Endless Night, Dawning Day

**Megabyte, you are not picking the movie. Adam, help me out!**

**Sorry, Jade,** Adam 'pathed, grinning. **You watch movies with Megabyte at your own peril. Didn't I warn you about that?**

**You warned me about his jokes.** Jade even managed to sulk telepathically.

**Well, watch out for his movies as well. Don't let him pick anything with 'Attack' or 'Blood' in the title.**

**Thanks, Adam, you just discredited my whole collection,** Megabyte grumbled.

Adam sat bolt upright suddenly, banter forgotten. **Shut up a second.**

**What, you can dish it out but you can't take it?**

**Megabyte, I'm serious. Shut up for a second.**

He was vaguely aware that Jade was protesting and Megabyte was hushing her, but he was focusing on the weak brush against his shields.

**Someone's in the water.**

**A break out?** Megabyte protested. **But we haven't…**

Adam lost the rest of it as he teleported, crashing into the sea. Megabyte splashed in a moment later, gasping, "Over there!"

The body was floating limply; Adam snatched at it, catching a sleeve and teleporting back out.

Jade was waiting on the beach with two blankets in her arms. Adam took one, wrapping it awkwardly around the body in his arms.

"Is she breathing?" Megabyte asked, kneeling beside him.

Adam brushed back her hair, feeling for a pulse. "Yeah. She's alive."

"She's bleeding," Jade said, reaching for her hand.

"Looks like she had an IV," Adam murmured.

"She's wearing scrubs," Megabyte agreed.


"Hospital clothes, Jade." Adam wiped away the blood with a corner of the blanket. "It's not deep, look. It's stopping already." He glanced up, catching Megabyte's eye. "Megabyte, go change. Jade, can you go down to the Ship and get some more blankets and things? We've got to get her warm."

"Yeah," Megabyte agreed, shoving to his feet. "We'll be right back. Here." He took the second blanket from Jade, draping it over Adam's shoulders. "Come on, Jade."

**Ami?** Adam 'pathed.

**Here. What's going on?**

**We've had a new break out, but she's unconscious at the minute.** He glanced down, running gentle fingers over the IV mark. **Sedated, I think. But she's soaked, she landed in the sea. Can you come and help?**

**Yeah. Just let me tell my mum. I won't be long.**

**Adam? It's ready,** Jade 'pathed.

**Ok. We're coming.**

It was just over half an hour before the girl — now wearing a pair of Ami's trousers and one of Adam's sweatshirts — stirred. Blinking several times, she stared up at the ceiling without any particular expression.

"Hi," Adam said after a moment.

She rolled her head to study him. "Hi," she answered, still expressionless.

**Adam, I don't know who she is,** Megabyte pathed warningly. **She doesn't feel like one of us.**

"My name's Adam," he offered.

She shifted, sitting up and dragging the blanket with her. "Adam."

"Yeah. What's yours?"

Her eyes went distant for a moment. "I don't know."

"You don't…" Megabyte broke off sharply when Ami stepped on his foot.

"You don't know your name?" Adam asked, moving to sit next to her. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"I was afraid," she said slowly. Adam noted the light Irish accent with some surprise. "And something very cold…" She touched the back of her hand, tracing the edge of the cut. "And then here."

"Don't." Adam caught her hand as she pressed on the cut. "You'll hurt yourself."

"Is that all you remember?" Ami asked.

"Uh…" The girl looked at Adam.

"Ami," he explained. "And Jade, and Megabyte."

**Adam, this is wrong,** Megabyte protested mentally. **Tomorrow People don't need to be introduced.**

**She teleported in, Megabyte,** Adam reminded him. **She is one of us.**

**Maybe.** Megabyte sounded unconvinced.

**She's following you,** Jade said suddenly. **She knows you're talking.**

**Can you hear me?** Adam asked, frowning.

The girl didn't answer, but when Megabyte 'pathed **She's psi-deaf,** she turned to watch him.

"We'll worry about it later," Adam said out loud. "Right now we need to figure out who you are. Think, do you remember anything else?"

"Anything. Even a tiny thing," Ami encouraged her.

The girl closed her eyes, biting her lip in concentration. "Sarah," she said finally.

"Is that you?" Jade asked.

"No. It's not my name. But it's important."

"Ok. That's good," Adam assured her. "Megabyte, can you and Jade go talk to your dad?"

**Don't teleport out of this room,** he added mentally. **Let's do this slowly.**

"Yeah," Megabyte agreed. "Come on, kid."

"Not a kid!" Jade protested, following him out of the room.

"Can we call you Sarah?" Ami asked. "Until we find something out? Or is there something else you'd rather use?"

"Sarah's fine." She twisted, pulling the blanket up awkwardly around her shoulder.

"Alright, Sarah." Adam smiled. "Let me tell you a bit about who we are."


The doctor hid a grimace. "She escaped."


"Yes. She's growing stronger; she overcame the serum."

"Which you had diluted."

"Because at this strength it killed the last subject. Each one is different, it needs to be tailored, and there are…setbacks."


"She'll go home eventually. She'll remember in a day or so. I'll have people in place."

"See that you do. There are other doctors who could work on this project, you know."

The doctor waited for the screen to go dark before muttering, "There are other projects I could work on, you know."

Megabyte waved to his dad's secretary, ignoring her furious Don't Go In There gestures, and steered Jade into the office. "Dad?"

"What is it, Megabyte?" Damon signed the last sheet in a pile Frank was holding and looked up. "Hi, Jade."

"Dad, we need to talk to you," Megabyte said quickly.

Damon studied him for a minute before nodding. "Frank, can you ask Trish to hold my calls?" Frank nodded, letting himself out. "What's going on, son?"

"We had a breakout this morning, a girl," Megabyte told him. "But she's got amnesia or something. Doesn't know who she is."

"An amnesiac Tomorrow Person," Damon murmured. "You want me to see if I can find anything out?"

"That'd be great. She's sixteen or seventeen, Irish or Scottish or something, brown hair, blue eyes. She was wearing scrubs and she has an IV mark." He touched the back of his hand.

"What colour scrubs?"


"What colour scrubs? Some hospitals use different colours for medical, surgical, inpatient, outpatient…"

"Blue. Those kind of papery ones."

"She remembers the name Sarah," Jade added. "It's not her name, but she thinks it's important."

"Can I meet her?" Damon asked, frowning at his notes.

"Better wait a bit. Adam's doing the show and tell. Why, you on to something?"

"No. Not yet. Look, hang around, will you? I gotta make a few calls."

"Yeah, sure." **Adam, my dad's onto something, but he won't tell me what.**

**Ok. We'll be joining you soon. We're almost done here.**

Adam looked across at Ami, who nodded slightly — she'd caught the message.

"You don't know where you lived?" she asked, continuing the conversation they'd been having.

Sarah glanced back at her, running one hand over the wall behind her. "Not here?"

"Why do you say that?" Adam asked quickly.

"I just…it feels like home. I don't remember it, but it feels so familiar."

**She's one of us,** Adam 'pathed firmly. **We all feel that.**

**I felt it the first time I came here,** Ami agreed. **She's following us again.**

"Can you hear us?" Adam demanded out loud.

"Huh-uh." Sarah shook her head quickly.

"But you know we're talking?"

"Yeah…" She took a quick step backwards when he stood, cramming herself into the corner.

"It's ok." Adam carefully stayed exactly where he was. "But how do you know, if you can't hear us?"

"It's like…" she took a wary step or two forward. "Like a tickle, like something's brushing against my skin. Is it bad?"

"It's unusual, is all. Most of us were hearing voices before we ever broke out."

Sarah shrugged, turning back to the viewport. "You guys are the experts. I'm just along for the ride."

**She's very calm,** Ami 'pathed thoughtfully.

**There may still be some drugs in her system.** Out loud, he added, "If you're ready, Sarah, we should go see General Damon."

"Why?" She came back to join them, still trailing the blanket.

"Cos he's our best chance at finding out who you are."

"I thought Megabyte's dad…"

"Oh. Yeah, sorry, that's him."

"He runs a private security company," Ami explained. "He has contacts all over the world. If you're missing, he'll find you."

"If I'm missing," Sarah repeated dreamily.

Adam frowned, glancing at Ami. "Sarah? What is it?"

"Nothing. I'm sorry." She tugged the blanket up around her shoulders. "I'm ready."

"Ok. Come here." Adam laid a gentle hand on her arm. **Megabyte! Here we come.**

"They're coming, Dad," Megabyte reported, tossing aside the magazine he hadn't really been reading. Damon hung up the phone, turning over the sheet he'd been writing on.

**ADAM!** Jade 'pathed suddenly. **Don't…**

Three forms appeared in the centre of the room. Adam was already on one knee as they solidified, supporting an unconscious Sarah.

"Adam!" Megabyte dropped beside him, taking her weight to let Adam check her pulse. "This is getting familiar."

"Get her up." Adam glanced up, catching General Damon's eye. "Afternoon."

"What've you brought me this time, Adam?" Damon asked, sweeping several newspapers off the couch.

"A mystery." Adam eased her shoulders down, watching her for a moment before turning away.

"You'd think we'd had enough of those." Damon muttered. "Tell me everything you know."