The Cat and I(chapter 1)

It happened again. I missed my jump and began to fall. Quickly, I twisted myself around and landed softly on the balls of my feet. "Oi! Ara, We've been waiting for you to stop being a cat and get ready for the New Years party."

I looked up at my little sister. She was only a year younger then me. "I'm sorry, I almost got the target, but missed because I wasn't watching the trees carefully."

"Honestly Ara, you need to stop acting like a tomcat and go get ready." she calls me tomcat because I act like a tomboy and a cat. "Where a dress!" She yelled as I dashed into the the house. I put on some good clothes and dashed back outside.

"What the hell are you wearing?" She asked angrily.

"My nice clothes." I looked down at my simply button down long sleeve shirt, and my black slacks.

"You look like a servant." she handed me a black vest and I quickly put it on. "At least you look like a badly dressed rock star, which is way better then a servant."

"Cora I don't want to go, I really don't want to be put in that kind of situation again. That women is only pretending to be our mother." I say and she looked down at the ground.

"I'm sorry Ara, but she..."

"I'm aware of what she did, but that still doesn't change anything... she put us in this position to make her money, what right do we have to keep doing this? We were not made to be her errand girls, let's leave, right now... She can't stop us."

"But I promised dad..." I stopped, and looked at her. "I have to keep dad's promise, at least let me do that... I won't stop you if you want to go."

"Cora..." I was about to tell her it was going to be okay when I heard the front door slam open.

"HEY YOU TWO! Let's go!" Our 'mother' yelled. I growled and smiled weakly at Cora, and began to run. I ran as fast as I could, knowing her, I would become her next victim if she knew what I did. That's why I train. So I could escape. I watched as it slowly ticked down to the new year. I jumped into a tree and climbed high. I sat on the branch closest to the moon, my heart raced, and suddenly I felt like someone knew how I felt. He sat on the roof watching. I put my head down and suddenly the sky was filled with brilliant flashes of color.

"I wish..." I blushed, thinking "My heart... belongs to him, I don't know who he is, but he thinks like I do. My wish is to be with the one I can find happiness with." What am I talking about? Why were these thoughts and words put into my head? Usually I don't fall for stuff like this. My eyes felt heavy. I fell asleep in the cold night air, and laid on a thick hard branch.

When I woke up I was warm and nuzzled against something soft. I tried lifting myself up, but felt trapped underneath that something. Maybe the tree fell and I ended up trapped underneath the branches. I stopped moving and thought for a second. Branches aren't warm and soft, so where the heck am I? I looked over my shoulder and blushed deeply. This seriously couldn't be happening? What happened last night?