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Chapter 7:

The drive, as I predicted, was excruciating. His scent still called to me, begging me to close the distance between us. Sinfully tempting as he was, I had put the most amount of distance I could between us, sitting at the very corner of my seat. I know that he had noticed, but he was too polite to ask. All he did was arch his perfect eyebrow in question, and look back at the road.

Apart from that, the ride to their house was bearable. Edward's manic driving had us sailing past trees at a speed that should only be achieved by race car drivers. The silent journey was oddly comforting – it took my mind away from the questions that were sure to follow. The only interruptions to the alleviating silence were Alice's occasional squeals of excitement; she made it clear that she was extremely happy about my visit.

The rest of the journey passed, with me catching quick glances at Edward's seraphic face. I wasn't caught – usually. The few times I was he would smile – what had become his signature crooked smile – that made me feel like a puddle on the floor. The questions in his eyes were obvious: he wanted answers. However, he knew that we had to wait for the rest of his family.

The journey did not take more than 15 minutes, although I have a feeling that if you abide by the speed limits it would take about 40. I noticed that their house was at the opposite side of Forks than mine. However, the location was eerily similar. It was on the outskirts of town, far away from human civilisations, situated fairly deep within the forest making it perfect for hunting. I suppose great minds think alike. The view as we pulled into their driveway was mind-blowing.

An enormous, marble white mansion appeared behind the dense tree line as we drove down their long, gravel driveway. It was surrounded by a beautifully well-kept lawn that was much larger than mine. Red and white flowers had been planted on the edges of their front garden, forming an extremely pleasing boundary to the entrance. The mansion itself was three stories tall, standing in the middle of the forest in its palatial beauty. It had wide, clear glass windows that gave an illusion of openness – contrasting to the usual perception of vampires. The architecture was perfectly balanced between old and modern styles, achieved by the traditional arcs but larger windows, and sharper angles. A perfect mixture of brick and stone was achieved, giving it an extremely palatial, authentic look.

It was magnificent, to say the least.

"Wow," I exclaimed, captured by the ethereal beauty of the mansion.

Edward's musical voice only added to the surreal atmosphere of this place. "You like it?" he asked, with a sense of hope leaking into the melody of his words.

"It's… it's amazing!" I replied truthfully, in an awe-filled whisper. "It has its own definite charm," I added, still trying to recover my ability to speak without stuttering.

I didn't notice that my body had subconsciously aligned itself towards Edward, as if it naturally gravitated towards him. I watched as a brilliant smile filtered through his angelic, boyish features. His liquid topaz eyes lit up slightly, as his lips turned into the lopsided, crooked grin that I was growing to love.

"So, you ready?" he asked soothingly. It was oddly comforting to know that he was aware of my feelings.

"Not the slightest," I replied honestly. "But, let's do this," I called as enthusiastically as I could manage.

I made my way to step out of his Volvo. However, before I could even reach for the door, he was out, holding it open like the gentleman I was learning he was. I stepped outside cautiously, preparing myself for the onslaught of questions that were soon to follow as soon as I walked through that door into their home. I was not comfortable in the presence of 7 unknown vampires, especially since I was deep within their territory. I had been so used to living in solitude, I had forgotten how to interact with other mythical creatures.

Thanking Edward for his courteous action, I took the hand he extended to help me out. As soon as our skins touched, the ever present electricity once again made an appearance, startling us both. I quickly removed my hand from his, feeling highly uncomfortable regarding the current that ignited the emotions I struggled to contain.

Distracted by the ridiculously appealing man standing beside me, I had completely forgot about Alice. Looking around, I realised that she had already rushed in, leaving the two of us alone. I presumed she had already made her way into the house, and was currently relaxing in her room. I followed Edward, choosing to stay a few centimetres behind him, as he walked towards the grand, mahogany door. I don't know why, but for some strange reason being around his family seemed to have an adverse effect on my personality. Leaving the strong character behind, I had unknowingly transformed into a much more cowardly creature. I did not like it. Falling in step with Edward, I walked beside him, taking my rightful position as equals. I had just raised my hand to knock on the door when someone pulled it open from the inside.

We were greeted by another vampire, who was obviously older than the others: in both vampire, and human years. He looked like he was in his early 20's. However, his wisdom and experience reflected in his features, allowing him to look slightly older. He had light blond hair that had been combed back in a very classis style, drawing attention to his defined features. His eyes were the stunning gold that the vegetarians shared, but seemed deeper – filled with compassion and love. His stance was open – strong yet submissive. It wasn't threatening, but friendly. He had a strong jawline that seemed softer due to the welcoming smile on his face. He was slender, yet muscular, similar to Edward's body structure. His eyes moved from me to Edward, trying not to make me uncomfortable no doubt.

"Hello, Edward," he greeted in a deeply rich tenor. "I see you have brought a friend," he said as he turned towards me, "Welcome…"

"Bella," I added, already feeling more relaxed by the presence of this obviously kind man. I would not let the surprise appearance of 7 vampires dampen my spirits.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella," he replied pleasantly, while moving out of the way, silently inviting us into the house. Edward motioned for me to enter first, and I complied.

"Thank you, Dr Cullen," I said confidently as I walked into their luscious house, only to be greeted by an extraordinarily large entrance hall. The ceiling were incredibly high, at least double the height of mine, and gave a more open ambiance to their residence. The carpet was the softest rug coloured in cream, free from any stains a human might have created.

"Please call me Carlisle," he called as he closed the door behind Edward.

"Thank you, Carlisle," I amended, smiling. Most vampires in this coven were unusually pleasant. It seems like the vegetarian lifestyle had other benefits apart from ethics. Carlisle led us into the living room, which made the entrance hall seem puny. The house seemed to be decorated largely in bright shades of white. The light that filtered through the windows only added to the extremely pleasant, welcoming feel of the house.

As we walked into the room, I noticed that Carlisle had taken his place beside another vampire – who I assumed was his mate. She had a heart face, which was framed beautifully by rich caramel-coloured hair that fell in soft waves a bit below her shoulders. Her gold eyes were large, shining with motherly affection for her son. She had a softer, rounder figure than the other two females I had met, but was still slim. Her curves reinforced that she was physically older than the others, possibly the eldest of the vampires in this coven. I decided she was possibly in her mid-20s, although her nurturing personality made her seem older.

"Hello Edward, I hope you had a good day at school," she greeted, her voice a smooth alto that sounded affectionate. "Welcome Bella. I'm sorry, I couldn't help but overhearing your conversation with Carlisle."

"No need to apologize ma'am. It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs Cullen. You certainly have the most beautiful home I have ever seen," I complimented truthfully. Listening back, I sounded quite old-fashioned, unlike the youths today. I presumed that the company of fairly old vampires was the reason for me returning to my traditional vocabulary.

"Thank you," she replied as her face lit up with a brilliant smile at my compliment; "I decorated it myself. Please call me Esme."

"Thank you, Esme," I replied, with what I hoped was an equally friendly smile. The two vampires in front of me were definitely the parental figures of this coven. Weirdly enough, they seemed to act quite a lot like real parents too.

Simultaneously, our heads turned to the roar of a car entering the driveway. I realised that we had left Rosalie far behind when Edward tried to defy the laws of physics with his driving. It seems like they managed to catch up quicker than I expected though. We waited patiently, looking expectantly at the door, anticipating them walking through it any moment now.

And no less than a second later, the remaining 3 Cullens walked into the hallway, throwing open the door with as much care possible. Rosalie was seething, standing with her arms crossed, furious at my presence at her home. Her mate, Emmett, had his arm around her waist, whispering words of comfort, trying to calm her down. Jasper, on the other hand, looked at me with curious eyes, but turned away at the sound behind me. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Alice had made her way down the stairs to join the congregation. Running like no tomorrow, she glided across the room taking her rightful place in her mate's arms.

All eyes seemed to turn to me in unison, making me largely uncomfortable. After years of segregation, it would take me a while to get used to this company. Edward, as if sensing my discomfort, decided to break the uneasiness. Turning ever so slightly towards me, he spoke, breaking the uncomfortable silence with his smooth, rich voice.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I completely forgot to introduce you to my siblings," he said, as he raised his arm to point systematically towards them, "This is Emmett and his wife and mate, Rosalie. Standing next to them is Jasper who, as you probably already know, is Alice's husband and mate," he said as he pointed each one of them out to me. "Everyone, this is Bella," he continued.

"Hi, pleasure to meet you all," I whispered, suddenly extremely aware of their stares. I chose to look at the floor, deciding it would be best not to instigate any of them by looking at them directly.

My inner voice decided that now was the best time to have her opinions heard. She yelled at me viciously, infuriated by my unconventional behaviour to these vampires.

What is wrong with you? She screamed, furious at my timid nature. We are the creators of these creatures; you have a certain degree of power and authority over them. You should be confident! A persona of power and self-certainty. Don't cower from their stares! Remember who you are.

It was my turn to be furious. I replied, just as angered as she was: that is exactly what we have been running from all these years! You know that people are afraid of the power I hold over mythical creatures. You know that their fear would only develop into something far more sinister. Especially with what has happened in the past: how can you even think of using my authority over innocent creatures!

I was outraged! She, of all people, knew the struggle we had to go through. She knew how my natural identity held a subconscious power of all vampires and werewolves alike. She also knew the result of this authority: how it only instigated fear; how it made me a feared legend; how it could drive the races into paranoia. Or worse. How people would try to use me – to use my authority – over other creatures.

However, after much consideration, I understood her point. Recently, I had been acting a bit out of character: I am not an embarrassed creature who can be controlled by anyone at will. I am not a timid being, waiting to be walked over. If not the ultimate sire that she was expecting, I am at the very least a strong, confident being who can hold my own in any situation. How could I allow one imprint to make me forgot who I am, and what I am? I will not bow to others. They may question me if they wish, but they will understand that while we are equals, I am not someone to be messed with.

Understanding that I needed to 'man up', I lifted my face, into what I hoped was a confident stance. I raised my shoulders and straightened by back, dissolving into the calm, collected personality that screamed authority. Right now, standing before the Cullens, was not Isabella Marie Swan, the person pretending to be a human teenager at school. Standing before them was Bella the being that – for some reason that they did not know yet – radiated authority.

All I had ever wanted was to be left alone, so that I did not have to resume my role as the creator of these two races. However, the more I came into contact with mythical beings, the more my identity was known. The more my existence was passed down as a legends, fairy-tales and myths. And right now, I had reverted back to the being of the legends. The creature that held power in her stance; that carried determination in her actions; that lived in solitude, but was a force to be reckoned with if instigated.

I watched as they subconsciously registered my authority, automatically holding a slightly more submissive stance than before. They had understood that there was something different about me: I was not like them. And for some reason, there would be an indistinct sense of discomfort at the back of their head, telling them to beware of me. It was a self-defence mechanism really – it was there to warn them who I was when compared to them. I watched as shuffled uncomfortably, obviously wary of what their instincts screamed at them. Only Edward seemed unaware of my authority – probably because he was my imprint. He had nothing to fear. However, some vampires just did not listen to their instincts sometimes.

Rosalie, it seemed, had decided to ignore the continuous warnings of her instincts and confront the situation head on. She looked at Edward, fury still raging like fire in her eyes.

"Why is she here, Edward?" she asked, making sure to let her disapproval flow through her voice.

All of the Cullens turned to her, obviously shocked at her obvious disregard to my authority. They were willing her with their eyes to calm down, obviously respecting their instincts… wisely.

"I was getting to that," he replied seething, also disapproving of his sister's behaviour. "Bella knows that we are vampires. Alice invited her over so that she could explain to us how."

Turning towards me, he gestured me to walk forward. "Bella, if you will please," he asked politely, his eyes locking my gaze.

Slowly yet purposefully, I stepped forward, commanding their immediate attention. They had chosen to bring me home, now they must deal with knowing the truth themselves.

"Perhaps we should move this to a larger room," I suggested, although it seemed more like an order. "So that we could be more comfortable."

"Of course, Bella." It was Esme, who replied in her bright, compassionate voice.

"Thank you," I said genuinely, with a smile gracing my face. This appeared to put the others more at ease. It was clear that they would not over step my authority, but they seemed more comfortable – less on edge like before. It was probably the swift change in character that shocked them.

Esme led the way into a dining room: the gigantic mahogany dining table stood in the centre. It was an antique, no doubt one of Esme's collections; she was quite fond of interior decoration. The rest of the room, like the others, was painted white with a large window; however, this one looked into the enormous garden. I realised that there property had no boundary – it simply blended into the forest below.

I waited to sit down until everyone had taken their respective seats at the table. Carlisle sat at one end of the oval table, probably because of his role as the leader of this coven. I took the only seat left behind – the one directly opposite Carlisle, at the very other end. I noticed that it was also the one beside Edward; for some reason, I'm not convinced that was a co-incidence. However, rather than fighting his scent, and my obvious need to mark him as my imprint, I embraced it, seeking comfort in our unique connection.

Once I was comfortable in the seat, I looked up. This was not a social visit, as much as I would have hoped it was – this was time for business.

"Rosalie, to answer your previous question: I am here because Alice and Edward invited me," I stated in a calm voice of steel, which allowed no emotions through. "I assure you I would not simply walk into your home without any invitation," I continued pointedly.

"As for the reason I am here; I think Edward would be best to explain that," I acknowledged. Looking at Edward, I encouraged him with my eyes, silently assuring him that this was what I wanted.

"Well, Bella and I had biology together today," he started while not taking his eyes away from mine. During our fairly brief conversation she let me know that she knew what I was – a vampire. So, I presume Alice invited Bella over so that she could explain to us the detail of her knowledge."

I nodded, answering the implicit question. Deciding it was better if I just picked up where Edward left off, I continued the story.

"So, I agreed to come over. You all deserve an explanation as to how I know a secret." I added, waiting for the inevitable questioning.

It wasn't long till their curiosity got the best of one of them.

"So… how do you know?" It was Emmett who asked the question that was lingering on all of their tongues.

I was about to answer when I felt something attack my shield. Apparently, Jasper had decided to have a second go at checking my emotions. Looking directly at him, I allowed him to feel the full intensity of my emotions for a few seconds. He staggered back in his seat, overwhelmed by the sheer strength of what I was feeling. He could feel my inner struggle: the love and devotion I felt for my imprint; the anger and frustration I felt for the sudden turn of events; the calmness and authority that radiated of off me because of my persona. His eyes widened and darkened as he struggled to gain control of his reactions. I reactivated my shield, waiting for him to recover.

At this point, everyone was staring at us with confusion – they had no idea what was going on. It appeared as if even Edward could not decipher the jumbled mess of Jasper's thoughts.

"H-How did you do… that?" he asked, stuttering at the start, still regaining control.

"Sorry Jasper, I didn't realise this would be quite as overwhelming," I apologised. They had done nothing wrong to deserve any mistreatment. "I have been blocking my emotions out from you for a while. For example: at lunch, you were right when you pointed out that I had no emotions, and those you could feel were too sustained to be real. All I did right now was let you feel all of the emotions I am experiencing at the moment. I apologise for the sudden surprise."

I looked around, judging their reactions. They ranged from the puzzled expressions (Emmett) to a sense of horrific understanding – Carlisle.

"I am a shield: that is how I managed to block Jasper's ability," I continued before I could be interrupted. "It is also the reason I know of his ability. I felt him attacking my shield at lunch and automatically blocked him out as a self-defence mechanism. I truly am sorry, Jasper – I didn't realise it would make you that uncomfortable." I paused, giving them a few moments to digest the information.

Carlisle's usually strong, compassionate voice was laced with uncertainty and hesitation.

"What are you?" he asked in a whisper.

It was now or never.

They would get it out of me eventually – it is my duty to inform my imprint. Taking a deep breath, I launched into the tale that I had guarded for centuries.

"Are any of you aware of the legend of the ultimate sire?"

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