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For the umpteenth time that week, Reyna woke up from nightmares.

But this time, the dreams were much, much worse. She'd dreamed that the goddess Juno had revealed her true form. And Jason had looked.

"It's probably just a dream," she muttered to herself. But she knew better. Demigods rarely had normal dreams; usually they were actually watching things happen.

"Then Jason's dead…" she breathed.

In the morning, she didn't look well rested at all. Her semisweet chocolate brown braid was frizzy and unkempt. Dark shadows appeared under her normally bright green eyes.

"Yikes, Stick. What happened last night?" asked her half-brother Devon, a son of Mars.

Reyna's nickname was Stick because she wasn't big and beefy, like a typical child of Mars. She was thin like a stick and had lightly tanned skin, which only emphasized her skinniness.

"Nightmares," she mumbled.

Devon laughed. "Don't tell me they scare you!"

Her eyes flashed. "People die in my dreams, Devon. Death is no funny thing."

He stopped laughing and rolled his eyes. "But you're our cabin leader, Stick! You gotta be strong!"

"I hate this job," she said. "I have to be so tough all the time! Jupiter knows how much it kills me!"

"Don't tell me you'd rather be some mousy child of Venus."

"So? Dakota's a child of Venus, but she beat you in empty-handed combat!"

Devon winced. "Don't go there, please." Reyna knew she'd gotten under his skin.

"Later, Bonehead." Reyna turned and left. The metal ring on the end of her braid hit Devon in the forehead.

Reyna stood on a hill by herself, trying to sort out the dreams. She'd seen some other girl in her dream with Jason, who looked Cherokee or something. She was beautiful, like a daughter of Venus.

Reyna was miserable about that. Jason would probably have fallen for the girl, and then she would never see him again. That wasn't a possible option. It had taken her months to get him to ask her out! And then it had taken weeks more to get the giant dope to kiss her. He was such a bonehead sometimes!

But Reyna missed the boneheaded guy. Now she was so bored that she had to rely on Bobby, son of Minerva, for entertainment. And his idea of humor was reciting numbers of pi and forgetting the six thousandth number.

Ah, Jason. Why did he have to leave?

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