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Chapter Twenty: Another End?/ Another Beginning

Another End

Destiny Takes You Home.

Sora opened his eyes slowly trying to adjust to the blinding light. But it wasn't pure light he was blinded by, but the light of the sun, the sunshine.

He dragged his hands across the sand, pulling the grains in between his fingers. He didn't know if he was dead. He couldn't remember anything. Just fighting Xehanort, the world falling apart, Kairi saving them, then a bright light. And then another bright light, but under the warmth of the sun shine.

He tried to push himself off the ground but he couldn't find the energy. His chest hurt, like he had taken one of Riku's dark Aura's. But worse.

Sora opened his eye's fully and took in his surroundings. He was home, he was back, back at Destiny Islands. But how? His memories were completely shattered. He could only remember small fragments, fragments of nothing but pain.

Sora tried to push himself to his feet, in doing so he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

As he did, he could just see Kairi running towards him.

"Sora!" She shouted.

Sora cracked a smile, pushing himself up to his knee's. Kairi ran towards him. Sora thought he could see her crying.

Sora pushed himself to his feet, summoning his key blade as he did, to help him stand.

"Come on Kairi, there's no need to cry. Who died?" Sora cracked a smile not realising what he had said.

Kairi grabbed him, not wanting to let go. "It's Riku, Sora. He went to help, but he didn't come back. He's not here".

Sora's smile disappeared immediately. His thoughts screamed, tying together random memories. He remembered a boy. He had shot him with a ball of fire. A Dark Firaga. It had killed him.

"How am I here?" Sora asked.

"What? Sora, Riku's not here". Kairi started to cry.

Sora grabbed her and held her close.

"But I died. How am I okay?"

"I don't know. I think it was that boy. Elysia said his name was Ray. He sacrificed himself to save us. All of us".

Everything finally clicked. Sora realised what had happened. "Riku". Sora had thousands of memories all rushing through his head at once, ripping through his mind. But they weren't his memories. Not all of them. Some of them were Ray's.

"Ray sacrificed himself to save us. But he couldn't save Riku. He should of come home. To where he found it safest". Tears formed in Sora's eyes.

Sora fell to the ground, his emotions making him physically shake. Kairi sat down next to him, putting her head on his shoulder.

"It's a new world, or there are new worlds. We've been asleep for too long. Riku made sure we didn't sleep for any longer". Kairi didn't know where it had come from but she knew it was true.

"Yea. But Riku".

Sora fell to the ground as a memory came to him, it was Ray's again. He was watching Riku write a note. And placing it in the Secret Place.

Sora looked towards the small entrance. "Over there". Sora said pointing.

"Why? This isn't the time Sora".

"Riku left us something".

"Then come on, I'll help you over".


On the Border of the margin.

Riku sat with his back up against a rock. He stared out into the dark ocean. Becca lay on the cold sand next to him, she was sleeping, peacefully.

Riku knew this place well, as much as he had hated it, the Dark Margin had almost become a second home to him. It was peaceful, just dangerous if you walked around with a key blade out.

So Riku made sure he didn't accidentally summon his Way to the Dawn, in order to not attract to many heartless.

"Wait a minute". Riku whispered to himself. "I haven't seen a single heartless".

Just as he said that as large group appeared behind him. Riku just shook his head ignoring them.

"You won't attack unless there's a key blade out".

And he was right, they just walked right past. The Neo Shadows just moved away. Riku let out a sigh of relief.

"Good". He said to himself.

Riku dropped down to the sand and lay next to Becca.

"She lost him, I can't imagine how she feels".

Riku put his hands behind his head, and started to drift off to sleep, knowing that he would be okay. That they both would be okay.

"I'm sorry. Sora and Kairi. I'm sorry. But I'm further into darkness now, than I've ever been". Riku whispered as he drifted into his dreams.


Friends are never lost in you heart.

Mickey opened his eyes, finding himself lying on his back, looking up into the sky.

"You did it Ray".

With one kick, Mickey was back on his feet looking straight towards the castle. He shook the dust and mud off and started to walk towards the castle, with memories of his friends that he had lost.

Memories so vivid that he swore he heard them speak, speak to him.

"You majesty". He heard them say.

He tried to ignore them, but it was so loud.

But it sounded like it was coming from behind him. Spinning around, with his Key blade drawn he looked into the faces of what he thought to be ghosts. Who he thought to be ghosts.

He saw them, not believing at first, but as reality started to break away from what he knew was fake, he realised that they did stand there. They were safe, but more importantly alive.

"Donald, Goofy!" Mickey sprinted towards them, dropping his key blade as he did.

Goofy grabbed both Donald and Mickey in his arms, giving them a massive hug. Even Donald didn't care.

"Awwh Shucks. Ray, you really did do it. Thank you".


Sitting Alone

Elysia woke up, but in a room. Her room. In her house, on the main Island at Destiny Island.

It was so peaceful. Nothing like it had been. There was no more fighting. No more battles that would put lives on the line, but what had her friends given up to give her this peace.

Elysia pushed herself out of bed. Was she the only one here. The only one on the Islands. Had Liam come back. Where had Becca gone, to her home? Or some place else? Was she okay? Was Ray okay? What about the rest of the Key wielders?

She had so many questions.

She ran down the stairs, completely ignoring her parents that she hadn't seen in months. She pushed open the door, and ran outside.

Nothing had changed, there were still people running around, doing their daily business'. Like nothing had changed.

She sprinted down the street, running towards Liam's house. Just hoping that he was there. Hoping that he had come home, but come home as he was.

She knocked on the door, it opened slowly with a middle aged woman behind it.

It was too dark behind to tell exactly what she looked like but Elysia knew her, from when Liam and her had been good friends. It was Liam's mum.

She looked up at Elysia. "Elysia what are you doing here. Didn't I tell you not to come here any more. He's not coming back".

"But...". Elysia thought about telling her that she had seen Liam, but she knew that would make it worse.

"But what?"

"Nothing". Elysia turned around and walked off, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

She walked through town, completely ignoring everyone who called her name. She walked over to the pier. And sat down, with her feet in the water. Looking over at the small island where all the children used to play. But now it was empty, ever since people started disappearing.

But today it wasn't. There were two people sitting on the beach. Well two figures. She couldn't quite see who they were but she knew in her heart that she needed to go over there. Instead of sitting alone she climbed to her feet, climbed into a boat and started rowing towards the other island.


Strangers become stranger.

Liam walked along the streets. Radiant Garden was quiet at night, with very few people moving around. Liam began to walk towards a place that he had called home but shook his head and turned around. Leon was gone now, he had killed him.

Liam walked into a café, he had never been in it before but for some reason it was the closest to home that he could feel.

He pushed open the door and sat down next to the bar.

The bar man stood in front of him. "Can I get you anything?" He asked.

Liam lifted his face up. "Sorry I just needed somewhere warm. I haven't got any munny".

"Oh don't worry". The bar man poured out a drink. "You look like you've been through a lot. Here first ones on the house".

Liam took it off him. "Thanks".

Liam took a large gulp of his drink, not realising what it was.

His face dropped.

The bar tender just laughed. "Different aii?"

"Just a little. What is this?"

"Radiant Garden's own brew. The only one on this world".

"Wait, I'm sixteen. And what? How do you know about other worlds?"

The bar tender laughed again. "There's no law on something I just created. And I travel a bit. You've got to, when your like me".

"Like you?" Liam wasn't sure what to say.

"It doesn't matter. For now".

Liam shook his head. "I'm sorry but that's not good enough".

"And I'm sorry but now ain't the time".

Just as he said that the door flew open. A man walked in, but his face was covered by the hood of his leather jacket. He took one look at Liam, then towards the bar tender.

"Evening". He said.

Liam kept his eyes on the bar, for no reason apart from he felt as if he was hearing ghosts. Ghosts that would have a motive to haunt him.

The stranger looked towards Liam again. Sitting at the bar next to him, he looked towards the bar tender.

"Graros. Lets have some of that drink again".

Liam's mind was exploding with ghosts. This man's voice, it was like a gun shot through the head.

Liam turned to look at him, from underneath his hood, he could just see brown hair. On his back he carried a blade. But Liam couldn't handle it any more.

"So if your Graros, then who is this?" Liam asked pointing at the man beside him.

"I thought I taught you better than that". The stranger answered before the bar tender could. He pulled down his hood, and looked straight at Liam.

"Leon". Liam felt as if his ghost had lifted, revealing a friend. "I'm sorry".

"Don't worry. You didn't know what you were doing, now come on. Let's forget it. Let's have a new beginning".

"My thoughts exactly". Liam replied.

Graros smiled from behind the bar.

"Looks like my job is done". He said.

In a flash, Graros disappeared. And the entire bar began to disappear with him. Leaving just Liam and Leon standing on an empty plot of land, both holding some of Graros drink.

"Who is he?" Liam asked.

"I don't know. But he wanted to meet you. Whatever for, I don't know. Strangers will be strangers I'm afraid. But we'll meet him again".


And so they found the way.

Ven, Terra and Aqua woke up, in the garden of The Land of Departure. It was where Aqua had originally given them their way finders. It had taken them home. He had taken them, where it had all began.

Ven was the first to stand up. Brushing the mud off of himself. He looked around him, nothing had changed. If it had, then it was back to the way it should be.

He looked down at his two friends as they lay on the ground. The slept peacefully, which Ven thought was pointless because of the amount of time they had been gone. But instead of waking them, he decided to walk back to the castle, to see if his room was still there. It had been a long time.

Aqua and Terra got up moments after Ven walked off. They looked at each other then laughed.

"Still the same Ven". Terra chuckled.

To the path. To a new Journey where it begins again.

Mickey walked into his study surprised to see Minnie sitting there. With hundreds of books in front of her. Mickey walked closer, before she raised her head.

"Mickey". She shouted with joy.

Donald and Goofy walked through the door.

"Donald! Goofy!" She continued.

Minnie looked much older, but still there wasn't that much of a difference between the two mouse's. And luckily time passed slower in Disney Castle than in other places.


After they had all finished with the greetings. It was time Mickey caught up with the times.

Minnie started to explain what had been happening and what she had been doing.

"So you see, nothing has happened. We had an odd mysterious man now and again but apart from that, nothing".

"So now Heartless? No Nobodies?" Mickey asked.

"No nothing. They disappeared as soon as you did". Minnie replied with a relaxed tone.

"I think we have our friend Ray to thank for that". Mickey looked down.

"Ray?" Minnie asked.

"You never met him?"

"No. Who is he?"

"He's... To put it simply, he's Kingdom Hearts".

Minnie nodded her head in understanding. "Where is he?"

"Gone. He gave up his life for us. He found us only to become lost himself. We could honestly say he is the Lost Key".

The two of them looked to the ground for a moments silence.

"But what is next?" Minnie asked.

"There is a young woman I must find. She was one of the key blades newest chosen ones. She knows much about what happened. So my first task is to find her, then the rest of the wielders. And after that it is just a matter of watching our enemies".

"Okay, but please be careful. You may not get lucky twice".

"I will".

That would lead them to war.

Eclipse sat on his throne, looking down at his thousands of subjects. Knights of Darkness. They all drew their weapons as he addressed them.

"Now my Knights! War will be brought to this universe. Once again we shall fight for the rule over these realms! It shall not be long before Pure Light is on our doorstep, but not just them but the Key wielders that trapped us to begin with. We shall soon have control. Soon we shall reach the point of war".


The master of Pure light climbed onto his own throne after making his own speech to his Soldiers. They were ready for what was to come. But with the Key wielders now free, they had another enemy to deal with. Not so much of a threat, but one none the less.

"Soon I will make sure his efforts were for nothing". He said to himself.

A Soldier stood before him.

"Master Solaris. We are ready to move. Ready to strike first".

"Not yet. Let them think everything is safe. To strike an enemy, you must first strike their heart, and the hearts of those closest to them".

"Are you sure master, we have a grand opportunity here".

"You shall listen! Time will show us the path".

"Yes Master".

But the path for the Key is hard, without a star to follow.

Fallan stood alone. He was in some sort of wasteland. It looked emptier than the key blade graveyard and seemed to be a far more demonic place.

The sand that he stood on was dark, so dark that it seemed the whole realm was absent of light. But the sky lit up, like the Aurora Borealis. But with reds, purples and blues.

Fallan was completely silent. More so than ever. The silence was so relaxing but seemed to make him feel so lonely.

"Ray... You should not of died there. It was not now that you were destined to pass. And now, without you... I fear Chaos shall fall on the worlds. The demon shall rise again. I have seen it. War creates Chaos, Chaos fuels the return of the demon. And unless this war ends soon, he will rise. But they need you".

Fallan bent down and placed something in the sand.

"You are the lost key. You were always the lost Key. The Key wielders were lost, but they wield the power. The key blade is based off of us. We are the key, no. You are the key. But the Lost Key".

Fallan stood back up and walked over to a portal that he formed. The portal was unlike any other. As it twirled with the full power that Fallan and Ray had at their disposal. Without Ray, Fallan was able to access much more of his powers. But in travelling in time, Fallan was still stuck to only Ray's time line. And the portal refused to move forward in time from this point. Fallan's greatest fears had come true. Time had changed, Ray had died here, his time had ended.

"My only way is back then. Back to the beginning. Maybe I can learn something, to help me escape Ray's time line. My prison is this realm and Ray's life. Maybe there is more to this realm. But I have time. All the time in the worlds".

He gave everything so they shall be free, they will give just as much to make sure, he did not die in vain.

This is both an end and beginning.

Because the journey to a united world.

Will always leave you, with one Lost Key.

Because to have a united world

One key must stay behind.

To remain in the door, to keep it open

For the worlds, to stay together.

Remember the Lost Key. For everything he gave.

For everything he sacrificed.

That is the story of the lost key.

The story of a boy, who could never live a life.

Because it was taken from him, before he could live.

His life was Kingdom Hearts.

Like many others before him.

The point of war has come.

But can they leave war without him.

Without the lost key, can war ever end.

Only time will tell.

Only time can tell.

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