Ok, here we go! I loved this film and I loved Loki and I wanted to write this funny little story of Loki's recovery and eventual... come back (?) as the big bad for the avengers. It's not going to be too long, because I don't want to get into the Avengers stuff until it actually comes out... so ya... I am going to sort of set it up and eventually there will be interaction with S.H.I.E.L.D. but in the meantime, road trip! Anyways I hope you enjoy this, It is going to be kind of comedic (hopefully) or more likely have a comedic tone to it... but this is Loki and he is kind of messed up... and has the potential to be one bad dude. So ya. It's gonna be crazy. and fun.


Penny Holden had been having a very bad day. She had woken up late and had to cut her morning routine extremely short. Despite the modifications she was forced to make to said routine her morning bus happened to come six minutes early and she watched it drive away as she arrived, out of breath, at the stop.

After spending much needed money on a taxi to take her to work she arrived four minutes late to the extreme disapproval of her supervisor. She then proceeded to work away tirelessly and at her first chance she made her way to the coffee machine; only to find it empty. After making a new batch of coffee, she was pouring herself a cup when Stan, from the cubicle three aisles down, bumped into her causing her to pour the coffee on herself. Slightly singed and coffeeless Penny sat down and resumed working.

After work she came home to a messy apartment and a phone message from her mother reprimanding her for the direction her life was headed, though it did end with a sweet, "Ok, love you, say hi to Blake for me… and ask him, where's that diamond ring?" She had deleted it instantly.

After doing the dishes and a general tidy up, she received a call from her boyfriend, the aforementioned Blake, explaining that he was working late. She fixed up some pasta only to find out that the cream she had been intending to use for the sauce had gone bad. She made a trip to store where she had to return a bottle of Advil to the shelf because she had forgotten her wallet and had only enough money for the cream.

When she returned home she found her neighbour's dog relieving itself outside her front door. She shooed the dog away and proceeded to escape indoors only to return outside once more with disinfectant and a rag. After looking after that she returned to her kitchen where she discovered that she had left the oven's element on and the pasta noodles had burned to the bottom of the pan.

She called Blake and begged him to bring home a pizza and he surprisingly obliged. Often Blake was one to judge her affection for junk food, he just wanted Penny to 'be the best she could be', however, this evening he didn't even put up a fight. After dinner he suggested that they take a drive. Penny happily agreed and hopped into the car that she had originally purchased. Blake's job was just outside the city and he had to leave much earlier than Penny in the mornings; she enjoyed the sparse car rides that she got to experience; as Blake's preferred medium to any place in town was to walk.

As they drove out past city limits Penny thought that her day just might be getting better as she realized Blake was taking her to their special place, it was a beautiful meadow where the city dwellers could gaze up into the sky and see the stars as they never had before. She had taken Blake there on their first date.

As she looked up and saw the stunning blanket of stars she felt the bitter day leave her and she turned to Blake with smile on her face. This smile disappeared as she took in his nervous expression.

"What's wrong?" Penny studied his face carefully, his eyes darted away from hers, and, was he sweating? Suddenly she felt her heart rate speed up, and her smile returned, "What's going on Blake?"

If Blake sensed what Penny was currently imagining he didn't show it. Instead he made a horrible sort of whalloping sound in an attempt to stifle some deeper cough noise thing.

Penny tilted her head in confusion, thoughts of a proposal dashed from her mind, "Everything okay Blake?"

Blake turned to her with despair across his face.

Penny felt her heart drop, "Honey," she cooed as she took him in her arms, "What's wrong? Tell me."

Blake pulled away from her. "I'm sorry."

There was a moment of silence before Penny tentatively smiled, "For what?"

Blake ran a hand through his hair and wiped a tear from his eyes. He looked up at her again, composed.

"Penny," he inhaled deeply, "I can't do this anymore. There's someone else."

Penny's small smile was frozen on her face as she blinked slowly in an attempt to gracefully digest what she had just heard.

Blake continued, "I'm sorry, I'm just so taken with her. I love her. We didn't mean for it to happen but it did and we're sorry… Penny, say something."

Penny's face had fallen and her mouth had dropped. She concentrated on breathing in and out. Blake reached out to her but she shied from his touch.

He sighed, "She said you'd react this way. Jeez, we both love you so much."

Penny frowned, "She… oh my god."

She felt as if a dagger had plunged into her back.

Blake tried his best to look comforting, "Yes, it's-

Penny squeezed her eyes shut and muttered under her breath rapidly, "DontsayitDontsayitDontsayit"

"Becky, me and Becky, it's crazy but it's real." Blake couldn't hide the smile that crept onto his face as he spoke of his new love.

Penny glared at him. And then suddenly she broke into laughter.

Concern immediately jumped to Blake's features, "Penny? What's so funny?"

Penny sighed as her laughter died, "One," tears began to form under her eyes, "Becky has kept me up to date with your little escapades, I just didn't know it was you, but you know, I'm her best friend so she tells me everything!" she whimpered slightly and then softly added, "Everything."

Her anger leapt again, "And two, I'm imagining you getting hit with one of those cartoon anvil thingys."

Blake raised a concerned eyebrow.

Penny watched as he advanced towards her but then a noise made him stop. It was a whooshing noise; unfamiliar to Penny. She glanced upwards through watery eyes to see a dark figure descending rapidly towards them. She gasped aloud as it got closer and shrieked as it hit her ex-boyfriend.

For a brief moment everything was still and the only thought on her mind was, Holy shit, I think I just wished an anvil on my boyfriend… and it worked. And then she was running to Blake's side, he was unconscious but still breathing and maybe a little scratched up, not to mention his shoulder was at a weird angle that she did not think was natural. She turned to the dark figure only to discover it was a man.

Inhaling sharply she leapt up and ran to his side. He was striking really. And still. Pale skin framed by black hair and fine features. And then he was moving and his eyes opened and Penny stared into the startlingly pale grey-blue eyes that seemed to be made of ice. She swallowed nervously as the man groaned and let his head fall back. His arms wrapped around his chest in an act that stemmed from what Penny guessed was pain. She noticed his strange attire, some sort of metal get-up that looked like something out of Medieval Times, complete with a deep green cloak.

Hesitantly, she touched his shoulder lightly. He raised his head once again and squinted up at her, "It's going to be alright. I'm going to help you." She watched as his head dropped again. She grabbed her cellphone as Blake came to. She called 911 as she went back to his side and answered the operator's questions as she smiled at Blake, as he seemed to be alright. She grabbed his hand, "Are you okay?"

Blake raised his free hand to his head and looked around, "Ow."

They laughed half-heartedly together for a moment. And then Blake turned to her, "Ya, I'm okay. Possibly concussed and I think something is broken because I am actually in some intense pain but… okay." He looked around wincing, "What the hell happened?"

He looked at her with an incredulous smile, waiting for an answer.

Penny felt her own smile fade as it all came back to her. Her lip trembled, "With my best friend." It was all she could say. She tore her hand from his as tears began to fall.

Penny got up and began to stumble away from Blake. The ground beneath her feet felt shaky and suddenly she tripped over herself. She fell into someone else. The man. He had been standing, a little shaky himself, staring up at the sky. And now they fell together. As Penny straightened herself she looked at him and then looked wildly around her. "Where did you come from?" The words came out through little stifled sobs.

The man only looked at her with eyes that seemed endless. He winced slightly and gently pushed Penny away from him.

Penny got up, for what felt like the fiftieth time, off the meadow's floor and created more distance between herself and this stranger. She turned her head as she heard the ambulance's siren approaching.

She ran out to the road and waved to the ambulance. They pulled up right alongside Blake's car and almost instantly paramedic's leaped out of the back. She led them to Blake and watched as two paramedics lifted him on to a stretcher. After they loaded him into the back the paramedic turned to Penny, "And what about you two, are you alright?"

Penny nodded, "I'm fine but he's-

She stopped short as she turned to look at the mysterious stranger. He was standing and wearing completely different clothes.

"I am alright." His deep voice echoed out for the first time.

Penny just stared.

The paramedic nodded, "Alright, well, would either of you like to ride with him? His condition is stable but if you'd like to be by his side…"

"No." Penny's voice sounded stronger than she felt. "No but I will call someone, so that someone will be there at the hospital. And he can tell you any details of what happened. I don't know what happened," her eyes darted briefly to the strange man, "I'm going to go home now."

The paramedic nodded, though he seemed to remain unsure.

Penny sighed as more tears begin to fall, "Look, he just dumped me for my best friend and then out of nowhere he…," once more she glanced at the man, "He.." she let the tears get the best of her.

The peculiar voice sounded again, "I fell on him."

The paramedic raised an eyebrow.

The man shrugged and walked forwards, closer to the paramedic, "I was simply scaling the…" he pointed and raised his eyes upwards, not in the direction he came from, fell from, but closer to the road.

Penny followed his gaze and realized he was pointing to the telephone wires. She saw the odd expression on the man's face and decided that she would come to his aid, "Telephone wires."

The man turned back to her briefly, a look of subtle scrutiny on his face, before continuing, "Yes, the telephone wires."

The paramedic looked back and forth between then man and the wires, "Are you alright sir?"

The man grinned seemingly sheepishly, "Yes I am. This poor gentleman got the worst of it I am afraid. You see I believe I have had more than my share of the drink this evening and got it into my head that it be a marvellous idea to scale the telephone wires, and when these two attempted to talk me out of my ridiculous idea I was momentarily startled and lost my grasp." The words flowed easily from his lips as if he had recounted this story every day of his life.

The paramedic nodded, "Well this is certainly a first for me," he grinned, "Stay away from telephone wires alright kid?"

The man returned the smile and inclined his head, "Of course."

The paramedic turned to Penny once more, "Sorry about your boyfriend. You'll get home ok?"

Penny nodded and watched as he returned to the ambulance and it drove off towards the city.

For the next few moments there was only stillness as she stared at the disappearing taillights. Then she allowed her eyes to focus on something much closer. She stared at the back of the weird, quick-changing, falling-from-sky-but-then-lying-about-it, man.

He turned to her and gave her a sort of half smile. "I do not think it wise for me to go to your hospital."

He offered this simple sentence as if it explained everything.

Penny wiped away fallen tears. "Oh. Okay." She let out sarcastically. She shrugged. "Whatever."

She opened the car door with more force than necessary, and then added, under her breath, "Today sucks."

Before she hopped into the front seat she turned back to the man, "Okay…" she looked to him, wondering if he might offer up any further explanation.

Instead the man raised a hand to his chest again and took a step backwards. His other hand clutched his stomach as his knees wobbled slightly and he staggered back further. Penny let go of the door and jogged slightly over to him, she reached out and steadied him, "Maybe it would be wise?" she echoed his peculiar wording.

The man waved his hand, dismissing the suggestion of the hospital. "I should not go there."

Penny glanced around helplessly as she felt him waver in her grasp, "Okay, well, I have a friend who is a nurse; can he take a look at you?"

The man opened and closed his eyes slowly and grabbed onto her arms. He raised his eyes to meet hers, and hesitated for a moment. Penny felt like he was attempting to discover if he could trust her, as if she was the one who had fallen from the sky.

He nodded heavily, "Yes."

And then he collapsed on top of her.

A/N: Ha ha ha? Thank-you for reading, I'd love to here what you think. And I know that I'm outrageously mean to Penny in this chapter but I find it tragically funny/I hate bad days and they suck.