(This chapter is just about me.)

Name: Alma Aubrey Night

Forms: 3(Human, Demon, and Angel)

Age: forever looks 18

Eye Color:

(Human) Blueish green

(Demon) Yellow

(Angel) Blue


(Human) The height of an average 18 year old human

(Demon and Angel) About the height of The Creeper, just a little shorter

Hair Color:

(Human) Dark brown hair, a little longer than to my shoulders

(Angel & Demon) Brown or Purple,very long hair,a little longer to then to my waist.

Hair Colors and meanings:

Brown = Weak or Human

Purple = Powerful


(Human) None

(Demon) Similar to The Creeper's wings, just a little more leathery and smaller, like the Creeper's wings in Jeepers Creepers 1

(Angel) 2 feathery white wings


(Human & Angel) Smooth

(Demon) A little like The Creeper's skin, leathery and a little bit rough. No claws on my head though.


(Human) None

(Demon) Xenomorph tail (Appears at will)

(Angel) None

My powers and colors:

Healing (Yellow)

Melt stuff (Red)

Resurrect humans(Purple)

Resurrect demons (Dark Yellow)

Extra info: I am known as a Demon to most... and an angel to others... I look similar to the demon you all call 'The Creeper'. I have bat-like wings, same skin texture, and the same interest in food as he does (if you don't know what he eats, then you are mentally stupid...). I can eat any part of a human's body and replace my damaged body part with it. I often eat human food too. I have long, sharp claws. I have a tail of a Xenomorph (it only appears in fights or when I'm being defensive). I can smell fear from a mile away, just like The Creeper can. I live in a big house out on the highway east 9, Poho county Florida. I am small but it will take a lot of skill to take me out of the sky! My Angel form, demons cant sense that I am half angel. Which is useful when trying to destroy a demon, I take them by surprise :D.