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The next morning was uneventful. Penny used Loki's magic cash to pay for their hotel, and vowed that they would stay at a nicer place next. There was a complimentary breakfast and Penny introduced Loki to cereal; after some pancakes and some 'Mini Wheats' they were on their way.

In the car, Penny noticed Loki subtly moving his head and stretching his neck, "You okay there? Is your neck sore? Did you not sleep well?"

Loki became still and slid his eyes over to meet her, "I slept well enough."

Penny smirked, "But…"

Loki sighed, dismissing the notion that Penny was far too observant, "This vehicle is convenient… however it is becoming more uncomfortable."

Penny nodded and with false cheeriness added, "And we still have two more days to go!" She glanced over to him again, "Hey how are you feeling? Two nights ago you were fading out of consciousness."

Loki grimaced, "I am quite well now. Nourishment and rest has done its duty."

Penny laughed, "Liar! Oh my goodness, you can tell me, no judgement here. Something is up with your chest; it was really bothering you when you first… landed and I can tell even now that it is still messed up or something."

Loki scowled, "I have recovered quite nicely, and I have nothing more than a minor infliction upon my chest."

Penny's smile disappeared, "Oh no, it's not in your lungs or anything is it? You're not gonna have an asthma attack and need medical help from me because I do not remember CPR-

He shook his head and cut off her slightly panicky rant, "Nothing internal. I was… fighting my brother. He placed his hammer on me."

Penny gasped, "He hit you with a hammer! In the chest! You have a brother?"

Loki shifted his weight slightly in the seat, "Yes, I have a brother." Though I suppose not in actuality. "He did not hit me with the hammer. He put it on top of me. It is extremely heavy."

"Oh… so it's ok now, not going to flare up any time soon?"


The conversation came to a lull then, Loki lost momentarily in memory and Penny trying to remember something she felt was nagging at her. After a couple of minutes her eyes lit up, "Wait! Hammer, and Norse gods, the one with the lightning! Ra? No that's Egyptian. And it's not lightning, thunder! Thor! Your brother is Thor?"

Loki was only slightly offended that she knew who Thor was, "Yes."

"Isn't he like the king or something?"

Loki was a little more than slightly offended at this comment, "No. He is not."

Penny scrunched her face, "Oh, well he's like a big deal or something right? Who's the king then?"

Loki sighed, "Thor is revered by many. Odin is our king."

Penny didn't miss the acidic tone he used when he said 'revered' and then another thought popped in her head, "Wait, Odin, as in you are Loki Odinson… son of Odin?"

Loki gave her a small nod.

Penny attempted to push her excitement away, "So you're a prince?"

A far-off look entered Loki's eyes as he answered honestly, "I am the son of a king. Yes."

Penny bit her lip, "Should I be calling you 'your majesty' or 'his Royal Highness Loki, prince of… Aslan."

Amusement spread across Loki's features, "Asgard. And no, Loki will suffice."

Penny grinned, impressed, "Cool. Very cool."

She turned her iPod on shuffle and was silent as she processed this new information. It was certainly interesting; she was beyond thrilled to learn more about her mysterious road trip partner. There was definitely more to be learned, she could tell that there were things Spaceman wasn't telling her, things that she thought were possibly bothering him. It was because of this that she hadn't pressed him for more information about his brother. She recognised the name Thor, and she remembered that he had a hammer but other than that she didn't know much. Other than the fact that she had thought he was the leader of the gods… which was not true. She had caught on to the animosity that Loki had towards his brother, although she supposed it was rather obvious as he had mentioned that they had been fighting. Penny guessed it wasn't some squabble that involved Thor borrowing Loki's favourite cape without asking. He was difficult to figure out. She wondered if she should even bother attempting to decipher all of the little subtleties that were beginning to give him away. She wasn't even sure what they gave away. Her thoughts were cut short as a Bif Naked song began to play from the car speakers.

'Spaceman'. It was the insanely catchy song, 'Spaceman'. Her eyes widened and her lips pursed as she attempted to suppress laughter. With each 'oh-awoah-aaha-aaha-ahaa' she felt herself losing the battle to hide her giggling, when the chorus returned she was practically hyperventilating whilst preventing the unwanted chortling.

When she stole a glance over at her own Spaceman she was startled to find that he was looking at her intently with an expression of bemused enjoyment.

For a moment his expression hardened, "Are you laughing at me?"

Penny sobered instantly, "No! No, no, it's just this song…"

The icy look vanished and the mirth returned, "Care to share?"

Penny's mouth twitched, "Did you mean to rhyme there?"

"No. What about the song?"

Penny cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair, "Well, when you first came. You fell out of the sky and you could do crazy things and you were wearing a metal outfit… so, before I knew your name, I called you Spaceman in my head." She smiled pleasantly.

Loki looked out beyond the road, "Spaceman. What a very mortal thought."

Penny shrugged, shaking off his condescending tone on 'mortal', "And then this song came on and it was just funny in the moment."

Loki raised an eyebrow before watching his window again.

Penny smiled and turned her full attention back to the road.

Loki stole a glance back to Penny. She was a charming little creature. She was funny, both intentionally and even when she didn't realize it. He hid his own smile. Spaceman. She had called him Spaceman in her head, which would imply that she had been thinking of him. Which, of course she had been thinking of him. She had taken him in and was now driving him. But she had clearly and poorly been attempting to stifle laughter. An interesting thought entered his head; it was possible that she was as amused by him as he was by her.

Suddenly an irritating buzzing noise erupted from Penny's purse. With one hand on the wheel she dug through the purse until she pulled out her talking device, and pressed a button, lifting it up to her ear. Penny turned the music down and Loki listened to the side of the conversation he could hear, studying Penny's reactions. After a quick greeting that informed him it was the mortal Chris on the other end of the conversation Penny assured him that she was doing fine and that the journey was progressing nicely. She was quiet for a moment before surprise absorbed her countenance. She swallowed nervously and threw in a half-hearted "Oh really? I can't imagine why… yes that's a little unnerving." Loki watched her carefully, on guard. He heard her offer Chris assurances once again that she was fine and that her journey would continue as planned. Apparently Chris wasn't pleased as Penny's voice became argumentative, "it's a simple misunderstanding Chris." She then asked him not to worry before promising to call him with updates of her safety. She said goodbye and hit a button on the phone, dropping it in the cup holder.

She sighed and turned to him, "Well Spaceman. The government has taken an interest in you. Chris is extremely worried, understandably… he doesn't know you fell from the sky."

Loki's eyes lit up, "S.H.I.E.L.D."

Penny nodded, "Yes, I think that's what he said, anyways they know where we're headed so there is a very good chance they'll find us sooner or later, how do you know about them?"

Loki eyed her cautiously, "My brother, Thor, was cast out of Asgard and sent here; very recently."

Penny frowned, "Cast out?"

"He acted recklessly and foolishly, Father was… upset."

Penny made an uneasy face, "Yikes, is he one of those strict dads?"

Loki ignored her, "And then Thor returned, I know of some of his dealings here on Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. was involved."

Penny guessed, "And he met Jane Foster."

Loki nodded, impressed at her ability to piece it together.

She took a deep breath, "So we're going to stop and talk to these Shield people when they meet us?"

Loki shook his head, "No. They should not be made aware of my presence. Not yet."

Penny decided not to ask in-depth questions, "So, what am I supposed to say?"

He smiled, "Tell them I simply disappeared."

She raised her eyebrows, "And you'll…"

In response Loki vanished.

Penny gasped in surprise glancing frantically all around her. She looked at the road ahead and narrowed her eyes, searching for the missing deity. She took a sharp intake of breath when she felt the trace of a finger slip down her arm. She shivered at his touch, smiling nervously, "Ok… that is actually kind of terrifying." And in no way thrilling or alluring. No way… at all… oh my. "Can you reappear?"

Loki reappeared.

She took in a deep breath, "Wow, that's… impressive."

Loki merely nodded, briefly placing a hand upon his chest before returning his gaze back out the window. He moved his hand from the remembrance of Mjolnir and placed it on the window sill. He stared at the hand. He hadn't missed the unexpected shiver from Penny. He looked at the outside world once more. He couldn't tell if the shiver was one of fear or of a simple chill or perhaps even delight at his touch. He tried to forget it; to push the thought from his mind but when he did this he only recalled her heightened breath and nervous smile.

Hours later they pulled up to the second hotel.

Penny had been mulling over the type of hotel room they might like, she offered the choice to Loki, "Basically we could probably get a suite of some kind since you're paying or I suppose we could get separate rooms even."

Loki's eyes shot to hers, "Is that what you desire?"

She immediately responded, "No!" she paused lowering the intensity of her voice, "No, I was just saying we could…" she let her eyes wander over to his uncertainly, "I mean it would probably be best if we were in the same hotel room, you know, for convenience and speed."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. may appear." Loki offered.

Penny nodded, "Exactly! Ok so, one suite… double bed suite… do they make that? I've never really stayed in a fancy hotel room."

They did make that. Penny was delighted to have an entire king-sized bed to herself.

After ordering room service and watching the television for an hour Penny began to prepare for bed. She brushed her teeth and put on pyjamas and made her way over to her giant bed. Before turning off the lights she turned to Loki, "Hey, I was just wondering, what did you mean today when you said 'what a very mortal thought'?" She copied his tone when he had said it.

Loki shrugged, "I meant nothing by it. You are a mortal."

"Yes but why was 'Spaceman' a very mortal thought?"

Loki opened his mouth for a moment before speaking, "Mortals are… ignorant of the world beyond them, it was very mortal of you to imagine me as something that mortals themselves have imagined."

"Oh…" Penny hadn't thought of it that way. Something was still bugging her, "Just because we may not know about worlds beyond our own doesn't mean we're any less significant… we're not stupid… well not all of us anyways."

Loki raised an eyebrow, "I never said you were."

Penny frowned, "No… but the way you said it… like you're better than us."

Loki pursed his lips, "It is a mortal phrase, I believe, that knowledge is power."

"Yes." Penny amended reluctantly, "But they are other powers too."

Loki looked at her expectantly.

Penny ran a head through her hair, "Like the spirit of mankind, we have the ability of great perseverance and dedication."

Loki waved his hand, "So do Asgardians, and many others in the nine realms."

Penny frowned, "Maybe but we're unique right? There isn't another world like ours."

Loki shook his head.

"Right, so. We're special."

Loki waited a moment to see if there was more, "And?"

"And that's important." She finished adamantly.

Loki's expression seemed unimpressed, "There is no worth or power in being special."

Penny's frustration grew, "What do you mean no worth? We are capable of such greatness and, yes, great destruction I know but there's a weird balance thing happening there."

Loki simply shook his head, his voice rising slightly, "And within decades your lives are over and the earth keeps spinning as its people make the same discoveries and mistakes."

Penny's eyes widened, "It doesn't mean we're worthless, we're just here living or trying to anyways!"

"What does your race have to offer?"

Penny's eyes darted around the room without seeing, "We offer our great capacity to do these things and we can hope, we can always give ourselves hope! And we can love, we can love so much!"

Loki turned bitterly, "Look where that got you."

He regretted it instantly.

Penny looked as if she had been hit with his words. Her lip trembled briefly before she hit the light switch off violently and pulled her covers over herself. She hesitated for a moment before spitting out, "Goodnight god of lies, and mischief."

She said the words as if they were curses.

Loki stared at her in the darkness, wishing he could take back the simple phrase. His frustration and annoyance had grown as he listened to her defend the race that had changed his brother into someone his father thought was worthy enough to possess Mjolnir once more. He hadn't kept his anger in check and found a successful route to ensure she would stop the pointless arguing. Loki had always been careful with words, silver-tongued, they called him; never one to speak without thinking. He always knew exactly what to say... a feeling of dread settled in his stomach as the image of the pain on Penny's face flashed in front of him. He whispered earnestly to her still form, "Forgive me… sleep well Penny."

Penny made no indication that she had heard him. She listened to him lie down in his own bed. What he had said was cruel and the whole argument was stupid. She didn't want to forgive him, she didn't want to shrug and say 'ok, no problem'. But she had seen the immediate regret and she had even seen the hurt in his eyes as she argued with him. She could tell that he was also arguing internally as well. There was no doubt in her mind that he was sad. She had seen it in his eyes, from the very beginning, and it had awoken a compassionate side in her that was fuelling their travels. It was this compassion that allowed her to forgive him, nearly instantly. But she was still upset. She would make him pay a little bit for his thoughtless words.

Loki awoke the next morning before Penny did. He sat up in his bed and scanned her sleeping form, his eyes resting on her face. She was beautiful, there was no denying it. Her soft dark chocolate waves splayed across the pillows framing her quietly stunning face; small yet full lips, a sweet round nose and eyes currently hidden behind eyelids that, if opened, would reveal a deep emerald colour that he was beginning to find mesmerizing. She wasn't striking exactly, her beauty wasn't harsh or diverting as it was in some. Instead, Loki felt that he could simply stare at her for hours. She looked so lovely lying there. He felt a slight aching when he remembered how mad she would be at him. He sighed and got up, dressing himself and picking up the room service menu all in the same second. He paused when he heard Penny stirring; he turned to her with hopeful eyes.

Her eyes opened and nearly immediately flew to the bed across from her, for a moment she looked saddened that he wasn't there but then seemed to recall the previous night's argument. Sensing his presence, she turned to him with an angry frown on her face. With a measured huff she got up out of her bed and grabbed her bag, storming into the bathroom.

He ordered and received breakfast while she showered. He heard her turn on the air device that she used to dry her hair before she cursed loudly and shut it off. Intrigued and perhaps a bit worried, Loki made his way to the bathroom door, where more cursing could be heard.

He hesitated, "Is… everything alright?"

A clearly irritated response came from the other side of the door, "Yes! Go away!"

Loki sighed and began to move from the door. However he stopped when a small resigned 'Wait.' met his ears.

Penny's voice continued to travel over to him, muffled by the door, "I need your help okay? But first I need you to know that I'm still mad at you. Okay, come in."

Loki opened the door gingerly, his eyes widening at Penny before him. She was wrapped in a towel, hair still wet, and she was bent over the sink attached to the hair-drying mechanism through her own hair.

She looked at him helplessly, "I don't know how, but it has like a retractable wire or something and my hair got stuck to the dryer itself and then I put my hand on the wall for balance which pressed a button that pulled the dryer back and now I'm stuck and I can't reach the stupid thing."

Loki's mouth twitched.

Penny saw this, "No! No laughing, please."

Loki shook his head with a small smile, before glancing at her solemnly, recalling their argument, he offered slowly, "I am sorry. It was not my intention to hurt you."

Penny grimaced, "Yes it was. Why else would you say what you did?"

Loki smiled grimly, "You're right. The argument… it was frustrating; I wanted to end it."

"So you shut me up." She concluded.

Loki thought about attempting to deny it, but decided against it, knowing that she could somehow see through him, "I am truly sorry, I wish that I could take it back. I know that I cannot."

Penny sighed, "Well I'm extremely uncomfortable, maybe if you help me out I might think about forgiving you."

Loki fought his smile as he moved towards her, studying her current predicament.

As the untangling procedure began Loki had to almost wrap his arm over Penny's shoulder in order to reach the mechanism. He gently moved her head closer to his chest so he could better examine the problem. Penny found herself blushing, she was so close to him, and she was only wearing a towel, "There should be a black button on the side."

Loki was quick to reply, "There are three black buttons." He pressed one. It pulled Penny's hair in further.

"Ow!" she hissed.

Loki had to move in closer to reach around to the next button which, happily freed Penny. She sprang up, glad to be unrestricted, only to find herself practically in Loki's arms, hyperaware of her current appearance. For a moment neither of them moved their breathing shallow and matching each other's pace. Penny stared up at him, "Well… um…" her eyes fell to his lips without thinking, "You're forgiven."

Loki's eyes followed hers and he found himself doing the same before his eyes widened and he pulled away quickly, turning from her. "Right. Thank-you… breakfast is here."

He quickly exited the bathroom and went to sit at the table; his hands trembling.

Penny was frozen where she was. She blinked slowly. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ok. Three days ago, you had a boyfriend who you lived with and then you discovered that men suck. And this stupid prince insulted you yesterday! And forget about him and his special powers and his charming personality and his dreamy eyes… forget the fact that you'll continue to spend at least the next twenty-four hours with him glued to your side… with his pretty lips and his strong arms… She shook herself and shut the door.

She looked at herself in the mirror and attempted to slow her still racing heart; she could still feel his warmth,Oh my god.

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