Authors Note: Hey guys this is my first fan fiction I have wrote in a long time so please rate and review so I know if I am doing it right. Ok so I need to give you some background information on this story. Obviously if your reading this then you have come for another Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. But I would like to say that maybe I'm doing something different. This story starts awhile after Kingdom Hearts 3 (I know we have not had it yet and wont have it for a while but with my guesses I think I know the basic story of it). So this continues from then, it follows the story of a boy named Ray who after certain circumstances finds himself alone and in trouble, this leads him on a journey searching for clues on what happened to the seven key blade wielders (Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Aqua, Terra and Ventus) after they defeated the newly formed Xehanort for the last and final time. However this leads Ray into a fight between two powerful sides never seen before in the Kingdom Hearts universe. This leaves him alone and his only hope is to find the lost key blade wielders to aid him in what seems an impossible fight. So if you're interested please read on and please rate and review so I know I'm doing it right. Thanks and enjoy.

Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keys

Chapter One: New Beginnings

The old mountain path was quiet for the busiest time of day, the trees rustled in the wind and blew leafs all around. The birds sung their songs into a beautiful melody. Above the path was the old village, not many people lived there apart from the few that refused to move once the city at the foot of the mountain was built. Even with the city below every citizen made his or her way up the mountain path at least once to see the ruined temple at the top. No one knew what it was built for only that it celebrated some sort of key.

A sixteen-year-old boy made his way up the path today; this was usual for him as he visited his grandfather every few days. He kept walking almost in tune with nature. No birds flew away when he passed and the strong wind did not affect him at all. He came to a clearing; in the center was a magnificent lake, completely still. He looked at his reflection and brushed his long blonde hair from his eyes. He pulled his rucksack off his back and pulled out some clothes so he could change from his horrible school uniform. He put on a pair of long dark jeans and a white top. He then put on a silver jacket with the collar spiked up. This was his classic look and didn't want anyone to think he had any other clothes. He looked at his reflection once again and looked into his own eyes. This even scared him, as his eyes were dark and lifeless, too many people asked him every day why his eyes were so different.

He kept walking till he reached the town; he walked to an old wooden lodge with the door wide open. He turned around, the lodge over looked the whole mountain and onto the city below. He could see his school and the block of flats where he lived. He turned around and called into the house.

"Gramps you home, I came to visit". He could hear something but wasn't sure what it was so he pushed the door open wider and walked in.

There was an old man sitting on a huge armchair in the front room, he stood up straight away. "Oh Ray, you really should stop visiting me all the time, as much as I love your company you should be out with your friends having fun".

"Oh come on Gramps how could I go out, with you up here all by yourself".

"Ray you need to go out sometimes mind and especially today, it is your birthday after all! I would of come down to see you".

"Gramps I'm only sixteen, nothing special and I couldn't of made you walk all the way down there. You know I worry about you without Nan up here I have to come visit".

"And I worry about you too Ray, since your parents died I have tried to give you all the freedom you want, your own flat, I give you money for food and things you may want but I cant tell you to go and socialize. Why don't you go out with Will, Connor and Becca"? At this time Ray looked at his grandpa like he was going to hit him.

His grandpa turned around quickly "What cant I even say her name any more, you know you like the girl and she's a great person, and that's from meeting her once. Are you going out with her yet"?

"Oh come on Gramps were just friends…" Then music started playing and Ray reached for his phone. "Sorry Gramps do you mind"

"Course not, go on take it".

Ray picked up the phone and who else but Becca was on the other end. "Come on birthday boy, you coming out. You can't stay in for your own birthday".

Ray sighed then answered "I can if I want, but give me an hour and ill meet you at your house, then we will head into town".

Becca seemed so much happier now she got what she wanted. " Great! So ill see you later then".

Ray smiled slightly. "Yea see you later Becca".

Ray's Grandpa walked in a laughed. "Just friends huh, I've never seen a worse lie in all my travels".

Ray turned around and just accepted it then something strange happened. His eyes started to glow a bright yellow. You see Ray was very strange he could do things other people could not. When he felt an extreme emotion his eyes would glow, yellow if it was a positive emotion and red if it was negative like anger or hatred. But not just that Ray could wield a blade long before he was even thirteen and his agility was amazing. His grandpa even made him practice these things whenever he could. It was almost like he was preparing him for something.

Rays grandpa turned away. "Go on if your friends are waiting for you go. I'll still be here".

Ray blinked and his eyes turned back to their normal lifeless state. He thanked his grandpa and then realized he forgot something. "Gramps I nearly forgot, you said when I was sixteen you would explain those stories you told me over and over, and you said you would explain where you got the journal you get them from".

His grandpa looked across the room to a cupboard where an old journal sat all alone. On the front was a leather cover with some sort of symbol on the front, it was three circles one on the bottom and two above it, and it almost looked like a mouse head. Rays grandpa turned to face him again. "Like I said I will still be here tomorrow and the day after that and after that so don't worry, come up tomorrow after you have recovered from whatever you're gonna do tonight and then ill explain everything".

Ray once again thanked his grandpa and walked out. He began his decent. He didn't have long to get ready so he took a short cut sliding down the nearly vertical drops down the mountain. Ray looked back and just for a second he thought he saw something by the shrine. It looked like a knight covered in a glowing white armor. Then it was gone and Ray just kept walking. He was slightly scared of what he saw and that was weird for Ray as he didn't usually get scared but he dismissed his thoughts and ran to the city.

Authors Note: Ok how did you like it, I left a lot of clues if you didn't spot them. My next chapter will kick off with some action towards the end so I hope you will like it.

Some further story background just incase I have been to vague is that the key blade wielders did not return home after Xehanort was defeated at their hands. Anyway hope you enjoyed my first chapter and please review even if its bad ill take it as a complement as I am always trying to improve my writing. Thanks for reading.