Title: you're listening for a song that I don't know, that no one has yet sung

Fandom: Highlander/Glee

Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Denise Levertov

Warnings: AUish after "Born This Way" for Glee; post-series for Highlander; the timelines may not exactly match up—I *handwave* this away, as is my right as author

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine; (very) pre-Kurt/Puck

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 710

Point of view: third

Notes: for pprfaith

Burt Hummel hadn't thought of his father-in-law in a long time. Not since Kaitlyn died, at least. They'd met twice, at the wedding and Kurt's birth, and only Uncle Joe's old stories explained away how young Call me Matt looked.

Knowing that Kaitlyn had been raised by an immortal explained a great deal about her. She accepted oddities out-of-hand, passed on three languages to Kurt with ease, and she told their boy, be anything you want to be, my love.

Kaitlyn's father didn't go to the funeral. Burt got a postcard and a large sum of money in his bank account, too much to ever spend. He used it mainly for Kurt's clothes, and then Dalton.

He never talked about Kaitlyn's family. Matt would have mentioned if Kurt was like him. Burt was pretty sure that Kurt knew his grandparents' names (Matthew and Victoria Adamson), but no more. What Kurt didn't know: Matt wasn't Kaitlyn's biological father. She was an infant when they married. And when Victoria died not long after (the same cancer that killed her daughter), Matt kept Kaitlyn and traveled the world with her. She was beautiful and cultured, and Burt never could figure out why she chose him, a guy who got out of Lima for one year of college before giving up to go home.

Kurt was so much like his mother.

So, yeah, Burt hadn't thought of Matt in a decade when his father-in-law drove a piece of shit car into his garage.

"Sorry it's been so long," he said, leaning against the car. "There was some drama I had to deal with before I could visit." There was a private meaning to the twist of his smile, but Burt didn't even try to figure it out. Matt still looked like a college student, of course, only a few years older than Kurt. Like Burt could break him in two.

"How's the kid?" he asked. "Should be sixteen, seventeen now, right?"

Burt straightened, growled, "You aren't taking him."

Matt scoffed. "Of course I'm not." He rolled his eyes. "If I didn't think you were a good father, I'd have grabbed him when Katie died."

"Okay then," Burt said. "Kurt's been better."

Matt's sharp eyes studied Burt carefully, clearly assessing that. "I need to talk to both of you," Matt told him quietly.

Burt almost thought he was having another heart-attack. "He can't be like you," he hissed, dragging Matt into the office. "Uncle Joe told me how it works: all immortals are foundlings. I was there for Kurt's birth!"

Matt's smile was sad. "That's the story, Burt. Doesn't make it true. Your son is your son, and he's the son of a girl I loved like I'd sired her myself." He reached out to clutch Burt's shoulder. "Headhunters are forming gangs again. They will stalk and kill anyone they can. They'll kill Katie's boy to wake him up, and then take his head."

Burt swallowed, somewhere between horror and rage. "What—what can I do, Matt?" he asked.

Matt smiled again, even sadder. "Telling him won't help. But I'll stay. I'll be his teacher—self-defense, martial arts, whatever he needs. No immortal will enter this town without me knowing it."

Uncle Joe had told Burt the legends of immortals. How most of them could fight, but almost all died young. Few lived to five hundred years. Fewer still lived to see a thousand.

The eyes looking at Burt were very old. Burt wouldn't say the name, but he could think of no one better to watch over his son.

"Kurt had trouble with bullying," Burt said. "I think someone from his mother's family decided to visit and help him."

Matt grinned. "Sounds perfect."

They headed back to the car, hashed out the details. Kurt would stop in on the way home to remind Burt about his date with Blaine later that night. He'd probably either complain or praise something that happened in glee club, grumble about Karofsky, and order Burt to have a salad with supper.

Burt noticed when Matt lifted his head to watch the entrance; Finn's friend with the mohawk sauntered in.

"'sup, Mr. H?" Mohawk called.

Matt looked at Burt and raised an eyebrow. "Another student, then," he said.

Burt groaned.