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A New Start

Chapter 20

Stefan took off to tell Bonnie that Caroline and Damon were out of the tomb and to tell her to keep Tyler as far away from Damon as possible. The reunited couple walked back to the boarding house hand in hand in no rush to get there. They knew they had a long way to go before things would be all good between them but they were both willing to work on it since they loved each other so much.

"Crap." Caroline said and Damon looked at her worriedly.

"What's wrong?" He asked her and it hurt her that he was bracing himself for her to hurt him again.

"My mom asked me to invite you over for dinner tonight." She said. "She and Roger want to have a couple's dinner." She said nervously.

"Did you tell her?" He asked quietly.

"No." Caroline shook her head. "I can tell her if you want me to." She said.

"No." Damon said curtly. "I don't want to talk about it anymore with anyone else." Damon said.

"Okay." Caroline nodded. "I can call and cancel the dinner if you want me to. We could just have the night to ourselves." She said.

"No, it's fine." He said to her. "I should get used to having a mother in law." He chuckled.

"I don't know if I like that Roger guy though. He's the worst dresser I've ever seen." She screwed up her face and Damon laughed.

"Well, if he sticks around, you should get him clothes for Christmas or something." Damon suggested with a smirk. "You can't just not like him for that."

"I guess you're right. That's a good idea though." She smiled back. "Do you still want to go to New York on our way home and see Seth?" She asked.

"Yeah." He nodded. "We'll send St Stefan home to Amsterdam and we can have some time together." He said. "And another thing... I'm sick to death of that hotel. If we're staying in Amsterdam till the kids are born, we should get a house there." He said and she perked up.

"Our first house together." She grinned.

"Well, since we're married, all the houses I own are yours too." He said to her.

"Yeah, but this will be our first home that we live in together." She replied. "Don't forget we have the vacation house here too." She said.

"We can start looking when we get back there." He suggested. "And yes, you can do all the decorating." He chuckled. He knew she would love that. They were both happy that they were talking again and planning their future together.

Damon called Klaus to tell him about Margaret. Klaus was sad that his sister was dead but he had the same attitude as Damon – he had to protect those he loved and he loved his children even if they weren't born yet. Damon and Caroline got ready and went over to have dinner with Liz and Roger. Liz knew they'd had some kind of fight since Caroline was there the night before crying, convinced that he would never forgive her, but it was obvious that they were working through it. At first, she'd been sceptical about Damon being with her daughter but the way he looked at her was enough for Liz to know that she was everything to him. He looked at Caroline like she was his whole world. They had dinner and a couple glasses of wine then sat talking around the dinner table. Caroline was surprised that her mother let her have wine considering she was still only eighteen but Liz said that she could hardly tell a vampire what to do and they'd all laughed.

"So we have some news." Roger said to Caroline and Damon.

"We're getting married." Liz smiled and Caroline jumped up and hugged her mother.

"I'm so happy for you!" Caroline exclaimed and Damon shook Roger's hand.

"Congratulations, man." Damon grinned then he stood up and hugged Liz while Caroline hugged Roger. "Liz?" He said as he sat back down.

"Yeah?" She grinned.

"You tell me if he ever hurts you and he'll have me to deal with." Damon smirked and she laughed.

"The worst part about that is I know you mean it." She smiled fondly at him. He may be unconventional but she was glad that Damon cared enough about her to say that.

"I won't hurt her." Roger said with a smile. "And if I do, I'll surrender willingly." Roger laughed and Damon smirked.

"Okay, Damon. If you're done threatening my soon to be step father..." Caroline giggled. "When's the wedding?" Caroline asked.

"Well, I was kind of hoping you would come up with something." Liz said and Caroline's eyes bulged with excitement.

"Do you know what you've done?" Damon said to Liz and chuckled.

"I would love to!" Caroline exclaimed. "Don't worry mom, I'll make sure you have the best wedding ever!" She grinned. "Oh, and Roger... Since you're going to be my step father, we're going to have to have a talk about your wardrobe." She said and Damon gaped at her.

"Barbie, even I know you can't say stuff like that." Damon laughed as did Liz.

"What? He wanted to get to know me." Caroline said back.

"That's alright, Damon." Roger chuckled. "I would be more than happy to listen to your fashion advice, Caroline." He said and Damon shot him a sympathetic look.

"Great." She smiled. "First things first..." She started going on and on to him about things and Damon leaned forward to Liz.

"This will take a while. Let's go get a drink." He motioned to the kitchen and she laughed and they left Caroline and Roger to it. "Do you love this guy?" Damon asked her and she smiled.

"Yeah." She nodded. "He makes me happy. I didn't think I would have a chance at happiness with someone again after Caroline's father left and Roger has just made life fun again." She replied and Damon smiled kindly at her.

"I'm glad." He said. "I know Caroline wanted to be the one to tell you this but we have some news of our own." Damon smiled.

"Are you having your wedding?" Liz asked him with a grin.

"No. We're having a baby." Damon said and Liz gaped at him.

"How?" She asked with a smile.

"It'll sound crazy but I got my hands on a necklace that makes the wearer human. So we both wore it while at a conception clinic and we're using a surrogate. That's the main reason we came here. Caroline wanted to tell you in person." Damon smiled.

"This is unbelievable." She grinned at him. "I never thought I'd have grandkids." She smiled then abruptly hugged him and he held her tightly.

"I never thought I'd have kids." He said to her when she pulled away.

"Tell me everything. This is just so great." Liz said to him and he smiled.

"The surrogate is 12 weeks pregnant and it's a little boy we're having." Damon smiled.

"When's he due?" Liz asked happily.

"The 9th of April." He grinned.

"This is so exciting!" Liz grinned. "Are you planning any more after him?"

"So far we have three planned. Two boys then a girl." Damon smiled.

"That's what Caroline dreamed of when she was little." Liz said surprised.

"I'm glad she doesn't have to lose her dreams just because she became a vampire." Damon said.

"Me too." Liz smiled. "Have you talked about names yet?" She asked.

"We know what his name will be." Damon smiled. "Do you want to know?" He asked.

"Yeah." She grinned.

"Viktor Erik Forbes-Salvatore." Damon smiled. If his heart beat it would have skipped every time he thought about his son. He had just decided to add Forbes to it because he knew his relationship was all about compromise. He even decided to be known as Damon Forbes-Salvatore and was looking forward to surprising her with that. He wanted to do it for her. He understood that even though Caroline was the one that did the actual cheating – they had both been responsible for the dip their relationship had taken and he wanted to get it perfect this time.

"That's beautiful." She grinned.

"I wanted to know if you have any family names that you would like to have passed on." Damon said.

"You're already planning the names of the others?" She asked curiously.

"We've decided our daughter will be Valentina Elizabeth." Damon grinned and Liz felt really emotional that they were naming their daughter after her. She loved Valentina too.

"Thank you." She said as tears welled up in her eyes. "I'll think about names and get back to you." She said and he nodded.

"Also, Caroline was hoping that you would take some time off work in April and spend some time with us and the baby." Damon said to her.

"I'll put in the request tomorrow at work." She smiled.

"Great." He grinned.

"You know, Damon. When I found out you were a vampire, I was heartbroken. I thought you were a monster. But really, I couldn't have wished for a better husband for my daughter or friend to me." She said and Damon was struck by her admission.

"That means more than you will ever know, Liz." He said to her because it was the truth.

"Damon, I know it isn't my business, but are you and Caroline alright? You aren't wearing your wedding ring." Liz said and Damon looked surprised. He'd forgotten all about his ring.

"We will be." He nodded. "I'll need to buy another one since I threw mine away." Damon said shyly.

"What happened?" She asked hesitantly and he grimaced.

"She cheated on me with Tyler Lockwood." Damon said honestly. He hadn't been planning to tell Liz but they were having a nice moment and he didn't want to be rude and tell her it wasn't her business. Liz gasped and looked truly shocked.

"Oh my god." She said and Damon shook his head.

"But I really don't want to talk about it anymore. I had my freak out and I yelled at her and we had a big talk. Nothing more needs to be said about it." Damon said.

"I'm sorry, Damon." Liz said.

"I love her, Liz." Damon said. "She's going to have to do much worse to get rid of me." He smirked and Liz smiled sadly at him.

By the end of the night, Roger was informed about what he should and shouldn't wear to suit both his age and personal tastes and Damon and Liz were closer friends than ever. Caroline and Liz talked about the wedding and decided on a wedding on Christmas Eve for close friends and family. Liz didn't want a huge Lockwood like event but noticed Damon and Caroline's grimace when she said 'Lockwood'. Caroline was going to be planning it from Amsterdam and would travel home when needed. She was making it her mission to give her mother a dream wedding since the wedding she had to her father was all done by Liz's mother and Liz didn't get to decide anything at all. Liz asked Caroline to be her matron of honour and Caroline advised Roger on the engagement ring to get her mother since he hadn't gotten her one yet. Damon had to admit, Roger seemed like a decent guy and it helped things a lot that he knew about vampires and was totally fine with it. That would have been a difficult thing to explain to a person who wasn't aware of it. Liz was also ecstatic about her grandson on the way and Caroline was both overjoyed and relieved that her mother would be coming over to Amsterdam to help them after his birth.

They had a lovely evening then made their way back to the boarding house. They had hugged and held hands but Damon was yet to kiss Caroline. He felt nervous about it for some reason. He knew it had been nearly two days since she kissed Tyler but he was afraid that she would taste differently or kiss differently... He knew it was irrational and stupid to think that but he couldn't help it. They were walking up the drive way towards the door when he decided to stop being a chicken and just get it over with. He stopped and she turned to look at him to find out what he was doing.

"What are you doing?" She asked him curiously.

"I want to kiss you." He said to her and she smiled brightly at him.

"Then kiss me." She said to him.

"I can't." He replied and she just understood what he meant. She cupped his cheeks and looked deep into his ocean blue eyes.

"I love you." She said to him then leaned up and kissed him softly. After a few moments, they deepened the kiss and he felt at home once again. She tasted like she always did and she kissed the same as she always did and Damon felt himself getting over her betrayal. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her towards his chest. He wanted to be close to her again. He had to just let it all go.

"Let's go find that supply closet." He smirked at her when he pulled away and she giggled with pure happiness. She knew then that he had forgiven her.

"You got it, Stallion." She said and he laughed then picked her up and raced into the boarding house.

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