Chapter 11 – All Hallow's Eve

Captain Alexander "The Great" Harris had experienced many strange and unique situations in his thirty-five years of life. He'd once fought five consecutive death matches in a jungle in Southeast Asia. He'd once stolen an enemy's parachute mid-HALO jump over Central America. He'd once stormed the headquarters of a militant insurrectionist group in Montana by himself.

He'd never once suddenly appeared somewhere without any memory of how he arrived.

He'd also never had someone go through him when they tried to grab him. His reflexive reverse elbow had also never literally gone through someone's head.

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked the redhead apparition he now strongly suspected was the result of drugs that had been pumped into his system. He didn't think that hallucinations were supposed to be this intense but there wasn't another explanation for what was going on. Yet.

"Xander, stop playing around! Something Hellmouth-y is going on!"

"Miss, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Listen, whoever you think you are, you're not. You're in the body of my best friend Xander. He dressed like some kind of special forces soldier. And now you think you are! I dressed as a ghost and now I am one!"

"The ghost of what?" The furious girl put her fist through his face. Harris wished she'd been able to just punch him instead of having her fully incorporeal hand, or so he fervently hoped, inside his skull. "Sorry! Sorry," he said as he backed up a step.

"Look, stop looking at me like I'm crazy and look at yourself. You'll see I'm right." Harris looked at her skeptically before pulling a mirror from one of his vest pockets. He'd only ever used this mirror to send signals to his team and had never actually used the mirror to groom himself. He nearly dropped the mirror and his rifle in shock at the face that looked back at him from the polished metal. "You see!? You see!? I was telling you the truth!"

The face was his but from several years and scars ago. Being suddenly made younger wouldn't explain his current location or the fact that it appeared he was kitted out for a mission without remembering any briefing. He slid the mirror back into a pocket. "Alright, I believe you, but now what do we do?"

"We have to find Buffy, she's the slayer, she'll know what to do. Oh my god, Buffy!" The redhead started turning left and right. Harris scanned the area and spotted several people walking around. However, he had no clue what this Buffy even looked like, beyond being female.

Harris grimaced. He hoped that it was female.

Sometimes missions can get weird.

"Buffy!" Harris watched as the redhead ran up to a pretty brunette dressed in an old-fashioned fancy dress. "Buffy, it's us, Willow and Xander!"

Okay, check, redhead is Willow. The blonde must be Buffy.

"Who are you? Where am I? What is all this? Where is my father?" Buffy had grown increasingly hysterical with each question. Willow was now gaping at her friend. Harris judged from her outfit that she had dressed as a noble woman or princess for Halloween. "Demon!" she screamed as she pointed behind Harris and Willow. Harris spun around and brought his rifle to bear on the hostile.

At least, as hostile as a garden variety sedan could be while it drove placidly down the road.

"That's not a demon, that's a car," said Willow earnestly.

"What does it want?" asked Buffy fearfully as she shuffled closer to Harris while maintaining her vigil on the strange beast making its way down the road.

"It's a type of transportation, miss," answered Harris as he shared a pointed look with a stunned Willow.

"Oh my god Buffy doesn't remember being the Slayer but that means that she can't help us and you don't remember being part lion but there's all kinds of bumpies out tonight and they'll still know she's the Slayer and they'll be hunting us except we won't be able to fight back against them and then we'll all get killed or eaten or turned and they might open the Hellmouth and doom all of humanity to endless suffering and enslavement of our immortal souls all because she dressed up as a ditzy noblewoman in order to impress Angel ohmygod Angelcould helpus wehavetofindhim-"

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa!" exclaimed Harris. How the hell could she speak so long without taking a breath? Maybe not needing to breathe had something to do with it? "Okay, calm down, now, the first thing is... I have no idea what you just said. The second thing is we should get off the streets. Now, except for the fact that you're intangible, you haven't been changed, correct?"

"Uh, yeah, that's right."

"You lived here? You know the places we could go?"

"Yeah, I do- Oh! We can go to Buffy's house, it's only a few blocks away!"

Harris nodded as he checked over his rifle. Satisfied that it was in full working order he quickly checked his other weapons then turned to Buffy. "Miss, if you will please follow me, I give you my word that I will allow no harm to come to you."

The Lady Elizabeth looked upon the gentleman gratefully. Despite his strange manner of dress the gentleman's manners and bearing reminded her of the captain of the guard at Father's garrison. "Oh, thank you kind sir. I do not know what has happened or where I now find myself!"

"It seems witchcraft has been used against us this night." The Lady Elizabeth gasped and crossed herself. "Don't fret and follow me. I'll make sure we'll make it through the night safely. Now come, first we need to find safety. Willow, lead the way."

Harris used his gun to scare off the few monsters they encountered. He wasn't entirely sure of what was going on but Willow seemed convinced that the monsters were former civvies. Unfortunately it didn't seem he had anything non-lethal on him. After a few minutes of travel they managed to reach their destination.

"This is Buffy's house!" cried Willow as she rushed up the steps. She reached for the doorknob only to have her hand pass through.

"This hovel is not Fairy Castle!"

"Your home is called Fairy Castle?" asked Willow excitedly.

Harris stepped up, tried the knob and tried to ignore the girls' comments. "Hey, the door's locked."

"Oh, there's a key hidden in the planter!"

"Right." Harris searched the planter, finding the key half buried near the lip. Once inside he quickly ushered the two girls in. "Okay, we're here, now what?"

"Um, we, uh, we need to figure out what happened to us and reverse it!"

"Will I be able to return home then?" asked Lady Elizabeth hopefully. Willow turned a pleading look toward Harris.

"Yes, you'll definitely be back where you came from," said Harris with a certainty he didn't have as he canvassed the living room. "What's this?" he muttered as he lifted up a picture from the wall. "Milady, what do you make of this?" he asked as he handed her the photo.

"This is certainly the smallest portrait I have ever seen." The photo was a picture of her, Willow and Xander on the steps of the school. "This girl, she has my face," exclaimed Lady Elizabeth in surprise. "What is the meaning of this!?"

A knock at the door derailed any further conversation.

"I wonder who that could be," said Harris as he walked over to the door.

"No!" yelled Willow, "there could be a monster on the other side!"

"And there could be a civilian that needs help," countered Harris. "I'll be careful." Checking from the large window in the living room, Harris saw no sign of anyone on the front porch. He tried to peer through the iced glass adorning the door. He couldn't make anything out through the glass when he noticed a large shadow suddenly cover up the window. Instinct drove him to jump aside. He just barely avoided the large clawed hand that burst through. He idly noted Willow and Elizabeth begin screaming as he drove the butt of his rifle into the joint of the monster's arm. The arm was pulled back with a yelp. Harris pushed the barrel of his gun through the opening, sighted and fired a three round burst into the front porch. The monster instantly retreated.

"I said no shooting! They're probably changed the same way we were!"

"Relax, I didn't hit him. The noise drove him off."

"Okay that's goo-" a sharp scream pierced the air and interrupted Willow.

"Oh, great," muttered Harris, "you two stay here!" he ordered as he ran out the front door.

"Lord, please return him safely to us," prayed Buffy as she clasped her hands in front of her face.

"Why is it always Christian and never Jewish?" muttered Willow as she glanced at Buffy.

Lady Elizabeth immediately gasped and crossed herself. "As if any proper, god-fearing person would associate with that lot!"

Willow rolled her eyes at the false noblewoman, "Oy vey."

Another gasp. "It cannot be- are you a Jew? Is that why you are condemned to restlessly roam the earth?" Lady Elizabeth edged away from the apparition with whom she had grown far too comfortable.

Willow resisted the urge to palm her face as she resolved to have a talk with Buffy about her alter-ego. She jumped off the couch as Cordelia came charging into the house. "Thank god," she cried in joy at the interruption, "Okay, Cordelia, you're not a cat, you're human and one of our friends, uh, more like acquaintance, or, uh, well, we know you."

"Uh, okay there Willow, and you went off your meds when?"

"Wait, you know who you are?" asked a surprised Willow.

"Ugh, first Jojo the dog faced boy attacked me then I get stuck with the lunatic fringe!" complained Cordelia. She pointed at a tear on her cat suit, "You see this? You think Partytown's going to give me my deposit back?"

"Partytown? That's expensive," said Willow, "why didn't you go to Ethan's?"

"I only shop at reputable stores, okay? Get with the program," scoffed Cordelia.

Willow flinched back before frowning. "Sheesh, I'm sorry not all of us are rich enough to throw away money on a hooker outift."

"Apology accep-hey!"

"God, why have you forsaken me," muttered Harris as he massaged his forehead. It wasn't enough that he was thrown into this crazy situation, now he was stuck babysitting sniping teenagers. At least the small brunette was pretty, even if she was completely out of her element.

"What's with you?" asked Cordelia. She crossed her arms and jutted out her chin. "Don't think I owe you one just because you saved my life earlier. You should be thanking me for your improved social standing because of my fashion advice."

"Look here lady, I don't know who you think I am but I'm not him. My name is Alexander Harris, Captain in the United States Military, currently on assignment with," he paused and glanced at each girl in turn, "you don't need to know. I've done tours through every hell on this planet, I have a fully automatic assault rifle I am fully capable and willing to use, I'm trained in hundreds of ways to kill and I'm pretty pissed that I've been ripped out of my body and put into some teenager that happened to dress as me for Halloween. Now I don't know about you but I want this nightmare to end so if you don't have anything constructive to say then shut it!" All three girls jumped as Harris barked out the last two words. He glared at each of them as if daring them to cross him. None of them did.

"You," he pointed at Willow, who mouthed 'me?' while pointing at herself. Harris nodded. "You seem very certain that someone cast a spell that turned people into their costumes." He glanced at Cordelia. "Though it doesn't seem to be affecting everyone. Where can we find out what's going on? Is there anyone we can talk to?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Giles!" exclaimed Willow as she bounced in place.

"Who's that?" asked Harris.

"You live with the guy," said Cordelia.

"I told you I'm not who you think I am," bit out Harris tersely.

"He's the school librarian," interjected Willow before Xander started yelling again.

"How's a school librarian going to help us?" Harris began to think the redhead wasn't going to prove as hopeful as he thought.

"He's a watcher!" Willow blushed as Xander immediately motioned for her to explain further. "Uh, he knows all about the supernatural. He should be able to figure out what's going on and how to fix it."

Harris nodded, finally glad to be getting somewhere. "Where do we find him?"

"He said there was some stuff he was going to take care of-" Willow cut herself off as Xander shouldered his rifle and fired a burst into the doorway leading off from the kitchen to the laundry room.

The three girls started screaming as a black blur rushed out of the doorway. It crashed into Harris before he could track it with his rifle. As the thing carried him toward a wall, Harris slipped his left hand behind his back. He buried the five inch combat knife into the thing's shoulder. The thing cried in pain and stopped immediately. Harris lost his grip on his knife as he continued falling backward. He braced himself as he landed on his back. He slid along the floor as he brought his rifle to bear on the hostile who had stopped to pull the knife out of its shoulder.

"No! Stop!" yelled Willow as she jumped between the two of them. Harris kept his rifle aimed on the hostile as he stood, knowing that he could safely shoot through the redhead if he had to.

"What the hell, Harris?" snarled the thing as it tossed his knife away. "Your hammer having performance issues?" it asked with a smirk. Harris narrowed his glare.

"I thought you guys were kidding when you said he was a vampire," Harris spared a quick glance at Cordelia. She and Buffy were off to the side, out of his line of fire. Buffy was even cowering behind Cordelia. Good, she was smart enough to get behind cover.

"Xander, he's our friend, don't shoot him!" pleaded Willow. The thing was now looking around in confusion as its face shifted into a normal looking human's instead of the deformed thing it was before. He lowered his rifle, wondering at the loathing he felt for the hostile before dismissing it. "Angel, Buffy and Xander have been changed into their costumes! They don't know who they are!"

"Changed into their costumes?" parroted Angel as he tried to understand what was happening. "That must be what's causing all the chaos tonight," he muttered before addressing Willow again. "You and Cordelia didn't change?"

"Actually," Willow said sheepishly, "I got turned into a ghost."

Angel looked Willow up and down, taking in her halter top and miniskirt. "The ghost of what?"

"Why does everyone ask that?" fumed Willow as she crossed her arms around her midsection.

"Look, it it's friendly, that's good, but we need to get to this Watcher you mentioned," said Harris. "Where do we find him?"

"The library," muttered Willow, "the school library."

"Okay you," he pointed at Willow, "and," he paused in obvious distaste, "that lead the way. I'll guard the rear."

"Why? Who put you in charge?" challenged Angel.

"I don't trust you and I'm the man with the gun. Now move out." The group slowly made their way outside. Angel frowned when he found Buffy sticking close to Harris, who smiled and gently guided her outside with a hand on her back. Angel had to keep himself from vamping out as Buffy blushed lightly and smiled at Harris.


The room was dark, lit only by a few scattered reading lamps that cast everything in a soft bronze light. The man leaned back on the cushions set at the foot of the stairs as he took a long drag from the hose in his hand. Music filled the air, the beat of many drums formulating an undulating harmony. He let out a long smoky exhalation as he watched the woman dancing in front of him. She was beautiful. Her face was the most covered part of her body. A veil concealed the lower part of her face. Her torso was practically bare. The small blouse, a bra really, put her breast on display covering just enough to keep her from blatant nudity even through the sensuous twists and turns of her body. Her arms and legs were covered in baggy sleeves and pants. Although covered was a misnomer as the fabric was sheer and revealed the full breadth and scope of her curves. Through her pants could be seen a narrow strip of fabric around her waist and between her thighs that covered her most private places.

Her movements were an entrancing dance. Indeed it had less in common with a dance and more akin to a mating display. A signal to her audience that she was ready for, nay, in need of a mate. And with an audience of one there could be no mistaking her intended.

The man, wearing splendid white robes and a glittering white turban, took another drag from the hose in his hand. The bubbling from the hookah the hose led to was drowned out by the sounds of the drums. Even the sound of drums was lost to him as he watched the woman bend backwards like a bow, her head almost touching the ground. He had to focus to keep a firm grip on his hose. It turned out to be futile as the woman stood and slowly, deliberately raised one leg in a vertical split until her toe was pointed at the ceiling. The hose in the man's hand clattered to the floor.

He could feel his pulse pounding in his veins. He could feel his control slipping. Certainly it would be dangerous to simply through this beautiful creature down and ravish-

His jaw dropped in open shock as the woman turned and smoothly did the splits, her hands pushed down to keep her off the ground by a few inches. She turned as well as she could and winked at him over her shoulder. Then wiggled invitingly at him.

The man surged to his feet, his hands moving to tear his robes off-

"Giles!" yelled Willow as she ran through the doors of the library. "Oh my god!" she yelled in shock as the woman, Jenny, jumped to her feet and the man, Giles, ran up to her side.

"Uh, well, Willow, uh, w-w-what are you doing here young lady?" blustered Giles with all the authority he could muster.

"What's going on? We heard yelling?" asked Angel as he barreled through the door in front of Harris, whose rifle swept back and forth across the room.

"Who turned this place into a club?" asked Cordelia as she walked behind the check-out counter. She turned off the boom box and turned on the lights. "What are you two doing?" she asked slowly as she took in the scene.

"My goodness," gasped Lady Elizabeth as edged from behind the good Captain. "Is that man a Turk?" she asked with a hint of fear. "And is that his Gypsy strumpet?" she asked in a scandalized tone of voice.

Jenny bristled before she let out a blistering array of curses. Both Giles and Angel's jaws dropped in shock when they realized she was cursing in Romani. Harris tilted his head as he admired the lovely flush the woman's anger gave her.

Behind him, Lady Elizabeth gasped at the audacity of this, this, this- she didn't have the words! Her father would certainly hear of this!

"Nice outfit," complimented Cordelia when Jenny paused for breath as she critically took in the computer teacher's figure. It wasn't bad, for an older woman. Cordelia's comment seemed to shake Willow out of her shock.

"Oh! Oh! You're not a sultan and his, er, harem girl?" She shook her head and barreled on, "you're actually a librarian and a school teacher! You've just been changed into your costumes!"

Jenny snapped something at Willow. Giles decided to take a guess at what she said. "Willow, what are you talking about?"

"You know who I am?" she asked dully.

"Why wouldn't we?" snapped Jenny, once more speaking in English but still feeling her temper.

"Xander and Buffy got turned into their costumes," she replied, her face twisted in confusion. "If you didn't get turned into your costumes then why were you doing, uh, that?"

"It's called role-play Willow," replied Jenny cattily, "something adults do before they fu-"

"Jenny!" snapped Giles in shock as Willow once again entered catatonia.

"Damn," drawled Xander admiringly, "and I thought women liked a man in uniform. I shoulda been a librarian."

"Surely you will not be tempted by such a, such a," Lady Elizabeth stumbled over her words as she sent a haughty look at Jenny, "base display?"

"Don't worry milady, I still have eyes only for you," replied Harris smoothly. Lady Elizabeth blushed prettily and turned away. She glanced back at him coyly. Harris winked at her, increasing her blush. She was young but he could certainly take advantage of his youthful body. Besides, he thought, he was probably doing the kid whose body he was in a favor.

Jenny narrowed her eyes at Buffy's words but held her temper. Buffy and Xander were not acting like themselves. "They're possessed?" she asked the room at large.

"Harris got turned into a soldier, Buffy into a noblewoman, and Willow's a ghost," summarized Angel as he glared at Harris who merely smirked back. He frowned even more when Buffy caught his glare and shuffled behind Harris who reached back and gently guided her behind him.

Lady Elizabeth blushed as she boldly took his hand in both of hers. His grip was so very reassuring. She spotted it glaring at their joined hands and burrowed her face into the Captain's shoulder.

Angel barely stifled his growl at the outright leer Harris sent him. Jenny was glad her grin was hidden behind her veil. Giles managed to suppress his own smirk in favor of dealing with the more pressing matter at hand. "So they've been changed into their costumes," Giles stopped as he noticed the way Willow was dressed. "Willow is a ghost?"

"That's what happened," replied Cordelia as she fingered the tear in her costume. Would it be cheaper to get it stitched?

"The ghost of what?" asked Giles. That seemed to jolt Willow as she came out of her shock with a vengeance.

"Why does everyone keep asking that!?" she yelled as she rushed forward and began waving her hands in Giles' face.

"Good lord!" exclaimed Giles as he stumbled back in shock. Willow chased after him.

"I got turned into a ghost and these are just the clothes I was wearing under the sheet because Buffy forced me into them but I didn't want to go out dressed like this but then I got turned into a ghost and lost my sheet and I'm a good girl not a hooker okay!?" She finally stopped as Giles stumbled and fell into the pillows he was sitting on earlier. Willow's shoulders heaved as she breathed in hoarsely.

"She really is a redhead," muttered an impressed Harris into the silence. Angel nodded, still shocked into silence despite it being the second time he'd seen Willow explode.

"Goodness, they certainly are spirited," remarked Lady Elizabeth.

"You can say that again," agreed Cordelia.

"Okay Willow, chill out, he's sorry," said Jenny gently as she gestured for Willow to calm down. "Now, let's figure out what's going on, okay?"

"Okay, I'm sorry," muttered Willow as she stepped back. She very carefully did not meet anyone's eyes.

"Y-yes, I do apologize," muttered Giles as he hauled himself to his feet. "Now," he brushed his robes off, "how, how many people have been affected?"

"We can't tell," answered Harris seriously. "Some people have changed and some haven't."

"Curious," said Giles as he looked Xander over. His body language and attitude were certainly different. "You remember who you are?"

"Buddy, I remember my whole life. I'm also fifty and not fifteen."

"But you remember your whole life before this night?" asked Jenny. At his nod she turned to Buffy. "Is it the same for you?"

Lady Elizabeth looked at the woman in her scandalous outfit, blushed, then looked away. "Yes," she muttered as she gain buried her face in the Captain's shoulder. Why did she have to think about wearing such an outfit for the Captain? Mother would never approve!

Jenny bit her tongue again. She did not like being denied her release after she'd worked herself up into a near frenzy. She didn't like it at all. But there were more pressing concerns at the moment. "I'd say it's possession but Xander's name is the same. Plus, Willow was turned into a ghost. But why didn't everyone change?"

"Perhaps seeking a common denominator will grant us an avenue to pursue," said Giles as he pulled his glasses off his face. As he polished them he asked the group, "Where did you acquire your costumes?"

"Partytown," answered Cordelia with an indifferent air. This was always the boring part. God, why couldn't the exciting part be longer and less life-threatening? Then again, she might end up hanging out even more with the dweebs. Cordelia shivered at the thought.

"We went to this new place called Ethan's," replied Willow.

"Ethan's?" asked Giles sharply.

"Ugh, I don't know how they could shop there. That guy was totally creepy and his british accent was so obviously fake," complained Cordelia.

"British?" Giles had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. It seemed his past had followed him here.

"Yeah, he had a weird weather name too," said Willow as she searched her memory for the exact name.

"Was it, by any chance, Ethan Rayne?" he asked warily. Jenny turned a questioning look at him that he avoided.

"That's it! That's his name!" yelled Willow in triumph before she stilled and tilted her head in confusion. "Why do you know his name?"

"Come on, we need to get down to his store." Giles ignored Willow's question. "If he enchanted the costumes that may be the center of this spell."

"Who's heading out?" asked Harris. If he could get some info on the capabilities of his allies he'd feel a lot better about any decisions he made in the field.

"Uh, most likely all of us," answered Giles, a little nonplussed at talking to a stranger wearing Xander's face.

"Seriously? Even the NonComs?" asked Harris as he gestured at Willow, Cordelia, and Buffy.

Giles frowned for a moment at the instant dismissal before he realized that Captain Harris didn't know their capabilities. "Buffy will be our most able combatant once the spell is broken. Willow's current intangibility will keep her safe and could be of use. She will also most likely return to her body once the spell is broken. Cordelia," Giles paused as he realized Xander had a point. "Uh, perhaps you should remain here."

"Hey, if Miss Calendar's going then so am I," protested Cordelia as she pointed to where Jenny was arming herself with a crossbow, and checking several pouches of ingredients. Giles and Jenny shared a look. Jenny frowned as Giles looked away.

"They might need me to help break the spell. That's our biggest priority. We do that and there's no more danger," she told everyone before focusing on Cordelia. "You don't have any skills to bring to the table."

"But I don't want to be left out!" said a pouting Cordelia as she stomped her foot.

"Listen," said Harris firmly, "It's dangerous out there right now. If you can't defend yourself someone who can will have to do it for you. That's a liability that can get you and the person protecting you killed. Right now we have one person who won't be able to defend themselves," he pointed at Buffy who was still huddled next to him, "Fortunately I can protect her and myself and the librarian is sure to keep an eye on his woman. That leaves you uncovered."

"Why don't you take care of her and I'll keep Buffy safe," suggested Angel sharply. He frowned when Buffy wrapped her arms around one of Harris' and buried her face in his shoulder.

"One, she doesn't trust you. Two, I don't trust you."

Angel took another look at Buffy, grimaced and crossed his arms. "Fine, I'll guard Cordelia."

"You know what," said Cordelia quickly with forced levity, "I'll just stay here." She slowly edged away from Angel, her hand coming up to cover her neck on the side facing him.

"Fine, whatever," spat Angel, "let's go and end all this nonsense." Angel stomped off to brood in a corner.

"Y-yes, well," stuttered Giles as he fiddled with his glasses. "If everyone will arm themselves we can get going."

"Stay close to me, alright?" suggested Harris to Lady Elizabeth. She stepped away from him and nodded.

"Thank you for your protection brave sir. My Father will surely see you rewarded for this," answered Lady Elizabeth.

"I'd rather you reward me," replied Harris with a waggle of his eyebrows. Lady Elizabeth blushed. Steeling herself she looked Harris in the eye.

"I can certainly grant you my favor before you head into battle." Harris felt his body freeze as Lady Elizabeth reached down and pulled up the hem of her skirt. Slowly, she revealed a well-formed stocking clad leg. Harris felt his mouth go dry in a way it hadn't in years. He'd had numerous sexual experiences. All the carousing he'd done while on leave had inured him to the most blatant of erotic displays. But watching Elizabeth bend down and untie one of her garters was making his head pound with excitement.

Lady Elizabeth struggled with her nerves as she exposed herself to the Captain's eyes. She risked a quick glance at him. He was completely riveted to her display, his face flushed and his nostrils flaring as he sucked in a sharp breath. She felt her stomach lurch and a sense of pride bubble within her. She focused on not fumbling with untying the slippery satin garter belt. Out of the corner of her eye she watched in satisfaction as he tracked her hemline as she slowly lowered her skirt. Once her leg was covered his eyes immediately jumped to her face. She coyly turned her face away as she set about tying her garter to his left arm. His very large and firm left arm.

Earlier in the night, Harris had scoffed at the sleeveless shirt he was wearing under his vest. Why would you leave your arms exposed like that? Obviously the kid whose body he was in had watched too many movies. At the moment, however, he couldn't have been happier with the choice.

"Fight well, my champion," said Elizabeth solemnly. She blushed and looked up at him through her lashes shyly. Slowly Harris took her chin in his hand. She blushed even more but allowed him to guide her face until she was looking at him directly.

"On my honor, I will protect you." Harris didn't resist the impulse that guided him to lean down and capture Elizabeth's lips with his own. Lady Elizabeth flushed. She couldn't believe how forward the Captain was. However, she realized that if whatever witchcraft had trapped them here was ended, then they would each return home, never to see each other again. She moved into his embrace.

Angel suppressed the urge to rip the boy's throat out. That wasn't Harris, it was just something wearing his face, the same as Buffy. It wasn't Buffy and Xander kissing, it was two strangers who'd be gone after tonight.

Giles stepped in front of Willow, blocking her line of sight. She blinked for a moment as she realized that Giles was now standing in front of her. "Giles?" she asked in a strangled voice.

"You do realize that they are not Buffy and Xander?" he asked her softly as he peered at her over his glasses.

Willow flushed and looked away from his gaze. "It could be. That's what Xander wants, after all," she said slightly bitterly.

"But not what you want?" he asked her pointedly. Willow bit her lip and refused to meet his gaze. "You can't change how you feel about someone," said Giles softly as he looked over at Jenny. She gave him a grin when she caught his look before returning to her conversation with Cordelia. "You just have to take the risk and let what will be, be. Have you told Xander how you feel?"

Willow's eyes widened, having finally looked up, and she shook her head frantically. "Why not?"

"Wha-w-what if he says no? What if he says yes? What if we break up? What if it ruins everything? I don't want to lose him..."

"As a friend?" Willow nodded slowly. Giles turned and looked back at Xander and Buffy. They had stopped kissing and now Xander was double checking his equipment while Buffy hovered near him, a small pleased smile on her face. He glanced over to the corner Angel was ensconced in to see him glowering at his two charges. He turned to the third child he realized he increasingly thought of as his own. He took a deep breath. "You need to decide then if you want Xander more as a friend than you do a lover."

"Lover?" asked a furiously blushing Willow in a strangled voice.

"Willow," sighed Giles, "that's a large part of the point of human relationships.

"But..." Giles sighed again as Willow lamely trailed off.

"Talk to Jenny about it," he told her as he walked over to the book cage. "And here I thought a woman's mind was an unbreachable mystery," he muttered to himself. "Teenagers are simply barmy."

Once everyone was ready, the group set off. They left Cordelia behind to think of a story to tell the parents and stall for time once Giles realized that the transformed children would have to be found and returned to the Trick-or-treat escort meeting point in the school cafeteria.


"There's the store," pointed out Willow as the group marched up the street.

"Excellent. With any luck this'll all be finished soon," said Giles. Angel, who had taken point in order to be far from Xander and Buffy in the rear, stopped stock still. Giles only narrowly kept from crashing into him. "What is it?"

"I think you just jinxed us," said Angel as he scanned the street.

"What makes you say that?" asked Harris as he brought his gun up and scanned the street himself. He didn't see anything on the streets in front or behind them. Maybe up on the roofs?

"Me!" was all the warning Harris got before something barreled into him with all the force of a car. He was sent flying from the blow, over a parked car and into the middle of the street. He landed roughly, skidding along the asphalt before stopping. He fell still. Lady Elizabeth screamed as she watched the Captain be hurled away by a pale blonde man dressed in black. Their vampire ally crashed into her champion's assailant.

"Get to the store, now!" ordered Giles as he guided Jenny ahead of him. They started running, Willow a step behind them, and narrowly avoided the rush of monsters and vampires that emerged from between the buildings next to them. Giles turned slightly and fired a crossbow bolt. It struck home and the vampire burst into dust, dissuading any pursuers. He cursed when he was some monsters restrain Buffy as Spike and Angel fought. They would be overwhelmed soon. He ignored the twist in his gut and did not look to check on Xander's condition. Everything would be fine if they could just break the spell.

Lady Elizabeth cowered in fear as the demons grabbed hold of her. They dragged her over to where another group was holding their vampire ally captured. The blonde monster was kicking him in the ribs.

"Well that was a bit of a fine dust-up, I'd say. But you're not on the menu tonight," the monster turned a leer on Lady Elizabeth that made her renew her struggling. "She is." The monster looked her up and down. "Look at her, quaking in fear. Ooh, it gives me the shivers." The monster trembled in anticipation as it approached her. Surely her champion would return to save her? "The lion really has become the lamb. Usually I like some spunk in my girls, but I think this one'll still taste as sweet. Maybe even sweeter. After all, they do say third time's the charm." Surely her champion would protect her? He had sworn! The monster reached for her, its mouth gaping open to reveal a dark maw filled with sharp teeth. She shut her eyes and screamed.



The three quickly stopped in front of Ethan's storefront. Giles tried the doors but found them unsurprisingly locked. "Willow, quickly, head inside, check for traps near the front doors."

"How am I- oh right, a ghost. Be right back," Willow ran through the front doors, disappearing into the interior. Jenny quickly turned and began scanning the street for something they could use to smash open the doors. "It's clear, there's nothing-ah!" Jenny spun back around at the sound of a large crash. Giles had impatiently jumped through Willow and the large glass set into the doors, his turban held protectively over his face. Jenny carefully followed as Giles tossed his turban aside and shrugged off the large overcoat he was wearing.

"Ethan!" bellowed Giles, startling the two women with him. "Ethan, you buggering bastard, get your arse out here!" Willow and Jenny stared at Giles as if they had never seen him before and so missed the man emerge from the rear of the store.

"Hello Ripper," said Ethan Rayne cheerfully as he gave a jaunty wave at his old friend. "It's been a while."


Harris opened his eyes as his body shakily stood. For a moment he was completely disoriented. It was the strangest sensation, as if someone was moving his body from the inside. "Is that you kid?" he asked himself as he tried to clear his head. He could feel some ribs shifting and his collarbone throbbed near his right shoulder. His body took a shaky step forward. "Where are you going?" His head and eyes moved and locked onto the sight of Elizabeth being presented to a blonde dressed in black. The guy was talking to the other vampire. That voice, however- that was the one that attacked him! His body took another step. "Right, I read you loud and clear. You're hurt though, sure you want to do this?" He felt his body returning to his control as his hands gripped his rifle. "You've got balls, kid." Harris took a deep breath and ignored the tearing sensations in his chest. His body was no longer shaky as he took another step.

"Alexander!" Elizabeth's scream pierced the air. Harris ignored the pain that blossomed in his shoulder as he set his rifle and fired.

Spike screamed as his arm was torn into by a burst of gunfire. He spun to see the slayer's brat aiming a gun at him. He ducked behind the nearest parked car as another burst transited where his head had just been. "Dru said your fangs were pulled but not your claws. You're harder than I thought," muttered Spike. "Kill him!" he barked at his minions.

"Harris, you can shoot the vampires!" yelled Angel as the monsters and vampires not holding him and Buffy down surged around the cars and into the street.

Standing his ground, Harris forced his attackers to come to him and picked them off as they left the cover of the cars. A burst through the head was enough to keep the vampires down, though he wasn't sure if they would stay that way. He cursed the necessity of it when he kneecapped a sasquatch that was coming too close. That had probably been a transformed civvie. He couldn't let them close too soon, however. A small gremlin came in quickly and was immediately punted away. It ran off once it recovered. A vampire took to the air, leaping off the roof of a car. Harris drilled the vamp from groin to collarbone and stepped aside as it crashed into the ground with a wet splat.

He shot a large ogre in the shoulder. It decided that he was too much trouble and began to amble off. A line of bullets into the ground scared off a group of small demons. They retreated behind the parked cars.


"I could have stood for having our reunion postponed indefinitely," growled Giles. "Now what the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"You wound me, Rupert. I just had the most marvelous idea to spread a little chaos and remind people that they should be careful what they wished for," said Ethan grandly as he spread his arms wide. "The Hellmouth just so happened to be the perfect place for the spell so I thought, 'Why don't I drop by and say hello to my old friend'? And here we are." Ethan snorted. "Imagine my disappointment when instead of finding Ripper I get," he motioned dismissively at Giles while he sneered, "this."

"You haven't changed at all," Giles sneered right back, "still as churlish and childish as ever. Do you have any idea how many people are being hurt by your prank?"

"Ah yes, because you are the grand champion of the sheep now, aren't you Rupert. You became just another dull, tweed wearing, asinine peeper for the Slayer and her ilk." Ethan's disdain was almost palpable. "Even though you used to swear you never would. You used to be so much better than this, Ripper."

"That's not who I am anymore."

"Oh, isn't it?" asked Ethan with a leering grin. "I think," he said slowly as he began to pace, "you're just desperately putting on an act, a mask, like all those sheep out there did tonight. Only you wish yours was as real as I've made theirs. But I can see through it," he said teasingly in a sing-song voice. "I know who you are and what you're capable of. And I see you have the same taste in fine birds," he said as his eyes roamed lustily over Jenny's body. Her look of curiosity and confusion over the two men's conversation turned into a hard glare. She made no move to cover her body but set herself in a stiff stance that clearly conveyed that she was something Ethan could never have.


"What the bloody hell are you idiots doing? It's just one man! One human man! How the hell is he kicking your arses!?" screamed Spike as he peeked from behind his cover. He ducked back down as a volley of bullets smashed the windows he was looking through.

Before the empty clip hit the ground Harris was already slapping in a fresh one. He mentally noted he had one more cartridge before he ran out. A long burst into the cars in front of him made the monsters all pause in their charge. He took careful aim now at the monsters holding down Angel when his gun was yanked out of his hands. he spun down and to the right, slipping out of the gun strap easily.

The vampire he'd shot out of the air earlier now had his rifle. The vampire spun quickly and flung the gun as far as he could. His spin turned him full circle toward Harris as the rifle continued sailing over some buildings. Instead of turning to face a disarmed meal he found a Colt 1911 in his face. The large bore bullet blew out the back of the vampire's skull, taking most of the brain with it. Harris smoothly unsheathed his knife with his off hand. He had seven shots in the clip, the eighth in the chamber having just been used. He needed to make each shot count.


"Willow, get out, now," ordered Giles, his hard gaze never wavering from Ethan.

Willow looked back and forth between the two men, confusion and concern warring on her face. "But-"

"Now!" barked Giles as he turned a furious glare on Willow. She blanched and ran back out of the store. Ethan strolled closer to Giles and Jenny.

"Aren't you going to send your bitch along as well?" asked Ethan tauntingly. While Jenny bristled at the insult Giles merely stepped forward and leveled Ethan with a punch to the jaw.

"Tell me how to break the spell, Ethan," ordered Giles uncompromisingly as Ethan picked himself back up.

"Now why would I do that?" asked Ethan pleasantly, ignoring the pain in his jaw.

"I'll let you leave town. Alive," growled Giles. Jenny glanced at him briefly before glaring again at Ethan.

"You're not that hard, nancy boy," said Ethan teasingly. The grin on his face vanished when Giles punched him in the stomach. Giles roughly grabbed Ethan's hair and jerked his head up, breaking Ethan's nose with a right. Giles then kicked Ethan in the bollocks before tossing him to the ground.


The other monsters, seeing the rifle gone and assuming the pistol was some form of close range weapon, charged again. More monsters joined the group, drawn by the large commotion. Harris charged directly at the oncoming horde.

Shot one went into the head of one of the vampires holding Angel down, allowing Angel to strike out at his lone remaining captor and free himself. Harris immediately ducked down under a large swing and sliced the hamstring of a troll.

Two went into the shoulders of one of the monsters holding Elizabeth down. Harris kicked a foot out, catching a vampire in the crotch. As it doubled over Harris thrust his knife up into the thing's throat. Twisting the knife as he pulled it out, Harris reached around the vampires head with his gun hand, putting the vampire in a handless headlock. He twisted sharply, snapping the vampires neck.

Three went into another vampire's face and was followed quickly by a kick that sent the body into the monsters behind it. The charging monsters fell into a tangle as Harris darted past them.

Four went into a gladiator's knee. He ignored the bear head on the fallen gladiator as he moved passed it. He rolled between the legs of a large gorilla thing and cut its left hamstring as he stood.

Five went into an unlucky vampire that had popped its head out from behind a car. A hop forward let Harris punt a dwarf out of his path.

Six went into the hip joint of some strange crab/man mix. He cursed as he saw Angel be brought down by a pile of monsters.

He ran full tilt, ignoring the claws that shallowly cut into his left shoulder, and slid across the hood of the car between him and Elizabeth. Spike leapt out from behind the car and snagged Harris around the neck.

"That's enough out of you, soddin' bastard!" snarled Spike. Seven went through the blonde's eye.


"Tell me how to break the spell," ordered Giles calmly. His tone jarred harshly against the aura of violence radiating off of him.

"Say pretty please," spit out Ethan through his grimace as he cradled his battered testicles. Giles answer was a kick to the ribs.


Or it was supposed to. Spike twitched as Harris pulled the trigger and the bullet only ripped his right ear apart. Harris threw the empty pistol into Spike's chest. Spike looked down incredulously as the gun clattered to the floor. He snorted. "Doesn't work against Superman, doesn't work against-argh!"

Harris twisted the knife in the vampire's triceps. He held onto his knife as he was dropped, the knife coming out of the blonde's arm. He lunged forward to bury the knife into the thing's neck when a kick from it launched him into the brick wall behind him. The pain in his chest jumped exponentially, his hand involuntarily dropping the knife.


"Oi, how do I break the fucking spell, tosser?" growled Giles as he cracked his knuckles.

A fit of coughing later and Ethan was grinning up at Giles. "Hello there Ripper. Miss me?" he asked jovially. Giles glare darkened and he stepped back for another kick. He froze when another foot was mashed into the side of Ethan's head. Giles looked over in surprise. He had completely forgotten about Jenny.

"We don't have time for this," said Jenny as she ground her foot into Ethan's head, "so let me lay it all out for you. This 'bitch', as you put it, is now completely pissed at you. But I'm not just any bitch, I'm a crazy gypsy bitch whose family and friends you have put in danger. I swear on the honor of my tribe and ancestors that if anyone I care about is hurt because you didn't tell us how to end the spell, I will take my vengeance from you in this life and the next!"

Giles stared at this woman in her full fury. Blimey she was gorgeous. Sensing his gaze, Jenny glanced at him. He blew her a kiss. She seemed startled for a moment. Then she gave him a very predatory grin and licked her lips before winking at him. Giles schooled his features and crouched down so he could face Ethan.

"That's quite a fine piece of-" Ethan reflexively closed his eyes as Giles' finger came dangerously close to one of them. Giles set his finger against Ethan's eyelid and pushed softly, slowly increasing his pressure. "The bust! Break the bust of Janus in the back!" squeaked out Ethan desperately. Giles and Jenny immediately headed for the curtained off doorway leading to the back of the store.


Spike rushed forward as Harris began to slump against the wall. Spike grabbed the boy around the chin and pinned him to the wall which left his neck exposed. "Nice try Quartermain, but in the end, you're still just food. And after I finish with you I'm going to drain her. And I'm going to savor it."


On the other side of the curtain was a bust of Janus set on a column. The bust's eyes were glowing green. Giles stepped forward but was stopped by Jenny's hand on his shoulder. When he turned a questioning look on her she simply stepped past him, muttering something under her breath that he couldn't catch before throwing some powder from one of her pouches into the air.


"You talk too fucking much, limey bitch," forced out Harris through gritted teeth.

"I a-ugh!" Spike's retort was lost by the interruption of Harris shoving something metallic into his mouth, almost knocking in his teeth to do so.

"Eat grenade!" said Harris triumphantly as he slid to the ground, his strength completely spent.

Spike stumbled back as he tried frantically to pull the grenade out with his one good hand. The explosive was jammed tightly between his teeth and he couldn't stretch his jaw wider in order to loosen it. He couldn't believe the bugger was that crazy! At this range the grenade would take the boy out as well!


A yellow ring of light emerged from the floor around the bust. It glowed bright for a moment before dissolving with the sound of breaking glass. Giles growled as he stepped up to the bust. The ward could've seriously injured him if Jenny hadn't broken it first. He took great relish in smashing the bust of Janus against the floor, imagining it to be Ethan's head as he did so.

When they exited the backroom they found Ethan gone. "We've got some things to talk about, don't we?" said Jenny softly.

"Yes," answered Giles, "but we should check on the children firstly."


The grenade suddenly crumpled in his mouth. Spike quickly spit the now crumpled piece of plastic out of his mouth. He could've sworn that the grenade had been metal just a moment ago. He idly noted his arm was now completely normal as he turned a smirk on the whelp. "Have to hand it to you mate, you almost had me with your little toy. But it seems midnight has struck and your cart is a pumpkin again, Cinderella."

"Good thing the glass slipper still fits." Spike turned only to have a punch send him to the floor. He rolled back onto his feet to see the Slayer pull a wig off her head. Behind her he noticed several adults and children also pulling off their masks. To his side, Angel was moving a bunch of kids off of himself.

"Right, time to clear off then," he said before turning and leaping over a parked car and rushing off into the darkness, his minions trailing behind him. Buffy made to follow when a hacking cough from Xander pulled her attention. She rushed over to him after he spit out an alarming amount of blood.

"Oh my god, Xander," she cried as she hurried to his side. He was breathing shallowly, wincing as he did so. "Are you okay?"

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Healings already kicking in," said Xander softly as he struggled to his feet. Buffy helped him up and moved under one of his arms when he wobbled unsteadily.

"I'm glad we changed back. How could that guy have used a grenade when you were so close!? You could've been killed!"

"It would've been worth it," Xander muttered softly. Buffy turned a sharp glare at him.

"What? Why? You would've died!"

"To keep you safe," whispered Xander as he locked eyes with Buffy, "it would have been worth it to keep you safe, milady."

Buffy blushed brilliantly before bashfully glancing away. "Why?"

Unsure exactly what she was asking, Xander smiled at the girl under his arm and gave her the only answer that really mattered. "Because I-" was as far as he got before he was interrupted by coughing fit. He turned away from Buffy and spit out another mouthful of blood. "Ugh, this sucks," he muttered, the mood pretty much ruined.

"Xander, Buffy, are you alright ?" asked Giles as he and Jenny ran up to them. Now the mood was beyond recovery.

"Just peachy keen," bit out Xander as he frowned at his guardian's timing.

"No," said Buffy sharply as she glared at Xander, "he's hurt badly." Xander wilted under her furious gaze.

"I'll just need a bed. I'll be fine by tomorrow." Xander bore Giles' scrutiny as well as he could.

"What happened here?" asked Jenny as she looked around at all the confused trick-or-treaters around them.

"Harris tried to take on a horde of monsters by himself," grumbled Angel from beside Buffy as he frowned at the arm draped over Buffy's shoulders.

"Not tried, did, Deadboy," spit back Xander.

"You two, now is really not the time," admonished Buffy. She couldn't believe they were fighting now of all times.

"Yes, there is still the matter of escorting all the children back to the school," said Giles as he polished his glasses. The group looked around and saw scattered clumps of children huddled together in confusion and not a little fear.

"I reiterate," muttered Xander, "this sucks." They certainly had a long night ahead of them and all he wanted to do now was lay down and sleep.


Buffy froze as she stepped into her room. After the insanity of the day she was ready to get some rest. She'd spent the evening trapped in her own body, experiencing everything but unable to control anything. And after all that had happened the last thing she wanted to do tonight was talk to Angel. She closed her door completely and made sure it was locked. "Hi."

"Hey." Angel watched the emotions run across her face when she spotted him. After Xander let slip that he remembered everything that happened Angel wanted to check on Buffy and see how she was handling it. And not just because she would remember kissing Xander. "Are you okay?" he asked her as he stepped away from the window.

Hugging herself Buffy stepped over to her bed before sitting down. "I'll live. I didn't have a scratch on me thanks to," Buffy paused and glanced briefly at Angel who was looking away from her and scowling, "to the Captain." She didn't think it would be good to mention Xander too much.

"Yeah, that's good. I'm grateful for that," admitted Angel grudgingly.

"I'm sensing a 'but' here," said Buffy. Angel caught her eyes for a moment before looking away again.

"I just don't like the guy," he said lamely.

"I guessed that much," said Buffy dryly, making Angel grimace briefly as he once again recalled the moment in the library.

"Do you," Angel trailed off, unsure if he wanted to ask so directly. He finally decided that he had to know. "Do you remember everything? Like Harris?"

She ignored the peculiar lilt in his voice when he talked about Xander. For a moment she considered lying to him. Honestly she wanted to lie to herself as well. Things hadn't been exactly clear, what with being the Slayer and Angel being a vampire. But at least she knew who she liked. And how she liked them.

"Yeah," she said softly, "yeah, I remember." She heard Angel's jaw click shut. It seemed he didn't know what to say either. "It wasn't me who did all, uh, that. But I remember everything they did to my body. But that wasn't me." Angel nodded as eager to believe her as she was herself. She wished that she hadn't overheard Giles and Xander talking as they dropped Xander off.

"It must have been awful for you to not be in control of yourself," said Giles as he helped Xander into their house.

"It wasn't all that bad, actually. And I was able to take control."

"Really?" asked Giles with keen interest. "When was this?"

"After Spike tackled me. I made myself get up. I'm just glad Captain Harris let me risk my body like that."

"You were that gravely injured?" asked an alarmed Giles.

"Didn't matter. I needed to save Buffy."

Only Xander would understand exactly what happened to the both of them tonight. Willow had simply been turned into a ghost, but she hadn't been spiritually displaced. Xander and Buffy experienced everything that happened tonight as if they could feel, see, touch, sense it for themselves. But the connection didn't go one way. She experienced tonight as both Lady Elizabeth and as Buffy. She retained memories of the Ducal daughter's life. She retained the memories of her emotions. And now she wasn't sure where her emotions ended and Lady Elizabeth's emotions began. Did she kiss Xander because that's what Lady Elizabeth wanted or because it's what Buffy wanted?

Even if it's something her alter-ego wanted, why did she want to experience it again? She was in love with Angel. Wasn't she?

"So, uh, that must have been awful then?" asked Angel hopefully.

"Yeah, tonight has just been terrible," said Buffy as she turned away from Angel and bit her lip. She wasn't sure if she was simply lying to Angel or to herself. "I'm really tired and I'd just like to get some sleep." She nearly jumped when Angel sat down next to her.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay," he said as he stared into her eyes. God, he was gorgeous.

"I'll manage," she whispered as he cradled a cheek and leaned forward. They kissed each other, a bit roughly, a bit desperately, but with a blazing passion.

But a nagging thought remained in the back of Buffy's head. Where was the searing heat that she felt when she kissed Xander?


Giles and Jenny sat across from each other on the couch in his living room. Xander had been put to bed. He was already healing nicely and hadn't needed someone to help him up the stairs. Now all the day's work was done and they could finally sit down and have their much anticipated talk.

"So," said Giles. He glanced at Jenny before looking away again.

"So," said Jenny, dragging out the word while she thought about what to say. She couldn't come up with anything.

There was a long moment of silence.

"I used to be a black mage," said Giles softly. "Ethan and I, and some other likeminded friends, used drugs, got into fights, and shagged whoever we fancied. It was quite an orgy of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And then we got one of our friends killed. We all went our separate ways then and I went off to join the family business, as it were." Giles glanced at Jenny again to find her staring raptly at him. He forced himself to meet her gaze. "It took a while but I grew out of it. Became who I am today." He looked down at his hands shamefully. "It seems that they're still some of the old me left. A lot more than I thought, really."

"There's a time and a place for it," said Jenny consolingly, "and I'm glad that you can go there and not get lost. We all have a bit of darkness inside of us. You just know yours better and can use it when its needed."

Giles smiled at her, glad that she still accepted him, that she accepted all of him, really. His smile slowly faded. "Speaking of, it seems I don't know you as well as I would like."

She sighed, wondering exactly what she should tell him. Her gaze drifted as she weighed her options when she spotted the bloody tissues she'd used to clean up Xander.

"I'm not trying to embarrass you," whispered Xander to her while Giles was in the kitchen filling a basin with warm water, "but I'm really glad you and Giles are together. And that you're not afraid to show it." He turned away from her and blushed. If he did remember everything then he remembered Captain Harris checking her out. "I'd never really seen two people like that before. I'm not sure why my parents are still together. They never showed anything but contempt for each other. I'm glad I could see what two people in love looks like. It makes me feel happy just watching the two of you." Xander then grimaced, "but could you please try doing it where I won't keep running into you?"

"I wasn't born Jenny Calendar. I was born Janna Calderesh. I am Romani."

"I gathered as much. It must be hard to be away from your family." Jenny realized that this could be her way out. That she could still keep her secret. She looked at Giles smiling face. He really did just want to get to know her. God damn it. Why did she have to fall in love?

"I was sent here, by my family."Giles smile melted into a slight frown. Jenny realized that he was more concerned for her than for the implications of her statement. "In order to watch."

Giles whole attention was focused on his lover. "To watch what?" he asked slowly. Jenny's ties to the occult as well as to the Romani made for a dangerous combination. He wondered briefly if this had all been a trap before furiously squashing that thought.

"Angel." Giles furrowed his brow in confusion. Why on Earth would the Romani be interested in-

"Oh. Oh. Oh dear."