Ahsoka knocked on the door a second time and waited anxiously. She was in Naboo around early afternoon, holding two neatly wrapped boxes. Her astromech droid, R7-A7, beeped excitedly beside her. She smiled and said, "I know, I can't wait either!" Then she looked down at her clothes. "Do you think I under-dressed?" she asked. If droids could sigh, R7 did just that.

Then the door opened. Ahsoka quickly looked up to see Padme in a casual green dress and her brown curly hair was spilling on to her shoulders. "Ahsoka! It's so good to see you again!" She exclaimed, pulling Ahsoka into a hug. Ahsoka winced a little as the corner of one of the boxes stabbed against her side. Even though it has been healing for almost six months, it still stung at pressure.

Padme let her go and led her inside, where Ahsoka could hear the chattering of conversations going on. When they entered the living room, she could see all the guests the Skywalkers had invited. There was Anakin talking to his stepbrother Owen and Padme's father, Ruwee against one of the walls. Padme's sister was sitting on the couch busy telling a story to Owen's wife, Beru, who was listening intently. Padme's mother, Jobal, had come in, carrying a beverage in her hand.

She came up and put a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Padme, who is your friend?" She asked, gesturing at Ahsoka.

"Oh! Mother, this is Ahsoka Tano, Anakin's former apprentice." Padme replied.

Jobal raised an eyebrow. "So, you're the one who saved Luke and Leia from that awful Sith Lord?"

Ahsoka blushed a little and answered, "It wasn't just me, ma'am, if Anakin and-"

"Oh, you're too modest!" Jobal said with a smile, "Padme says you traveled across the universe to rescue them, my dear. You're a hero, you should be proud!"

Ahsoka's cheeks turned redder as she smiled back. Jobal then walked over to join Beru and her other daughter, Sola. Before an awkward silence to take place, Ahsoka said to Padme, "I brought them presents." She said, holding out the wrapped boxes.

"Ahsoka, you didn't have to!" Padme told her.

"I wanted to." She said. Padme sighed through a grin and took the gifts over to the table in the kitchen. R7, who Ahsoka had forgotten about for a minute, was now rotating his domed head. Probably looking for R2.

Padme noticed this, "R7," she said to the droid, "you can join R2 in the backyard, he's playing with Ryoo, Pooja, and the twins." You didn't need to tell him twice. Before she knew it, R7 was quickly rolling to the door to join his friend.

Sola called Padme over, and so she walked away to her. Ahsoka was left standing there, not knowing what to do. She was thinking of following R7, even if that meant playing with a bunch of children.

Then a hand fell on top of her shoulder. She turned to face Anakin, and a smile left her face. "Hey, Snips." He said to her.

"Hey there, Sky Guy." Ahsoka told him, "Obi-Wan says he's sorry he can't come, and wishes Luke and Leia a very happy birthday. And he told me to make sure you didn't eat all of the cake."

"Oh, I understand." Anakin said, "He's searching for Bane right? On-" He paused. "I'm not going to eat all of the cake." He finally said, giving Ahsoka a look.

She laughed. "I'm just doing what he told me to!" He just rolled his eyes and tried to hold in a grin.

Suddenly, two girls burst through the door. One was about twelve, with dark brown hair and an angry look on her face as she held the younger girl's hand. "Mom!" she yelled. "Luke got mud on Pooja's new dress!"

Everyone stopped talking to stare at them. The younger girl, Pooja, nodded and pointed to the stain at the bottom of her blue dress. She looked about ten, and had dark hair like her sister, expect it was curly.

Sola sighed as she walked over to her two daughters. Just when she reached them another child bounded inside. Ahsoka recognized her. It was Leia, her hair had two braids that looped to the back of her head and met in a bun. Her red dress had some grass-stains on it and a huge grin was on her face. Lolly the Twi'lek doll swung from her hand, cleaner than the last time Ahsoka saw her.

"Leia," Padme asked her sternly, "Where is your brother?"

Leia giggled. "Coming." Was all she told her mother. Right after that Luke strutted in, mud and dirt covering his green shirt, brown pants, and face. He, like his sister, was grinning.

Padme crossed her arms, and was about to say something, but her son cut him off. "Soka!" He yelled. He ran to Ahsoka, arms wide.

But before a hug could happen, his mother caught his arm and said, "Not until you've cleaned up."

"Aww!" He complained, the smile wiped off him as he followed her to the kitchen. Everyone soon went back to their conversations. Except for Pooja and her mother, who went to the bathroom to try and clean her dress.

Ahsoka looked up at Anakin and saw amusement for his expression. Her jaw dropped. "You thought that was funny, didn't you?"

"Nope." He shook his head and covered his mouth with one of his hands. Ahsoka rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen.

She found Padme by the sink, kneeling so she was at eye level with her son. A wet cloth was in her hand, wiping Luke's nose. "Luke Skywalker," she declared to him, "I swear, I don't know what I'm going to do with you."

Ahsoka then asked after a moment of silence, "Anything I can do to help?"

Padme's head turned to her, and saw it was Ahsoka. "Oh, that's fine." She replied. "Besides, I think we're done."

"Presents now?" Luke asked excitedly.

Padme stood up and shook her head. "Not yet. Cake first." That didn't seem to upset him, because he jumped excitedly and began smiling again.

As his mother left, Luke quickly ran up to Ahsoka and wrapped his arms around her legs. "Soka! I missed you!" He cried, squeezing the hug tighter.

She laughed and knelt down and hugged him back. "I missed you too, Luke." She said to him. Then someone jumped on her back. Surprised, Ahsoka tried to turn her head to see who it was.

"Soka! Soka! Soka!" Leia shouted from behind into Ahsoka's ear. She could only laugh and try to grab Leia from behind, but Luke refused to let their hug go.

"Leia, let go of Ahsoka before you crush and/or make her deaf." Anakin told his daughter, entering the room. Leia quickly obeyed her father, but still had a huge smile across her mouth.

Soon after Ahsoka untangled herself from Luke, Padme had everyone gather around the dining room table, which had a round cake sitting on it. Luke's eyes widened when he saw all the frosting. He scrambled to the head of the table, Leia right at his heels.

After a chorus of "Happy Birthday", Anakin took the cake to cut into equal pieces. When Luke received his piece, he almost gobbled it all in two seconds. But Padme gave him that look that said, "No way, mister." And he had to eat it slowly like his sister.

Leia was trying to tell Ahsoka about the time yesterday when Luke knocked over the first birthday cake, when her brother shouted loudly over his clean plate, "Presents!"

"Luke!" Padme told him, putting a finger over her mouth, making a shushing motion."

"Oh," he said, softly. "Presents, please?"

Laughter spread through the room. Even Ruwee almost choked on his food. Anakin glanced over at his wife, and raised his eyebrows as if saying, "Why not?"

Padme sighed and told them, "Fine. They're over here."

As the gifts were being carried over, Luke was practically hopping in his chair, and Leia was gaping at the large wrapped box with a huge yellow ribbon on it. Padme set the large box in front of her, and before Leia could rip the paper off, her mother said, "Nuh-uh. See who it's from first."

Leia reluctantly grabbed the card and handed it to her mother (because she couldn't read yet). Padme told everyone that it was her mother and father's present to them.

A thought struck Ahsoka as Anakin sat down next to her, watching his children claw at the paper, tearing it to shreds. What if she got the same gift as someone else? What then? She tried to shake it off, telling herself not to worry.

Ruwee and Jobal had given the twins not only new clothes, but for Leia a stuffed Ewok and for Luke...

"Another Wookiee!" He yelled, holding up his new toy.

"Let's pray this one won't end up in the lake." Anakin told him.

Everyone laughed and Luke crossed his arms. "No...Bubba just wanted to swim. And couldn't..." More laughter came. Even Ahsoka chuckled a little. "Hey! But I'm gonna name this one..." He stared at his new toy. "Wilbur!"

"Wilbur the Wookiee?" Anakin asked. Then thought about it, and nodded, "You know what, I like it."

"What about Misty?" Leia asked, holding up her Ewok. "Do you like her?"

Anakin smiled. "Of course I do, sweetie." Leia smiled, and snuggled her new doll as well as Lolly.

Next, Padme handed them two more gifts, and Pooja gasped and said. "Those are from us! Luke, guess what we got you! It's a-"

Ryoo hit her sister's arm quickly. "Pooja! Don't ruin the surprise!"

"Ow..." Pooja rubbed the spot on her arm, glaring at her sister. It turns out they had gotten Luke a toy slingshot. (Which Padme gave an "Oh boy..." when she saw it) and for Leia a purple dress with matching shoes.

Their Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru gave them each coloring books and markers with pretty much every color. They had rushed over to them, giving them each a hug around the waist. Finally, it was Ahsoka's presents to open. Worry traveled back into her mind, thinking they probably wouldn't like them...

"Please tell me you didn't give Luke a training lightsaber." Anakin whispered over in her ear.

"Trust me, I didn't." She whispered back, watching both of them rip off the paper, excitement in their eyes.

Leia gasped loudly as she saw the contents in her box. "Dresses for Lolly!" She shrieked, taking a deep blue one in her hand and showing it to the guests. Then she took out a pink one with flowers, and then a yellow one with long sleeves. She was picking up the last one (silver with sparkles) when Luke has figured out what his present was.

"A li-say-ber!" He shouted.

Anakin's eyes grew wide. Ahsoka giggled, "Not a real one!" She explained. It was true, Luke's new toy was wooden, about the size of a training lightsaber and blue, like his dad's.

"What do you saw to everyone?" Padme asked, gathering the crumbled wrapping paper.

"Thank you!" The twins shouted in unison.

"Wait!" Luke cried, lowering his toy lightsaber in one hand and Wilbur in the other, "where's R2?"

Everyone looked around, realizing the astromech droid had been gone for some time. Ahsoka looked over at Anakin, but he just shrugged.

As if on cue, the door opened letting in R2 and following close behind, R7. "R2!" Anakin asked as every guests' head turned to the droids, "Where have you been?"

R2 answered with a couple of beeps and then held out a small bouquet of flowers with his metal arm to Leia. People went, "Awww!" As Leia gently took the flowers and told him, "Thank you, R2." And planted a kiss on his dome top.

R2 whirred before Luke asked above the more Aww-ing,"What about me?"

R7 whistled at him and began to roll forward to the boy. In his metal arm he held out a gray rock with scattered blue glitters all over it. "Whoa!" Luke exclaimed, reaching over to take the rock. "It's so cool!" He smiled, examining it with both of his hands, his eyes wide with wonder.

"Master Ani!" A cry came from the door. Every head turned at the same time to see C-3PO. The golden droid then said, "They're ready!"

Leia's mouth dropped. "More presents?" She asked, hardly believing it.

Padme laughed. "Go outside and see for yourself!" They were out of their seats before she finished that sentence. Leia clutching her two dolls, and Luke swinging his wooden lightsaber.

Ryoo and Pooja were soon outside as well, curious on what their cousins had received. The other guests followed them, chatting on what it could possibly be. Ahsoka was towards the end, but Anakin had decided to walk out with her.

"A tri-wheeler!" Luke cried. Ahsoka's eyebrows went up. She looked up at Anakin. He was laughing.

When they entered the yard, Ahsoka saw Luke and Leia's family crowded around them and their new wheeled toys that they were practically drooling over. "Can I please ride it after you, Leia?" Pooja begged, "Please?"

Leia just sat on her tri-wheeler and was trying to work the pedals. Luke however, was jumping up and down in his small seat practically shouting, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Padme smiled and leaned forward to kiss her son's blonde head. "You're welcome, sweetie."

Anakin and Ahsoka finally reached them. "Do you like it?" He asked the twins.

"YES!" They shouted together. Leia was now trying to pedal herself, but Ahsoka knew she would eventually get it.

She turned to Anakin, her arms crossed. "Did you pick these out yourself?" She asked.

He shrugged. "Maybe."

Ahsoka shook her head but smiled. But soon her attention went to the other people outside, who were watching as Ruwee and Padme were helping Luke up. It had looked like he had fallen off his tri-wheeler because it was now on it's side. Leia was giggling at him behind her hand.

Ahsoka soon found herself giggling as well, but quickly covered it with her hand like Leia. Unfortunately, Anakin caught her. She may have blushed, but didn't notice because he burst out laughing as well. Soon Luke was back on his feet and asked, "What's funny?"

"Oh, nothing." Anakin said, glancing at Ahsoka. Padme put her hands on her hips and gave them each a look. After the twins both were back on their tri-wheeler and were trying to work it as their family watched and cheered.

Anakin turned to Ahsoka, a broad grin still shining on his face. But, he must of sensed her emotions, because he then asked her,"What is it?"

Ahsoka smiled faltered, but didn't answer right away. The answer was that she had missed them so much. She missed Luke, and how energetic and talkative he was. She missed Leia, and how innocent and bright she was. She missed Padme, and the days the spent in Coruscant and at the Senate building. Mostly, she missed Anakin. Her former master, her partner in battle, and her best friend. She grew up beside him, became a young adult with him guiding her. He advised her, taught her, and...and...

He did so much for her, and then left. Just left her, like that! She should be furious! Why would she want to talk to him ever again? He abandoned her!

But, that wasn't the case. After a deep breath in Ahsoka finally answered that question: "It's just...I have never seen you this happy before." And if you're this happy, then you must have made the right decision. She didn't say that last part out loud, but she hoped he could had heard it through the Force.

Anakin looked at her long and hard, studying her face. A smile crept onto his mouth and he finally replied, "Well, I'm just glad you're here, because honestly," he leaned to whisper in her ear, "It's not the same without you."

Then they both turned to watch the twins finally understand the pedaling, and ride alongside their mother as the rest of the guests cheered. Ahsoka laughed with Anakin and clapped the loudest , feeling the happiest she has been in a long, long time.

The End

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