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Chapter 21: Final Chapter

I wake up in the middle of the night hearing someone's voice, "Hey..! Wake up.."

I groan, tired. I look around and see the girl who arrived here a bit after me looking at me through the glass separating us, "What...?"

"You wanna try getting out of here?"

I sigh, as if not interested, "I wanna watch you try..."

She smirks and she turns into a type of demon, I sense she is one of my species. She pulls out two disks and the edges glow yellow. I sit up and she slices the glass, somehow managing to break it, she crashes into my room. I stand up, "How did you do that?"

She smiles, "Just skilled I guess, my name is Celest, and I'm a Cryptsin"

"Celest? Cryptsin?"

"Yea." She smiles slightly, "Sorry for my behavior yesterday, I was just a bit frustrated that I was kidnapped by rich-Californiatian dudes."

"Californiatian dudes?"

"Do you have to constantly ask questions?"


She chuckles, "Well anyway, I made up the word Californatian, you know, Canadian? African? Mexican?"

"Yes, I understood." Chuckles.

"Ok well good, anyway, your pregnant."

Looks at my stomach and back at her, "How do you know?"

"The belly isn't very unnoticeable.."

I look back down at my stomach and see it is a little bigger, it grew Already? I look back at Celest, "Anyway, you're a Cryptsin?"

"Yea, you are too."

"Oh, I never knew what my species was called"

"Well, now you know." We both hear a hissing sound and we look up and see gas filling the cell.

Celest looks at me and smiles, "Time to show humans our power, try to hide your stomach too by the way.."

I nod and pull my shirt over my stomach.

I hear Celest speak to me telepathically, "When we get to the stadium, ill plan our escape."

I nod and we both pass out.

I wake up in a large indestructible glass cube, large enough to put a house in it, I look around and see Celest leaning against the glass.

She speaks to me telepathically, "Finally your awake, you almost would have been shocked to be awoken, that wouldn't have been good for the baby."

"How do you know so much about this containment center?"

"Don't you watch T.V? Its on all the time."

"No..not usually.." I chuckle quietly, I hear a lot of humans talking, I watch as two humans come into our box.

"Do not attack them, I already have a plan..."


The men put me and Celest in two boxes and take us out into a very large glass dome, humans surround the glass, sitting in bleachers, watching, I notice a 'No Photography Aloud' sign, no one has any cameras or video-recording devices out at all, they are all just watching and talking. An announcer speaks, "these two demonic specimens were both found across the United States, Poho County Florida, and Los Angeles California..."

Celest speaks to me while the announcer speaks about us, "Ok, when he tells us to turn into a form of choice, turn into your Cenobite form, try to be stealth and use your whips to break the glass open, trust me, nothing is stronger then Cenobite weapons." She smirks.

"M-my Cenobite form?"

"Don't tell me you don't know if you have a cenobite form...you do, our father is the leader of the Cenobites, everyone calls him Pinhead."

"I've only heard rumors about them and Pinhead."

"Well they are all true."

"So wait.. 'our' dad is Pinhead? You're my sister?"

She looks at me and smiles, "Yea, I came down from heaven to help keep you safe."

"Now, they will both turn into one of their other powerful forms."

I close my eyes and feel an amount of power rise in me, my wings disappear, my tail cant appear, my clothes change into a black leather mini skirt that is connected to a black leather shirt, the shirt stops in the middle of my breasts and goes around to my back, there is a purple strap that goes around the top of it, around my breasts and back, no straps on my shoulders. I have long black gloves that stop about 4 inches past my elbow, both arms have 3 purple bands, all three below my elbow, two exactly beside each other, one two inches above the two. I have long boots that stop at my upper thighs, a few inches below the end of my skirt, another purple band is located just at the top of my boots. My gloves are cut right at my hands, so they don't cover my fingers and there is a purple band around my wrists. I can summon two chain whips. The whips have a foot long handle that is sharp at the end and on the other end has a hollowed out circle to hold the chains on the whips, on one of the sides of the circle has a sun shine-like detail on it. (the picture of her cenobite form, along with all the others of her forms are on my profile)

Celest turns into her cenobite form and we both jump up to the ceiling and whack our whips and her circular weapons at the glass and the glass breaks open, we jump out of the cage/show area. The people scream and run as we reach the ceiling of the center, I whip my whips at the ceiling and break it open, ropes wrap around me and I screech. Celest cuts the ropes quickly and grabs my hand and we both turn into our demon forms and fly out of the building and high into the air.

We both get high enough no one can see us in the night sky.

"We are safe from here on, do you want me to fly with you back to Florida?"

"Sure, thank you for getting me out of there..and coming down to help me...wouldn't you have fallen for helping me?"

"Nope, the archangels just recently learned that the creeper is a gargoyle, not a demon."

"A gargoyle? Then how is he effected by holy water and angelic items and creatures?"

"His history is a long story...it explains everything."

"Ok, you can tell me on the way."

"Sure" we start flying towards Florida

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