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It was a frigid day, deep into December but despite the temperature the streets of muggle London were bustling.A light dusting of snow clung to the sidewalk and brightly lit storefronts winked invitingly.

Mrs. Parker was currently peaking at a display of snow globes, wondering if her small granddaughter would enjoy one.

Her musings were suddenly interrupted as she was bumped from behind, sending all her shopping bags tumbling to the ground.

She heard a girlish squeal emit from her attacker, "oh, daddy look!"

Mrs. Smith turned her head to the left and caught a full view of bright red hair. The young girl's nose was pressed to the glass, only allowing half of her pretty face to be seen.

Behind her came a scolding male voice, "Lily Potter! Apologize to the poor woman."

Potter that sounds familiar, she thought.

A man with a mess of black hair hurried up to them and scooped up Mrs. Parker's bags.

He straightened up and she had to suppress a gasp, suddenly realizing why the name sounded so familiar. His bright green eyes seemed a mixture of confused and resigned as she stared at him frozen, not accepting the bags he was attempting to return.

The little girl, Lily, grabbed his free hand and addressed Mrs. Parker, "I'm sorry I really didn't mean to."

She then turned to plead to her father, "The snow globes are just so pretty daddy."

Mrs. Parker, still in shock, slowly took back her purchases. "Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?"

The man looked at her a bit wearily before saying, "The one and only." As though he got asked this a lot.

Mrs. Parker tried to reconcile the small, knobby kneed child with baggy clothes and taped glasses with this tall, fit and sadly the most shocking; happy, adult.

"Wow...um, I'm Mrs. Parker, your third grade teacher. How have you been? How are your aunt and uncle?"

Harry's smile seemed to grow a bit forced.

"Oh, I'm great, I'm married with three kids. Lily here is the youngest."

He said, ignoring the last question, which Lily, bursting with energy and waving ecstatically, answered for him, "Hi, do you know the Dursleys? James said he overheard mommy and Auntie Mione say we never visit them because they made daddy sleep in a closet."

At this point Mrs. Parker's memories seemed to overwhelm her, she flashed back to the broken glasses, his skinny frame...

He'd always been somewhat of a mystery to the teachers. His aunt and uncle were fairly well off and yet he came to school in clothes five sizes too large.

His looks most certainly came from his father's side as he looked nothing like the rest of the family.

That or his mother and her sister were complete opposites, as the staff could only assume by seeing their children.

Harry was small and skinny with crazy black hair and vibrant green eyes. He was quiet, intelligent, modest and polite whereas Dudley was overweight, rude, blonde and spoilt.

There was also the matter of the odd events Harry seemed to attract, which set him as the instance in which he somehow managed to get on top of the school roof, and to this day she still could not fathom how Harry had turned her hair bright blue.

The adult version refused to meet her eyes, looking uncomfortable as astonishment and horror showed plainly on her face.

"Lils, you should know never to listen to James." He said, chuckling weakly.

"My oldest son is a bit of a practical joker."He explained to Mrs. Parker who was still slightly suspicious but decided to steer to safer ground.

"So, what do you do for work?" She asked, eyeing his simple but high quality clothing and his daughter's pretty green dress and dark pea coat.

Lily began to answer, "Daddy's the boss, he's in charge of all the other auro-"

Her father cut her off, "Detective. I'm head detective." He said hastily.

Lily didn't seem to mind the interruption and continued, "Yup, and mommy writes for the Daily Prophet."

Mrs. Parker looked at Harry who seemed to be attempting to silently communicate to his daughter to stop talking.

This failed as she continued to look oblivious and tugged on her father's hand, "Hey daddy can we get some muggle candy? Al said to get him some lemon drops."

Harry smiled as though at a private joke. "Sure Lils, did James want anything also?"

Lily frowned adorably, "Yes, but I like Al better. James pulls my hair, he doesn't deserve candy."

Harry chuckled and Mrs. Parker smiled, though she was confused. What did muggle mean?

Harry turned back to her, "Well, it was nice seeing you again Mrs. Parker but we've got some last minute Christmas shopping to do." He said with a grin, putting his hand out.

"It was good to see you too." Mrs. Parker managed, still somewhat in a daze, shaking his hand.

Harry and his daughter began to walk away, swinging their clasped hands back and forth as Lily said, "Can we get Granddad some new plugs for his collection?" and Harry answered, "Great idea Lils, he'd love that."

Mrs. Parker watched their retreating backs, thinking that was one student who would always be a mystery.

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