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Minato sat there as Mikoto voiced her idea, taking in the information as quickly as it came due to the fact that it was more surprising than anything. Finishing her claim, she stood up and bowed politely, exiting almost as quickly as she had entered. With a sigh, Minato pulled out a piece of paper, realising that a shift in power within Konoha was about to happen and it would be up to his son to ensure that it didn't backfire. It would also mean breaking a tradition that dated back to the beginning of team moulding but he paid it little attention. If it was what was best for the village then he had no choice.

It was only minutes later when the door to the office opened again, this time for the head of the Hyūga clan to walk in. "Hiashi," said Minato as he put the paperwork to the side.

"Yondaime-sama," said the Hyūga head with a slight bow.

"C'mon now, I thought we got over this," said Minato leaning back against his chair.

"That was years ago, I just wanted to see if it still felt so wrong on the tongue," said Hiashi causing the two men to chuckle.

"I take it this isn't just a social visit," said Minato, his eyes becoming more focused.

"Indeed, after having trained with my youngest daughter this morning I believe that by the week's end she may just have what it takes to become a genin," he said taking a seat.

"So what do you want me to do about it?" asked Minato. "I doubt you want me to do something as foolish as purposely sabotage her chances."

"Nothing of the sort," said Hiashi shaking his head. "What I want you to do is..."


To say that the atmosphere in the room was tense would be an understatement as Naruto and Keina sat side by side, the whole class watching as if expecting a major confrontation to take place. Keina's fingernails dug into her palms underneath the desk to the point where they almost drew blood as her teeth clenched together tightly. While she knew what the boy had done had been the right thing in the grand scheme of things, she couldn't help but feel as if she had to do something to rectify what had happened and bring honour back to the Uchiha name. It didn't help that while she was staring daggers at him he was simply looking at the front of the class as the teacher explained the properties of sealing scrolls. Yet under the rules of the class, she was unable to do anything that wouldn't hinder her chances of becoming a Genin. With a grumble she turned to face the board, knowing that within a week she would get her Konoha headband and start rebuilding the Uchiha reputation.

Tenten and Temari watched the silent one sided confrontation with interest, knowing that if they were to fight against Keina in the upcoming tournament they would not hold back.


Hanabi enjoyed the relaxing feel of the water running down her body as she showered off the sweat from her morning exercise. Having pushed herself to her physical limits, her body had taken quite a beating but she had little time to rest. Now she had to focus on studying Neji's notes to learn as much as she could in order to pass the written part of the exam.

The door to her shower opened un-expectantly, causing the young girl to turn around and find her sister standing there as nude as herself. "Hinata!" she screamed trying to cover herself as the water ran down her back.

"Sorry Hanabi, it's just I got used to spending so much time with the other girls that I forgot that sharing a shower wasn't a common thing," she said with a smile, enjoying the flush that spread across her sister's face.

"You showered with other girls?" asked Hanabi, still afraid to reveal herself despite Hinata's comfortable state of being nude. Hanabi couldn't help but steal a glance at her sisters much larger breasts and cursed her undeveloped ones, hoping that one day she could contend with Hinata's size.

"Almost every night, we'd wash each other's back, and sometimes even the front," said Hinata with a slight moan, playing this part for everything that it was worth. "I remember Ino was so gentle and then it was my turn how she was so ticklish, the soapy bubbles helping even more as I ran my fingers across her velvet skin."

"I don't need to hear this!" shouted Hanabi clasping her hands over her ears as she ran out of the cubicle and out for the room, accidentally forgetting her towel along the way. As Hinata heard the scream echo through the hallways, she couldn't help but laugh to herself. Hanabi didn't have to know that half of what she had said was true but Hinata smiled knowing that her sister should have realised by now that she had made a powerful rival.


Ino sat in her father's study, an abundance of books lying in front of her as she swallowed up as much information as possible. She had been to see a number of teachers and had gotten as much information as possible, and even the thought of joining up with a class for a few days crossed her mind before she came to the conclusion that she could learn more by herself.

Thankfully her cousin had become a genin the prior year and had left all of his notes behind. Ino was making full use of his generosity as she looked over all of the writing, her thoughts being distracted as a blue bird landed on the window sill, chirping happily. The bird's presence seemed to help motivate Ino as she turned back to her books and began copying what she believed was important.


Temari, Tenten and Naruto sat under the shade of a tree during the break period, many other students looking at them in awe as if they were superstars. "You girls enjoying class?" asked Naruto politely.

"Somewhat," replied Temari as she took the chance to lay down, her head coincidentally finding a place on Naruto's lap much to the boy's embarrassment.

"Temari-chan," he exclaimed unsure of what to do.

"Just be quiet, I feel like a nap," she said as she made herself comfortable. Before she could react however, she felt her head lifted off of Naruto as the blonde was pushed out of the way before her head was now resting in a different lap, this one belonging to Tenten.

"You can sleep on my lap then," she said with a tone of authority.

"It feels wrong," stated Temari trying to get her head off of Tenten only for the brown haired girl to put her hand down and keep Temari in place.

"What's wrong with it?" asked Naruto.

"There's no middle pillow," she said causing both Naruto and Tenten to go red in the face.

"Y-you'll just have to make do then," said Tenten not wavering in her resolve. Temari soon came to the conclusion that one way or another she wasn't going to be able to get off of Tenten, as such she took the option of closing her eyes, taking this opportunity to get some sleep; but not before sending one final verbal jab at Tenten.

"Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle with sleeping with him in bed then," she said stifling a yawn, the comment causing Tenten to stare daggers at the girl in her lap and at Naruto.

"I swear it was nothing," he said shaking his hands in front of his body but to no avail as Tenten's fury seemed to grow, the only thing confining her the woman on her lap.


"Hello mother, where have you been this morning?" asked Itachi as Mikoto walked through the door.

"I have been making plans for the future," she said cryptically.

"Oh, would you be enticed to tell over a cup of tea?" asked Itachi as the kettle behind him began to boil.

"Tea would be lovely, but there is something I must look at, I shall be back in a minute," said Mikoto as she passed Itachi and walked further into the house, her eldest son setting out a second cup for his mother. Walking into the storage room, Mikoto pushed several random items aside in order to get to the wardrobe on the far side, the wooden doors lined with dust. With a deep breath, Mikoto opened up the drawer to confront her past.


Sakura's fist was knocked to the side before she was forced to dodge a kunai that would have pierced her shoulder. Her balance however became uneven and she quickly paid the price as a knee was driven into her stomach, the wind being knocked out of her in an instant. Collapsing onto her knees, she looked up at her sparring partner to see Anko looking down at her, the two kunoichi having fought together for two hours without a break.

"Well you should be ready for the Taijutsu part of the tournament," said Anko pleased. "The only thing you have to really worry about is fighting any of the other girls who trained alongside us. Remember, they spent three years training alongside us, they know your techniques inside and out."

"So what's the best way to get onto Naruto's team?" asked Sakura, the older woman already knowing the final goal.

"I have little doubt that he will be rookie of the year," said Anko as she dusted off her clothes. "As tradition he will then be partnered with the highest ranked female in the class and the dead last who can either be a boy or a girl. You're not the type of person to just try and scrape through so you're objective is to be the best kunoichi this year produces. Your book smarts should get you through academically no problem. Your main enemy lies within the tournament."

"So I've got to be able to beat Hinata, Tenten, Temari and Ino," stated Sakura.

"Each of who knows you inside and out," said Anko.

"So how should I fight them?" asked the pink haired girl.

"We have one week to help you develop a new style of fighting, something that the others won't see coming," said Anko with a smile. Sakura however didn't share the excitement as she turned her head to the side, Anko instantly realising something was wrong. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"I've been thinking, when I become a genin I can legally leave my family," said Sakura, her voice full of emotion despite being a sift tone. "But I don't want to be alone. The time we spent together was more of a family than I ever had back at home, you were like the mother I always wanted. So I was wondering..."

"You were wondering?" asked Anko curious to know where this was going.

Sakura turned to face Anko, her eyes full of tears. "Would you adopt me?"


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