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Chapter 6 – The doctor's verdict

"Stop that." Yuki snapped when Shuichi was using the empty chairs and his body as a drum kit. The younger man clasped his hands together and pouted, trying desperately to sit still. He was so bored though, that when he tried to keep still, he started shaking his legs, annoying Yuki further. The older man put a hand on the boy's knees, "Stop. It." He glared at the boy but the singer wasn't intimidated at all. He actually enjoyed annoying Yuki because that at least provided him with something to do.. And a reaction from the writer...

"But Yukiii!" He whined "I'm bored! Bored! There's nothing to do here! If I only had my game boy or something!"

Yuki closed his eyes and slowly counted to ten. He opened his eyes and, seeing Shuichi fidget around, closed them again and took a deep breath. They've already been sitting here for 35 minutes. Though to the writer, it felt like a whole decade had gone by.

"Shindou Shuichi!" The receptionist called out.

'Finally! Just a few more minutes and we'll be on our way home. I'll know what's wrong with Shuichi and will finally be able to get back to work.' Shuichi jumped up, startling some people sitting close by, and was bouncing around Yuki as they made their way to the doctor's office. 'Where the hell does he get all that energy from? Is this really the same person that was throwing up and looking like death just over an hour ago? And he hadn't even had any breakfast!' Shuichi was a mystery in and of itself so Yuki decided to just leave it – it's not like he could ever figure him out so why even bother?

They both sat down in the chairs opposite to the doctor. Doctor Young was in his own seat, looking at a bunch of papers with a weird look on his face. "Hello again. Shindou-san, would you mind sitting on that table over there please? I'd like to take your blood pressure again and listen to your heartbeat. I have to be 100% sure when I tell you the reason behind your sick stomach..."

"S-sure..." Shuichi said, going over to the table. 'It must be something pretty serious if he wanted to examine me again.'

After the doctor had finished his examination and prodded Shuichi's stomach a bit, he straightened up. "Hmm... Now I'm sure of it..." Yuki stood up and walked over to his lover's side.

"Well? What is it?" He demanded, irritated and slightly worried. The doctor was starting to scare him.

"Well... There's no way around it, I suppose I'll just have to come out and say it... Congratulations, you're having a baby!"

A minute of deadly silence followed this bizarre statement. Shuichi thought they were being Punk'd and was looking around for the crew and cameras, "Good one" he said to the doctor, "So where's Ashton? But seriously – what's wrong with me?" He was surprisingly calm, not himself at all. Then Yuki suddenly snapped out of his shock.

"WHAT? What the FUCK? Is this supposed to be a JOKE!" He jumped over to Doctor Young and grabbed him by the collar with both hands, lifting the man up into the air a bit. "Shuichi isn't a fucking woman! He's a GUY! Believe me, I know! I would know if my LOVER was a fucking WOMAN! Now quit this stupid little joke of yours and tell us what's really wrong with my goddamn boyfriend! I swea-"

"EIRI!" Yuki was suddenly interrupted in his rant by Shuichi who was still sitting on the examination table, looking really pissed off. The fact that he just called the writer by his first name – and in such a sharp tone too – made him stop and look back to his lover, the scared doctor still in his grip. He hardly ever called Yuki by his first name... "Stop that! You're embarrassing me and nearly choking poor Doctor Young!"

Yuki released the doctor and was shocked speechless. HE was embarrassing Shuichi? In what world? He gaped at his lover as if he suddenly morphed into a fire-breathing dragon.

"T-thank you..." The doctor, still in a state of slight shock, said to Shuichi. Then he turned to the writer, "I assure you, Yuki-san, that this is no joke. I can't believe it myself but it happened before, somewhere in America and-"

"Yeah, I heard about that too, the guy was a fucking tranny." Yuki said, annoyed. "Shuichi? Are you a transvestite?" He turned to the boy and asked him straight out.

"What's a transvestite..?" He asked, looking up at Yuki, confused by the weird question.

'Of course..' Yuki thought 'He's buddies with one and doesn't even know' He sighed with exasperation. "A person that changed gender. Like Yoshiki."

"Oh, then no... At least I don't think so..."

"See?" He told the doctor, "He's all man – physically at least – so there's NO way in hell HE'd get pregnant. End of story. Run your little tests again."

"But.." The doctor was obviously pretty confused by everything "But the urine sample.. It clearly showed that..."

"Oh yeah, about that..." Shuichi spoke up, "That was the wrong cup.. I forgot to tell you..." He said sheepishly. "There was already a full cup there and it had no label on it or anything so I gave it to you and you took it and told me about the blood sample before I could tell you that it's not mine... Sorry about that" He laughed, embarrassed by the situation.

Yuki and Doctor Young just stared at him. It was just like Shuichi to do something like that...

"Oh... W-well then... In that case... You're sick with stomach flu, Shindou-san. I'll prescribe you something..."

"But wait just a damn minute! What the hell! I got him a syrup for the flu over a week ago and it didn't do anything!" The writer fumed.

"But stomach flu is a viral disease, Yuki-san. You can't simply cure if with a syrup.. You can only ease the symptoms with some antibiotics. What is the syrup called, may I ask?"

"Stomach-flu-be-gone." Yuki replied.

"Well, it looks like you got ripped off, Yuki-san... Even the name sounds dodgy!" The doctor laughed, glad to have cleared everything up. Yuki just grumbled something illegible and sat back down in the chair.

"This" the doctor started writing something on a piece of paper "Should help with the nausea." He stamped the prescription and handed it to Shuichi. "Take these pills three times a day for five days and you should get better soon. If there's any complications or the symptoms don't ease up, call in to my office again. Try to stay away from strong tasting or smelling foods and start off easy, with some bland soup. After you've been taking these pills for 24 hours, you can move on to something more substantial."

"Okay, thank you!" Shuichi said cheerfully and hopped off the table. He grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. "Are you coming, Yuki?" He called out to his lover who was still sitting in his chair. The writer sighed again and followed the boy out of the office. He was too tired to even think about what just happened and it was still early!

"I swear, the next time you get sick, I'm sending you away to your parents or somewhere – anywhere as long as it's not my house..." He grumbled low to himself.

"What?" Shuichi asked, not having understood anything Yuki just mumbled under his breath.

"Nothing, come on." The writer sped up. He just remembered that he kissed the dumb brat before and needed to get some vitamin right now.

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