Chapter Three

"Adam wants to know if we're ok," Jade reported.

"Much better, thanks." Wearing tracksuit bottoms and a thick jumper Sarah did look much better; her face had more color and she'd plaited her hair back off her face.

"Here you go." Ami handed her a cup and settled beside Jade. "You look warmer."

Sarah nodded. "Yeah. I'm sorry about before."

Ami waved it off. "Strange things happen when you're breaking out. It's no big deal."

"Yeah," Jade agreed. "Kevin ended up on top of a bus once."


"Oh, he doesn't talk to us much anymore," Ami explained. "Concentrating on school."

"Are you ok?" Jade asked suddenly.

Sarah looked up in surprise. "Sorry?"

Jade gestured to her hands. "Are you ok? You're gonna pick a hole in your sleeve."

"Oh. Yeah." Sarah put down her cup, hooking her sleeve up.

Her arm was bruised and there was a needle mark in her elbow. "Pretty, huh?" she said shakily.

Jade splayed out her hand next to the bruises. "That's a handprint."

"Yeah. I figure I didn't want whatever was in the needle – must have scared me enough to teleport."

"Does it hurt?" Ami asked.

"No. A little stiff."

"I'm gonna tell Adam, ok?"

"Yeah." Sarah shook her sleeve back down, picking up her cup again.

"Tell you what," Jade said brightly, "let's do some tests. Here." Picking up a pen, she offered it to Sarah. "Ok, you're right handed. Now let's see if you remember how to write."

Ami went into the kitchen, dropping the empty cups in the sink. **Adam?**

Adam lifted his head, looking at Megabyte. "How did we miss that?"

"It wouldn't have been showing up yet."

"Missed what?" Damon asked.

Adam let Megabyte explain, turning his attention back to Ami. **Can you come back?**

**Yeah. We'll be with you in a minute.**

"They're coming back," he said quietly.

Damon nodded, holding out a sheet of paper. "Rachel's hospital record," he explained.

Megabyte, still standing beside his father, looked faintly sickened. "It's her."

"General, can you check out the hospital?"

"Working on it right now."

The girls appeared in the middle of the floor. "Sarah's right handed," Jade announced as soon as they were solid. "And she remembers how to write in English and Irish, but she keeps getting them mixed up, and she remembers maths..."

"...but I'm not much good," Sarah added. Glancing around the room, she sobered. "Oh lord. Who died?"

"Sit down," Adam said gently. She obeyed, pulling her knees up to her chest, and he added, "Can I see?"

She unfolded one arm, pulling up her sleeve. "Doesn't hurt."

"They're definitely recent," he murmured, fingers ghosting over the bruises. "Sarah, we have good news and bad news. The good news is we know who you are."

"The bad news is you're a loon," Megabyte added.



"Marmaduke, go sit down," Damon said warningly. "Now."

Adam turned back to Sarah, who hadn't reacted. "You ok?"

"Anything's better than nothing. So who am I?"

Sarah listened to her story, read her file, accepted Megabyte's apology, and then asked Jade to take her back to the island. "I need to think," she explained, "and you guys have more to talk about. I'm alright."

Jade was dutifully keeping her company on the beach, reading a book she'd found in the Ship. "Tide's turning," she remarked, laying the book aside. "We should move."

"What are they saying?"

"They're trying to find out about St Sarah's. It's been investigated a couple of times, but nothing serious, Adam says. Something about the cooking."

"Good to know, but I didn't go to St Sarah's."

"No, but if other people went missing we might find something."

Sarah nodded, rising to her feet. "I think I'm going to go inside and lie down for a while."

"The guys were thinking of heading to your house. Talk to your parents."

"Ok," Sarah agreed.

"Don't you want to go with them?"

"Nuh-uh. It's Rachel's home, not mine. Until I remember something about them I don't want to go back there."

Jade scrambled to her feet as Adam appeared. "She doesn't want to go with you."

Adam frowned. "Sar...Rachel..."


"Sarah, are you sure? We don't have to talk to them, but don't you want to see your home?"

**I'm sure,** she projected, putting all her certainty behind it. Adam rocked back, blinking, and she added, "It's not my home, Adam. Just another building."

"You're learning," he said distractedly.

"Maybe. I still can't hear anything, and it feels like I just broke my brain." She touched her temple gingerly. "Ow. I might wait a while before I try that again. You go explore, I'm gonna sleep."

"Are you sure? We can wait until you feel up to it."

"No. Go ahead. If other people are going missing you need to track them down, not wait for me."

"Alright. Feel better. Jade, what about you?"

Jade grimaced, knowing what he meant. "I'll stay here. Maybe I'll go get Jessie and give him a run."

**Good girl.** "Alright," he added out loud. "See you later."

**Not a kid!** she 'yelled' after him as he vanished. Turning to Sarah, she added, "I'm gonna go get Jessie and run him along the beach. If you need anything, I'll be up here."