By Jessica J.

Chapter 1: Haunted


I look up and stare at Dr. McPhee.

"Can you tell me why you're here?" she asks, a small smile on her face.

I look back down. I keep my mouth shut. I don't want to talk. Heck, I don't want to even be here.

"Your Captain seemed worried about you. He wanted me to talk to you. Why do you think he wanted you to come to me?" Dr. McPhee asks, her smile gone.

I know why I'm here. Because I'm screwed up. Weak, Useless, Vulnerable, Dumb. The list can go on for hours.

"Look Olivia, I can't help you if you don't talk," she says with a serious tone of voice.

"I don't want to talk," I say in a low voice, hoping that she'll shut up. She smiles a little, but then gets serious again.

"Why is that?"

I'm silent again. I don't want to talk, so I won't talk. No one can make me. Not even this dickhead doctor.

"Olivia, why don't you want to talk?" she pushes on.

"It's too painful," I whisper, feeling tears in my eyes. Dr. McPhee pushes a box of tissues towards me, but I ignore it.

"It'll make you feel better if you talk about it," she says, that small smile still on her face.

I go back to being silent. It won't make me feel better, it will make me have the nightmares again, the flashbacks in the daytime. If I stay silent, I can just forget about it. Forget everything that's happened to me.

"Olivia..." she starts, but suddenly my mind clouds over. Oh no, not again. Not here, not now.


"Shut up!" he says. "No one can hear you," It was dark, so dark. He was on top of me, trying to rape me.

"AHHHHH! SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed, but know one heard me.

"Olivia! Olivia!" Dr. McPhee cries, frantically.

"HELP ME!" I wail, lying on the ground. Crying like a baby.

"Olivia, it's okay! You're safe, you're okay!" Dr. McPhee assures me. I calm down a little, but I'm still shaking.

"What happened?" she asks softly. Her face worried.

"Trapped...couldn't get air..." I gasp. Dr. McPhee grabs her clipboard and a pen and writes something down on it.

"Where were you trapped?" she then asks.

"B-Basement..." I ground out, before dissolving into tears again. I didn't want to remember it, but now it's back. Haunting me.