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To Understand

( NorIce)

If there were these unspoken understandings among the Nordics, one of them would be that their stupid, idiotic (yes I'm showing no mercy with the descriptions) and say clueless Danish friend (?) never learns. Yes, you can take it anyway you like, it's just so true it's kind of irritating- especially inside the head of the youngest member of the family, who is currently the most affected by the older guy's antics. No, it was not fun to be with an airhead who does not understand anything thank you very much.

Now that it's clear, let's go to this one special day when Denmark decided that it would be quite an interesting time to make fun of Norway and Iceland's brotherly bond- or well rather the lack thereof.

"So…Icey my boy, when will the time come, when this wonderful friend of your brother would hear you mutter out 'Onii-chan'?" He said with a rather playfull tone at an offensively close distance from the younger nation's face.

"You're pretty old, maybe when you die."

"…don't be like that Icey." He then proceeds to pat, rather hit really hard without knowing it, Iceland's back. "I know, you want to say it~ O-nii-chan."

"Shut up Denmark."

Denmark frowning at the younger's reactions, turned to the other silent nation in the room.

"Nooooorge! You're brother is being unreasonable again!"

He was ignored.


Iceland kept quiet for a while and Denmark frowned.

"You guys are so mean to your friends…"

"We're not mean to Tino and Belward though…"



"Iceland won't call you onii-chan!"



"Just give it up already." Norway said in a somewhat irritated tone.

"You just answer- wait WHY?"


He turned to Iceland and was about to inquire on his brother's sudden social skills, when Norway decided to talk more.

"Because brothers don't fuck, Denmark.

Let's just not talk about how he understood the situation.

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