Author's Notes: A Valentine's Day poem, by a young Bellatrix. This sort of poetry isn't my strong suit, and this isn't meant to be taken as a serious insight into Bellatrix's character in poetic form. It's just a little thing that I thought a teenage or young adult Bellatrix might have written for a lark on the inside of a Valentines card to Rodolphus or Voldemort or whoever you ship.

Disclaimer: Don't own. Although I almost could if I changed a few words.


Roses are red

As I'm sure that you know

I'm not fond of Valentines

But I'll have a go


As a daughter of Slytherin

Dark and unseen

Red is not my colour

I prefer black and green


And though I prefer

Other colours instead

I started my poem

With "Roses are red"


Roses are red

And the symbol of love

But it's really the blood

They remind me of


I'm fond of roses

For roses have thorns

But don't know if they're love

Save for the lovelorn


I know you like roses

So though I don't care

For them, I'll write a card

In which I call them fair


And lay them on your grave

After you're dead

And kiss your cold lips

Because roses are red