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The Next Morning

Callie hardly slept, Dom knew it, and she knew it. She'd spent most of the night curled into her pillow, her back to Dom, and tense. Dom hadn't slept much either, having been worried about Callie. Right now was one of the few times that she was asleep.

Dom was watching her, she was facing him with her eyes shut tight, her eyebrows drawn together. She whimpered a little bit. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close, she didn't relax. He wasn't sure what was wrong with her. He didn't know what to do. She wasn't talking to him, even though he was sure if she did, he would do everything in his power to fix whatever was wrong with her.


Callie woke up in Dom's arms, which should have comforted her. But it only made her uncomfortable. She slid out of his grip, feeling his eyes on her until she shut the bathroom door. Shaking her head, she leaned against the cold door.

She couldn't live like this. Terrified. She'd initially thought Miami was a way to escape Taylor permanently. But he'd followed, getting there not even a week after her. And he'd stuck around. She didn't like it, not at all. Moving was he least favorite thing to do, but it seemed like Taylor was pushing her to do it again.

After cleaning herself up, taking a quick shower, she wrapped herself in a big towel and left the bathroom. Dom was sitting on the bed. He gave her a half smile. "Mia called, asked if you wouldn't mid helping her in the office again."

She nodded, "I don't mind." Moving to her dresser, she found underwear and put them on quickly, moving to the closet, where she found light blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Slipping a pair of flip flops on her feet, she turned and started towards the living room.

Dom followed, not really sure what to do. Mia hadn't called, he'd called her, and asked if she would talk to her. She clearly wasn't talking to him about anything.

Stopping at the coffee table, he picked up the sketch book, taking a look at the rough sketch and photo. The child was clearly Callie, and the woman he guessed, was her mother. "You do this?"

The dark haired woman swallowed down two Advil and turned around. "It's for my mom." She nodded.

"It's good so far." HE set the sketch book back on the table and started towards the door, where Callie was lingering. "You look like her."

She gave a weak smile. "Yeah, but we're not all that alike."

He nodded, making a mental note that the small sliver of a smile that he saw was the first real one he'd seen. She was also talking, so he kept on. "How's that?"

She shrugged. "Mom's kind… she's hardly ever mad and when she is it always is because of my dad. She's always good to me, even when I don't deserve it."

He watched her face, changing from somewhat happy, to crushed in a second. "You want breakfast?"

She shook her head, heading towards the car with him. "Not hungry." She looked up at his face and bit her lip. She knew she was hurting his feelings acting the way she was. HE had never seen her like this. Reaching out, she took his hand. "Thanks though."

Dom gave her a warm smile, his hand flexing around hers. He thought that was progress from the night before, and even that morning.


The drive over had been a quiet one, and when they got to the shop, Callie quietly slipped away into the office, being greeted by a smiling Mia. "So, I guess… I need some help labeling."

Callie nodded and sat down in the chair across from Mia, following her loose instructions and starting to label. She'd done one file before Mia sighed. "So you're quiet… What's up?"

Callie shrugged. "I don't really feel like talking… sorry."

Mia gave her a smile, "it's okay."

For the next hour they labeled in silence. When Mia did leave her, Callie stopped and laid her head down on the desk. She was exhausted. All she could think about was Taylor.

A hand reached out and touched her shoulder and Callie jerked up right, flinching away. Brian gave her a raised brow. "Okay…"

She rubbed her hand over her face. "God, I'm so sorry, Bri." Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear she shook her head. "I didn't hear you come in."

HE gave her a smile and sat down where Mia had been, pulling his chair closer to sit in front of her. With his elbows on her knees, he nodded. "Mia's worried about you. I am too. And Dom."

Callie nodded. "I know."

"You gotta talk to me if I'm gonna be able to help you." She started to look down, but he caught her chin. "I think of you as my own sister, Callie. You gotta talk to me."

She nodded. She wanted to tell him. She had to. Brian was smart, he had contacts. If she refused, he'd find it somehow. Looking down at her knees, Callie chewed on her lip. "You guys know I left Taylor after he beat on me, right?"

Brian nodded.

"Well… HE hit me for a reason, and I'm not saying that it was a good one, but I can hardly blame him for it." She tugged at her shirt, "Hell, I blame me for it."

Brain stayed quiet, waiting a minutes before clearing his throat. "What reason would he have, Cal?"

"I, kinda got pregnant." She gave a sad smile and shrugged. "I didn't think I wanted to be a mom until I actually thought about it, ya know?" She looked up and gave him that same sad smile.

HE nodded, "What happened?"

"I started thinking… I didn't like the idea of any child of mine having Taylor as a father. I was terrified that he or she'd be like him… I didn't want him to hurt he or she like he did me." She wiped her cheek and shrugged. "So I told him I wasn't ready. I made an appointment for an abortion."

"I'm so sorry Callie." Brain reached out and patted her shoulder.

"That's not all." She sat back and sighed. "I never made it to the doctors. Taylor told me no, and we got into a huge fight… and I fell down some stairs. I told the doctors it was an accident and I miscarried. Taylor still wanted a baby, and I wanted out. I made up some shit excuse about needing time and when I went to leave he lost it."

Brain stared at his friend, his sister, and clenched his jaw. She'd lost a baby, and was beat; he should have known, should have been there for her. He pulled her into a hug, and she melted, crying into his shoulder. Rubbing her back, he soothed. "Hey, you're okay, Callie. Nothing else is gonna happen to you, I promise."

She hiccupped, pulling away from him to shake her head. "But Taylor is still here... I saw him and… he's still here Brian."

"When did you see him?"

"Last night." She looked down at her lap. "After he left… I got scared so I asked Dom to come over. But… I think he kinda hates me for being cold."

Brain gave her a weak smile. "He doesn't hate you, Callie. Not even little bit."

She nodded and wiped her cheeks, "Thanks Brian." He nodded and she hesitated. "You're not going to tell him are you?"

He shook his head. "Not about everything else, but… I have to tell him Taylor was at your place."

She nodded. "Okay."


After Brian left, it was only a few minutes until Dom showed up. He sat down in the same chair as Brian had, and sighed. "You should have told me Callie. I would've done something."

She nodded. "I'm sorry."

He looked up at her, she'd been crying. He hated seeing women cry, and hated the fact that Callie had been crying at all. Reaching down, he took her hand. "It's okay. Are you alright?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm not alright."