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Hinata stared at the ceiling, desperately trying to rid her thoughts of her friend ... If friend was the correct term for a member of the male species that you might have a tad bit of extra care for. Yes, that's it. All I feel for Sasuke is what I would feel for a companion, he's not Naruto. She thought, imagining his blue eyes, but only seeing black orbs staring back. I spend more time with him than Naruto. I haven't even seen Naruto since he joined the cheer team. This is obviously the cause.

Hinata quickly drifted away from her thoughts when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She comically scurried to pick up the phone.

"H-Hello!" She winced from the high-pitch in her voice.

"Breaker Breaker, it's Major Naruto. Over" Naruto replied with as much enthusiasm to rival a sports commentator.

Hinata paled.

What do I say back? Don't over complicate the situation. Just be a normal human being. Don't think that this is the only choice you will get ... Like you just did, right now.

"Hi, Naruto," She said simply, not knowing which direction the unexpected call would go.

"Hinata, you don't know how many people I had to kill to get this number!" Naruto chuckled at his own joke.

Hinata smiled at his hearty laugh, finding the courage to continue banter with him. "W-Who would be such people?"

"It is classified, Hinata. A man on a mission doesn't give away secrets. But that's aside the point, I kind of need your help. Do you want to help me on my mission?" He spoke without falter in his voice.

Hinata nodded momentarily before bashfully realizing she was on the phone. "Yes-anything, to help."

Naruto laughed in glee. "You know I'm in love with Sakura. Well, I heard around the halls that she's thinking of joining that drama club that you're in. I don't know how things work there, but it would really mean the world to me if you could get me an audition for the play. I would give you anything!"

Anything? ...Would he be able to say no to a date? Hinata thought to herself as her cheeks reddened.

"Y-You don't have to get me anything," Hinata said automatically. "What are friends for."

"You're the nicest person I know, you know that? No wonder Sasuke fell for you. If I didn't already love Sakura, I would seriously have been in love with you." Naruto said with his usual honesty.

A few weeks ago, Hinata would have shed tears that very moment, but all she could feel was a vague disappointment. All those years of yearning for a boy that didn't see her beyond being friends, seemed wasted. There wouldn't be a possibility of them ever being together. Not while he still loved another girl, a girl she wouldn't ever be. Despite being in love with him for so long, the twitch of pain didn't hurt as much. His words gave her slight comfort, it was time to move on. Unknowingly, her hand had trembled at the mention of Sasuke.

"He's not in love with me," she said almost too quietly.

Naruto scoffed over the phone. "Yeah and I'm not the best graffiti artist this town has seen. Teme has been with me since the very beginning, sure we give each other headaches and bruises. He's a pain in the ass sometimes, I'll tell you that! But at the end of the day, I know him better than most of his family. He has never been this way over anybody. I'm sure by now he likes you more than he likes me!"

He likes you ... plain old Jane, you. Naruto can't be serious, he's just joking around.

"He can't-"

Naruto groaned, interrupting her. "Hinata, I've got to go. It was nice talking to you, but I have to finish an essay for that she-devil Anko. That purple haired witch will witness greatness on ink!"

"Bye Naruto." She replied instantly, holding on to the phone until could hear his boisterous voice.

"Tis torture, and not mercy: heaven is here, where Juliet lives; and every cat and dog..."

Sasuke recited heatedly, aggravated at the sudden destination of his thoughts. He was lying on his bed with the hated script in hand, unwillingly letting a certain person wreck his chance of being Romeo. Sure, if it was up to him he'd play an understudy or a tree. But he had to play Romeo, though he detested his reasoning behind it all.

Hinata will no doubt get the part, she's practically Juliet with actual functioning brain cells. But she'll freeze up there like a terrified idiot ... with her big doe eyes. I'm the only one that can knock some sense into her. Yeah, that's the fucking reason. Sasuke told himself, as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted a red hoodie lying on floor. The color red was triggering a desire to smash a certain individual's head into a brick wall, repeatedly. In his head, he had come up with hundreds of scenarios where Gaara was accidentally, hell he was pushed into slow and painful death. A death that could only be documented well enough in his favorite Game of Thrones episodes.

"Gaara," he hissed with pure hatred rolling off the tip of his tongue.

Sasuke remembered the last time Konoha and Suna soccer teams had rivaled for gold. Bitterly, Sasuke recalled receiving a red card from the ref after getting into a heated argument with the redhead which led to a few punches being thrown. Ironically, it was the first and only tournament where his dad actually had shown up. From his view on the benches, he could only stare back as his father stood up and most likely drove Fugaku back was turned, an expression of misery passed before his son's face. Not before his expression transformed into a murderous glare that could have burnt at the sight of it.

At the end of the game, Kohona had prevailed against their enemy, a five to three win. It was quite a surprise for the team members to find Sasuke drinking sake alone at the celebration. Not even Sakura could cheer him up, no matter how desperately she had tried.

Ever since that moment Sasuke wanted to make Gaara pay. A sly smirk fell on his lips as he let his thoughts drift willingly to that of his beautiful starring lady.

Hinata, you are truly worth your weight in gold. In more ways than you will possibly know.

Sasuke tried unsuccessfully ignore the pang of guilt.

With a bright smile placed firmly on her lips, she entered the building. Almost as if a domino had been set in motion, every male head had turned her way. There was no flicker of surprise in her emerald eyes or recognition either. A look that could rival a porcelain doll was plastered on her face as she walked confidently through the halls.

Despite her best intentions to pretend to feel like her usual self, she hadn't slept at all last night. Yesterday, had taken a toll of her spirit as well as taken some hope at the possibility of being with Sasuke. It was all because of that girl.

"She's so gorgeous. What I wouldn't do to get a girlfriend like her!" A male had squealed dreamily.

"You bastard, you're dating me. Ring a bell?"

"I'd love to ring her bells, if you know what I mean."

"Why, you little shit!?"

Sakura rolled her eyes at the couple, but a forced smile still remained on her fair features.

Pervert, how about a knuckle sandwich instead? Heh.

Just as she hit the combination for her locker, two flashes of orange and green had appeared before her. Instantly erasing the smile completely off her face. The eager males had a grin that seemed to be bred between her gym teacher Guy and the actual sun. No one in school had been as persistent as these two. No one had made her desire to change her career choice from a doctor to an assassin ... as these two. Well, aside from Hinata Hyuga, but that was another subject entirely.

"Sakura, you're looking as radiant as the sun!"

"Shut it, you sappy bushy eyebrow weirdo. The sun doesn't even compare to Sakura's beauty. You are the perfect bowl of ramen!"

Sakura grimaced, the invisible timer in her head was mere seconds from exploding. Clenching her fist, she counted from ten. She knew full well that if they made her angry, it would be their final mistake. Not to mention, a criminal record doesn't get you into medical school.

"Naruto and Lee, what an unpleasant surprise. What brings you here?" Sakura spoke with a venomously sweet voice.

"Are you single?" Lee said confidently, his eyes treasuring her facial features.

Gross. He's undressing me with his eyes, one more second and I'll-

Sakura shook her head, animatedly."No, I am not. I'm not a singled cell organism. Lee, if that was all you had to say. Then goodbye, I don't need your pining anymore than you need an eyebrow pencil."

Anyone in their right mind would have received the "hint". Sakura was blunt, many times cruelly crude to the young man. As the years went by, it became clear to her what would have to be done to get this creep out of her life. She'd have to date a guy who he respected. In her mind, Sasuke would have no problem to fight him for the right to have her.

Lee's smile grew at her words. "Then I will try harder next time to seek your attention, my love."

Sakura groaned, slamming her head against the locker. "Just leave, already." When the pink haired girl thought Lee was gone, she buried her head in her locker, obvious to the confused blonde leaning against her to see what she was doing.

This day is going off, splendid. So it turns out I won't be getting Sasuke but I'll get that creep that won't let me breathe for a second. Hinata's probably off kissing him somewhere, laughing at his jokes-does Sasuke even tell jokes? Never mind, that-she has him and that's all that matters. Sakura thought miserably, trying her best not to cry and mess up her mascara.

"Sakura, are you still there?" Naruto said worriedly, as his hand grasped her shoulder.

Green eyes grew wide as she realized she'd forgotten about the blond boy. Sakura quickly snapped back into her original pose against her locker, staring indifferently at the concerned expression of the intruder. All while fighting the urge to smack herself for looking so weak in front of someone, much less Naruto.

She frowned uneasily. "Oh-you're still here, Naruto. If you're going to ask me if I'm single, too. Well forget it-"

Naruto quickly spoke, anxious to not let her get away . "No, I wanted to ask you if you're going to need anyone to study those lines in Romeo and Juliet. I'm auditioning this Friday. It seems fun-not just because you're going to be there. I swear. Sasuke is already studying with Hinata, so I thought we could, too."

Sakura instinctively made her hand into the shape of a fist. "Of course, they'd be working together. I'd be a fool to think they weren't ... at the rate of practice both of them take to study. I might as well already have lost my chance as the lead."

Naruto smiled, at the thought of his two friends being in love. Before flashing a hopeful grin at his own love. "They seem to be practicing a lot, Sakura. I could help you, I'd play a frog if you wanted to."

Sakura couldn't help, but grin at the blond. Of course, you would. You're putty in my hands, aren't you? You will help me get the man of my dreams and I'll say yes to your little get together.

"Naruto, I'll take you up on that offer."

For the first time in his life, Naruto was left speechless. Not even in his wildest dreams, did he ever feel as ecstatic. He felt like kissing her right now. But now he felt more than anything to hear her say it again.

Naruto asked drunkenly happy. "Wait-what, you said yes?!"

Sakura put her hand over his mouth, ignoring an odd feeling pass through her at the contact. "Shh, talk any louder will ya! Now, don't make me regret it!" She felt his mouth curl up against her palm, quickly she removed her hand as if it were on fire.

"Okay, I'll do anything in my power not to make you regret this." Naruto said sincerely, as he continued to look as pleased as a child on Christmas.

Sakura wryly glared at him, crossing her arms. "If you dare lay another finger on me, you will lose a leg."

Naruto pouted playfully, ignoring the heated look on her face. "A leg, don't you think a hand or any limb closer to the extremely lucky finger would be alright?"

She grinned surprised at his sudden wittiness."No because you wouldn't be able to catch me with a leg off. A finger doesn't assure me of that? Well does it?

Naruto shook his head, chuckling softly. "That wouldn't work, I'd crawl for you. A man in love has no pride"

Sakura blushed...and she hated herself for it. Thinking about the word love, made her feel miserable once again.

If I ever hear you're giving Hinata a bad time you'll seriously have trouble coming your way...Sasuke loves her. She thought, quickly grabbing her books but stopping to stare at Naruto.

"A woman in love has no dignity."

I don't know what you readers think about adding a Sakura POV, but I wanted to add one for the longest time. I wanted her character to be beyond the antagonist role. Believe me, she is not my favorite character. She's as much a character in the plot as any other.

An explanation for Sasuke, he has gone through a lot of changes. Who is Sasuke without his schemes and revenge? But is it simply over the sole purpose of getting Gaara to pay, or is means of assuring himself to believe he is not in love with the Hinata? Time will tell.

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