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When You Get Caught




Tsunade Office

Tsunade glared at the bored looking seniors. She had half a mind to grab her pen and jab it into those troublemakers' hearts to never see their faces again in her office. This is the second time this week that they been sent here and it was only Monday, but this time she had enough! Besides how forgiving can you get if you spray paint her beautiful Tonton (school mascot). Especially if they wrote down, 'Don't old ladies get cats instead of pig?'

But this time they won't get out of this that easy!

"Did I stutter? You will follow my demands or else! Do I make myself clear you bastards-I mean boys?" The angry principle slammed her fist on the desk startling the blonde on the other side of the desk but made the other one raise his eyebrow. "Do I make myself clear Mr. Uzumaki and Mr. Uchiha? Or do I need to spell it out?"

Sasuke cleared his throat ready to deny anything , if that didn't work than he'd blame Naruto. "How can you prove that we, I mean I did it?" He gave her the most innocent face he had, it resembled a lost puppy. "It couldn't be me anyways. I was doing pushups or laps around the field. I might even been helping Jesus make Jello for all you know. "

Damn woman just tell us to leave already. We have lives, places to be people to see. Sasuke thought angrily since he was missing another one of his game for the third time this season.

Tsuande had half a mind to rip that grin off the black haired senior's face. "It's true that you're smart but I heard that you don't do your homework… you say that it's just a waste of your precious time."

Sasuke was about to retort when he was interrupted by the guilty faced Naruto who jumped out of his seat. "FINE YOU GOT US! STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE I MURDERED SOMEONE! THIS NEVER ENDING GULIT IS EATING ME – talking about eating, Sasuke we really need to get ramen after this." Naruto rubbed his grumbling belly. Until he realized what he had just did and gave Sasuke an apologetic face.

God you're an idiot. Sasuke put his large hands over his eyes and covered up his handsome face in frustration.

Note to self ever rob a bank, don't invite Naruto knowing him he'll apologize to everyone and get my ass in prison.

Tsunade grinned wide as she possibly could, scaring the boys out of their seats. If Naruto wasn't in for the trouble of his life he'd tease her about looking like The Joker. "Thank you Naruto, not only are you handsome but you're smart too (Tsunade said sarcastically). Naruto I have the perfect punishment for you. You will join the cheerleading squad for a whole month."

What the fuck? Sasuke thought.

Naruto titled his head to the side in confusion. What did the old lady say again? That I get to see hot girls doing cartwheels and now I exactually have an excuse to go instead of hiding behind the bleachers? Oh baby Jesus! Naruto thought as he grinned like a prince getting crowned. "Yes! YES! Yeah! You hear that Sasuke I'm going to be a cheerleader! Panties, bras, and a world of sexy here I come!" Naruto made for the door but Tsunade blocked the exit holding out a big box towards him.

Naruto looked at the box strangely and toke it, if he didn't do go gym with Sasuke everyday he would have lost his balance. "What is this? Is this my uniform for cheerleading?" Naruto smiled.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow in bewilderment. "What's the catch?"

Tsuande glanced at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye, but kept them firmly placed on the boy that was opening up the box like a Christmas present. "What catch?"

Sasuke wasn't born yesterday nor was he stupid he knew something was wrong. "I'm not dumb. I know you're up to something and I don't like people trying the fool me. So tell me why did you make Naruto a cheerleader so he can mentally and physically harass those annoying girls twenty four seven?"

Tsunade overlooked his question by merely said to wait until Naruto the present. Who was currently having trouble taking out the tape, "This so hard!" "Grr!" "Stupid tape, it's on pretty tight?" Sasuke's foot was tapping impatiently, Sasuke lacked many things and patience was one of them.

Sasuke lost it and stomped all the way to where Naruto was. "Give me that. How hard is it to open a damn box?"He toke the box from his blonde dork of a friend and opened it in a matter of seconds.

"Here you go dope."

Naruto turned to his side, pouting slightly. "I loosened it for you, you know? I could have done that! And … (Naruto had trouble spitting the words out) t...Thank… y-you Sasuke. And now off to my uniform, it better not be pink Tsunade!"

Tsunade evil grin grew bigger, creeping out the blonde boy. She looked so much like the Vice Principle Oruchimaro right now. "It's not pink. Now open it up and see for yourself."

Naruto opened the box's cover slowly, then like lightning speed jumped into the box that was full of bubble wrap.

Sasuke's smirk faltered when he noticed that ten minutes had gone by and Naruto wasn't out yet. He'd hate to admit but he was actually worried for the safety of Naruto. "I think he'd drowned in there. We should go and fish him out, knowing him he probably got buried under the bubble wrap." Typical Sasuke to hide his worry under insults, he didn't want anyone to see him so uneasy.

Only girls care for stupid stuff like that. I'm no girl, last time I checked I have a penis.

Sasuke walked rapidly towards the vibrating box, he nearly had a heart attack when Naruto jumped out the box and growled angrily. "You almost killed me you idiot!" Sasuke growled back, slightly relived.

"You (pointing a long trembling finger at the laughing principle) why would give me this shit!" Naruto toke out a pig costume, it was cheesy and it was disgusting. "Only losers wear this crap, I'm no loser! NO girl will get in miles of me with this thing on! Come on let me clean up the boy's bathroom or dentition, anything but this!"

Sasuke couldn't help but snicker at Naruto's luck. "You're screwed but don't worry. At least we won't smell you're Ramon breathe while you're head's inside that thing." His laugh joined alongside the principle.

"What are you laughing at Mr. Uchiha? Did you forget that you are to be punished too?"

Sasuke eyes fixed a deadly glare on her face. "I didn't forget. So what do you want from me?"

Naruto whispered in his ear, "I bet you a bowl of ramen that she wants the whole bathrooms clean. Maybe even the girls." Sasuke groaned loudly, closing his eyes.

Tsunade finally came up with her choice of torture. "Sasuke you are to… join the Winter Play, yes the drama club. And no, you can not drop out. We'll find a way to fit rehearsal into your busy schedule, so you can have time for soccer, football, and the play. Maybe after all this you'll think twice before you do anything ugly again?"

Sasuke paled and his left eye twitched hysterically. If it were possible for Sasuke to get ugly, it would be now. Sasuke couldn't comprehend what she just said.

No, this is just some horrible nightmare! Wait but since this is a nightmare, where's Sakura or Itachi? No. No! Fucking shit, it's real. Sasuke thought, grinding his teeth together.

"Tough break" Naruto snapped his fingers waking up the black haired friend who was frozen in place. "Well… there's no use crying over spilled ramen Sasuke! I'm going to look like a pig's behind and you're going to play prince charming or the ugly witch. But there's no one to blame for this."

No one to blame… is that right? Weren't you the one who wanted to paint to pig? I'm just the idiot who agreed to it. Sasuke thought.

Sasuke didn't hear the door open, and didn't hear the girl step in either because of his headache called Naruto. But Tsunade did.

"What is it that you want Hinata?"

Sasuke couldn't help but turn his head back to stare at the new visitor. He couldn't help but feel that he'd seen her before, maybe in the hallway. She was cute, but it wasn't long before he would hear whiny voice. If she was anything like his number one stalker Sakura he would hear a lot squeaking.

Hinata stared at Tsuande, "Miss. Tsuande… A-Asuma wants t-to know when the new student will arrive." Hinata tried to keep her eyes on Tsuande, failing slightly by looking at her crush out of the corner of her eye.

I hope Naruto is the new boy… maybe if I make Juliet than he'll be Romeo. Hinata's back could have given out if she wasn't leaning against the door. Naruto he's as adorable as always but I'll never get him to even glance at me.

"Is t-the new boy N-Naruto?" Hinata said hopefully, smiling . Please God if you love me than make him Romeo.

"No, it's Sasuke Uchiha. Good luck."

Hinata froze and gasped. She didn't like Sasuke, she was terrified of him. She could admit that he was handsome but it wasn't good that he had a big ego to match and he treated girls like dirty rags. No, she didn't like him at all. But more importantly he wasn't her Naruto.

Sasuke was expecting her to applaud or ask for his autograph like one his fan girls. But he didn't see any response, well he did… she frowned.

Is she frowning? Is something wrong with her? No girl has ever been like that, for god sake I even make guys blush! No I'm not losing my charm... I'm a womanizer I swear! And this girl isn't an exception. Gr, you will want me.

Sasuke stood up and impatiently replied. "Do you want me to carry you all way? (He saw her blush it made him smirk) Hurry I want to get this over with."

Hinata nodded, blinking slightly as if she was in her own little world. "I-I'm sorry, follow m-me Mr. Uchiha."

Sasuke couldn't help but think that was cute. Wait-did I just think that? No she's not cute. You're either hot (Sasuke material) or ugly (not worth my time).


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