Okay, here's another attempt at a silly T/J fic!

It's a two-shot, but truly, I'm just having some fun.

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I disclaim all!

Of all the days for the Bifrost to be repaired…

Of all the days to return to earth…

Of all the days to see Jane once again…

Thor just had to show up two days after her birthday.

The Asgardian had taken his time, strolling though the small town Jane called home. He had needed as much time as possible to think of the best apology to make up for his late return.

It had taken five months in earth time to repair the bridge that he himself had destroyed. He had even helped repair it himself…..anything to ensure he did not break his word to Jane.

And although he truly had not—after all, he was back—he still felt extreme remorse for taking so long. He suspected Jane would have lost faith in him...

And so he had walked slowly into town instead of flown.

Darcy had spotted him halfway to Jane's dwelling.

After a rather excited greeting (the girl hugged him without a second thought) she proceeded to inform him of Jane's recent celebration of her day of birth.

Darcy also informed him that Jane had not enjoyed it nearly as much as she should have.

She missed him.

He swallowed hard at her words. His regret was raised to new heights.

But at least he could try to make up for it now.

He had asked Darcy not to tell Jane of his return, and although she tried to protest, he'd insisted.

He wanted to surprise her.

Now, standing on the sidewalk of the tiny desert-town, Thor regretted letting Darcy leave his side. He had decided he would bring Jane a gift to apologize for both his tardiness and missing her celebration, but now he was at a loss as to what to get her.

He could always go back to Asgard. Surely he could find an extravagant gift for her there—something golden, shining, perhaps with precious gems?

No, no….that won't do….

Jane was not like the other women he'd courted (and could he even say that he was courting her? What was he doing exactly?)—he would not give her the same manner of gifts he had given them—an expression of his wealth and power….

No, that was not what he wanted to express to Jane.

He wanted to show her that she was in fact different, but in the best way possible.

He wanted to show her that he was not just Thor the thunder god, the great Asgardian warrior, the heir to the throne of a powerful people.

He wanted to show her that he could also be….

Gentle? Loving?

Did he love her?

His blond hair fell into his eyes as he shook his head to himself.

He did not know the answer to that question any more than he knew what to bring to her for her birthday.

So….no gems, no gold, no gift from Asgard. A gift from earth would have to do…

But what?

He looked around, noting that several people were stopping on the walkway to smile or wave at him. How impolite, he had not even given them notice.

He smiled and waved back.

And that's when he saw it:

A mortal couple walking out of a store, the woman holding a tiny animal in her arms. The man smiled triumphantly at her and leaned in to both kiss the woman and pat the animal on its head.

He remembered it now….

The "Pet Store".


The bell hanging on the door dinged as he entered the shop. Animals made noises around him. Some were more pleasant than others. The boy he had inquired before stared at him with less apathy now than he had previously. Thor looked down at himself.

He was wearing his armor and wielding Mjolnir at his side.

The young man was right to give him due attention this time.

"I require one of the dogs, cats or birds you mentioned many months ago."

There, he felt accomplished now. The boy would surely…

"Okay, which one?"

Thor felt his heart sink.


The boy shook his head, smirking slightly.

"Which one do you want? A dog, a cat or a bird? What breed do you want? What age? What color?" His voice seethed with both amusement and annoyance.

Was the brat enjoying this?

Thor looked around the store at the various animals. Some were curled asleep in the corners of their cages, some stood tall and made loud, defensive yelps in his direction, some wagged their tails and some preened their feathers before eyeing him with cocked heads.

He felt overwhelmed.

So he gave in.

"What….what do you think would be appropriate as a gift for a woman?"

The young man grinned at him now.

"I'll have you know you're talking to the expert in that area, big guy."

Thor truly doubted that.

But he let the boy guide him around the store nonetheless.

He only hoped he did not regret accepting the assistance of this impudent brat in the future…