Chapter 34

Rinslette had shown up and went with Sven, Eve, and River to find a boat Train and I stayed behind. "Have fun you to!"Rinslette shouts as she leaves. I roll my eyes at her and possevily Train pulls me closer to him. I look up and he was smirking at them.

"Hey Cat." He says letting his hand go back down to his side. I remove his hand to look at him now.

"Heh." I say putting my hands on my hips. "I've started to notice that we have a pattern going on." He lowers his chin and smiles again.

"Yeah, one where either I do something stupid, or you do something stupid, we learn a little something from that, have a moment of peace and do it all over again." He pulls me into his warm embrace and I could feel my face get hot. "But it's all worth it to be with you."

"I can't wait for that moment..." My head rested against his chest. "That moment when this is all over with, and we can calmly return back to the normal life of a simple sweeper, without the fear of Creed everywhere we go." He kissed my forehead. "I want to be with you always, Train." He nodded his lips finding it's rightful place upon mine. He loosened up and my arms came up and around his neck He pulled me in on the small of my back creating no space between us. He let go and smiled his forehead resting against mine.

"I love you Cat." He pulled me back into a kiss, and I couldn't help but melt into his movements. I love Train just as much, but there was now this off feeling that I couldn't help but notice. It wasn't in Train, but something about me. I didn't want to think to much on it, but I know one thing for sure, I will never stop loving Train.

"I have a confession to make." Glen says, interrupting my inner thoughts, and our heated moment. Train pulled away and held my hand tight. "You can believe it or not but I'm very interested in you Train. As you are the legendary Black Cat, but why is someone of your caliber working as an everyday sweeper."

"Excuse me?" I say looking at him. "You know, you could have warned us before you approached us... as you could see we were kind of busy." He puts his hands up and blushes a bit.

"My apology Miss..."


"Right." He puts his hands down and Train looks at him.

"Sorry Lin, but that's none of your damn business." Train says coolly. He leans against the rail and I jump to sit against it.

"Oh but I think it is business. There's something I'd like to share with you Train... For many years I've dreamt of becoming a number just like you, Actually I idolized you growing up, So I guess you could say that I'm a fan. Isn't that strange?" Train looks up at him and sighs. "Is it about revenge? For your friend Saya."

I remember a time when that name use to bother me, but not so much anymore. Train was right, her and him, only ever were friends, and I didn't mean that in a harsh way. I feel a love deeper than friendship for Train, and so does he. I know I can trust him in that sense.

"It didn't take me very long to why number thirteen left Chronos. That's when I realized that we're after the same thing. We both want Creed dead. So if we have a common goal why not join forces. We can make an excellent team, and the Apostles of the star wouldn't stand a chance."

"I already told you once." Train answers quickly. " I don't believe in Chronos."

"Yes... but why?" Now I remember why I hated this guy... he talks way too much, and of Chronos like it's a god.

"Sweeper alliance is just a decoy isn't it? You wanted to distract the Apostles while Chronos attacks from their blind spot."

"Good work." He lowers his chin. " You have our plan all figured out Train. I'm sure you think that's a cowardly thing to do but as you know Chronos doesn't have the luxury of an occasional failure. Just one lost would mean the destruction of our society. The whole world thrown into chaos. And so, we must do whatever it takes."

"Oh please." I say rolling my eyes. "You think just because you're a number makes you all high and mighty? You're all just people in my book, and Chronos people are just that much more misunderstood. I know you're all talk, but do you really think that's what the world really depends on? Everyone has a purpose, it may not be the same as yours but we all must live on to find our destination. We are people, not just weapons, not just toys,not just a nuisance. We live to find ourselves, and we live to be free." I say squeezing Trains hand. "I know I've found my purpose, and I love everyday, and every moment I share with everyone."

"I don't think you fully appreciate the responsibilities Chronos has. It's completely different than a Sweeper's concern on how to collect the next paycheck." He says angrily.

"Don't forget that I'm a sweeper now." Train sits up and stares at him.

"True, but your abilities make you worthy of being one of the numbers. Don't waste your time as a sweeper come back to Chronos. For someone as talented as you the elders would permit it in immediate and full reinstatement."

"You don't know half of what you think you do. I left Chronos I wanted to be a sweeper. I wanted the ability to think and act on my own, and to have the freedom to live my life in whatever way I chose. That's why I have absolutely no interest in returning to you people." My head fell onto his shoulder. Yeah your freedom to be who you are. I blushed, and here he's choosing to be with me. When we're together, I feel just right, in a whole new realm. Freedom, and happiness.

"So freedom to you means turning your back on justice and morality, and fighting for revenge? I will only ask this one more time Heartnet." He got up and turned his back away from him. "Will you come back to work for Chronos?"

"How about this?" He looked over his shoulder. "I'll settle the score with Creed myself, and I won't allow for Chronos to interfere."

"That's too bad..." He sighs. "You just don't get it do you?" He let his robe out, and Trains steady's his hand around his gun "A sweeper will never defeat Chronos, because the world depends on our strength."

"I tend to think that a stray sweeper shoulders a heavier burden than you, because we take the scum off the streets by ourselves!" He held his gun out to him.

"Then lets put our theories to the test." He ran forward and jumped over Train as Train shoots this alligator man dead, Glen throws his arm forward and attacks the three behind us.

"What are those?" Train looks down at it. Perfect, just what we needed to prove a point to a thick headed idiot like him.

"Train." He nodds at me and we sprint towards town. "Lets go!" I shout ready for battle.