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Takes place something like 2 years after they first met. Based on manga – that means Shuichi has black hair (though you should imagine it pink if it's easier for you) and Yuki lives in a house, not an apartment. Also, New York happened. Haven't decided whether to include EX yet, will say so in the future.

Rated M for language and because I don't know what I may or may not include in the story later on (never written a lemon and not planning on writing one though), also, it's probably gonna have some innuendos but, considering that this IS Gravitation, I don't suppose any innocents would be reading it XD

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Chapter One: Shuichi's flu

It was late morning on a Sunday – the one day when Eiri Yuki always sleeps in until noon. This time, however, the blond novelist was woken up earlier than usual by disgusting noises coming from the bathroom right next to their bedroom. After having attempted -and failed- to ignore the noise, Yuki got up with a sigh and headed for the bathroom to see what interrupted his sleep. It sounded like someone vomiting and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the young singer sitting on the floor, emptying his stomach into the toilet.

"What's wrong with you, brat?" Yuki asked his lover when the latter seemed to finally be done throwing up.

Shuichi turned around and looked up at the writer with tired, miserable eyes. He moaned and said weakly, "Good morning Y-Yuki..." The black haired baka looked horrible – his eyes were droopy and tired, with cheeks damp from tears that involuntarily escaped before and he was breathing heavily.

Seeing the normally energetic punk like this squeezed Yuki's once-stone-cold heart with worry. He walked up to the younger man and handed him a damp towel from the sink without a word.

The singer accepted the cloth with a small smile of gratitude and wiped his mouth. Then he flushed the smelly vomit down the toilet and started to get up to brush his teeth but his knees buckled and if not for Yuki, he would've fallen on the tiled bathroom floor. Before the writer could come up with some remark, he saw that his lover lost consciousness and sighed. "Damn brat..." He muttered and lifted the slight boy up into his arms and put him on the bed under the covers. He left their bedroom and made himself some breakfast. 'Shuichi probably caught that stomach flu that's been going around. I'll see how he feels when he wakes up. No use thinking about that now.' Having nothing better to do, Yuki got dressed and went to his study to work on his next novel.

A couple hours later, Yuki paused in his writing to check up on Shuichi. The singer was just sitting up when he came in.

"Good morning Yuki." He greeted his blond lover tiredly with a yawn, as if he just saw him for the first time this morning.

"Morning, brat." The older man replied, surprised at how much better he looked now. He still looked tired and more pale than he should but compared to before, it was a great improvement. "Go brush your teeth." He said and went out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Feeling the yucky, bitter taste in his mouth, Shuichi gladly did what he was told and then dressed himself. When he went to the kitchen to get a bite to eat, Yuki was already there, making him scrambled eggs. This surprised Shuichi, as the novelist was acting pretty out of character, but breakfast was still breakfast so the singer didn't question his behavior.

Hearing someone at the kitchen entrance, Yuki turned around and saw his little baka coming in. He looked surprised at first but then the boy just smiled and walked up to his lover. When he was close enough to smell the apetizing eggs though, Shuichi's face gained an unhealthy green hue and he bolted, running at top speed to the nearest bathroom. It was so unexpected that Yuki just stood there for a second, gaping at his idiot's after image. When he heard the sounds coming from the bathroom, he turned the stove off and hurried to the source of that noise, feeling that annoying worry again.

Shuichi was kneeling on the floor with his head hung over the toilet. His stomach was already empty so it was over quickly and this time, hi didn't feel as weak as before. A few minutes after Yuki came in, Shuichi was done throwing up and got up to clean himself up. Yuki stepped quickly to his side but Shuichi was stronger this time and didn't need the support. "How are you feeling, brat?" If Shuichi had been paying closer attention, he would have noticed the badly masked concern in his lover's voice but it escaped his notice.

After Shuichi brushed his teeth again, Yuki ordered him to go lie down and the younger boy didn't have the willpower to argue so he obeyed the him and went back to his bedroom. A few minutes later, Yuki came in with a thermometer and a hot drink in hand. Shuichi sat up when he saw his lover and already felt better with the attention he was getting.

The writer sat down on the side of their bed and put the hot drink away on a bedside table. "Open your mouth." He ordered the singer.

Shuichi blushe a bit, "Yuki-"

"Are you gonna open your mouth or do you want me to stick it in somewhere else?", He asked, holding up the thermometer.

"Oh.." Shuichi opened his mouth and accepted the thermometer, embarrassed a bit by his thoughts. 'Of course he would've just kissed me if he wanted to instead of saying something like that..'

Yuki was looking at his watch and didn't see Shuichi's blush, for which the singer was grateful. After two minutes of silence, the blond took the thermometer out and frowned. "36.6'C... It's normal.. How long did you stay up last night?" If Shuichi's fainting before wasn't because of high temperature, there had to be another reason for it. And on the night before, Shuichi was still playing his new game on the PS2 when Yuki went to bed. 'How can he be so into that dumb game – Kingdom Hearts or whatever it's called? What can be so entertaining about an idiot kid with large feet and a huge key?'

"Uhhh... Well.." Shuichi lowered his gaze, fearing to tell Yuki the truth. He knew that the novelist would scold him for playing all night when he was supposed to be sleeping.

Yuki sighed, irritated at the young boy. If this keeps up, he'll have to ban him from playing after 9PM – he actually scared the writer a little after collapsing like that before. "It's probably just the beginning of a stomach flu then." He took the hot cup from the bedside table and handed it to Shuichi. "Drink this. All of it." He added, seeing the singer making a face at the lemony smell. "And then go to sleep. You're not allowed to go play until I say so." Yuki got up to leave and winced when he heard the annoying whining he was expecting.

"But Yuuuukiiiiiiii! I have to play Kingdom Hearts! I have to know what happened to Riku! Yuki!"

"I didn't say you couldn't play it at all." Yuki told him annoyed, turning around to look at the childish young man. "Go to sleep now and we'll talk about this later." He went out the door and closed it firmly behind him. Just in case his lover wanter to try and sneak into the living room to play his game, Yuki took out the disc and put it in between the pages of one of his books. There's no way Shuichi would be smart enough to look in here. The novelist smiled to himself and sat down at his desk to continue that chapter he was working on before.

An hour and half a chapter later, Yuki got up and quietly made his way to the hall. 'That idiot should be asleep by now, he shouldn't wake up until I come back.' He reached up and took his coat from the hanger. He got dressed quietly and took his keys and sunglasses. The one time he forgot his shades when going out to town, he happened upon an "Eiri Yuki-san Fan Club" meeting in a coffee shop and had to run for his life when they saw him – he even had to 'borrow' a bike to outrun them. He shuddered at the memory, 'What's up with all those obsessive fangirls? How the hell can they run 50 km/h in high heels?' He locked the front door securely, shaking his head at fangirls' superhuman powers and got into his car.

It was early and a Sunday so there wasn't a lot of cars on the road, for which the novelist was grateful. He already had a sick boyfriend on his hands and didn't need the extra stress of being stuck in a traffic jam. Shuichi isn't someone who gets sick easily. 'I think I've only seen him sick two times in all the time I've known him...'He thought to himself. The first time was before they were lovers, after Yuki had come back from his parents' house and Shuichi got drunk on the night before. The second a couple months after the New York incident. 'And thank goodness for that...' Shuichi could get awfully whiny and clingy when he was sick -even worse than usual- just like a little kid. That one god-awful time when Shuichi got sick while living with Yuki, the writer couldn't get any work done at all, he missed his deadline and had to deal with a pissed-off editor. It wasn't a pleasant memory. 'At least he doesn't have a fever. If I just nip this flu in the bud, everything should be fine...' But dealing with Shuichi was never easy and deep down inside, Yuki had a feeling this would be more difficult than he thought.

He finally arrived at his destination – a large pharmacy, with its own parking even! Usually, most small pharmacies would be closed so early on Sunday but he had hoped that a large pharmacy like this would be open. It was pretty far away but as long as he could get Shuichi cured of his flu, it was all worth it. Yuki couldn't possibly take a clingy, whiny and sick Shuichi any more. He'd freak if it happened again.

The writer parked his car in the empty lot and got out. He locked the car and headed for the pharmacy's main entrance. The lights were on, which gave Yuki a glimmer of hope. This feeling intensified when he saw a woman inside, organizing the shelves and he even smiled a little. The automatic door didn't open but that was okay – they probably didn't expect customers at this time, he'd just knock and ask the lady to open it for him. She turned her head in Eiri's direction – he noticed she was quite young, in her twenties, younger than he'd have expected – she got up, walked to the door and pointed at the sign on the door.

"Sundays – 12.00-20.00"

Yuki looked at his watch and grimaced – it was only 10 in the morning! He couldn't wait two hours here though and he couldn't come back later. With Shuichi, anything could happen within mere two hours if he woke up and saw that his lover was gone without leaving a note or anything. 'He'd probably think I left him cause he got sick...'

The young lady started turning around but Yuki knocked on the glass to get her attention. There was only one thing he could do. He really didn't want to resort to this but there was no other way. When the woman looked at him again, he took off his sunglasses, flashed her a small, irresistible smile and mouthed 'Please?', giving her a look that would melt any woman, especially his fan - and, considering that she was a young woman, the possibility that she loved his books was high. She looked at him like she was trying to remember where she'd seen his face before and a few long moments later, her face lit up when she suddenly recognized the author. She smile at Yuki.. And then pointed at the sign again, shaking her head. She turned and walked away.

It was horrible. She knew who he was and didn't let him in. She didn't think anything of him. Yuki sighed, put his shades back on and- his thoughts were interrupted and he jumped up as something suddenly hit the closed automatic door. He looked up only to see another twenty year old woman plastered to the glass. Her eyes were huge and she had that mad, obsessed look, she was drooling on the glass and looked like something you'd see in a crazy horror movie. 'Shit' Yuki thought. She was one of them. There wasn't even a name for them. The worst kind of fangirl there is. So obsessed, that every thought in her head was somehow connected to the object of her obsession. Yuki wanted to run. His gut was screaming at him 'Get OUT! What the fuck are you doing? Nothing in the whole damn world is worth risking your life for like this! Get OUT!' and he, Eiri Yuki, was frozen with fear as he looked into those maniacal eyes. It was the first time in his life when he was so close to this rare, un-named breed of fangirl. Their faces were mere inches apart, seperated only by a thin, too thin, pane of glass. Before the author could get his thoughts together and run like hell, the doors shook and started opening. Yuki's whole life flashed behind his eyes as the demon-like creature was released. She glomped him and he fell to the floor with his attacker. It was the first time ever that Yuki was grateful to Shuichi for glomping him so often – thanks to having build up sort of an immunity to things like this, the writer's ribs remained intact. It still hurt though. A lot. And he was having trouble breathing. The fangirl's high-pitched, incoherent ramblings going 100 km/h prevented any coherent thought from forming in Yuki's head. It was like she was the perfect predator.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Yuki, the mega-hyperactive blond (imagine hyperactive squirrel + Red Bull) was pried off her prey by the brunette from earlier.

"Jeez, let the man breathe – you'll be crying for ages if you suffocate him now..." She said, holding her friend firmly by the collar of her shirt.

"Ohmygod Eiri Yuki-san I'msososososorryIdidn'tmeantohurtyouI'msorryIhopeyou'realrightohplaseforgivemeI-"

"Thank you..." Eiri managed to breathe out despite his shock, ignoring the rabid fangirl.

"Can you stand?" The calm brunette asked, offering her free hand to help.

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks." He replied, taking her hand and pulling himself to his feet.

"Wow, I'm impressed you can even move, let alone stand up straight! That looked like a pretty hard fall and she hd locked you in a death grip" she said, genuinely impressed.

"Heh.. I've dealt with something quite similar many times before.." A small smile crept to his lips at the thought of his fanboyish baka.

"Well, I'm glad she didn't hurt you. My name's Kathleen and this one over here is Takaya. Sorry for not stopping her from glomping you."

"Yuki Eiri, pleased to meet you, And don't worry about that, I'm fine."

When the blond saw the great Yuki-sama shaking hands with the brunette, she stopped her apologizing rambling. Now she was panting, out of breath, and she calmed down considerably. It still wasn't too safe to let her go so Kathleen told Yuki to follow and led him inside the pharmacy. As he entered the quiet -too quiet- and large shop, Eiri was looking around cautiously, his body tense, watching out for any other females he may encounter. When Kathleen noticed his strange behavior, she told him, "Don't worry. We're the only two people in charge of this section of the pharmacy. No one else will attack you." This relaxed him a bit and he sighed with relief.

They were at the counter now and Kathleen let Takaya go. The girl didn't glomp Yuki or babble at incredible speed. She simply smiled very brightly and said "Hello Yuki-san, it's very nice to meet you. Can I please have your autograph?" She asked nicely and held out a pen and some paper to the author.

This drastic change in behavior was so sudden and unexpected that Yuki had no idea what to say at first. Then he realized what was happening and said "Sure, no problem." He took the pen and paper and signed "To Takaya – Yuki Eiri" in his usual, neat kanji. The girl squaled and thanked him, then asked for a picture. She also demanded that her friend take one as well.

After he was photograph with the two women and had written them both autographs, all at Takaya's request, the brunette finally asked "So what did you come here for, Eiri-san? I don't think you'd show your face and risk injury for just anything."

"yes, I need some medicine."

The brunette waited for him to elaborate and when a silent minute passed, she asked "And what would the medicine be for?"

"Stomach flu, most likely."

"We have several different pills and syrups for that, what symptoms are you experiencing?"

"It's not for me, he doesn't have a fever but he has a very upset stomach."

"HE? Who? Shindou-san? Oh no! Is Shindou-san sick with the flu? Does that mean their album will be released late?" The fangirl cut in.

"Uhhh.. Well, I-I don't know... He'll be fine in a few days... I don't think it'll affect Bad Luck's album release..." Another sudden outburst surprised Yuki and he had trouble thinking straight.

"Anyway..." Kathleen ignored her friend's ramblings and continued, "If it's just an upset stomach, I think 'Stomach-Flu-Be-Gone' syrup should be fine. You'd need a prescription for anything stronger anyway."

"Yes, that should be fine."

"Okay, the dosage for adults is 3 times a day – in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and then in the evening before going to sleep. It should cure the upset stomach in five days at the most."

"That's perfect." Yuki nodded and paid for the product. He was let out of the shop and hurried to his car, still shaken after the bizzare incident. Both women expressed their hope for Shuichi to get well soon, one louder than the other.


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