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Rome pulled out his phone that had just started buzzing. Before he could even look at the screen Dom spoke from under the car.

"Don't even think about taking that call. You said you'd help, now help."

Silencing the phone by pressing a button on the side, he slid the phone back into his pocket. He had promised to help, who ever was calling could wait.

Callie stared at her phone in disbelief. How could he not pick up? HE had been the one that said to call as soon as she finished unpacking! She sighed in frustration, as she sat up from her bed. Her new apartment was finally all organized after two days of unpacking, normally it would have taken her longer, but this time she had packed everything the right way. She had moved so many times it was scary. Of course you could thank mommy and daddy for that. Her life had been pretty stationary up until she was sixteen, then her dad took a new job, and she and her mom would pack up and follow every time he said jump. Standing up from her bed, she decided to take a bath. Maybe that would save Rome from an ass kicking, she laughed to herself. She had grown up next door to Rome, and since she was an only child he had been the big brother she never had. And of course when Rome started hanging out with Brian, she was instantly jealous. Thank God she and Brian had worked through all their problems, and now he was kind of like a brother too.

Peeling off her clothes she started her bath water. She waited a few minutes for the water to rise, then opened a bottle of pomegranate bath soap and added a generous amount to the water. Setting the bottle on the counter she slid into the tub slowly, enjoying the water over her sore muscles. She lay there in the tub until the water was almost cold, she was about to get out when her phone rang. Reaching over the side of the tub she grabbed her EVO off the floor. She smiled and answered it.

"Why hello stranger!" she laughed.

"Rome laughed, "I'm no stranger."

"I know, I'm just messing with you." she said as she stepped out of the tub.

"So what's the plan for tonight? Please tell me your not staying home with a case of beer!"

"No!" she laughed, as she pulled a black towel from the rack on the wall. She wrapped it tight around her and let out the plug to drain the tub. "I was actually thinking, that I might hang out with you tonight."

"Really?" Rome said, with surprise in his voice.

"No, I was just saying that to get your hopes up." she said sarcastically.

"Whatever. And if you want to hang out, I'll swing by your place in about an hour."

Callie smiled, "I'll be ready."

"You better be, I'm not gonna wait around on your ass all night." he laughed.

Hanging up her phone she rubbed her body down with some lotion that matched her body wash. Then she headed past her bed to her closet. It was a huge closet, and it barely held all of her clothes. She was proud of her collection of clothes, and it showed. She decided on a pair of black shorts, a black tank top, and a white v-neck shirt. The material was really thin so the black of her tank showed through. Moving back into the bathroom she dried her hair. After minimal styling her long black hair hung in loose natural curls. Moving onto her makeup, she went simple with black liner, grey eye shadow, and mascara.

She had just finished layering her necklaces, and sliding on bracelets when she heard knocking on her door. "It's open!" she said moving back to the closet for some shoes. She had just found her favorite pair of converse when she turned around to see Rome. Jumping up she wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you so freakin much!"

"I missed you too Tiny." he laughed. "You ready to go?"

Callie nodded as she slid on her shoes. "Yup."

About twenty minutes later Rome pulled his car down a crowed street and parked. He had taken her to a race. "No you didn't!" she said shocked.

Rome nodded, "I did, and besides, I thought you might want to see Brian."

"Brian's here?" she asked surprised.

"Let's go find him." he said as they climbed out of the car. "Make sure you stay close, sometimes theses guys get a little grabby." he told her, as they started towards a sky blue car.

"Right right, say no to grabby." she laughed.

When they got up to the car, it didn't take Callie long to find Brian. "Hey Brian." she said coming up behind him.

He turned around and smiled, "Holy shit!" he wrapped his arms around her and easily lifted her off the ground. "How did you get here?" he asked.

"I picked her up from her new spot." Rome said coming into the reunion.

"Your living here now?" Brian asked her.

She nodded. "Yup. Have fun trying to get rid of me too. I think I like it here." she laughed.

"I wouldn't dream of trying to get rid of you!" he said jokingly.

Rome and Brian started to talk cars, so Callie took it upon herself to look around. She liked cars, but she didn't know anything technical. She was walking down the line of cars, admiring the colors and the lights on all of them, when one drew her attention. A red 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with black racing stripes, it was such a beautiful car. She may not know technical, or the mechanics of a car, but she did have a soft spot for classics. She walked over to the car, and ran her fingers over the glossy paint.

Dom was standing across from his car talking with some of the other racers when he noticed a girl by his car. She was short with black hair in curls. From behind he could tell she was slightly tanned with great legs and a nice ass. He started over towards the girl, "So you like my ride?" he asked once he got near. She turned around and smiling at him and he noticed her blue eyes and pretty smile.

"Yeah, I love it." She smiled at him. He was tall and muscled with a bald head and nice eyes. He was insanely good looking, she thought.

Just then Rome noticed Callie wasn't standing with them, and immediately started scanning the crowd for her. He noticed her standing by Dom at his car, and nudged Brian to follow him. Callie saw them as they stepped forward from the crowd and smiled. Rome spoke first. "I see you've met Dom." he said looking at Callie.

She nodded her head, " Yeah," she smiled, "I really love his car."

"As you should." Dom interjected. Callie smiled at him.

"Jesus Dom, does every pretty girl in Miami flock to you?" Brian asked stifling a laugh.

"Well I don't know Bri, you seem to have found me. I guess that just means girls in general." He laughed.

Callie smiled and walked over to Brian's side. "Now don't hurt his feelings!" She put her arm around Brian's shoulder, "Brian I think your a very pretty girl."

Rome laughed, "Don't lie to him Tiny."

Callie giggled then looked over to Dom, who just happened to be looking at her. "So are you going to race tonight?" she asked him, smiling.

"No," he shook his head, "It's Brian and Rome tonight."

Rome nodded, "But while we race I want you to stay put. Seriously, you wait at the finish line and do not leave with anyone."

Callie rolled her eyes in defiance. "Thanks dad, maybe you could up my allowance too" she replied, sarcastically.

Dom shook his head, "She can stay with me. I'll watch her."

Rome nodded.

"Boys! I do not need a baby sitter! I am a grown ass woman, I can take care of myself." she hated when Rome and Brian got all protective.

Dom wrapped his arm over her shoulder, "Callie, I won't be your babysitter, I'll just be the insanely good looking man next to you."

Brian rolled his eyes, "The insanely full of yourself! Laying it on pretty think aren't you?" he laughed.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Dom retorted, "Your just jealous that it's true."

Rome laughed, "I think you have yourself confused with me." he said shaking his head.

Rome and Brian went towards the starting line getting ready to race. Callie stood next to Dom by his car, and tried to focus on the race, but it was so damn hard. Especially when Dom was smiling at her, and talking to her with his sexy deep voice. She was so busy talking to Dom that she didn't even realize that the race was over. Not until Brian walked over, "I see your enjoying yourself." he said to Callie.

Callie looked at him and smiled, "What do you mean Bri?" she asked innocently.

"Oh nothing." he said as Mia walked over and laced an arm around his waist.

"Callie this is my sister Mia." Dom said gesturing towards a girl taller than her with long straight hair, "Mia this is Callie."

Callie nodded, "It's nice to meet you Mia." she smilied.

"It's nice to meet you too." she smiled back, "Are you going to come back to our place for the after party?"

Callie sighed, "Maybe next time, I'm still pretty exhausted from the move." she smiled. "Any one know where Rome is?"

Brian shrugged, "Probably with his arm around some blonde by now. Why?"

"He was supposed to give me a ride home." she said running her hand through her hair.

"How bout I give you a ride home?" Dom asked.

Callie nodded, "Yeah thanks."

"Alright, then lets get going." he said leading the way.

Callie followed him to his car, and climbed into the passenger seat next to him. She gave him her address and yawned as he drove her home. "So how do you know Rome and Brian?" he asked.

"We kind of grew up together. I was an only child, so Rome took care of me. And then Brian, " she sighed, "When he and Rome started hanging out I hated him, but then he stuck up for me a few times when Rome wasn't around. We were cool ever since."

Dom nodded, then pulled up to the curb of her building. Callie started to get out, when she spotted a familiar figure standing up against the wall in front of her car. He had blonde hair, and and evil smile as he nodded at her. "Shit."

"What?" Dom asked her.

"It's nothing." She said as she got out and headed towards the figure. "Hey Taylor."

"Hey yourself." he said taking a step towards her. "Who's the car?" he said pointing towards Dom.

"He's a new friend." she said glancing over her shoulder at him.

Dom wasn't leaving, as he watched her with the guy at her apartments. The guy was up to something, he could tell. As a man who was usually up to something, he could tell the same about others.

"Tay, why are you here?" she asked him after a few minutes.

"I missed you sweetheart." he smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist.

Dom got out of his car when he saw him put his arm around Callie. As he walked towards the pair Callie pushed the man away from her, and pushed her against the wall. The man had started whispering something in Callie's ear when Dom interrupted, "Is there a problem here?"

Callie took the chance, and ducked out from under his arm. "Dom this is Taylor." she said motioning towards the blonde, who was now glaring at him.

"You sure are a good cock block." he said now to Dom.

"It didn't look like you needed any help with that." Dom said shaking his head.

"You listen to me-" Taylor started.

"Dom, are you coming up stairs with me or not?" Callie interjected. Taylor stopped and stared at her, as she moved towards Dom and ran her hand over his shoulder.

Dom nodded, playing along, "Yeah, I guess we can head up stairs." he said wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Good night Taylor." Callie said as she led Dom up the stairs. Once they were inside she jogged over to her window and looked down. Taylor was still waiting down on the side walk. He was so stubborn, Callie thought as she turned around. "I'm sorry Dom."

"It's no problem. I can hang out here until he leaves." he said sitting down on her black sofa.

Callie walked over to the fridge and grabbed to Corona's. "Are you sure?" she said handing him the bottle and sitting down next to him. " I'm sure you'd much rather be hanging out with your girlfriend."

Dom shook his head, "No girlfriend." Taking a drink from the bottle he sat forward and looked at the collection of books on the small table. "So you gonna tell me who that guy is?"

Callie nervously started playing with her necklace, "He's just an old boyfriend that didn't understand that goodbye meant forever."

Dom nodded, "What is all this?" He said picking up a book from the pile, it was a college level art book.

"My old books from school." she said leaning back.

"You took a college level art course?" He asked.

Callie shook her head, "No, art was my major, I graduated with honors." She had like being at school.

"Damn, hanging out with a smart girl." Dom sat back and smiled at her.

Looking over at him she smiled, "Aren't you lucky?" she joked.

Just then her phone rang. She pulled the phone out of her pocket and answered it, "Hello Brian."

"Hey, Dom dropped you off right?"


"Well when did he leave, he hasn't shown up here yet."

Callie smiled, "Currently he is sitting on my couch with me."

"Oh. Alright. I guess I'll just call you tomorrow."

"Bye Brain." She hung up the phone and set it on the side table. "They're checking up on you." she smiled at Dom.

"Well wouldn't you be?" he asked.

She smiled, "You should probably get going. You have a party to get to."

He nodded. "Only problem is, I don't feel right about leaving you here with 'Taylor' waiting in the lot."

She shrugged.

"So you'll just have to come with me." he smiled.

"Fine." she said standing up. "But I'm going to change first."

Dom sighed, "Let me know if you need any help."

She turned and smiled at him, "That's not gonna happen."

Callie went into her room and shut the door behind her. She pulled off her clothes and tossed them on the floor. Opening her closet doors, she had already picked out the perfect dress. It was black, tight and short. Sliding the dress on, she reached behind her and stared to zip it up. She could only get halfway up. She looked through her room, and tried to find anything that she could try to zip it up with. Sighing in defeat she opened the door to her room. "Dom?"

Dom turned around and smiled, "Yeah?"

"I need help."

Standing up and walking over, the smile never dropped from his face. "I thought you said that wouldn't happen?"

Callie shrugged, "Pretty please?" she said, pulling out the puppy dog eyes she had perfected

"Alright alright, no need to beg."

Smiling she turned around, "Thank you Dom."

She turned around, and Dom smiled, she had some excellent taste in clothes. He moved his hands up to the zipper, and slowly brought it all the way up to the top. Then slid his hands down the inside, and fastened the clasp on the inside. Her skin was soft and he really had to fight himself for control, as she turned around to face him. "Thanks."

His mouth was just inches from hers, and slowly moving closer. "No problem."

She could practically feel his lips on hers when there was a loud banging on her door. She jumped slightly and started towards the door. "Is everything okay?" she said to the frantic woman in front of her.

"You drive the Camero out front right?"

Callie's breath caught as she nodded.

"Well somebody beat the shit out of your car."

Callie pushed past the woman, and ran down stairs. She stopped in front of her car and doubled over. The windows were all broken out, and the paint was covered with profanities she had never even heard of. There were also a few dents that hadn't been there before. She was crushed.

Dom followed her down stairs and stopped when he saw the damage done to her car. It was a classic 1969 Camero. He had always been a big fan of the car so it pissed him off that someone had trashed it. The fact that it was Callie's didn't help either. "Hey, " he said crouching down next to her. "I got a garage, how about tomorrow I get it brought in and see what I can do?"

Callie nodded. It was her baby. And some piece of shit was going to pay for what he did. Dom helped Callie into his car, and started towards his place. She was going to stay there where she was safe. Once he pulled into the drive way he realized that Callie had fallen asleep. He walked around to the other side and carefully lifted her from the seat. Next he carried her through the house to his bed room. Pulling off her shoes he laid her on the bed. He left the room and went downstairs, Finding Rome through the crowd of people, he pulled him aside. "You know of a guy named Taylor?" he shouted over the music.

Rome nodded his head, "Callie has an ex named Taylor."

"Well I met him, he was outside her apartments, and not an hour later her car was fucked up."

Rome was furious, "You didn't leave her there did you?"

Dom shook his head, "Hell no." Rome looked relieved, "What's this guts deal?"

"He beat the shit out of Callie a few times. The last time was about a few months ago, she ended up in the hospital, guy broke a few ribs, and she had more bruises than I could count. That's why shes here." Rome shook his head at the memory.

"Sure hope that guy doesn't stick around. He might run into some trouble." Dom said as he walked back up stairs. Guy beats the shit out of Callie now and he would do much worse to him. He couldn't stand the thought of someone beating Mia. He laid down on the bed next to Callie and kicked off his shoes. She wouldn't get hurt like that again. Not while he was around.