought made me shiver. I never liked attention; I was a quiet girl, used to be shy and timid. But that's suicide if you are in the situation I am in. I learnt to accept it and become stronger. People may call me anti-social but truly, it's a defence mechanism. People who get too close get hurt and those who don't, get suspicious; that's always been the case. Besides, I'm a secret I must protect with my life. Ironic, isn't it? I suppose in the end it does come down to me protecting myself. Regardless, Forks was the perfect place to settle down. It was a small town; if anything went wrong I could run away without causing too much damage.

I had enrolled myself into the only high school; it kept up pretences. Moreover, it gave me an excuse to know people. Don't get me wrong, school doesn't get any more interesting after you have gone through it over at least a hundred times. But after you live your life in complete solitude, distancing yourself from any other sentient being; you appreciate even the mere presence of a human. My story at school is simple: I'm an orphan who is now emancipated after bouncing from foster family to foster family. Maybe not that simple but it was the only way I could live on my own without raising eyebrows. That's the last thing you want to do. Getting people curious is only a stone throw away from them becoming suspicious. You have to do everything by the book, so that the natural curiosity they have after noticing you can eventually die down.

I drove into the thin lane that I used as a make shift driveway. It only took a few minutes for me to reach my house. My house. It was everything I had dreamt of; ever since I was little. It wasn't the enormous mansion like most people dream of: it was a cosy little home that appeared to be made out of wood. And it was. Huge logs of oak placed on top and beside each other shaped the house. It looked a lot like an enlarged cottage. It was perfect! It was on the outskirts of Forks, so it was fairly far from human civilisation. Plus, it was right next to a forest! That would take care of my dietary habits. It was two stories tall; the ground floor had the lounge, kitchen, dining room and the first floor held 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Beside the house was a small garage, also made of wood, where I kept my priced possession. I always like the thought of living in a house that was made out of wood; much like the house I used to live in when I was younger. I stepped out of my car and walked into my home. The scent was lovely; it smelt like fresh pine leaves after the first shower of winter. It made me feel closer to nature. I had an old fashioned fireplace built into the lounge. Not like I would use it though; I couldn't physically feel cold. Regardless, it looked pretty nice. The wooden flooring and walls completed the "wooden" feel of the house. I walked up the spiral staircase (which was also finished with wood) and reached my room.

My room was decorated like the rest of the house: wooden flooring and walls; wooden furniture (including a bed); and a large window that looked down to the lawn and driveway. The view was wonderful! Even in the dark, my eyes had no difficultly seeing the sight around me. The lawn was rich green (like the rest of Forks) with the occasional purple and yellow flower that grew randomly. The driveway cut through the middle but appeared to be more like a hiking trail; it was extremely small. No human could navigate through it without doing some serious damage to their car. I, on the other hand, had no such problems. Still, I need to remember to get it widened though; why invite trouble?

I walked over to my light maple finish bedside table. I had paid the movers quite a lump sum of money when I asked them to move my furniture. I provided schematics with details of exactly where I wanted everything to be; they were more than happy to comply considering the amount of money I paid. They even agreed to get a sister company to install the electricity, gas and water supply to the house. I returned my attention to the object that had initially caught my interest. I picked up the picture of the only person I had ever connected with; I could never forget him. He reminded me of who I was, and what I wanted to be. His heart was made of gold; he was always so caring and understanding. His dark eyes always held wisdom, even in his youth. I put the frame down; it was a cruel reminder of what happened to people if they came close to me. I was trouble. I only ever brought despair to anyone I was closed to; it was the sole reason for my solitary confinement. I walked into the adjacent bathroom - away from the memories that threatened to resurface.

The whiter finish of the wood was pleasing and peaceful. I twisted the tap, watching as the water poured out. After brushing my teeth, I decided a shower would be useful. I undressed myself, and stepped into the fairly large, frosted glass cubicle. The hot water felt wonderful against my cold skin. It removed the knots that had formed in my muscles. I massaged the strawberry scented shampoo into my hair, rinsing it out after a few minutes. After a good half an hour, I stepped out and wrapped myself with a white towel. My usually cream skin was flushed red as the blood rushed to my skin due to the hot water. I made my way to my walk-in wardrobe. My wardrobe was what you could describe as every girl's dream. It was basically another room filled with shelves, hangers, poles and mirrors. And clothes. It was littered with clothes. Over the years, I have collected quite a few outfits that I loved wearing. I usually stayed away from clothes that were too bright or too revealing. I preferred casual, comfortable clothes. For now, I chose a pair of purple and white pyjamas. After changing, I went straight to my beautiful, dark mahogany bed. I fell into the soft black and blue mattress. I looked at the time on the digital watch on my bedside table. It read: 2:37. Boy, did I need a good night's sleep after the journey I've had today!

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