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Relax. It was just a dream.

But his hand on my back felt so real. His palm between my shoulder blades, radiating heat. Thinking of it still sends shivers down my spine.

You've been dreaming, Ilsa. Too much beverage at the reception last night. Expensive or not, champagne makes you drunk, too.

I turned around, I wanted to feel his hands … elsewhere … and he picked up my blanket and tucked me in.

See, does that sound very Guerrero-like? You have been dreaming!

… … …

So, you're a stalker now?

How come I never hear you when I pull a trigger but now you're giving me an earful?

Breaking into your boss' apartment at night, dude, that's seriously not cool.

I was just checking the security system. The Marshall Pucci Foundation has received more hate mail than usual.

And what "security system" exactly were you checking when you placed your hand on her back?

It was a lapse.

Relax. She'll think it was just a dream.