Okay well this is just something that popped up in my mind one day. If you're like me, when reading fanfics, you think of a good story idea, search it and if you can't find it, you try to write that storyline yourself. So here it is. It's originally a one-shot, but i won't oppose to expanding if you would like

Meet the Parents.

One of the most terrifying things in a relationship has to be meeting the parents. It's worse than the fumbling, awkwardness of your first few dates, worse than gracelessly asking one another to be your only, worse than the first declaration of love, and the clumsily way we made love for the first time, losing our virginity to each other. No, meeting parents is a lot worse. I've never had to meet a boyfriend's parents before. Edward's my first boyfriend, so everything's new to me. So when he asked me to come home with him, this Christmas break, my natural instinct was to run and hide. But I wanted it all with him. He was it for me. The only one I would ever want, so i agreed to go with him.

We met after a football game here, in the University of California. He was here on a scholarship playing football. Edward Cullen, the schools star quarterback. His perfectly graceful play on the field was absolutely mesmerizing and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Watching him get all hot and sweaty was another perk. I'm studying English, and at the time decided it would be a good idea to write for the paper. I had all the skills and references they were looking for, and after a trial run, they asked me to write their permanently. And my first story? Obviously it was the Bears recent win, which meant an interview with the man of the minute himself.

The first thing I noticed about him was that any pictures I'd seen hadn't done him any justice. His piercing, intensive green eyes, beautifully tan skin, from the California heat, bronze mop of what looked like silk smooth hair on top of his gorgeous head, the white tee-shirt he wore was tight on his chest and I could clearly see his six-pack and muscled arms. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and because of that, I'm made a complete idiot of myself. My face felt like it was permanently on fire as I fumbled through question after question.

Half-way through my questions, I couldn't take the humiliation anymore, thanked him for his time and basically ran all the way home. The day after it had been published a bouquet of pink roses arrived. They were the most beautiful cherry colour, and the note read:

Thank you for writing such a wonderful report of my first game.

I feel honoured that I was allowed such a talented journalist to write about me

The flowers can't possibly convey my gratitude enough,

Would you please have dinner with me?

Call me 555-783-834

Edward Cullen

Rose, my roommate, forced me to call him. I was just gonna leave it, he was only being polite and I knew i would only make an even bigger fool of myself. But she stole my ipod and wouldn't give it back till i called him. And i can't live without my music, so i ended up calling. He took me to a very expensive Italian restaurant off campus. He didn't bring up the game, or my report. He asked me questions and offered information about himself. It was starting to feel like a date. When he paid for dinner, and held my hand as we walked to his car, i started to get a stronger feeling that it was a date, and when he kissed me goodnight, i knew for definite it was a date. After that we were pretty much inseparable. He stayed over in my dorm, when Rose wasn't around, which wasn't often, so we were mostly at his apartment he shared with his best friend Emmett.

For reason still unknown, the football couch didn't like Edward having a girlfriend. He said it took his focus off the game and therefore would result in Edward losing his scholarship. He subtly told Edward to break-up with me or he would make his football life hell. If he could have gotten away with it, I'm sure he would have threatened to kick him off the team. Edward told him that nothing would make him break up with me and for a little while Coach Johnson did make Edwards life hell. Running extra laps, extra practises just for him, making him work so much harder. So I came up with a solution. We told everyone we broke up. We acted like we had broken up. You can't understand how hard it is watching all the slutty cheerleaders throwing themselves at your boyfriend and you or him not being able to do anything about it. But it was worth it, Edward had so much more free time. Less practices, he wasn't as tiered, and so what if we could only be in his apartment. We were still together.

That was two years ago. And we're still secretly together. Apart from the secret thing, our relationship is absolutely perfect. I basically live at his apartment, which works out kinda great because Emmett basically lives in my dorm room, with Rose. They're the only people who know about me and Edward and it has to stay that way until we graduate.


*"And don't forget, you need warm clothes. Seattle is cold. Especially in the winter" Edward voice rang down my cell phone. We were leaving tomorrow morning and i still hadn't packed.

"Lots of jumpers, I got it" I giggled. He'd reminded me at least three times i needed warm clothes.

"Okay baby. I just wanted to make sure you are prepared. I'm use to the cold Seattle winters, you're not Miss Phoenix" he chuckled.

"Edward, what if they don't like me?" I asked. He knew I'd been stressing out about this since he mentioned it, but this was the first time I'd actually put my fears out there and asked what he would do if his parents hated me.

"Baby, they love you because I love you. And if it helps you won't be the only one"

Huh? "What does that mean?"

"Jasper heard I was bringing you home, and decided to bring home his girlfriend of two months. Two months Bella. We've been dating for two years. He's only doing this because he wants to be centre of attention like always. If every eye isn't on him and what's going on in his life than he does something dramatic and idiotic, just like this, to wind me up, and I swear..."

"Edward." I interrupted. I'd heard the Jasper rant one too many times. "Promise me you won't go off on one with him. This is hard enough as it is without your parents thinking I made you fight with him because I want all the attention and don't want to share with his girlfriend"

"Bella they won't think that. Jasper and I have never gotten along."

According to Edward, he and Jasper were polar opposites in their personality, which i think is unusual for twins. Edward was always the outgoing sporty type, whilst Jasper was the bookish type, or nerd as Edward called him. Because of his quiet nature, Jasper naturally didn't get much attention. This isn't his parent's fault, its Jaspers for being anti-social. Anyway, every once in a while Jasper would do something impulsive, dramatic and stupid just for some attention. Even if it was negative attention he was receiving. Some of the things Edward told me he'd done, honestly shocked me. It started with tattoos and piercings. Then progressed to, under-age drinking, getting stoned in his bedroom, sleeping with anything that moved and getting arrested all before he moved away to Chicago University. I can't wait to meet him.


"Are you sure I look okay? I could change" jeans and a long sleeved tee-shirt didn't seem like proper attire to meet your boyfriend's parents in.

"Just because we have money, doesn't mean we don't wear casual clothes" he chuckled "Bella, my parents like real people. People, who dress like human beings, eat like human beings and act like human beings. And you're so much better than the average human being so they'll love you" my face must have shown that i wasn't convinced by his speech because he continued "I'm not dressed up, they won't be dressed up and they'll only think you're more superficial and fake if you do. I want them to meet my Bella. And my Bella wears her jeans and Ugg boots with pride" i had to laugh at that. Before this trip I'd never even owned a pair of jeans or Ugg boots in my life. Phoenix and California is too warm to wear either. But his words did offer me comfort and the nerves had subsided until we pulled up in front of a large house in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The large white house contrasted perfectly with the green the forest offered. The house was huge. It had to be at least three stories high. It's was beautiful, so serene and secretive.

"You grew up here?" my jaw was slacked and Edward placed his figure under my chin, pressing lightly causing me to close my mouth.

"It's just a house Bella" and with that he grabbed my hand, entwining our fingers and pulled me into the house. The most beautiful smell assaulted me as we stepped in. Bread. Someone was making bread.

"Edward? Is that you sweetie?" asked a soft voice.

"Yeah, Mom" Edward shouted. A clattering sound could be heard, before a very beautiful woman emerged into the foyer where we were standing. She had short caramel hair that went to her shoulders, no makeup but she was still stunningly beautiful. She was shorter than me about 5'1 maybe. She too was wearing jeans and a jumper, with flour across her forehead.

"Oh!" she yelled. Here we go "I wanted to get cleaned up and changed before you got here. Oh what must you think of me" she said as her hands went to wipe the flour off her face. Not what I was expecting.

"See. She's just as nervous as you are, and neither of you needed to be" Edward said, whilst turning to face me. With that his mother rushed towards me and pulled me into a hug.

"I've been dying to meet you Bella. Ever since he first told me about you two years ago. Every time he calls its Bella this and Bella that. Anyone who makes my boy so happy is welcome in my family."

"Mom" Edward warned, blushing slightly.

"It's lovely to meet you Mrs. Cullen" I said politely.

"None of that. Your family, or very nearly will be..." she gave Edward a wink "...so it's Esme...or Mom if you like" she giggled.

I laughed before saying "you have a very beautiful home...Esme" I added.

"Now, I understand that you two are adults, so I've discussed it with your father, and we both agree that you two can share a room. So Edward why don't you take Bella to your bedroom, and I'll go tell your father you're here"

"Thanks Mom" Edward said whilst giving her a hug. He looked like a little kid in a candy store as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. His room was on the top floor, with only one other room on the floor, which Edward told me was for guests. His room was basically a music store, he had every band, single and album I'd ever heard of. His bed was a huge king sized, that looked like heaven on a mattress.

After unpacking our clothes in Edwards's closet, he pulled me into his arms and buried his face in my hair. "You've already won my Mom over; you'd done that before you spoke two words...just like with me I guess. Believe it or not, my Dad's easier to win over, my Mom's the hard one, so you can calm down now" with one last kiss, he grabbed my hand again and lead me to their living room. Stood next to Esme, was a tall man with bright blonde hair, it almost looked white. He looked like an older version of Edward. His eyes were the exact same shade as Edward green ones. He walked towards us as we approached.

"Dad, this is my Bella" Edward introduced me. I always loved it when he called me 'his' Bella.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Bella. I've heard so much about you" he said whilst extending his hand for me to shake.

"I've heard a lot about you also, Mr. Cullen" I replied whilst shaking my hand.

"Please, from all Edward say about you I feel like I know you as well as I know him. Call me Carlisle."


After all the introductions were made, we decided to all settle down and watch Christmas movies. Edward told me it was tradition in their house. The few days leading up to Christmas was filled with watching Christmas films, eating junks food and just generally vegetating. Edward and I were on one of the sofas and Esme and Carlisle were on the other. He had his arms around me, at first it felt awkward being intimate in front of his parents, but they clearly didn't care. Every time I looked over, Esme would catch my glance and give me a wide smile. She was clearly happy Edward had a girlfriend and it did make me feel good.

About an hour into the movie, I'd finally relaxed into Edward's arms, when their front door suddenly banged open. Edward muttered something like "always needs to make a grand entrance" under his breath. I saw Carlisle and Esme exchange worried glances before standing up and walking to the foyer. Edward too stood up, pulling me with him, and we followed his parents.

Now, when Edward first told me about Jasper, I expected a bad-ass torched soul of a man. That's not who i was looking at. Stood in the front door, was a gangly, scrawny man, who was wearing a button down shirt with a bow tie. A bow tie? He had thin curly blond hair, and had a constant look of pain across his features.

"Mom, Dad, this is Alice" unlike Edwards smooth, velvet voice, Jaspers was hard and cold. no emotion what-so -ever. Stood next to him, was this pixie like girl. She had short black hair, with pink streaks in it. A matching pink dress, that looked way over the top. It was strapless dress that clung to her body tightly. The skirt poofed out and fell to her knees. On her feet were four inch heels. She must be freezing!

"It's lovely to meet you Mr And Mrs. Cullen" she chirped.

"Nice to meet you too dear" Esme replied. It didn't escape my notice she didn't hug this Alice, or ask her to call her Esme. It may be petty but it made me feel good. Edward clearly saw this too because she squeezed my hand and gave me a wink.

"Jasper, why don't you show Alice to the guest room" Carlisle said. Not even welcoming the girl.

"The guest room?" Jasper did not seem happy about this.

"Yes, your mother set a room up for your guest" was Carlisle's only reply; clearly he wasn't happy with them sharing a room.

"Does she have to sleep in a guest room?" Jaspers gaze was locked on me, and I cringed into Edward side. His arms wrapped around me protectively.

"Edward and Bella's situation is a lot different than yours and Alice's" Esme reasoned.

"What's that suppose to mean?" he was seething in anger now. Everything Edward had told me about his brother seemed to be true.

"Well Edward and Bella have been seeing each other for over two years now. They're in a serious, committed relationship. You and Alice have only been dating two months, and your father and i would feel more comfortable if she stayed in the guest room"

"Mom..." he chuckled darkly "we've had sex" earning an elbow in the ribs from his girlfriend.

"The guest room is fine, thank you Mrs. Cullen" she was clearly using Esme's title again to try to get her to ask to be called Esme, but once again, she didn't.

"You're welcome dear" with that they both ran upstairs.

"I wonder where he found this one." Edward muttered

"God knows" was Carlisle's reply before following his wife into the kitchen.

"Your parents don't like her?" I asked. I needed to know the signs of their dislike. So far they'd treated me and Alice as complete opposites, and I just wanted to make sure that it was her they were acting strangely towards and not I.

"Bella, didn't you see the way she presented herself? The clothes she was wearing? Her hair dyed pink? They like real, normal people Bella, and there's no way in hell she dresses and acts like that at her own home. It may seem silly to you, but her not being herself they feel as though she has something to hide" oddly enough it made sense to me. She wasn't being herself and therefore they couldn't get a grasp of who she really is. "I would put money on it that she keeps up this sweet and innocent act, thinking my parents love her, for this whole break. She'll wake up, make sure her hair and makeup is perfect before she even comes to breakfast. They just don't like fake people like that. And why they love you" his voice growing much softer towards the end of his little speech, whilst pulling me into his arms.

"They love me?" I asked.

He chuckled "Baby, my Mom asked you to call her Mom. I've never seen her walk around with such a smile on her face before, and I probably shouldn't tell you this, but when you went to the bathroom before, she made a comment about how beautiful our kids will be"


I awoke early on Christmas Eve. The air was colder, than it had been the past three days we'd been here, and it was an eerily silent morning. No birds chirping, of wind rustling leaves. I disentangled my limbs from Edwards and walked over to the window. White icing sugar had been sprinkled all over the forest, making it look like a Christmas card. There had to be at least four or five inches of snow outside. The sun was shining brightly, which contrasted perfectly with the frozen rain falling from the sky and on the ground. There were footprints on the untouched snow, from the deer and elk that reside in the forest, and larger, human footprints coming from the door, leaving a trail where Carlisle had walked to his car, for his morning at the hospital. I'd never seen snow before and it was amazing.

I pulled back from the window, not wanting the light to wake Edward, and fixed the curtain back in its proper position. I pulled on my boot-like slippers and thick dressing gown, which i was really thankful I'd bought them, because this morning i actually felt like a Popsicle. I kissed Edward's forehead lightly, so not to wake him, before making my way downstairs.

As I made my way downstairs, the uncharacteristic silence seemed followed me, which is why i assumed everyone to still be in bed. So it made me jump as i entered the kitchen to find it occupied by two people. There Alice sat, just like Edward had said, hair and makeup done perfectly, and it wasn't even 8 o'clock in the morning yet. She wore another over the top dress. This time it was a bright orange number, that hugged her body so tightly, she must be having trouble breathing. She was sat at the kitchen table, eyes facing down as she read the Washington Post, about the current political problems of today. The second figure sat the opposite side of the table watching Alice intently. Esme was still in her pyjamas, although she looked as beautiful as she does every day. She was watching Alice, read the paper, as though trying to undercover one of life's mysteries. I couldn't understand why they were both just sat in silence, and why Alice, who still was being made to call Esme, Mrs. Cullen, wasn't trying to win her over. But i couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Morning Esme...Alice"

"Good morning dear, would you like some breakfast?"

"I'll do it Esme, would you like some more coffee?"

"Love some" she giggled.

I didn't offer Alice any. I didn't really like her. I'd tried the past few days to talk to both her and Jasper; both of them just ignored me. So after three days, Edward just told me to not bother, that they just wanted the attention of an argument.

Because it was so cold, i decided to make myself some porridge. I'd never eaten it before, but I'd heard about people eating it in the winter, to keep warm. I served me and Esme coffee, and sat down to eat my porridge. It was actually really nice. I'd told Esme about my reasoning to try porridge, and i could see her now watching me eat. Unlike with Alice, she watched with a smile on her face. Wanting to see the reaction, of porridge virgin.

I'd almost finished the bowl, when i felt two very muscular arms wrap around me and a kisses being placed to my neck. "So this morning, i woke up to a very cold, lonely bed. My beautiful girlfriend nowhere to be seen" he mumbled into my neck. I twisted my face so i could kiss his cheek.

"Sorry, baby. But i was too excited, it snowed!" Edward knew about how much I'd always wanted to see snow, and he always found it funny whenever we watched movies with snowy scenes, how I'd say i wished i was there.

He chuckled lightly before saying "i love you baby" and kissing me on the lips.

"Love you too" I whispered against his lips. I could see both Esme and Alice in my peripheral vision watching us. I'd never seen Alice and Jasper act intimately together. They never kissed; they never even touched each other that I'd seen anyway.

"mmm...let's go back to bed" he suggested. I could hear Esme giggling, and the blush had risen on my face.

"Edward" I warned.

He just chuckled again "I'm kidding, baby. Anyway i want to take my girl out in the snow for the first time"


The thing i loved most about the snow was the crunching sound it made as we walked over it. Edward said that his favourite thing was how the cold temperature made my nose turn red. He kept kissing it, which made me giggle. I was decked out in a huge parker coat, mittens, scarf and a hat. Thats not to mention the four jumpers and jeans with two pairs of tights underneath. Edward did make a comment about the abominable snowman in reference towards me, but i chose to ignore him. Edwards apparently was too manly to wrap up warmly, and only wore the essentials, he wasn't even wearing a hat. He was currently trying to make a snow man, and i was enjoying the view. He had to keep bending over which left me with the most perfect view of his ass. After a while though, he caught on to me, and turned the other way, so he was facing me, not that i mind that view, but it was harder to be discrete. So i did something I'd always wanted to do. Edward was so engrossed in his snowman, that he didn't notice me bend down, scoop some snow up in my hands and create a ball. I tossed it towards Edward, and with a surprisingly perfect aim, hit him on top of his beautiful bronze hair.

His face was the perfect conflict of confusion and shock, so i couldn't help the snort came out of me. His eyes narrowed and he gave me the most mischievous glare I'd ever seen. I knew immediately that i was in trouble. I screamed and attempted to run away but the snow was slippy and caused me to run at a slower speed, Edward in his snow boots seemed to have no problems no problems as i was pelted with what felt like 50 snow balls. I stopped running and turned around to beg for mercy. He must have seen something in my face, because he dropped all his ammo, and just ran towards me. Not for one moment was i afraid of what he was going to do, and truly i had no idea. i trusted him with all that i am, and i love him with everything i am. When he reached me, he bent down, grabbed my knees and tossed me over his shoulder. I squealed as he began to run back down the garden. I loved it when he went all cavemen on me. We'd only made it about half way down the Cullen's garden when...

"Edward! Edward! It's snowing!" i shouted. He chuckled but began to help me to my feet. He slid me down his body, and i was completely pressed against him. His body flushed with mine. The heat from his body hugged me, and it seemed only natural to wrap my arms around him and kiss him. His arms wrapped around my waste and he pulled my impossibly closer, and i was seriously regretting putting so many layers on. He tongue was asking for entrance, and who was i to deny it? His tongue was exploring my mouth, and it was creating the most perfect sensation. At the risk of jumping him, in the middle of the Cullen's garden i pulled away. He was giving me his beautiful, perfect crooked grin, when my eyes finally opened. He gave me one last peck, before grabbing my hand and leading towards the house. My eyes immediately met with those of Esme's, who'd clearly been watching us from the kitchen window. She had a shit-eating grin on her face, which caused my face to combust into flames and Edward to chuckle.

"...and what are they? 12? Acting like a bunch of kids, playing in the snow and making out like teenagers in broad daylight" was the sentiment that greeted us, as we stepped through the back door, coming directly from Edward's lovely brother. He'd clearly been talking about us for a while and hadn't heard us re-enter.

"Oh hush! They're in love" Esme defended us. She knew we were listening, but wasn't giving anything away. Sneaky, i like it!

"There are certain times and a places for acting like that" Jasper argued

"i agree. I mean, Jasper and I are in love and you don't see us acting that way" well the little traitor. I'd never said one bad word to Esme about Alice, and here she was selling me down the river, to pull herself up in Esme's ranks. But i knew Esme like to see affection; she loved watching me and Edward.

"Well i think it's sweet and romantic. There's nothing wrong with showing each other how you feel and in effect letting the world see you only have eyes for each other. When Edward looks at Bella, he looks like a blind man who can finally see, and when Bella looks at Edward, she looks as though he's the only man she's ever seen. They remind me of your father and me. I tell you, that is the stuff true love is made from. And it'll last forever" i could hear the smile in her voice, and i clearly made Edward happy because he leaned down the kiss me again.

"Yeah, your right" Alice replied. There was a squeak of one of the chairs being pushed outwards, rustling of some paper, and then silence. We decided to make our grand entrance.

"bbbbrrr! It's cold out there" Edward chuckled as we entered. My eyes fixed on Alice and Jaspers new position. Alice was sat on Jasper's lap, kissing his neck, whilst he sat there a rigid as ever. He really didn't like PDA, whereas Alice was doing anything to please Esme. But there whole demeanour now looked posed and uncomfortable. Esme wasn't blind, this wouldn't win her over, especially since she likes people to be themselves and Alice clearly wasn't being.

"Baby, do you want some hot chocolate?" Edward asked, whilst filling the kettle.

"mmmm, please" i replied. My toes felt as though they were about to fall off and I'm sure they looked purple.

"so how was the first snow experience?" Esme asked me. She knew how excited i was.

"oh! Esme it was so much fun! We had a snowball fight! Did you see? It was so funny" i felt like a small child on Christmas day, and i felt like a complete idiot but i didn't even care.

Esme just laughed "i saw. You two are so cute together" Alice took that as her que to moan. Loudly. She was still kissing Jaspers neck, whilst her was listening to our conversation, not even paying attention to Alice.

"Edward's snowman got a bit forgotten though, i see" Esme ignored Alice and Jasper, and continued talking to me.

I laughed "yeah, but we can go out and finish later, right Edward?"

"we? I seem to remember someone watching me doing all the hard work, whilst she took it as her opportunity to get the first hit in the snowball fight, i didn't know we were having" he chuckled.

I just giggled and Jasper muttered something under his breath. I didn't hear what he said but Edward must have...

"say that again and i won't be responsible for my actions!" he roared.

"I'm just calling it like I see it" Jasper relied, his eyes now narrowing on Edward.

"Well, keep your opinions to yourself. I could tell it like it is where Alice is concerned, but it's none of my business, just like mine and Bella's relationship is none of yours..." he turned from Jasper and grabbed to two hot chocolates before turning to me "...come on baby, let's go watch a movie"


"your brother doesn't like me very much, does he?" we were lying in bed, on Christmas eve, and this was the last conversation i wanted to be having, but it was on my mind and i knew i wouldn't be able to sleep for thinking about it.

"Bella, my brother is an idiot. Who is he to judge our relationship? I mean, have you seen how they are together? It's so fake. I've never even see them hold hands before, let alone touch in an intimate way, then my mother makes that comment about us, and suddenly Alice is on Jaspers lap. Does she think my mother would actually fall for that? That she's that stupid that she would believe that was a gesture of love? She doesn't like Alice. I heard her talking to Dad, saying that she has no backbone, my mother will make a comment and Alice will do it or act on it. Like today, for example. She hasn't even tried to speak to me. I'm his family too. You've been trying to talk to Jasper, and yet she doesn't offer the same courtesy? I don't like her. there's something not right"

"wow that was some rant, Edward Cullen" i laughed.

His eyes softened as he pulled me closer "sorry baby. I don't want to talk about them, i want to talk about how this is our first Christmas spent together" Last year my mother wanted me home for Christmas and Esme wanted Edward home, so we couldn't spend it together.

"it's gonna be great" i whispered snuggling further into him. I flipped over on my side facing away from him, and just as i knew he would, Edward's arms wrapped around me. He placed three quick kisses on the back of my neck

"I love you Bella" he mumbled sleepily

"love you more" i replied

"like that's even possible" he scoffed.


I awoke Christmas morning to someone sucking on my ear lobe. It was a beautiful pressure he was creating, and one of my favourite ways for him to wake me.

"mmm...good morning"

"Merry Christmas baby" he whispered whilst nuzzling the crook of my neck. After a few minutes of enjoying our closeness, i disentangled myself from Edward and went to retrieve the package from my bag. We'd decided weeks ago that we wanted to exchange gifts alone. He saw what i as doing because he reached into his bedside table and pulled out a wrapped up box. He sat up, in reached out for me, to pull me back to his embrace.

"okay, who's going first?" Edward asked.

"me" i replied whilst handing him the box i was holding. He kissed me before pulling the wrapping off. He looked at the black box, with intrigue ahead of opening it. He gasped when he realised what it was.

"Bella, how could you afford this?" he asked, but i could see in his eyes he loved it.

"never mind that, the point is i could. Do you like it?"

"I love it!" he nearly shouted as he slipped the Rolex watch on his wrist.

"Wait" i said before he'd clasped it shut. I slid it back off his wrist, and turned the watch over, where he read the inscription.

Something special to celebrate our first Christmas together, love you always, your Bella

"baby its perfect. I can't believe you did this." He said whilst pulling me into another long and rather hot, kiss that turned out to be a full make-out session.

We finally broke apart, with the stupid necessity to breath. After catching my breath, i was fully prepared to start where we left off, but he wouldn't have it.

"Later, baby. I want to give you your gift" he whispered against my lips, before pulling away and leaning down and pulling a square shaped box from his bed side table.

I tore off the sparkly gold wrapping paper, and saw a familiar blue box. How could he afford tiffany's?

"Edward..." i began. He'd heard the speech before, and was unsurprised that he was getting it again

"...you haven't even opened it yet...just look"

I pulled the lid off, and saw the most beautiful white gold charm bracelet, with charms that represented our relationship. There was a tiny football, representing the obvious, a pencil for my journalism, a snowflake for our first Christmas together, a heart with and inscription that said 'Edward Cullen's heart', a graduation hat representing when everyone will know about our relationship and a lion because that's what I nicknamed him. My lion, with his bronze main and his sexy growl.

I flung myself at him, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him feverishly. He chuckled and said "i guess you like it?" with that damn gorgeous smirk on his lips.

"I love it, thank you so much" i mumbled against his lips.

We stayed in bed for about half an hour, before Edward told me that if we didn't go downstairs for breakfast now, Esme would be interrupting us.

Breakfast was awkward. Alice was still calling Carlisle and Esme Mr and Mrs. Cullen, and was as make-up'ed and perfect as always. After everybody had greeted with the correct holiday greeting, it was just silent. So i decided to try to break the silence with one last attempt to get along with Jaspers girlfriend, even if I didn't like her.

"So Alice, what did Jasper get you for Christmas?" i asked. I was generally curious, what do you get someone who you've been dating for two months yet felt comfortable bringing them home to meet the parents. She smirked and i knew this was going to be good. After she'd listed off numerous CD's and DVD's i was still waiting for something that held any meaning. But there was nothing else. All he'd gotten her was music and films, and yet she looked elated by that fact. Probably over the amount of things he got her, and yes she had named every single movie and CD she had received.

"What about you?" she asked when she was done gloating over her meaningless presents.

"oh...Edward got me this charm bracelet" i said pointing to my wrist. To be honest i felt a bit bad telling her. Edward had gotten me something so personal and so thought through, and all Jasper did was basically buy her and entertainment store.

Esme gasped "oh let me see" she said as she grabbed my wrist. She asked me to tell her the meaning of all the charms and obviously i did with a smile on my face. Could he be anymore perfect?

My heart did break a little for Alice. She was listening to the stories behind all the charms, her face had dropped after i announced what it was, and i could see she wasn't actually that happy with her gift.

"Yeah well anyone can base a present on facts and the past, but Jazzy bought all my DVD's and CD's based on my personality. He'd really thought about it" Alice remarked and i instantly stopped feeling bad for her.

"Well i love it" i said looking at Edward "it's so personal and there's room to keep adding to it as time goes by" he winked at me in response, as Esme gushed about how romantic her son was.

The plan was to all quickly get changed before meeting downstairs for the presents under the tree. I wasn't expecting anything, which is why Carlisle and Esme's gift shocked me.

"You didn't have to get me anything" i said blushing. I felt bad. How i have known i would have done better than a bottle of wine, granted it was expensive but still...

"oh hush. We did this because we wanted to"

"just ignore her mom. She won't open a gift before complaining about it." Edward chuckled. He was acting stranger than normal. He kept wringing his hands together and pulling his hair more often. I was going to question it, but i decided to let it be. He'd tell me if he wanted to.

I huffed at his comment before opening the gift. It was a black velvet box, and I was once again worried. All Alice got were gift certificates; i was expecting that, i hadn't planned on this! How much money do these people intent to spend on me? Inside the box, were the most beautiful emerald earrings. The green matched Edward's eyes perfectly. I gasped, at the beauty of the jewellery before gushing my thanks to Esme and Carlisle. The both brushed it off saying it was a pleasure.

I sat watching Edward and Jasper, open their assortment of gifts. They both got an ipad and then smaller gifts such as books, DVD's (yes i giggled a bit) aftershave and a few shirts. After the gifts were all opened, i Esme began picking up all the wrapping paper. I went to help, when Edward grabbed my arm before i could move.

"erm...Dad. I think there's one more gift." Both Carlisle and Esme's head snapped towards Edward. Father and son seemed to exchange intensive looks, before Carlisle smiled and handed Edward the small gift. Esme make a strange squeal-like noise running back to her place on the settee. My brows were furrowed in confusion.

Edward took a deep breath before shifting in his seat next to me, so he was fully facing me. His eyes bore into mine for a few seconds before he handed me the gift.


"...just this once Bella, don't say anything just open it" the seriousness in his voice and the deep gaze made me take to square and unwrap the parcel. I was greeted with another black velvet box, but before i could open it, it was out of my hands and in Edwards. My shock must have been clearly written on my face; Edward gave me a smile, before taking yet another deep breath and dropping down on one knee.

"Bella, i have been in love with you since the moment i met you. You complete me, I'm a better person since i met you. The past two years have been the best of my whole life, and i want every day of the rest of my life to be like it. I want to spend it with you. i want to grow old with you, have a family with you, and i promise that I'll make you feel happy and so loved every day, for forever. So please say you'll be my wife. Bella will you marry me?" he opened the box in his hands and revealed the most perfect ring. It was simple, nothing flashy and huge, he knew me so well, and yet i could tell it would have cost a fortune. The diamond sparkled in the glow of the Christmas lights, just like his eyes were. I could feel tears streaming down my eyes, and yet had no desire to wipe them away.

"Yes" i croaked out, nodding as well, just in case he couldn't understand my answer. I wanted no miss communication between us.


"Yes!" i yelled, basically jumping him, wrapping my arms around his neck, as I attacked his lips. A few moments later, i remembered out audience and reluctantly pulled away. He slid the ring on my finger, and kissed it when it was in place. Where it would stay, forever.

"Yeah, well Alice is pregnant" all eyes snapped to Jasper and Alice. Alice's face was red.

"Jasper I'm sick of this competing with your brother. We're not pregnant. Why couldn't you just let them enjoy this moment?" Alice yelled.

"well we're planning it" he reasoned.

"no were not!"

After that he ran upstairs, and Alice begrudgingly followed. As soon as she'd left, Edward's parents rushed over to us to congratulate us. Esme was crying as much as i was, as we embraced. After we'd all settled down, Esme grabbed my hand, pulling me from my seat next to Edward.

"now let's go talk wedding details" she giggled pulling my into the kitchen.

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