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When We Get to the South

Manny's POV:

I glance around at my compatriots, Sid, who has taken to waddling beside me instead of riding. He's a funny little thing, that's for sure. He can be as irritating as anything, but when it comes down to it, he'll pull through. He showed lots of guts earlier on with those Sabers. I watch him waddle in amusement and my glaze flickers again.

Diego still limps. Its not as bad as before, but I can still see it. He's to proud for his own good. It must be strange for him, I know its strange for us, a hunter with the hunted. I know he goes to hunt at night, when he thinks we're asleep. He does it when he thinks we can't see the pink stain his teeth. Which, in a way, is very considerate of him. Sid, being Sid, thinks he just doesn't eat and is living off fat restores.

We're the strangest group I think your ever gonna come across, but we actually get along for the most part. We're heading south. When we get to the south, I assume we'll go our separate ways.
Sid's POV:

I'm beginning to regret agreeing to walk. Manny rumbles along beside me, he's a really good guy. He saved my life. A few times actually. His gaze isn't straight ahead, but he's looking at Diego. It doesn't surprise me. As strange as it is, the two of them are actually rather close. I think Diego tells Manny things he doesn't tell me. Manny's a good listener, he gives good advice. I follow Manny's gaze.

Diego. I'm not even sure when it was I realized he was a good guy and not the evil villain I had him pitted as. I mean all I knew was he was a Saber Tooth Tiger, and they ate little guys like me. Now, I'm worried about him. I haven't seen him eat since I met him. I assume he's living off fat restores. I had mentioned this to Manny, and he had given me a really strange look. Diego's a good guy. He limps along, and I doubt he's oblivious to the fact we're watching him, I think he's just ignoring us.

When we get to the south, I wonder if he'll find another group of Sabers or if he'll hang on his own. I'll find my family, and I'm not sure what Manny will do either.
Diego's POV:

I'm completely aware that Manny is watching me closely. Why, I'm not sure. I limp along, pretending not to notice. I think the limp worries him. Its been several days since we've started heading south, and its faded a lot, however, its still there. I don't have the heart to tell him, it'll probably always be there. I swing my head and meet his gaze and he blinks a couple times before looking straight ahead again.

Sid waddled along looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I think I can safely say he knows I know he's watching me. He's a strange little creature and on more than one occasion I admit I have wanted to dig my claws into him. He looks up at me and I meet his look with one of my own. He smiles goofily at me and waddles a little faster, trying to keep in step.

When we get to the south, Sid has told me he'll look for his family. As for Manny, I'm not sure what he has in mind. And Myself, I don't want to think about what awaits me when we get to the south.

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