Note: I don't own Star Wars or the Clone Wars. Also this happens AFTER the Clone Wars.

Bounty Hunters and Babysitting

Ahsoka knocked on the door a second time and waited patiently. She was in Naboo around late afternoon at a house next to a sparkling river with rolling hills in the distance. Her astromech droid, R7-A7, quietly beeped beside her. She smiled at it and then the door opened.

"Ahsoka!" Padme said as she opened the door. Her brown hair but back in a long braid and she was wearing a red jacket along with tan pants, "thanks so much for coming at such a late notice!"

"Oh, it's no problem." said Ahsoka, but Padme had turned around to get her bag. Behind her appeared a small girl with dark brown hair pulled back into two pigtails that were held by pink ribbons. The girl had on a periwinkle sundress along with pure white socks. She clutched a green Twi'lek doll against her small chest as she looked up at Ahsoka with wonder.

Padme noticed what Ahsoka was staring at. "Oh, this is Leia." She said. "Leia say hi to Ahsoka. She'll be watching you tonight."

The tiny girl waved her tiny hand and said in a quiet voice, "Hi Soka."

Ahsoka smiled at her and said, "Hello Leia. You've really grown." The last time she had seen her master's twins was after they were born, and that was almost two years ago.

R7-A7 beeped at Leia and she smiled and said, "R2?"

Padme knelt to say to her daughter, "No honey, R7." Leia looked confused and stared at the droid. "Remember? R2's with Daddy."

Then Ahsoka saw a small boy with sandy hair come bounding toward the door at the sound of the astro droid. "R2!" he shrieked as he stopped at the door. He saw R7, and said in a tiny voice, frowning, "Aww."

"Luke, say hello to Ahsoka." Padme said to her son before shouting, "3PO, time to leave!"

The golden droid came walking down the hallway, "I apologize, Mistress Padme!" He said shuffling toward the door.

Padme sighed before telling Ahsoka, "Okay. For their suppers, you can just warm up some leftovers. They're not potty trained so you'll have to change their diapers." She paused, "You do know how to do that, right?"

"Of course." Ahsoka lied, not wanting to delay Padme any longer. She was visiting Bail Organa, who has become ill. Besides, how hard could it be?

"Okay. Make sure they have warm milk before they go to bed, which should be around eight." Padme said while walking towards the ship, which C-3PO was getting in. Ahsoka and the twins followed her. "Leia can't sleep without her doll-"

"Lolly!" Leia said, holding up the Twi'lek doll.

"Yes, Lolly." said Padme arriving at the ship's door, "Luke doesn't like to put on pajamas, but he eventually will. If you need anything, you can contact me anytime. Or even Anakin-"

"Padme, I'll be fine." Ahsoka reassured her. Also, she didn't was to disturb Anakin, who was in the outer rim with Obi-Wan searching for a bounty hunter.

Padme sighed and nodded, "You're right, I shouldn't be worrying." She leaned down to her two children. "You'll be good for Ahsoka, right?"

"Yes, momma." Luke and Leia said. Padme kissed them both on the cheek and gave them hugs. She turned and walked onto the ship and got on.

Before the door closed, Padme shouted to Ahsoka, "I'll be back before tomorrow!"

Ahsoka waved, "Okay, good- bye!" The ship took off and left the Naboo skies. Her hand slowly fell to her side as she turned to face the twins. They were both looking at her, as if they were expecting her to do something.

" two want to go inside?" She asked, pointing at their home. Neither of them answered. "Inside? Yes? Let's go." Ahsoka started to walk toward the door, thinking they would follow. Instead, she found them standing exactly where they are, Leia was swinging her doll back and forth and Luke looked at the ground like he was trying to figure out something. "Come on, inside!" Ahsoka made a gesture to the door.

"So-kaa?" Luke asked looking up at her.

She sighed, "Its Ahsoka, but whatever. What is it Luke?"

"Nothing." He answered matter-of-factly. He and Leia then walked to the door and went inside. Ahsoka looked at them and sighed, wondering why children were like this. She closed the door behind her as she too went indoors. But she did catch a glimpse of the clouds in the distance, which were turning gray.

"Soka! Soka!" Luke cried from the living room. Ahsoka rushed in there. "Leia feel bad." Leia was sitting on a red, square-ish armchair looking like she had a stomach ache.

"I have bad feeling." She said looking up at her babysitter with big, innocent eyes.

"Oh, Leia it's okay. I'm sure everything is fine." Ahsoka told her in a soothing voice as she knelt beside her. Leia clutched her legs to her chest, so Ahsoka picked up her doll and sat it down beside her. "Do you want me to do anything?" Leia shook her head so her pigtails whipped back and forth. "Okay then, just relax and you'll be fine." Ahsoka got up and was thinking of what to do. It's not like she's had much experience taking care of children, except for Jabba the Hutt's son, but that was way different than now. Should she contact Padme? No, she could do this herself...

"Soka play ball?" asked Luke holding up a blue ball with a green stripe going around it.

"Um, sure." She said taking the ball. She glanced back at Leia, who was now holding Lolly and watching them. Luke looked at her, an excited expression on his young face as he waited, for what?

"Throw it Soka!" He finally said after a minute of nothing happened.

"Okay, okay!" Ahsoka said and threw the ball across the room. Luke laughed and went to retrieve it. He then threw it back at her, but it landed half way to her. She smiled and used the Force to bring it to her.

Luke's mouth dropped open for a moment and then giggled. "Again! Again!" Ahsoka laughed and used the Force to make the ball hover, then fly across the room. Luke would retrieve it, then through it to her, which she would then catch in mid air, using the Force again, and though it again another direction. They repeated this many times, and each time Luke would be just as excited.

Of course, Leia asked after about an hour of being a spectator, "I hungry." Luke agreed. Ahsoka got up and went to the kitchen. It was cozy and was the perfect size for a small family, complete with white countertops, tile floors, plenty of utensils, and even a view of the lake. She went to the refrigerator and scanned the inside.

"Hey, what are you hungry for?" She called to the twins, both of them coming in the room.

"Puff-pie!" Luke cried jumping up and down.

"Fish sticks!" Leia said throwing Lolly in the air and catching her with open arms. Ahsoka went with her idea and warmed up some fish sticks and poured them each a glass of bantha milk (blue milk). They both ate kind of sloppy, and Ahsoka had to clean up Luke's milk when he spilled it all over the floor. Eventually, she even ate some fish sticks herself, sitting beside Luke in one of the tall dining chairs, making sure he didn't spill anything else.

After dinner was done, Leia got a strange look on her face and looked up at her babysitter. "Uh-oh." She said. Ahsoka could smell her, and she smelled bad.

"Aw, Leia." She said leaning down so she was eye level to her. Luke was sitting on the floor in the living room, playing with his ball again. "Hey Luke!" Ahsoka shouted to him. He looked up. "Where's the diapers?" Luke looked up and pointed at the staircase. "Okay, thanks!" She said, picking Leia up and carried her upstairs (holding her at arm's length).

When she arrived upstairs she noticed there were four doors, two were opened. The one to Ahsoka's right, she saw, was the twin's bedroom. She went in it and set Leia on the changing table. "Okay, where are those diapers?" Ahsoka asked herself. She searched around the changing table. No diapers. She looked in the closet full of little dresses and nice shirts. Again, no diapers. She searched under their beds and in their nightstands and on the shelves. No diapers.

"Ugh! Where are they!" Ahsoka yelled to herself, feeling really frustrated. Leia looked at her, bewildered. Ahsoka took a deep breath, and thought, Okay, calm down. Patience. Now, maybe Luke meant another room. So she told Leia, "Stay." And went to the hallway. Across from the twin's room was a closet, so she checked in there. Sadly, no diapers. But Ahsoka did find Padme's cleaning supplies and a spider.

Next, she looked in the upstairs bathroom. No diapers, and Ahsoka even knocked over a folded pile of towels. She then ran downstairs to the living room, which Luke waved to her when she came in. Ahsoka searched under the couch, behind tables, on top of shelves, and still no diapers. Luke tried to help by picking up a pillow and looking under it.

"Maybe I should call Padme." Ahsoka said to herself as she slowly reached for her comlink. Wait. She thought. She didn't want to bug her about a little thing like this. Maybe she could call Anakin? No, he'll tease her for the rest of her life.

Hold on a second. Ahsoka slowly turned her head toward the staircase. She didn't check their bedroom. Ahsoka shook her head. No way was she going in there! But Leia needed tose diapers. She took in a deep breath and went upstairs.

Anakin and Padme's bedroom door was open, and she stood in the door frame, looking inside of it. The room was large, with a square bed that had red sheets and fluffy white pillows. There was an oak dresser and a walk-in closet with a lot of nice dresses. And there were tall windows with golden curtains that had a view of the lake, and Ahsoka noticed the gray clouds coming nearer.

She cautiously stepped inside, as if expecting alarms to go off any second. But there was only silence. Ahsoka walked around the bedroom, carefully not touching anything. She looked on top of the dresser and in the closet and on the nightstand. "Okay. I'm done here." She said feeling really awkward. She fled the room and went downstairs.

Ahsoka sat next to Luke on the soft carpet. Luke was entertaining himself with a miniature ship which he was making blaster noises while pretending it was flying. She smiled at him and then said to him, "I've failed. I can't find those diapers." Luke stopped and looked up at her. He got up and went to a large plant beside the staircase. He pulled something out behind them. Diapers.

"Luke!" Ahsoka cried, "Why didn't you tell me?" She rushed over to his side.

"I did." He answered innocently. Ahsoka looked at him, not knowing whether to be upset or happy. Instead, she thanked him and took them upstairs. Leia was still laying on the changing table, and Ahsoka quickly took off her stinky diaper and threw it away successfully. She then took a clean diaper and lifted Leia's behind to try to put it under her. Leia was patient and waited as Ahsoka eventually figured out how to make the diaper stay in place. It may have taken 20 minutes, but Leia finally smelled normal.

He could see the Torgruta girl through his electrobinoculars. She was carrying the toddler girl out of the bedroom, the bedroom he must break into tonight. About another hour, and the nanny will put them to bed, and his job will begin.

"Can't we just go in now, Bane?" asked his partner impatiently, "I mean, we've got blasters, and the nanny doesn't. We can take them now, and get this over with."

"Oh, shut up will you?" Cad Bane asked looking down at him. "You don't understand. These are Skywalker's children."

"The Jedi?"

"Yes, you idiot. He won't just leave his children with anyone." Cad Bane peered through the electrobinoculars again. They were downstairs now. The boy was chasing the astromech droid around.

"But still, you said earlier that the parents weren't why must we wait? We've been sitting in these trees for almost four hours! Let's just blast the nanny, which probably won't be armed, take the kids, and leave!" His partner said shifting onto another branch.

Cad fought the urge the punch him right there and then. "We have to wait until they are asleep, Robonino! That's when the nanny will be so tired she won't contact Skywalker or his wife, got it?" He glared at Robonino until he nodded and agreed.

"Just one more hour," Cad Bane said, smiling to himself. "Then the fun begins."