What If, Things Were Different?

Chapter 1

Kurt Hummel sighed to himself as he walked down the hall towards the Mckinley High glee club knowing that he would sit in the back again whilst Rachel and Quinn argued over Finn before they both sung a duet about how bitchy they both were then Mr Schuester would make them stop and last but not least, he would assign them a song to sign based on one of the oldies that Mr Schuester liked, boy Glee Club really was just great.

Kurt ajusited the bag on his shoulder before shaking his head as he relaized that he had left his sheet music in his locker, once again.

Turning round, Kurt only had time to see a dark haired head come towards him before he and the other person both fell to the floor with an oof.

"I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me" It was a guy and from what Kurt could see he was complelty freaked out about having bumped into himself.

"It's okay" Kurt placed a hand on the guy's shoulder standing up slowly and dragging the other by his hand to his feet. This guy really didn't want to get to his feet if he thought Kurt was going to kick his but.

Then Kurt saw what the guy was wearing. White shirt with a red and dark blue tie and blazer to match with the intails DA for Dalton Academy on the front right hand side pocket and just to top it all of grey pants. He couldn't beleive it, this guy was from Dalton Acadmey probably coming to spy on Mckinley High.

"You know, you really make a bad spy. So go back to your old school, dude, you're not welcome here" Kurt snapped right now pissed off at the fact that someone else was trying this, first Jesse St. James and now this guy.

Kurt turned round the other way to head towards glee club even though he didn't have his sheet music, he could probably share with Mercedes anyway when the guy grabbed his arm pulling him back.

"You don't understand, my mum and dad pult me out of Dalton, I can't go back there. I got bullied for being" The new guy lowered his voice despite the fact that there was no-one currently in the hallway "for being gay."

The guy flinched and Kurt felt bad for him, this guy really had been through a heck of a lot then.

"I'm not going to hit you, why are you wearing the Dalton uniform then?, you should know that Mckinley has no precise dress code" Kurt answered back starting to get annoyed by the fact that he was really late for glee club practice now.

"I didn't know. I only just got transfered here. My name's Blaine, Blaine Anderson." The guy, Blaine held out his hand and shook it only being nice so he could probably get Blaine to his first class then get to Glee Club.

"My name's Kurt Hummel. What do you have first?" He asked hoping it wasn't too far away from where he needed to be.

"I was thinking about audtioning for the glee club, do you think I could do it?" Blaine asked him a look that a puppy would give a human to get given a treat on his face.

"Yeah but first change out of that uniform. You do a change with you? Don't you?" Blaine shook his head and Kurt sighed before sighing.

"That's ok, I'll find you something at glee audtions."

Blaine nodded and the two headed off towards glee where he knew Mr Schue would probably shout at him or something but then cause he was with Blaine, it might be different.

Kurt entered the room whilst Blaine walked in behind looking around at everyone sitting around, Finn and Quinn were being protective of each other whilst Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, Brittany and Santana were arguing about something else. Everyone else was looking at Kurt and Blaine, Puck with a murderous look in his eye at the fact that Blaine was in a rival unform none-the-less whilst Mike and Sam looked tottally confused and Mr Schuester was just looking between the two to see how they knew each other.

"Hey Kurt" Mr Schue said standing up and shaking Kurt's hand causing everyone else to now shut up, Kurt was here so glee could begin.

Then everyone took in Blaine standing there looking totally out of place in the Dalton Academy unfiorm.

Rachel of course was first to speak up.

"Oh no, we are not having a rival sit here and take in everything then run back to his posh school."

At the mention of the old school, Blaine flinched and grabbed onto Kurt's hand shaking as he tried to calm himself down.

"Blaine, Blaine." Kurt turned on Rachel, a thing that never had happened before in the history of glee club "Look what you did Rachel. He left his old school cause of bullying and now your reminding him of it. You know you really should learn to zip the yap of yours."

Kurt glared Rachel down as she sat before turning back to Blaine who had stopped shaking but still held onto Kurt looking like a small child that got lost in a large suppermarket.

"Mr Schue, Blaine was wondering if he could audtion for glee club" Kurt spoke up since Blaine didn't look like he was going to speak up at all. Not unless someone asked him a question, that is, maybe.

"Okay Blaine, what song would like to sign?" Mr Schuester asked him watching as Blaine's eyes scanned everyone before falling back onto Kurt and himself.

"Erm, Somwhere Only We Know" Blaine whispered but Kurt caught it and replied it back to Mr Schue.

Kurt went to sit down but Blaine pulled him back asking where he was going.

"I'm going to sit down Blaine. I have to. Solo auditions."

Blaine nodded and let go of Kurt's hand missing the warm touch already as Kurt seated himself next to Finn and Puck who were still staring at Blaine like he was the enemy or something.

Blaine coughed straightening himself out before look around at everyone.

"Hey I'm Blaine Anderson and this is my version of Somwhere Only We Know."


How will Blaine do, Big differnce here eh?