Chapter 8

David took in a very deep breath as he stood outside of Wes's hospital room, not too sure what to say, and also not too sure what to do once he actually went in inside. He wasn't good at things like this, Blaine was better, but since the doctor said that they could only go in one at a time, David had to do this alone.

Slowly and timidly, David finally reached out with his left hand and opened the door, pushing it open slowly as he stepped into the room, to see that Wes was sat up in the bed, watching what appeared to be Judge Judy which David had to stop himself from chuckling at as he knew what Wes was like with things involving Judges and other law abiding shows

"Hey" David spoke softly so that Wes didn't jump and when he just turned round and switched off the Television set, he could tell that Wes hadn't been scared after all.

"Hey, so what happened to Thad after he hit me" Wes asked, concerned and slightly angry at how he had failed to notice the kind of guy that Thad was, he had passed it off especially when Thad had been bullying Blaine, but he just couldn't believe that all the Warblers had failed to notice this.

"I don't know, he just kept on driving after he hit you and no-one's seen him since, but Blaine came" David said, smiling back when Wes started to smile at the fact that Blaine had came up to the hospital to see how he was.

"I can't believe he actually came, after what he said to me about Thad, he was right you know, when Thad was bullying him, we did nothing and now look, he probably hates us" Wes finally replied, looking downcast, but Wes's head snapped up when David started to speak.

"No, I don't think Blaine hates us, he may have been angry, but there is no way he hates us, and the thing with Thad isn't our fault, everyone was being so secretive about everything that no-one would have known what Thad was doing even if he ended up doing these things in-front of us, Thad is just really good that way, he's sneaky" David said, trying to make Wes see that he was not in the wrong here, as he was starting to look even more upset until David just took in a deep breath and moved closer to Wes's bedside.

"Wes I know what you're thinking and it needs to stop, what happened to Blaine was not you're fault okay, no matter what anyone says, it's not your fault and it will never will be, okay?" David asked, as he finally stopped right beside Wes's bedside and looked down at Wes, who was staring right back up at him.

"I know what you're saying David, but after Blaine said how we done nothing and we were going to continue doing nothing, I just believed he was right and we were such asses for what we done" Wes replied, now looking anywhere but at David until the older - by two months - guy grabbed onto his hand, and Wes snapped his head back round to see what David was going to say now.

"Wesley Alexander Montgomery, Blaine was hurt when he said those things to you, he didn't mean them, we both know what's Blaine is like" David said with a smile, hoping to get a similar reaction out of Wes, and when he did, his smile grew wider.

"Thanks David, you're right, I'm just so stupid for thinking that Blaine would be okay with everything Thad was doing and mphhh."

David, who had gotten tired of hearing Wes constantly beat himself down, leaned forward and kissed the slightly younger male, who instantly pushed David away, a look of shock evident on his face.

"What the freaking hell David?, I told you never to do that again, I have a girlfriend and I love her, you mean nothing to me" Wes snapped, David instantly having to hold back a gasp at how serious he sounded.

"What, not even in friendship?" David asked, slightly scared for the reaction he would mostly likely receive and mostly scared that it would be an affirmative and that Wes didn't want to be his friend anymore.

"Not if you are going to continue acting like this every time you see me, like some sort of dejected puppy because I just won't stand for that David, we're friends and nothing more" Wes's tone seemed to state that this was the end of the conversation, so the two left it, both feeling the awkward tension in the air as they tried to think what to talk about next.

"Blaine brought a guy to the Hospital who goes to his new school" David finally tried, waiting to see what kind of reaction he would get from Wes, but he was surprised when Wes didn't seem concerned about this at all.

"What, so now you're just throwing all this gay crap in my face to make me feel bad that I didn't reciprocate to your cry of love for me, well as I have said before you can get out if that is the way you feel" Wes snapped, glaring at David, who realized that this probably wasn't the best conversation to be having with his best friend, especially not since said best friend was still angry about the fact that David had kissed him.

"I don't feel that way at all Wes and you know it, I was only trying to start up a conversation since you can't bear to talk to me, come on Wes, why can't things just go back to the way they were?" David asked, almost sounding pleading-like, but it seemed that Wes was beyond caring.

"After you kissed me the first time, things were never the same and they won't ever be again David, so why don't you get over yourself and stop acting like such a selfish bitch just because I don't love you back."

David was startled here, as he had never, ever heard Wes swear, or even ever call him a bitch for that matter so to hear it now really hurt a lot.

"Wes I..." David started, trying to think of something to say, but he was cut off before he could even begin to think of something.

"Get Out."


"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Wes yelled, David scampering back, away from his former friend, who was looking very upset with him now, so David done as he was told, quickly opening the door and walking back out into the hall, trying his hardest not to let the tears fall from when Wes had shouted at him, that was so not something he was used to, sure Wes shouted sometimes at him, but never in such a tone as that one, it just proved David's point to himself that Wes was taking all this to heart, and he, David could do nothing about it now, seeing as how the two were no longer best friends or even friends at all.

"Why are you two's here?" Nick asked, right away after he had pulled away from hugging both Trent and Jeff, who started to look sheepish when Nick asked his question.

"Well Jeff heard the sound of a car pulling away after you left you're room, and we kind of followed you" Trent admitted, looking at the floor as he done so, so he didn't have to see Nick's face when he probably shouted at them.

"Okay, that makes sense, did the two of you happen to see Thad come in to the Hospital car park?" Nick questioned the two who instantly shook their heads.

"No, but we did see him entering the Hospital, we followed him in here and that's where we found you, Blaine and someone else who we don't know" Jeff said, indicating Nick Blaine and Kurt as he spoke and fixing Kurt with a kind of confused glance whilst Nick answered back who he was whilst looking back to see what the two were now doing, and he was surprised to see that Kurt was looking slightly scared as he viewed something on his phone and Blaine was trying his best to comfort him.

Nick sighed, about to walk back over towards Blaine and Kurt just as David stomped past them, looking clearly very upset about something as he went out the doors of the Hospital and out towards the car park whilst Nick looked at Jeff and Trent, who instantly nodded and went after David, Nick walking over to Kurt and Blaine and sitting down next to them.

"Are you okay?" Nick questioned Kurt, instantly getting a quick nod from the other boy and he shot Blaine a confused look to which Blaine just shook his head, telling Nick not to talk about it, that Kurt didn't want to talk about it.

Blaine sighed as a few hours later, they were leaving the Hospital, Wes had told the nursers that he didn't want any visitors after something that had happened between him and David, however Jeff and that Trent guy, had been unable to find David who had seemed to vanish straight away after leaving the Hospital and Blaine could only hope that one of his best friends was okay, Wes hadn't done something bad to him again, had he Blaine thought as he and Kurt walked back to Kurt's car, Kurt now beginning to calm down about the text that his step-brother Finn had sent him asking Kurt where he was and after Kurt had replied, he had instantly got a text back from Finn's number that Kurt could tell was from his dad saying that Kurt was to come home right now, and Kurt was scared as he looked at the phone whilst Blaine tried his best to soothe him, but to little avail.

"What's my dad going to say Blaine?" Kurt now asked, as they sat in Kurt's car, the younger teen playing with his car keys for a full five minutes before finally putting them into the ignition and nearly jumping when the engine started up.

"I don't know for sure Kurt, but it probably won't be that bad, stop getting so worked up about it" Blaine assured him with a small smile as Kurt began the drive back to his house, nearly getting lost a few times as he tried to delay the arrival, but all too soon, the two boys were pulling up to the house where Kurt's dad, Burt Hummel was standing on the front step, looking almost angry as his son's car pulled into the driveway and Kurt turned off the engine slowly as he could before getting out to talk to his dad and Blaine followed, wondering how he make Burt Hummel see that it wasn't Kurt's fault.

Kurt felt his whole body shake as he approached the front door where his dad stood, waiting for him, looking very annoyed that Kurt had left and never said where he was going.

"Inside" Was the only thing his dad had to say as both he and Blaine walked into the house, Kurt noticing that Blaine actually looked a lot more calm than him, but Kurt could only look at Blaine for a few seconds before he was in the house and sitting down on the couch, Blaine next to him as Burt sat in the armchair, facing the two of them.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, what do you think you were doing running off like that and not telling me where you were going, I'm really disappointed in you."

Kurt hung his head when he heard this, his dad had never said he was disappointed in him, ever.

"Mr Hummel, I'm sorry it's my fault" Blaine said, speaking with a real truthfulness that had Kurt whip his head round - feeling like he had just been in a car crash as his muscles contracted together - to look at Blaine who was now looking at his dad, trying to tell him that this was true.

"When I found out about my friend, Kurt asked me where he was and I told him, but I should have stopped Kurt from taking me there, don't punish Kurt sir, it's my fault that he's in trouble in the first place" Blaine admitted, sounding very sorry despite the fact that he really hadn't done anything wrong.

"Blaine son, don't worry, none of you are in trouble, I just wanted to know why you's didn't tell me you had left when you did. And Kurt I'm really sorry about what I said before, I didn't mean it" Kurt's dad spoke up, Kurt now looking away from Blaine to his dad to see that he was being truthful and Kurt stood up quickly engulfing his dad in a hug as his dad done the same thing, smiling at his son who smiled back, glad that things were okay between them now.

"Thanks dad" Kurt smiled as he said this, and he was rewarded with a large pat that left him kind of unsure of what to do until he pulled away from his dad, still smiling as he went to go back over to Blaine, but his dad spoke before he could.

"Kurt, could you go upstairs for a few minutes?, I'd like to speak to Blaine alone for a few minutes if you don't mind."

Kurt kept his eyes on his dad, as he slowly agreed to do as he was told, but still keeping two eyes on him as he slowly began to assessed the stairs backwards, being sure that both his dad and Blaine wouldn't be able to see him and he stopped, foot on the top stair that always creaked when he went upstairs so he avoided it, jumping onto the top hallway landing and kneeling down to see if he could hear what was going on just as he felt someone grab him from behind, trying very hard not to scream as he turned to see who had grabbed him. It was Finn, of course, Kurt thought to himself as he put a finger to his lips, Finn instantly nodding as he crouched down beside Kurt, also listening in to hear what was going on.

"Now Blaine, I know that you're old home environment might have not been the best for you, but you need to know that you are welcome here and always will be, but Blaine, what really happened today that made you have to go to the Hospital, what happened to your friend?" Kurt's dad asked, as Kurt quietly moved closer, trying not to let either his jeans get stained or ripped as he tried putting his ear against the bottom of the banister, still not hearing Blaine's immediate reply.

"Oh Blaine, I'm so sorry, do you need anything?" His dad asked this time, and Kurt had to stop himself from groaning and slapping a hand against his head, why must his dad always be like this, especially with things that didn't actually really concern him.

"No Mr Hummel, I think I'm just going to go to bed, I know it's a weekend tomorrow, but I just really could do with the sleep" Blaine admitted and his dad must have nodded for the next second Kurt and Finn could hear Blaine's footsteps ascending the stairs, and both boys jumped up from their positions banging their heads together just as Blaine reached the top of the stairs.

"Hey, Kurt, Finn" Blaine started, before growing suspicious as he seemed to get the feeling that something was going on "What are you's two up to?"

"Nothing" Kurt answered back really quickly, too quickly a little bit as he saw that Blaine still looked unsure until Finn answered back.

"We weren't listening into your conversation if that's what you're thinking."

"Finn" Kurt screeched to his step-brother, who really sometimes wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed as he resisted to either face-palm or hit Finn, though hitting Finn seemed far more a good reaction right now, especially after the fact that Finn had almost given away what they were up to.

"Okay then" Blaine said, putting emphasis on the words, looking a bit freaked out at how the two guys were acting, "I'm going to bed, so I'll see you in the morning."

And without waiting for a reply from either boy, Blaine had walked by the two of them, and into the guest room, quickly shutting the door behind him, as Finn turned to Kurt.

"Want to watch a movie before bed again?" Finn seemed to look hopeful as he asked this, so Kurt instantly agreed before holding up one finger to stop Finn from instantly running downstairs.

"But I'm choosing the movie" Kurt replied in a tone that meant that Finn better agree with this or else.

Thank god he agreed.

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