"hello Mom? You won't believe what's just happened!" I couldn't contain the squeal that erupted from me into into the phone.

"oh, did you have a good Christmas?" was her reply. Her voice sounded rather bored, and I knew I had rung at a wrong time, but I couldn't wait another second to share the news, I've waited a whole 24 hours, giving them Christmas day to themselves.

"yeah we did but that's not what I wanted to talk to you..."

"...oh that's nice sweetie. What did Edward get you?" she interrupted. How she couldn't hear the excitement in my voice was beyond me.

"well actually that's..."

"oh your father's so sweet he bought me this lovely necklace, I could tell straight away that he didn't pick it out himself. So I found out that he got Sue Clearwater to help him" she laughed into the phone. Her voice was so happy and light, I could only pray that me and Edward would be that happy after 15 years of marriage as my parents are.

"Mom I have some really big news, me and Edward..."

"listen sweetie me and your father have news also. Are you coming home any time soon? This should be done in person" her voice had changed slightly. She sounded almost upset, but it didn't worry me too much, knowing my mother the news would be that the neighbours cats died.

But her words did leave me something to think about. Telling my parents the news of our engagement should be done in person, not over the phone.

"i agree we should do this in person. But I'm at the Cullen's for New Years, I don't know when I can come home, and I want Edward there too..." I trailed off trying to mentally calculate what both Edward and myself have time off to visit Phoenix.

"oh well dear...erm...maybe we could come to California for a weekend or something..." that didn't seem appealing to me. As much as I love Renee and Charlie, having them here would just be a nightmare.

"erm... Bella?" Edward interrupted.

I help one finger up to him, silently asking him to wait a minute. I'd been stood looking out the kitchen window at the snow fall whilst I rang my mother. Edward had silently slipped in, wrapped his arms around me, and was listening to the conversation, with his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Mom can you hold two seconds?" I asked. She agreed, and I covered the mouth piece so she couldn't hear our conversation.

"invite them here." he suggested, and I felt him shrug his shoulders.

"what? Edward I can't do that. I already feel like I'm imposing, I can't have my parents here too. That would be a nightmare for your Mom"

"it was her idea" he chuckled "she said she wants to meet the in-laws. Come one we can't get married, and have our parents not even meet before the wedding."he reasoned. I knew it made sense, but it was a lot of people to have staying at the house, and I really didn't want the Cullen's to feel like I was taking advantage.

"i feel like I'm taking advantage of your parents kindness" I mumbled feeling rather embarrassed to be admitting it. His laughing didn't help me feel any better.

"Bella your one of us now. Your gonna be a Cullen soon." I couldn't help giggle from giddiness at the fact.

"Bella Cullen. I like it" I murmured

"Mrs. Cullen. mmm...I can't wait" he began kissing my neck. "but seriously, there not going to be the only guests here" he nuzzled into my neck.

"Alice doesn't really count. She's Jasper's guest"

"I wasn't talking about Alice." he exhaled loudly "okay it was going to be a surprise for tomorrow, but I've invited Rose and Emmett to stay till break ends. There flight gets in tomorrow."

"really?" I almost yelled. I missed Rose like crazy. She's basically my sister, in every way, and I couldn't wait to tell her the news. I news she would probably pee herself with all the excitement. I giggled at the thought.

"yes really, now please invite your parents over. My Mom will have my balls if you don't" he laughed, but knowing Esme she probably would rip him a new one if he doesn't do what she wants. I laughed so loud it wouldn't surprise me if Edward was now deaf.

"well we can't have that now can we? I'm rather found of your balls" I giggled.

"oh gee thanks" I could practically hear his eyes rolling. "now please invite your parents. The sooner the better"

I pulled my cell back to my ear "Mom? Do you fancy coming to the Cullen's? Edward's parents really want to meet you, not the mention Edward. They've got a guest room for you, and Edward's mom has threatened his manhood if he doesn't manage to get you here" I laughed again, as Edward squeezed my waist for laughing at him.

"oh that is so nice of them!" she sang "when do you want us?" I was actually surprise at her acceptance, I was expecting a fight over this, she hates flying, and Charlie never likes to leave home, they haven't vacationed in ten years.

"will Dad be okay with this?" I asked.

"oh yes sweetie, he wants this news out there as much as I do." now I was worried.

"nothings the matter right mom? Your both okay right?"

"oh dear, yes were both perfectly fine. It's nothing for you to worry about. It's more of a...new lifestyle choice. Okay, well I've got to go check out plane times, for the sea-tac airport. I'll text you the time. Bye sweetie love you"

"love you mom. Tell Dad I love him too. Bye" I replied. I wasn't convince at her reassurance. Something was up. Something bad. Charlie wouldn't come all the way to Washington for something small. A bubble of panic formed in my stomach.

I placed my phone back into my jeans pocket, turned in Edward's arms so I could wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his lips.

"some thing's up with my parents. It's not good I can tell" I told him.

He must have seen the fear in my eyes because he brushed his lips against mine and whispered "whatever it is, we'll deal with it together. I'm hear for you." I smiled and hugged myself to him. Silently thanking him for being who he is.


"so have you thought of who your inviting?" Esme asked. We were both sat, along with Edward, at the kitchen table looking at brochures. I was pleasantly surprise that Edward wanted to be a part of the planning of the wedding. When I asked him about it, he said that he wanted our day to be immaculate and that he wanted an active part to make sure that the day is perfect for me. I actually fell a little bit more in love with him.

"mom we got engaged yesterday. I doubt Bella's had time to think about wedding lists, or anything else" he groaned but couldn't contain the smile from breaking out on his face.

"well I haven't really thought, but I would prefer a small wedding. Just friends and family. Nothing big and fancy. Small and intimate. Well...if Edward agrees?" I looked at him.

"yeah, I would prefer that. I mean what's the point inviting people we don't know or like." he agreed, and now I couldn't contain the smile off my face. "also I've been thinking about the venue. Now, I would get married to you anywhere, you know that, but I think our back garden would be perfect. Obviously is would need to be in the summer, when it's less likely to rain, but it think it would be really beautiful. What do you think?" he asked, one eyebrow inquisitively raised.

"i think that sounds amazing. If it's okay with your parents" I replied, shifting my gaze to Esme, who's face was beaming.

"i would love that!" she nearly yelled "we'll have to hire a wedding planner. We can't do this alone"

"we'll maybe we should stop for the day. Knowing Rose she'll probably kill me if we plan without her" I giggled. Esme laughed and nodded her head in agreement.


my phone beeped letting me know that a new text had arrived. Edward and I were lying on his bed...we were maybe making out a little bit. I pulled away from him, earning a pout as I slipped my shirt back on.

Hi baby girl. Got a last minute flight arranged for tomorrow, we should get there at around lunch time. Don't worry about picking us up, your father has arranged a rental car, he wants to see the sights.

Love mom

I sighed as I texted her the address of the Cullen's place, put my cell back on the night stand, and rolled over to face Edward.

"they're gonna get here around lunch time. They don't need us to pick them up, apparently my Dad wants to see the sights, so he's getting a rental. I tell you, something is up, unless Charlie has had a personality transplant, something is up." he chuckled at my response.

"well Rose and Em are doing the same thing. They told me there getting here at around 10, so we'll just have to wait for them here" he smiled and gave me a kiss.

"do they know? About our engagement?" I asked

"no I thought you would want to tell them"

"yeah I do. I think I'll wait and tell everyone together." I mused "save me repeating myself" I mocked annoyance.

"oh yeah? Be that bad would it?" he asked, whilst tickling me, causing me to squeal and laugh.

"no...no...sto...stop...pl...please...EDWARD...stop!..i was just...ahhh...i was jok...joking..." he finally stopped, picking me up off the end of the bed, where I'd wiggled to, and pulled my back to rest on his chest.

"i love you"

"i love you more" he grinned, and I rolled my eyes, but my face didn't show anything but blissful happiness.


"baby, there gonna be here in half an hour. You need to get up" I groaned as I opened my eyes to see an already dressed Edward, holding a tray with what smelt like eggs and bacon.

I sat up and he place the tray on my lap "mmm thank you" I murmured, as I gave his a chaste kiss on the lips.

As I ate, Edward sat next to me on the bed, stealing pieces of bacon every now and then. I didn't mind, he'd made enough to feed the forty thousand.

"where are your parents?"

"dad's at work, and Mom went out shopping I think. She said she though it would be best if I meet with them separately" I nodded in agreement.

"did you warn them about Emmett?" I asked, once I had swallowed a mouthful of egg.

"no, I don't think he'll be that bad. Do you?"

"Edward the first time I met Emmett what happened?" he looked a little panic stricken at the memory.

"he picked you up on his shoulder, spun around yelling 'wooooh' until you were nearly sick" he muttered "but this is different. I know he'll be fine. Well not you and me fine, but fine for Emmett" I rolled my eyes not believing that Emmett could act normal for anyone.

I jumped into the shower, and quickly washed my hair. I dressed in simple jeans and a long sleaved jumper, because it was still unbelievably freezing. As I made my way downstairs to find Edward, I heard to sound of a car on the gravel. I ran to the door, yelling for Edward. He emerged from the living room and we walked towards the door together.

As Edward opened the door, Rose and Emmett were getting out of their rental car. As soon as Rose saw us she screamed at the top of her lungs...as did Emmett. They were a loud couple. Rose ran to me, still screaming, and wrapped me up in a hug. We broke apart just in time to see, Emmett having picked Edward up in what looked like a bone crushing hug.

"Bellarina!" he yelled and grabbed me


"Em, put my fiancée down before you smother her" his arms suddenly went limp and I fell on the ground.

"ouch" I winched, and Edward helped me up.

"your WHAT?" Rose and Emmett both yelled at the same time.

I giggled and held my hand out for them to admire my ring.

"oh my God, it's beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS" Rose screamed.

"Baby Bella's gonna be a wifey!" Em was still yelling. His excitement was obviously written all over his face.

"Rose, will you be my maid of honour?" there wasn't anyone else I wanted more that Rose to fill that role, so there was no point beating around the bush.

"AHHH! You really want me?" tears were falling down her cheeks.

"of course" I laughed at her questioning. She ran and hugged me again. Still screaming.

"you'll be my best man, right dude?" Edward asked trying to be nonchalant.

"I'd love to dude! Hug me brother!" and he picked Edward up again, whilst me and Rose laughed.

"What the fuck is all the racket about?...oh" Jasper appeared at the front door.

"Jasper, this is Emmett and Rose. There mine and Bella's friends" Edward introduced them, trying to be polite.

"hey dude, what up?" Emmett greeted, as Rose smiled at him and gave a wave.

"oh great. More of Edwards friends. 'cos I was having so much fun with the last one" he scoffed before spinning on his heels and storming back inside.

"who put the stick up his ass?" Em asked, looking very shocked at Jasper's display of hospitality or lack thereof.

"let me apologise now for my brother...he's an ass. Bella's stopped trying to get along with him because he's just a total tool. His girlfriends here too. She's called Alice, she's not much better" he rolled his eyes and began leading everyone into the house. "I'll show you guys your room so you can get settled before Bella's parents come" he grinned.

Most boyfriends would be nervous about meeting a girlfriends parents, so a fiancé should be petrified, but he was his normal cool, collected, charming self. If he was nervous, he wasn't showing it.


my parents arrive, just after we'd eaten lunch. Rose made sure to keep Emmett in their room for a while so we could catch up separately. I dread to think what they're doing in there. Once again the tires on the gravel announce the arrival of our guests.

I ran to the door with Edward, but I think we were both less enthusiastic about it this time. The greeting was more composed and civilised.

"hey mom" I wrapped her in a hug, as she kissed the top of my head.

"hey Dad" and the same action was repeated.

"and this must be Edward" my mother deduced, as he nodded. "well, its lovely to meet you young man. Well in the flesh, not that I didn't enjoy our phone conversation" she laughed.

"it's lovely meeting you too Mrs. Swan." Edward grinned his crooked smile.

"oh none of that. I'm Renee and he's Charlie" she smiled.

"what do you mean 'phone conversation'?" I asked.

"oh well Edward your father and I have been talking to each other for weeks?" she replied as though it was the most obvious thing and I was the worlds biggest moron.

"what? Why?"

"well the boy needed to ask my permission before asking you to marry him." my father answered whilst rolling his eyes.

"you did that?" I asked Edward, slightly stunned.

"well, yeah. I needed to know your father would be okay with it. Call me old fashioned but I just thought that it was the right thing to do...well that was until I felt like a right pansy because your dad laughed in my face, saying that it was you I should be asking" he chuckled. My father joined in and patted Edward on the back. It was a surreal experience.

"well I guess my big surprise is ruined" I mumbled.

We began walking back into the house, with Edward and my father carrying the luggage.

"okay so I think you guys are in the guest room on the second floor, right Edward?" he nodded I response "okay, well I show you..."

"...actually Bella.." my mom interrupted me "...do you mind if we talk now. I kinda want to get it off my chest." the bubble of once again shot through me. And I released a shaky "okay".

Edward grabbed my hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze as we led my parents to the living room.

"would you like me to give you guys some privacy?" he asked. And that instantly made the bubble expand. I knew whatever they were going to tell me would be ten times worse without holding my hand beside me.

"no dear, its fine. I think Bella may need you" my mom smiled.

"okay...what is it? Is it your heart dad? Because I told you, you needed to be more careful with what you eat and you never..."

"Bells it's not my heart" he smiled sadly "it's me and your mother, we're getting a divorce" an icy chill ran through my whole body

"what?" was all I could get out.

"we haven't been happy for years Bella. We only stayed together for you, and then when you left home, we didn't separate for convenience sake. Well...now i've met someone and your father's met someone...we both think it's time"

I couldn't stop the sob that was ripping through my body. Edward wrapped me in his arms, but that only comforted my slightly. This was my parents. They were always meant to be together. The marriage I envied for my own. And it was all a lie.

"so you've just been pretending all these years?" I asked between sobs.

"no Bella, I love your father, I really do...just not like the way I love Phil." my mom answered, her voice slightly panicked.

"PHIL? Who the hell is Phil?" I almost screamed.

"Phil's my new boyfriend. And now your father has Sue"

"the necklace" I cried.

"honestly Bella, I didn't think we'd get this reaction. I knew you would be upset, but I thought you would be happy for us" Charlie raised his voice at me.

"HAPPY? HAPPY?" I screamed "you come here two day after I got engaged and tell me that your getting a divorce. The day after I make a wish that my marriage is as happy and loving as yours and you expect me to be happy?" I cried burying myself in Edward's chest.

"let's give them a moment" my mom suggested and both my parents left the room. Edward rocked me and kept repeating 'shhh' and telling me how much he loves me, whilst I cried my heart out.

Once I'd cried all my tears I pulled my face back to look at Edward. He gave me a sad smile.

"I can't believe this is happening" I whispered.

"i know it seems bad now, and I know they could have had better timing, but you needed to know. It's not fair that they stay together to keep you happy, baby. At least they can live happy lives now. Like you and me" he was so sweet, wiping my tears away with his thumbs and placing a kiss on my nose.

"Edward I know your trying to comfort me, but you don't know what it's like. Your parents have the perfect marriage. You don't need to worry about this happening" I cried a bit more.

"that's not true"

"what do you mean?" I asked

"Carlisle and Esme nearly got a divorce once" he replied.

"what? Why did they...? they seem so happy, what happened?" I was appalled by this, it didn't make any sense.

"when my parents were married they had troubled conceiving. The doctors told them they may never have children, that they should keep trying, but maybe look into other options. They were so determined to have a baby, that they broke all the odds and not only had one but two. After having twins, both my mom and dad thought that they'd had this amazing blessing, and two children was all they were ever going to have." he smiled sadly at me.

"my mom always wanted a girl, but never though it would happen. But when me and Jasper were six, she miraculously became pregnant. After about 12 weeks, they found out it was a girl. My mom and dad were so happy. My mom was out shopping for dresses and girly shit to put in the room" he laughed. "she decorated it, all pink and had the whole room finished before she was even 20 weeks

"the pregnancy was going really well. Up until about 30 weeks. The baby stopped moving, my mom was rushed to hospital, and told that she'd miscarried the baby. I remember them both sitting me and Jasper down and telling us that our sister wasn't coming any more. I was really confused. 'Mommy's tummy was still big, so the baby was still there'. I told Jasper that they were tricking us, so that when she did come, it would be a big surprise and he agreed. Anyway, I think it was two days later, my mom had to go into the hospital to induce the labour. My dad arranged for grandma Cullen to sit us. She fell asleep on the couch, and me and Jasper, were playing...something stupid like hide and seek or something

"anyway, I can't remember why, but we went in Katie's room. The wall's were still pink and the crib was still there but all the toys and crap was gone. We found it in the loft, and decided as a surprise we would bring it down and set up her room for her because 'mommy and daddy forgots'.

"when they came home the next day, without Katie, I remember laughing saying that they'd forgotten her, my dad yelled at me and my mom cried, and yelled back at him saying it wasn't my fault. She broke down once she saw the room. I can't remember much else, apart from my dad moved out for a while, my mom just stayed in her room all day, Jasper and I ended up living with Grandma and Grandpa Cullen for...I think it was about three months. They filed for divorce after almost a year of living separately, but the courts asked them to go through couple's therapy. And it worked. There now stronger than ever. I know its not the same thing, but I do understand baby."

"I'm so sorry Edward. Why didn't you tell me before" he and I both had tears in our eyes.

"It's kinda painful to remember" he released a humourless chuckle. I hugged him to me trying to comfort him. "now, go make it up with your parents. You don't want to lose them over this."

"Okay. Thanks Edward. I love you" I kissed his lips lightly.

"love you more" and the cheeky charming gleam was back I his eye.

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